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country city
country city - 3 hours ago
netflix been caught up in the (net) since day 1 🙄👎🏼
they need me (country city / black top) to help em make mo money and get back to the top 👍🏼
Lanre Akerele
Lanre Akerele - 3 hours ago
Finally, Stranger Things is coming back next summer and I look forward to seeing what'll happen to Will Byers and the gang
Myself A moth
Myself A moth - 4 hours ago
Dziugas Pi
Dziugas Pi - 5 hours ago
Just searched it that the acress playing mrs. Wheeler is 48 years old, but Billy is 24 years old.
Analxi - 6 hours ago
So Mrs.Wheeler Mike’s Mom wants to cheat on her husband
Dustin Totten
Dustin Totten - 6 hours ago
I like how they release the seasons based on the actual time of year on the show.
Matthew Trend
Matthew Trend - 6 hours ago
Wtf does mrs wheeler have the hots for Billy? Scree u billy lol
Fred - 10 hours ago
Neurotic Arts
Neurotic Arts - 12 hours ago
I was expecting, people enjoying the water - everything normal, - then the camera tilts upside down...going under water and then you'd see the upside down world and a bunch of monstrous tentacles are in the swimming pool, just some monsters aching to get into our world
whyamionyoutube idk
whyamionyoutube idk - 13 hours ago
What's the songg
zJzxmezX ROBLOX - 13 hours ago
Oh yeah..Mrs. Wheeler totally entered the upside down
TripleB Bomber
TripleB Bomber - 15 hours ago
Dude. That’s not right. She’s just flat out lusting after another dude. Oh... and she’s married... oh. And he’s less than half her age.
RhinoHorn25 - 16 hours ago
Stranger things is right🤨
papa nova
papa nova - 20 hours ago
wtf is that plz wtf,,,????
Parakeetsweet - 22 hours ago
The fucking beginning
Michael Weaver
Michael Weaver - Day ago
Isn't she married to made man Chris Moltisanti? Dude should be careful.
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1_frame_STUDIOS - Day ago
*amber alert goes off*
Don Diego
Don Diego - Day ago
But... you are married. You have a husband waiting for you back home! :(
Banjo Kazooie
Banjo Kazooie - Day ago
Just eat your chicken Ted.
ItsBigE 218038
ItsBigE 218038 - Day ago
Anyone else get severely brain damaged after experiencing that?
TrickyP38 - Day ago
What James Charles thinks straight men see when he walks by.
mel s.
mel s. - Day ago
**Mike Wheeler has entered the chat**
DevX 03
DevX 03 - Day ago
God billy is fucking awesome!
Dracar3ys Ghost
Dracar3ys Ghost - Day ago
So Billy is the new atraction ?Really ?
Rita Dutta
Rita Dutta - Day ago
This comments section is the most creative
UrinatingTheCrowd - Day ago
Ive always thought mrs wheeler is hot. i guess the writers thought so too
JessicaWhite - Day ago
I’m not surprised if she has an affair with him
Aditya Kshirsagar
Aditya Kshirsagar - Day ago
She need some milk....
Godwin Ogabo
Godwin Ogabo - Day ago
Wow Ted wheeler is really doing a great job as a husband 😂
Legouverneur Clément
Legouverneur Clément - 2 days ago
Music : The Cars - Moving in Stereo ;)
pizzaman6320 - 20 hours ago
The second song maybe, the frost song was Rock this Town by the Stray Cats.
Leonie Hug
Leonie Hug - 2 days ago
Bahaha I hate billy
Oskar Hagqvist
Oskar Hagqvist - 2 days ago
jeez, this comment section is filled with normies...
blackkey1976 - 2 days ago
Wow, this looks stupid as hell. And after Season 2 sucked, this series should probably just die already.
rosie. - 2 days ago
this is weird isnt he like 20 years younger than her
Ben Solo
Ben Solo - 2 days ago
ah shit ms wheeler got him guys ;)
Joe Kinchicken
Joe Kinchicken - 2 days ago
Sad, how the millennial cucks have no idea what this scene is referencing. The joys of being a child of the 80s!
Jess Dayz
Jess Dayz - Day ago
Hey! Not true. I’m a child of the 90s and I know of “Fast Times”. Though the first time I heard of the movie was on one of those VH1 I love the 80s countdown shows.
pravin - 2 days ago
Like mother like daughter....
Kenneth Carpenter II
Kenneth Carpenter II - 2 days ago
How exactly does that have anything to do with the show?
Kenneth Carpenter II
Kenneth Carpenter II - 2 days ago
Fyi this shit is gonna be completely woke.
IMAPROOF - Baap - 2 days ago
1:22 the kids are walking behind him.
