For Honor: Marching Fire - Meet the Wu Lin: Jiang Jun & Tiandi | Livestream | Ubisoft [NA]

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Robert Bernstein
Robert Bernstein - 25 дней назад
3:42 Yi Yubai YEET
Jacob Cook
Jacob Cook - Месяц назад
The dlc has almost ruined the game for me
Ailton Junior
Ailton Junior - Месяц назад
Jiang Jun is ridiculous. indefensible light. WTF is going on with for honor?
Reinva - Месяц назад
Fk You all
Psycho Mantis
Psycho Mantis - Месяц назад
UBI please: nerf wu lin army, they are extremly over power and broken… don't let your game fallen in a pay to win PLEASE
NuNu Huston
NuNu Huston - Месяц назад
ok these characters as a lot of arsenal.. how about adding some to the other heroes ubisoft.
Rikki - Месяц назад
I appreciate the beautiful armor and movement, it's interesting. Props to the dev
solwig - Месяц назад
Season 8 is awesome!!!!! Thx Ubisoft great work!!!!!
This game is missing only one last thing to perfetion: the SPARTANS
DragonZPlayZ - Месяц назад
DragonZPlayZ - Месяц назад
Edward Koo makes more sense....
Edward Koo
Edward Koo - Месяц назад
Well chinese soldiers practice martial arts so that's why
Karren Kuddlesberg
Karren Kuddlesberg - Месяц назад
A Swiss Pikeman is a Lawbringer with greater reach? The Butcher would be a berserker, but have THICCer than a Warlord, and as tall as a Highlander?
QR2Quads - Месяц назад
Stoy mode should have been better, I 🤔
Kalim DeVilliers
Kalim DeVilliers - Месяц назад
There problems with game there’s character that play as and my brother he wu lin faction wears is fourth faction on map why did not give them place map and I been kick for 30mins saying is down on for hounor if trying to make play it or pay los me at not getting season pass that by with friend well les hop fallout 76 will better at not lock 🔐 me out content but I still like game I just done like how goes around block things
Give Me Ya Milk
Give Me Ya Milk - Месяц назад
Lawbringer + Nobushi = Jiang jun
Ivan Benja
Ivan Benja - Месяц назад
I can't meet them because of your content lock fucking bug.
Ak47 - Месяц назад
that dao dance reminds me alot of Capoeira
Ak47 - Месяц назад
nien nien nien
Matcdt Scott
Matcdt Scott - Месяц назад
Tiandis kick is soon going to teleport you to the nearest ledge
Fotios Periklis
Fotios Periklis - Месяц назад
I want wardens sword to be thinned it's looks like a larping sword
OoFeR ManZ
OoFeR ManZ - Месяц назад
U ruin ur game btw ,the people are fine but what you did with all the armor change the lighting on a map which looks bad,i m just saying ur going to drop ur game like the second time🤷🤦
Scepter The Fox
Scepter The Fox - Месяц назад
Love how they neglect to do anything but hype up for honor's worst update yet. How about you guys stop trying to turn it into a trashy moba and give us our gear stats back?
James Williams
James Williams - Месяц назад
Hey Ubisoft are you going to do character trailers for the new heroes like you did with the others
Alessandro Albarello
Alessandro Albarello - Месяц назад
Their executions suck. I don't know what you're talking about when you say "they're amazing". The latest content of the week executions are not bad though
Dr Downtime
Dr Downtime - Месяц назад
Nerf the monk. He’s op as hell
GameDomino - Месяц назад
Love the new runescape 3 update graphics really improved
Keenan Francis
Keenan Francis - Месяц назад
Man I can’t even play for honor anymore after these characters dropping I’m thinking I’m getting on some for honor and I end up in the lord Zeno expo wit niggas teleporting and instant kicking me
Austin Brock
Austin Brock - Месяц назад
I've been playing since the game came out and I'm trying to get use to the fighting styles of the new characters and by doing that I'm going directly into the arcade mode. And I can get through the first 3 matches but the last 2 it literally becomes way too hard this is ridiculous
Calvin Nicholls
Calvin Nicholls - Месяц назад
It’s just a new warden...
Tux Flow
Tux Flow - Месяц назад
For honor new update is the single worst update I’ve ever added to a game I love turning it into something I want to uninstall the gui is the worst I’ve seen in any game it’s so crowded you can’t tell what your doing the new breach mode makes no sense I mean your killing people because you don’t know what your supposed to do the hero selection is dumb with the character tiny and at the bottom and also what the hell is going on with the gear I miss the sliders now there perks and like I don’t even know because I dont understand it the new heroes suck all there moves are copyed from other hero’s aka the fact ever hero has swift strike I want the old for honor back #makeforhonorgreatagain
Jamie Palmer
Jamie Palmer - Месяц назад
I pre ordered marching fire but I didn't get it
The Bane of your Existance
The Bane of your Existance - Месяц назад
Imagine if we gave a Vanguard Shukagoki's ledging potential
Tonni Pepperoni
Tonni Pepperoni - Месяц назад
can't wait for the spam
Unbox Boy
Unbox Boy - Месяц назад
Is Tiandi Nobushi’s Chinese dad?
