Fortnite Girlfriend's Dad Is CRAZY..

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Celena Barberich
Celena Barberich - 24 minutes ago
They were muted the whole time
Regam Sando
Regam Sando - 4 hours ago
Hana's dad needs to cillll like man
KeishaPlaysGacha - 18 hours ago
Hmmm Ur rel name is nic and the othwr FREALIBG CHANNEL is NICSTEV so ur NicsterV
Spider Gamer
Spider Gamer - 18 hours ago
That sucks
Pa Yang
Pa Yang - 21 hour ago
Mr. Top 5 your girlfriend's dad is so weird
Epic Channel.1
Epic Channel.1 - 21 hour ago
He’s a crazy man
Steven Thomas
Steven Thomas - 22 hours ago
hes over protective really
The Barbaric King
The Barbaric King - Day ago
One of my parents are 42 and can answer that
Lz Mara
Lz Mara - Day ago
I mean kill
Lz Mara
Lz Mara - Day ago
I wish you were not on bispen's dad team so you can koll him
Dank Gamer
Dank Gamer - Day ago
Xcgchg was a great day for me
Unicorn Leah
Unicorn Leah - Day ago
Are you really seventeen? My aunt is 21
Enzo Cuenca
Enzo Cuenca - 2 days ago

Hannah's Dad : WHAAT?!
loko xciempre
loko xciempre - 2 days ago
Your nicsterv
Dillpicklez - 2 days ago
Now I see why is name is strangebru
Esayias JV
Esayias JV - 2 days ago
Hell at him
Glen Hawkes
Glen Hawkes - 3 days ago
Hannah dad is dumb and fuck Hannah dad
Sandra Mares
Sandra Mares - 3 days ago
1 like = 1 hate for the dad
Sibal Okli
Sibal Okli - 4 days ago
I feel like all of this is acting
Xbox Clips
Xbox Clips - 4 days ago
that's not her dad
Carsen Allen
Carsen Allen - 4 days ago
wow brue is awful
Marc Johnson
Marc Johnson - 5 days ago
Sciens is mine to
Caitlin Evans
Caitlin Evans - 6 days ago
I file so bad
Jessica Rivera
Jessica Rivera - 6 days ago
I hate that dad Mr top5 was crying I hope he's ok I wish I could kill that dad because that not tire he is 17 years old and everybody knows that
JackPool Gaming
JackPool Gaming - 7 days ago
GamerGuy22213 - 7 days ago
Bro he sounds like. Teenager
XEANOMORPH 77 - 7 days ago
Bruce, I’m a drone hive worker for my queen, and I like science, it’s not for old people! (SSssssssSSsSSSSssSSssSSSSs)
ssk gamer
ssk gamer - 8 days ago
I am from Nepal but love your video
Gonza Leon
Gonza Leon - 8 days ago
Umm using the ice cream THing insted of the red thing with blak horns
Aiden Contreras
Aiden Contreras - 8 days ago
She likes me he don’t like you because you’re fucking Prank😀
Cowboy Gamer
Cowboy Gamer - 8 days ago
He’s wrong I like science I’m only 8
jacqueline solis
jacqueline solis - 10 days ago
I want them to marry and you are the ugly one dad
Monic Mendez
Monic Mendez - 10 days ago
Could u gise hace sex
Monic Mendez
Monic Mendez - 10 days ago
Im a give it a 👍👍
Lucy Lord
Lucy Lord - 11 days ago
Hanas dad is a great idiot
carlos james
carlos james - 11 days ago
carlos james
carlos james - 11 days ago
Because you use cheats
Martin Samuel
Martin Samuel - 11 days ago
Wow he’s really rude
VANS NOTE - 12 days ago
shoot him
Juan Dejesus
Juan Dejesus - 12 days ago
Shadical telled bispen dad bad thing about Mrs top 5.
Roblox Josue
Roblox Josue - 12 days ago
haha rate doch
haha rate doch - 13 days ago
But nice thought
Darius Nastase
Darius Nastase - 13 days ago
Wait mrtop5 is 17
What’s it To ya
What’s it To ya - 14 days ago
Mrtop5 you’re 17 not 37 that dad is stupid
MarcoVGamer - 14 days ago
Hay nice
MarcoVGamer - 14 days ago
Hay Nick
st3ph3nthepro 98
st3ph3nthepro 98 - 14 days ago
you're playing fortnite. fortnite is for kid
Simon Chap
Simon Chap - 14 days ago
the man is sounding like he is 64 and hes out here callin a 17 year old 37.