Sam Atherton
Sam Atherton - 2 days ago
What about Ted tho?
Luís Simon
Luís Simon - 2 days ago
That "Motherfucker"!!
Luís Simon
Luís Simon - 2 days ago
hah got it "MOTHERFUCKER"
starblitz 45
starblitz 45 - 2 days ago
*mike in the background* 🤮
Aashir J
Aashir J - 2 days ago
These are not dislikes. These are likes from the Upside Down.
Stickmanimation - 2 days ago
I have a feeling he's gonna be one of the ones to die.
Rose L.
Rose L. - 3 days ago
Why does the sign say shower BEFORE you enter the pool??
Cj Edgeston
Cj Edgeston - 3 days ago
Scariest things in order
3.upside down
2. 11
1The lifeguard
Rainbow Colors :3
Rainbow Colors :3 - 20 hours ago
11 isn't scary
Cj Edgeston
Cj Edgeston - 3 days ago
In the sandlot it was the girl but now it’s the boy
Clas3y Games
Clas3y Games - 3 days ago
why july 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ayako Diaz
Ayako Diaz - 3 days ago
I’m so excited for this new season, but... ewww 😖
Ayako Diaz
Ayako Diaz - 23 hours ago
HUGO BOSS Mouthbreather
HUGO BOSS - 23 hours ago
Fabian Harmann
Fabian Harmann - 3 days ago
Anyone knows the name of the 2nd Song?
Sky - 3 days ago
Fabian Harmann The Cars - Moving in Stereo
Nils Johansson
Nils Johansson - 3 days ago
Please, please PLEASE let there be a sex scene for the love of god
Nils Johansson
Nils Johansson - 3 days ago
What a slut
Hemisphere Cinema
Hemisphere Cinema - 3 days ago
I hope he can be redeemed from s2 after this clip i feel that he can be more than just the alpha bully.
The Real Emily
The Real Emily - 3 days ago
mrs. wheeler reaction to see billy is me seeing pictures of Finn or just watching the show and seeing mike❤️

ok that was a bit too much but still true lol😂
Laphin - 3 days ago
Jesus... there's so much thirst in this video, it's uncomfortable.
Sebastian Martinez
Sebastian Martinez - 3 days ago
Karan looks like she has armpit hair so l cranch
Code Forschool
Code Forschool - 3 days ago
Billy:hey no running in the pool or your banned for life do you wanna be banned.
Mom who looks like max:hey who the fuck are you talking about my son like that
Billy:sorry Max please just go away
Dark Stranger
Dark Stranger - 4 days ago
I love stranger things ❤💖💗💙🧡💜💚💛❤💓💝💞💗
RUGGED REDFIELD - 4 days ago
Billy stealing all the wifes n shit
Complete LEGEND !!!
Jace Pickering
Jace Pickering - 4 days ago
Glynna Schmehl
Glynna Schmehl - 4 days ago
You should join toddlers and tiaras and get some teeth. Stop trying to look at my pictures freak.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Billy can make men ovulate.
andrei yy
andrei yy - 4 days ago
Mrs Wheeler thirsty af
Max Serafini
Max Serafini - 4 days ago
ok, mrs sinclair and joyce are actually sane.
but mrs wheeler and mrs henderson are creepy
Gemnist - Day ago
Dustin’s mom is just a little off IMO.
Mahmood ALAIBRAHIM - 4 days ago
So Mrs wheeler gonna cheat with billy
MS Gaming
MS Gaming - 4 days ago
is this supposed to be a stranger thing?
More Witty
More Witty - 4 days ago
It wouldn't shock me if he ended up being gay
TheGiftedFire - 3 days ago
Only way to stop a THOT.
Zeena . A
Zeena . A - 4 days ago
Any one know the second song?
Chatternat Vlogs
Chatternat Vlogs - 4 days ago
It's like watching a clip to Toy Story 4 lol.
How? They both took a long time to come out.
Alexandra Cramer
Alexandra Cramer - 4 days ago
I think he’s secretly into le dudes.
Alexandra Cramer
Alexandra Cramer - 4 days ago
RUGGED REDFIELD I do agree with you also 💕
RUGGED REDFIELD - 4 days ago
@Alexandra Cramer And the thing with Steve feels too me like a rival proving to the school and other jocks that he's top jock. That's how it was in the 80s proving yourself being the ultimate badass cliche.
Alexandra Cramer
Alexandra Cramer - 4 days ago
RUGGED REDFIELD I have family that were gay teenagers in the 1960s. It wasn’t accepted. They always got with girls and had girlfriends all the time. But deep down they were gay. The way he acts to me resembles what my family went through. I just think he is by the way he acts so matcho and gets with loads of women to conceal the fact he is actually gay, scared and angry about it and that’s why he’s not nice to people. I’m not saying I’m right, it’s just a theory. 🤷‍♀️
RUGGED REDFIELD - 4 days ago
Dude gets all kinds of girls and your logic is he's gay ? WTF
Problemattie - 5 days ago
Ugh😍 due to personal reasons i’ve decided to sit by a pool everyday.