Filthy casual699
Filthy casual699 - Месяц назад
The two heros i want
clippers 47
clippers 47 - Месяц назад
OK so this EDDY Gordo from takken 3 with a sword !!
arsam kiani
arsam kiani - Месяц назад
Tiandi on ice
Lightfire LP
Lightfire LP - Месяц назад
6:02 wow guys it protects you from punishment thats nice can you add a function where you cant get hit at all ? that would be nice too
Danny Idaho
Danny Idaho - Месяц назад
There should have been more factions in this game
ethan emmett
ethan emmett - Месяц назад
How many executions do the new heroes get each?
Kira Yoshikage
Kira Yoshikage - Месяц назад
t h i c c blade
SimbionicSeagull - Месяц назад
Where is balance
Felix Helix
Felix Helix - Месяц назад
I am a pro orochi main . Been playing since season 2.
Msg me of u wanna team up
007darkthunder - Месяц назад
Another spam character, great..
ProtoxxGaming - Месяц назад
hero videos? :D
Nicholas flame
Nicholas flame - Месяц назад
Found my new lawbringer
Mass Media
Mass Media - Месяц назад
I see why nobushi wasn’t changed much in the recent reworks, you’re just coming out with a better nobushi that’s Chinese
Art Has
Art Has - Месяц назад
Ciain38 - Месяц назад
Asian cent
MintheD 価殴往
MintheD 価殴往 - Месяц назад
Présentateur : anglais lv8
God - Месяц назад
James Hibberd
James Hibberd - Месяц назад
Are we gonna talk about how jiang jun can si fu stance a centurion pin into punch and the punch will miss
Zofia Bosak
Zofia Bosak - Месяц назад
What about the emote spam? Can we have Tibros?
RandomMetalhead - Месяц назад
Zumo Tekatoji
Zumo Tekatoji - Месяц назад
Can tiandy got straight blade at future?
Jacobe Jackson
Jacobe Jackson - Месяц назад
*Thicc Blade*
Adam Rokicki
Adam Rokicki - Месяц назад
His *FCKING 5 METERS KICK* + centurion's finishing jump WTF
Cool Bean
Cool Bean - Месяц назад
i want it now
Jiang Jun
Jiang Jun - Месяц назад
Play me, main me bitches
TheLazyTyrant - Месяц назад
Why don't I have them yet. It's been 11 hours since 12 am, and I still haven't got the update. When is it actually coming out.
Salamarder boi
Salamarder boi - Месяц назад
Alex is like : Notice me senpai.
Dylan Montville
Dylan Montville - Месяц назад
still want that hoodie roman
Mali - Месяц назад
2:00 Are you kidding me? The gave Tiandi Warden's Crushing Counterstrike except instead of just top attacks it can be used in every direction? What bullshit is this!?
Mali - Месяц назад
Oh right, he does, just too used to him only ever feinting his kick into the grab and throw for a free hit on anyone who doesn't dodge roll backwards. Still though. Every time I look at the other heroes I just can't help but feel the Knights were completely shafted and their shoves were included as an afterthought to make us feel included
Big nibba
Big nibba - Месяц назад
Warden isn't the only one with it, Highlander has all directions too
legomaestro - Месяц назад
5:30 Daaaaaaaaaaamn son
Markus 007
Markus 007 - Месяц назад
F*ck all these dlc characters. Nobushi life
Patrick Sy
Patrick Sy - Месяц назад
Question, Will I also get the marching fire update cause i was only able to get For Honor through the free download a while back, thank you to whoever can answer my question
HIMA - Месяц назад
Yep u will get u can play breach but you can't play with the new heroes
xMax7193x - Месяц назад
Pls give us the ancient Greeks.
I wanna be able to play as a spartan
xMax7193x - Месяц назад
+Gambit true
Gambit - Месяц назад
Or some Aztecs
Franzperion2 - Месяц назад
Grandpa Jiang Jun 'bout to choke them Lewdkeepers and Nubushis.
John Doe
John Doe - Месяц назад
0:22 “ is retarded “ 😂
GayGamer J
GayGamer J - Месяц назад
How come on psn store I already pre ordered Marching fire but when I go to down load it. It has error CE-37700-7. Which means the content doesn’t exist anymore. But then when I go to psn store and try to download it through there it wants me to pay 45 dollars again? Obviously a glitch that needs fixing
HIMA - Месяц назад
Well They need to fix this soon or I will never buy from them all the early access bs 😪
GayGamer J
GayGamer J - Месяц назад
HIMA nope psn just said they have to wait for for honor developers to open so they can fix the issue together. Like wtf they seriously should no be having a problem fixing this ASAP
HIMA - Месяц назад
I hope so
GayGamer J
GayGamer J - Месяц назад
HIMA same I contacted Sony and it’s an error on their end they said it’ll take another 3 hours to fix
HIMA - Месяц назад
I still can't download the expansion and I updated the game
Derek Satornino
Derek Satornino - Месяц назад
2:04 is that a crushing counter strike?
