VFX Artist Shows You TRUE POWER of Warships!

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Oh no , this video turned into science class
zer0 - 17 hours ago
all that to sell a game...
Jan Krcmar
Jan Krcmar - Day ago
Love the videos. But could you also pls use metric measurements for almost every other country in the world?
X_DRACARYS__ - Day ago
trym idsal årthun
trym idsal årthun - Day ago
Theyre not guns, theyre cannons
KMS Bismarck
KMS Bismarck - Day ago
is the ship before or after the azur lane 1 year anniversy thing
Canadian Explorer
Canadian Explorer - Day ago
Please call it a shell not a bullet
Homebrew Horsepower
This guy is kind of an idiot.
Rikki - Day ago
pro tip, play war thunder
Polydactyl - Day ago
shout out to Iowa yeeyee
Jeron Low
Jeron Low - 2 days ago
I have that camera lense cup too
Average Internet Surfer
Me: **visible confusion**
hunter shadowsbane
hunter shadowsbane - 2 days ago
You guys should do a video on a railgun that shoots anything ending with a human getting launched into mars
Dillon James Locke
Dillon James Locke - 2 days ago
A battleship can take more damage than a destroyer, but a destroyer can do more damage with missiles.
Dillon James Locke
Dillon James Locke - 2 days ago
That picture was of the U.S.S. Missouri in the 2012 movie Battleship. I know he said it was the Iowa, but it looks exactly like the scene in Battleship.
Apollo Gold
Apollo Gold - 2 days ago
*The Gerald R. Ford is typing*
Dillon James Locke
Dillon James Locke - 2 days ago
Gerald R. Ford is the newest and most advanced, but Enterprise is still the longest at 342 meters. Ford is 337 meters. Nimitz is 333 meters. U.S.S. Enterprise CVN-65 remains the longest (not necessarily biggest) warship ever built.
Random Tromboner
Random Tromboner - 2 days ago
I was in a game once where someone was arguing that battleships aren’t obsolete
bananamaniac2 - 2 days ago
I've never heard it explained that way and it all makes so much more sense now
NOthing mUcH
NOthing mUcH - 2 days ago
lol the gopro ship sinking i remember that
NOthing mUcH
NOthing mUcH - 2 days ago
yes finally
Robert The Bruce
Robert The Bruce - 2 days ago
Yes the USS Missouri has very large guns...
Love her to bits...
mrmushroom '
mrmushroom ' - 2 days ago
Wait till this man hears about yamatos armament...
Dragon Alpha
Dragon Alpha - 2 days ago
He is wrong. A BB can indeed be updated with Tomahawks and more modern missiles and a nuclear plant and be much more useful than a one purpose cruiser.
Xj Crawford
Xj Crawford - 2 days ago
"Bullet" 😖
Legendary •
Legendary • - 3 days ago
Let's not forget the power of the imperial YAMATO
Minh Hoang Do
Minh Hoang Do - 3 days ago
It's BIG ship carrying BIG cannons. What else can you ask?
+Points for intimidation and style.
renogiza -
renogiza - - 3 days ago
the iowa can barely handle the shockwaves of its own full salvo (which is why it always does a staggered salvo), let alone take a single barrage from its own guns, meanwhile the yamato could not only fire with ease but also take a full barrage with its own 18.1in/460mm L14 Naval cannons with ease.
the A180 concept was supposed to bring a new line of super battleships that had 20.1in/510mm cannons in twin turrets, if even one shell from a super yamato hit an iowa it would split the iowa's hull in half.
as much pride as americans had in their iowa class battleships those ships were undeserving of their praises and could only be better described as paper mache battleships, which fits since the iowa was very fast for a battleship and was more akin to a fast battleship like the kongo or a pocket battleship like the bismarck. owing its speed to its pathetic armor and superstructure.
AirsickCashew - 3 days ago
This was a really long commercial for World of Warships
Ducklord yoloson
Ducklord yoloson - 3 days ago
Aren't they more like shells not bullets
Filip Stolfa
Filip Stolfa - 4 days ago
Next time please show meters too.