Scott Kixmiller
Scott Kixmiller - 5 days ago
Loved the Fast Times at Ridgemont High reference.... can't wait for this to be out!!
DatBlooper99 - 5 days ago
whatever you say fam
whatever you say fam - 5 days ago
*Kakyoin intensifies*
Zohura Anza
Zohura Anza - 5 days ago
He's definitely gay.
Jasmin Erdbeerkäse
Jasmin Erdbeerkäse - 5 days ago
Why does this remind of gravity falls for some reason
Alex Susa
Alex Susa - 5 days ago
Jasmin Erdbeerkäse IKR
starlight 7
starlight 7 - 5 days ago
Ohhhhh Mrs Wheeler!
eytan1992 - 5 days ago
Stranger things has gone to shit, we had to wait ALMOST 2 YEARS FOR THIS BULLSHIT?!?
Simply Jesus
Simply Jesus - 5 days ago
Hopefully this season will make up for the last one
Dom - 5 days ago
This is weird...
WispFighterJacob - 5 days ago
It’s getting steamy
TheDarkwingj - 5 days ago
Karen will seduce billy but it will NOT end well since the trailer showed him with an infection on his arm
A Person
A Person - 5 days ago
Well... this is gonna be awkward to watch with my parents.
Rainbow Colors :3
Rainbow Colors :3 - 20 hours ago
@Emmy May me too lol
DoctorDoggie - Day ago
I feel you bud.
Emmy May
Emmy May - 2 days ago
I never watch stranger things with any family member, it’s better alone.
Chaos Knight
Chaos Knight - 3 days ago
Watch it alone
Unlimited Oreos
Unlimited Oreos - 3 days ago
Ron Winters
Ron Winters - 5 days ago
Season 2 was major league disappointment. Season 3 looking to be WAY politically correct, but I will give it a chance. Can't we just have entertainment without being tortured with politics? Please?
Devin Fleming
Devin Fleming - 5 days ago
Does anyone know the name of this song playing in the background ?
helena - 5 days ago
The Cars- moving in stereo
Empress Drea
Empress Drea - 5 days ago
Eww 😐
Anonymouse 67
Anonymouse 67 - 5 days ago
Somebody edit this scene and add Big and Chunky over it.
What? It reminds me of Moto Moto!
HUGO BOSS - 20 hours ago
@Rainbow Colors :3 none of your business
Rainbow Colors :3
Rainbow Colors :3 - 20 hours ago
@HUGO BOSS wtf are you even talking about?
HUGO BOSS - 23 hours ago
Why would you say what? When nobody said nothing
Jonbutter - 6 days ago
billy makes season 1 steve look like mother teresa
Shaiwalker Official
Shaiwalker Official - 6 days ago
S1. The demagorgan
S2. The demodogs
S3. The drama ✨
Nintindo Bro
Nintindo Bro - 6 days ago
Kid runs me whistles HEY KID Run faster dam you slow as freak.
SAM FAZZELLY - 6 days ago
She'll probably pull off that old technique were she fake drowns so she can get Billy to get his business going
Joz Larios
Joz Larios - 6 days ago
First song?
Fingllou - 6 days ago
Ooooo yeah
Danty Duffy
Danty Duffy - 6 days ago
This scene reminds me of the Sandlot for some reason.
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez - 6 days ago
FBI!!! your ok go get them milfs bro
ryushuu - 6 days ago
Honestly get it Karen
Madame de Montmorency
Madame de Montmorency - 6 days ago
In season 1, Steve wrote on the cinema's board after saw Jonathan embraced Nancy:
"The slut - Starring: Nancy Wheeler"
In season 3, I'm writing this in my head after saw Karen and Billy flirting each other:
"The slut - Starring: Karen Wheeler"
(Oh please don't, I don't want Mike's enemy becomes his mother's boyfriend. And I don't want Karen be the slut too 😭)
Madame de Montmorency
Madame de Montmorency - 2 days ago
The word “starring” was written on the left of the board, you can watch it again
Chatternat Vlogs
Chatternat Vlogs - 4 days ago
Wasn't it "Nancy: The Slut"?
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets - 6 days ago
He is a litteral teenager, Mrs. Wheeler.
Max Serafini
Max Serafini - 6 days ago
Everyone: Joyce is nice, but she is the craziest mom.
Mrs. Wheeler: Hold my beer. BILLY
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