Cheap Coffee
Cheap Coffee - Месяц назад
I'm having a hard time believing these are the best people available to do a livestream. One can barely speak english, one does nothing but fire off shitty jokes and one is just boring to listen to.
合法G44 - Месяц назад
jsk8boi - Месяц назад
5:29 and 6:08 for Tiandi new executions, 9:18 and 12:40 for Jiang Jun new executions
[GD] Midnight17
[GD] Midnight17 - Месяц назад
HIS MIX UP IS THE BASICS!?!? Yooo my character is crazzzyyyy lmaoo
Tooner - Месяц назад
All the kiddos that fail to actually learn how to properly play tiande are just gonna turtle and spam the kick or kick soft-feint into top light
Sup Weyrah
Sup Weyrah - Месяц назад
5:36😱😱😱😱😱 execution
Aluminum - Месяц назад
Maybe you should set the time thingy so we could see what execution you meant instead of just after it.
Sup Weyrah
Sup Weyrah - Месяц назад
Sup Weyrah
Sup Weyrah - Месяц назад
I am so hype
Jun Tipid
Jun Tipid - Месяц назад
When his kick is stronger than centurions ;-;
AerialSph1nx - Месяц назад
What's with some of the people in the comments section? People were screaming that Orochi was going to be OP after his rework when in reality the rework made him worth playing again. Give the heroes a try first when they come out before quickly judging them, then decide to give the OP seal.
TerenceGaming890 - Месяц назад
New heroes are cool and all but where's that Shugoki rework?
Elhant - Месяц назад
You know when we were all but kids we used to go: 'Woah!! Look at that coll Viking!' 'WoW a Knight in shinning armor!!!' 'A katana wielding Samurai!!!' and then theres a kid in a corner who's into this kind of characters...
Moral of the post: You're putting the 3 factions of awsome to shame by adding this. >:(
Jay Are
Jay Are - Месяц назад
That polearm weapon is called a Glaive, I think.
Kawaii Ivy
Kawaii Ivy - Месяц назад
It is called a guandao
Ishyaboiflow 21
Ishyaboiflow 21 - Месяц назад
Pirate heroes
youba Dach
youba Dach - Месяц назад
We need the game offline
Cyrus Sylvani
Cyrus Sylvani - Месяц назад
With all this dancing around I'm wondering why Tiandi didn't have the dancer background story
James Uchiha
James Uchiha - Месяц назад
Cant wait until October 30th
I.J.T THE PS4 BANGOUT - Месяц назад
I added it to the cart again and it still ain't working. I'm pissed off
I.J.T THE PS4 BANGOUT - Месяц назад
I bought the expansion and now I can't download it
Sour Pickle
Sour Pickle - Месяц назад
I.J.T THE PS4 BANGOUT my friend the update releases on Tuesday, what ever time I don’t know, but you pre-ordered, so once the update comes out you download the update and play the game and you will see the new Chinese characters! Have a great day!
Merijn Baan
Merijn Baan - Месяц назад
The only thing i don’t like about tiandy is that he talks so much
Universal _Wisdom
Universal _Wisdom - Месяц назад
Anyone else notice that Jiang Jun has a Crushing Counterstrike move like Warden? That'll be interesting
Universal _Wisdom
Universal _Wisdom - Месяц назад
Lawbringer mains beware of Jiang Jun 👀
Jacob Olson
Jacob Olson - Месяц назад
cant wait to get an all white tiandi and go ice skating as frozone
Solar _
Solar _ - Месяц назад
1000th like
蔡中文 - Месяц назад
吃我一刀!eat my sword!
saul montiel
saul montiel - Месяц назад
That fuckin kick man.
TheAphexTim - Месяц назад
Khadidja Bois
Khadidja Bois - Месяц назад
Please ubisoft quick i wait you !!! Please 21h00 o'clock
Tiến Đạt Hứa
Tiến Đạt Hứa - Месяц назад
that Dao sword also call Dao in Vietnamese :))
0 1
0 1 - Месяц назад
刀 has very similar pronunciation in all CJKV countries
frank ponds
frank ponds - Месяц назад
That zone canceling is going to make me mad lol.
Teemo4Life - Месяц назад
That dev thought Jiang Jun was a hybrid lol
Ruel Vazquez
Ruel Vazquez - Месяц назад
I understand the demand to make new characters fresh and appealing to drive people to buy them or play more to be able to afford them. But I think that demand results in some new characters having moves that almost break the game. Im a day 1er. I've endured the disconnects and the griefers. I felt the pain of new characters. And like many of the people I've played with since the beginning, nothing puts more stress on the community than new mechanics that feel unfair. I know you have to give players an adjustment period. But if that were the only problem, why are most DLC fighters nerfed following their release? Disregarding buffs they get later)
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