Detailing Dirtiest Car Ever! First Wash in 37 Years Mercedes 280 SL

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A Penguin
A Penguin - 5 hours ago
19 *69*
Leu Trim
Leu Trim - 5 hours ago
Jasper Olsen
Jasper Olsen - 11 hours ago
Pukima kamu
superman superman
superman superman - 13 hours ago
Is it working?
peter n
peter n - 16 hours ago
I see some new suspension parts under the back, not likely 37 yrs in storage
A.K.M - 19 hours ago
Great job🤘🏽 love it
Plastik_12 The second
Plastik_12 The second - 19 hours ago
Plot twist the cars a transformer
Danny Jones
Danny Jones - 21 hour ago
Absolutely beautiful video, you have a another subscriber.
toastedcoins - Day ago
is it only me but does he sound little like Tom Cruise?
Figment43 - Day ago
That car was sitting in there since 2 years before I was born, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.
Freddy Johnson
Freddy Johnson - Day ago
That video was priceless. Good job man. I really enjoyed it. I dabble in vehicle detailing. And for me its a labour of love.
Koktier Pongen
Koktier Pongen - Day ago
Ahhh... "The mosquitoes".
luilui03able - Day ago
very nice job. I have never done any polishing in a car.
Brandon Leonard
Brandon Leonard - Day ago
i was born in 81 and conceived in 80 in the back seat
luilui03able - Day ago
did not get what u used to wash the car after the dust was very much removed. u said it was to lubricate seals.
Alain Pascal
Alain Pascal - Day ago
That is an impressive detailing, a lot of stuff could have gone wrong.
Kudos that is knowledge at work!
You might not want to reveal but... What is the 'magic stuff' in that bottle around 3.35M?
Aso... UNrelated but what is your speaker system under those 'Billboards''? around 17:25 M. ? :-)
Pseudo Intellectual
Oh wow... i was totally thinking the dad had passed away until you said he wants his dad to sit in the car and remember how he felt!
G Mere Abbu
G Mere Abbu - Day ago
It's probably not the dirtiest car but yeah it could be the oldest
Ace Gaming
Ace Gaming - Day ago
Great work 👍
Seth Atwood
Seth Atwood - Day ago
Should i be crying watching a detailing video?
Mc Carthy
Mc Carthy - Day ago
Good work in dirty car...
AMMO NYC - Day ago
Lee Page
Lee Page - Day ago
Excellent work guys !! .. and what a car !! Red paint can be such a pain to restore but at least it wasnt ruined by the Sun as is normally the case :)
AMMO NYC - Day ago
ŠÏBÃ ĎÅŠ - Day ago
Osm wark
BigDuke6ixx - 2 days ago
Those stupid high bumpers!
The president
The president - 2 days ago
What is the actual point if you cant drive it again
CACTUS - 2 days ago
3:59 memories as the kid in the back seat 🤔
Jeevan Namboodiri
Jeevan Namboodiri - 2 days ago
Awesome job! Grandpa’s expression was speechless
bilal tariq
bilal tariq - 2 days ago
Thats greats
R CC - 2 days ago
Having sons like that makes life worth living and going through all the hardships of life...
Psycho Killer
Psycho Killer - 2 days ago
Teacher : You cant smell pictures
Me :
Dinesh Tomar
Dinesh Tomar - 2 days ago
Awesome video love from India
Supercar Hitchhiker
Supercar Hitchhiker - 2 days ago
The way he closed the door shows that nothing’s made like it used to be
Andy H
Andy H - 2 days ago
9 million views. Nice.
RandomOlogy93 - 2 days ago
What happened to all of these good looking cars
William Nihsen
William Nihsen - 2 days ago
That is amazing
Denard Tynes
Denard Tynes - 2 days ago
He look shocked
gman57op - 2 days ago
now sell it and buy an inline 6 corvette!!! well that might cost too much buy a v8 vette
Imagine7 - 2 days ago
16:23 I was born in 81 *I have shirt older then that* I’m ded XD
Nicholas Baker
Nicholas Baker - 2 days ago
Your as old as my mom
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown - 2 days ago
That was so cool to see how happy his dad was! ♥️💯
M - 2 days ago
AMMO NYC: *hold my steam machine*
NovaDelta - 2 days ago
good feel right here
John-John Pascual
John-John Pascual - 2 days ago
Any Branch or Extension Company here at Van Nuys 91405 California? I need your service for my BARN FINDS!
weebee22 - 2 days ago
Loved it !!! Awesome video
Tường Phạm
Tường Phạm - 3 days ago
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Matt - 3 days ago
I just bought an 07 mustang at age 20. I hope to give it to my son or daughter one day.
Ron - 3 days ago
Rant on: Why do people call it "dead paint"? It is not DEAD! It was never alive, therefore, it cannot die. It is oxidized, as you say. Rant off.

Great videos and an excellent source for DIY'ers.
Alec @ Fabspeed
Alec @ Fabspeed - 3 days ago
Broly tha Dawg
Broly tha Dawg - 3 days ago
This guy has 40 year old shirts LOL I imagine I'll have those too at that age
튀김우동 - 3 days ago
정말 멋져요 기술이 짱임 구독누름. 저도배워서 하고싶어요. Good
Osamu Miyajima
Osamu Miyajima - 3 days ago
Sbongumusa Khumalo
Sbongumusa Khumalo - 3 days ago
This. was. so. therapeutic. 😌
Zack Boss
Zack Boss - 3 days ago
His dad is 83 and is still working.....’Drops mic’
Leul Georgis
Leul Georgis - 3 days ago
Please leave it as original as possible. Original unrestored is better for this beauty
Mickey Bauer
Mickey Bauer - 3 days ago
15:28 they kinda look alike =)
Linda power
Linda power - 3 days ago
lol if you had a son would you do this for him like to tell meh
Michelle Villanueva
Michelle Villanueva - 3 days ago
Random person: wow nice car man how much did it cost?
Him: dirtiness.
It's Time
It's Time - 3 days ago
I will never understand why people cannot just get a car cover.
waldinei neves duarte
waldinei neves duarte - 3 days ago
Porque não encher os pneus e ligar o carro?
Charles L
Charles L - 3 days ago
If Id had a doctor 83 years old man I'd whoop his ass when the door was closed. straight send him out
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