Kenneth Ignacio
Kenneth Ignacio - 4 days ago
Make an Aegis Battleship
Battleship armor with tons of cruise missiles
Mozzarella Cheez
Mozzarella Cheez - 4 days ago
That bank looks like maze banks
Reece Gonzales
Reece Gonzales - 4 days ago
Fuck yeah a Iowa class Battleship
The Paper Master
The Paper Master - 4 days ago
I watched that video
chuckcookus - 4 days ago
1,000,000 views World of Warships got their beaks wet
Jack McDowell
Jack McDowell - 4 days ago
Who else thinks Wren should totally have his own show?
Captain MarJac
Captain MarJac - 5 days ago
Uss Iowa
Singham Cheng
Singham Cheng - 5 days ago
Mark 8 wrong its mark 7
Cpt_Kodai - 5 days ago
Not a bad video for someone who is just learning about naval combat. If you want to learn more about ships of the previous century, check out Drachinifel (I think that's the spelling). He does a lot of warships history vids and most of his ship guides top off at 10 min.
RustytheEditor - 5 days ago
I just watched a 8 minute long ad
DiXd - 5 days ago
As long as it shaped right
It floats
DiXd - 5 days ago
How do they drift
jesse dierksheide
jesse dierksheide - 5 days ago
Yeah dude that's the freaking worship is almost as long as the Titanic
Adi0207 - 5 days ago
I think the British created the first aircraft carrier just after or during WW1
Chompsky - 3 days ago
Depends on definition of aircraft carrier and definition of creation. If we're treating aircraft carriers as needing to recover planes as well as launch them, then you're correct (HMS Argus, 1918). If it has to be a purpose-built carrier, then sort of? HMS Hermes was the first one to be laid down, but the Japanese Houshou managed to get commissioned and into service first
Wolf Wolfe
Wolf Wolfe - 5 days ago
Lady lex: hold my wine
PenaPVP - 5 days ago
Jon Roldan
Jon Roldan - 5 days ago
There are 9 guns on the iowa 8 on the Tirpitz my guy
JBL bass tester 4000
JBL bass tester 4000 - 5 days ago
The biggest gun was the one u showed. It was the heavy Gustav railway gun, the diameter is 800mm or 80cm. Pretty big ;3
Michael Miller
Michael Miller - 5 days ago
War Thunder allows you to operate every single one of the guns on the ships manually. Lol.
renogiza -
renogiza - - 3 days ago
warthunder has battleships? since when?
Sky Pilot
Sky Pilot - 5 days ago
You can do that on World of Warships Blitz too.
B E G O - 6 days ago
5:30 press X to doubt
StalinePlays YT
StalinePlays YT - 6 days ago
cool editing to a transmission the picture from the pc to youre hand very nice
WoTb Music Studio
WoTb Music Studio - 6 days ago
Eh em... Yamato
jun santiago
jun santiago - 6 days ago
Montana is better
Mooham2007 Burns
Mooham2007 Burns - 6 days ago
Those are not bullets there are called shells shows are basically massive versions of bullets
Sanuku - 6 days ago
Finaly someone explained 50 cal designation.
apache attack helicopter
Not as thick as Bismarck
Diamondbros 105
Diamondbros 105 - 6 days ago
It’s a shell not a bullet
Red Rocket
Red Rocket - 6 days ago
The US Navy actually are putting the Iowa class battle ships in service after they modernize them
renogiza -
renogiza - - 3 days ago
another giant waste of tax payers money.. ah well, not my taxes so i dont care.
DooM Duds
DooM Duds - 3 days ago
Wait really? But what role would they play? Other than shore bombardment or naval landing support, i cant think of any other reason as to why the Navy would put them back into service
Andre niki
Andre niki - 7 days ago
World of Warships...
Better said, Pay To Win
Sky Pilot
Sky Pilot - 5 days ago
Andre Niki World of Warships is a free to play game too
Christoffer Stenslie
Christoffer Stenslie - 7 days ago
*Laughs in Grosser Kurfurst*
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