b r u h .
lfs-bro_safari 309
lfs-bro_safari 309 - 14 days ago
3 wins
april john cubilla
april john cubilla - 15 days ago
If I See This CRAZY Guy I Wanna Arrest Him
Marshmello - 15 days ago
I always have did hard work but I don’t show my face because I’m a little scared
michael O'Neal
michael O'Neal - 16 days ago
hi dood you are cool your the best  im going to friends you
Hayden Batboy
Hayden Batboy - 16 days ago
That dad sucks raise ur voise to the dad to scare him or bring the crazy guy :)
Izzy The Gamer
Izzy The Gamer - 16 days ago
One like means help for MrTop5
Elijah Dillard
Elijah Dillard - 17 days ago
You should have called up shadical for profe
Time Lords
Time Lords - 17 days ago
Dad your a loser
Me you won't get away from me magic seal come forth traps Hannah's dad btw who is he worlds over protective dad I am a superior than him
Time Lords
Time Lords - 17 days ago
Nic your voice does sound 37
Time Lords
Time Lords - 17 days ago
Bruce Wayne
Mary Delgado
Mary Delgado - 17 days ago
Mary Delgado
Mary Delgado - 17 days ago
Mary Delgado
Mary Delgado - 17 days ago
A.ngelica__ - 18 days ago
Why is he screaming to his fortnite girlfriends dad?
Codiac Brown
Codiac Brown - 18 days ago
Did y'all end up staying together?
kate mar
kate mar - 19 days ago
9:02 that's my fav class and im 10 sooo
Fuad Faisal
Fuad Faisal - 20 days ago
i also like science
Et Gt
Et Gt - 20 days ago
NINJA GARCIA - 20 days ago
Shut up bruse the idiot
Green Multi Media Union
Nick = Mrtop5
Nick = NicsterV
They have the same voice, same content only different games that means that MrTop5 = NicsterV
Green Multi Media Union
Green Multi Media Union - 19 days ago
Yep totally
kate mar
kate mar - 19 days ago
We figured that out ages ago lmao
Alexplayz_ RobloxYT
Alexplayz_ RobloxYT - 21 day ago
-.- dose that dad know who he’s talking to he’s going to get a lot of hate. That’s how I know he’s a old man like he said there dumb
Mindy Keith
Mindy Keith - 21 day ago
Katie Heffernan
Katie Heffernan - 22 days ago
mike and Gabriel
mike and Gabriel - 23 days ago
Why the dad is very mean?
Banesa Mercado
Banesa Mercado - 23 days ago
He is dume and mad
Philip Macaraig
Philip Macaraig - 23 days ago
Mr Top5 is nicsterv he even said his name is nic on 3:02
Marry Landri
Marry Landri - 23 days ago
To be honest I thought MrTop5 was in his 20’s!!!
Bumby Drumball
Bumby Drumball - 23 days ago
Quickestksns ROBLOX & More
Which skin is better
Martin Aguilar
Martin Aguilar - 10 days ago
Hanim Gencer
Hanim Gencer - 23 days ago
A 37 year old person won’t go high school
Vlad Sokransky
Vlad Sokransky - 24 days ago
hi nick dick
The LostConnection
The LostConnection - 24 days ago
Bye mrtop fortnite
Lilliann Espinoza
Lilliann Espinoza - 25 days ago
Yo keep ur girl don't listen to that guy
cleng bañez
cleng bañez - 26 days ago
I heta his dad and a spupid dad loser
Kayleen Rutaganda
Kayleen Rutaganda - 26 days ago
Señor Rod
Señor Rod - 26 days ago
I would of changed teams and pumed him
Rudra subba
Rudra subba - 26 days ago
Mr top five fortnite girl friend said hate you dad she is the one the one that’s give guns respect on the street ooooooooooooooooooh
Deathzombie Gaming
Deathzombie Gaming - 27 days ago
Dad: I can’t let my daughter be with
Girlfriend/Daughter: What? WHAT THE FUCK!
The ZyroxGamer
The ZyroxGamer - 27 days ago
Hannah dad was sooo evil like demon
Tacos Are the best
Tacos Are the best - 27 days ago
:me ur dad is a loser
Tacos Are the best
Tacos Are the best - 27 days ago
:me jk
Tacos Are the best
Tacos Are the best - 27 days ago
:hannah ur a loser
Harry Wages
Harry Wages - 27 days ago
1t likes and subs
Gamer - 27 days ago
I used your code 5 times in 1 day. Like if you did this too.
ghenlegaspi - 27 days ago
Cameron Jordan
Cameron Jordan - 27 days ago
Kys damn u r so damn annoying bitch ass nigga
Rick March
Rick March - 28 days ago
You’re my favorite youtuber but tell the dad to shut up he is so dumb
No given Darjanto
No given Darjanto - 28 days ago
Munzier Yacob
Munzier Yacob - 28 days ago
THATS WHAT YOU GET YOU JERK THIS IS END OF YOUR STORY AND YOUR GIRLFRIEND Hhshahaha se all of your coes i alredy tell you in the secreat map never bitray your promise HAHAHAHAHAHA
Quick hands09 Vic
Quick hands09 Vic - 29 days ago
My dad is 37 he does that kind of math
Phillip Gaming
Phillip Gaming - 29 days ago
Her dad is a crazy over perteve of her and he is a 😡 like if you feel sorry for mrtop5
Ken James
Ken James - Month ago
He's cargo
Theones Eevees
Theones Eevees - Month ago
Does anyone still want a donut?

( ^w^ )

It only costs one like :3
Brandon Montalvo Blanco
U r bad
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