Is MMA Safer Than Boxing ? | Joe Rogan

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iraj Vf
iraj Vf - 20 hours ago
If they take you down you gonna land to ground with your kneck that's enough to kill you in MMA.
Pulse Nemesis
Pulse Nemesis - Day ago
I play football and if u hit someone with your head it’s a penalty people take their head out of the game and shoulder tackle
SF Flakko
SF Flakko - 3 days ago
MMA is way safer don’t get hit as much as a boxer if you add up all the punches landed in total a boxer gets hit most of the time over 500 punches MMA is a few punches and more wrestling
Copy Right
Copy Right - 3 days ago
There is football without all the gear, it’s called rugby...
Rowan Taylor
Rowan Taylor - 3 days ago
I respect Floyd as a fighter not a person , the way he can’t take criticism shows he’s weak (like ik I’m about to get hate from this but idc)
Mind The Gap
Mind The Gap - 3 days ago
Rowan Taylor can’t blame him.. how can anyone criticise him when he’s got a perfect record
Nevin Moore
Nevin Moore - 4 days ago
This man just said mma is safer than football lmao
Magnus Lehmann
Magnus Lehmann - 4 days ago
no, next question.
Samuel Enon
Samuel Enon - 4 days ago
Watch rugby and compare it to America football
Gavin Little
Gavin Little - 4 days ago
Just look at rugby, there's next to no problems with repetitive clashing head injuries because you can't tackle like a human dodo without getting knocked out. American football should think about it
Canon Silva
Canon Silva - 4 days ago
If your tackling with your head then your tackling wrong
Matija Knezevic
Matija Knezevic - 5 days ago
Who the fook are those guys
thatonehead - 7 days ago
If mma had a 8-second rule on knockdowns mma would be more dangerous. It’s the fact boxers are given a chance to recover and then go take more punishment that leads to deaths and serious injuries. If you see the fights that boxers have died in it’s brutal but not shocking, if we ever see someone die in mma it’ll be a brutal ass shocking death
John Maddin
John Maddin - 7 days ago
Boxing is a sport like MMA, neither are like street fighting were people can bite and gauge and head butt.
iForgot160 - 7 days ago
Alex Armstrong
Alex Armstrong - 9 days ago
As soon as joe said neck I looked at his neck for the first tim ever. Pretty large
Lorenzo Giancristofaro
Lorenzo Giancristofaro - 8 days ago
Alex Armstrong H E F T Y C H O N K
Manchu96 - 10 days ago
The problem i have when you say "football" wouldn't be played that way without the pads and shit... Watch a rugby game! A proper rugby game. Not rugby in the USA. Watch clips of the Tuilagi brothers... Those guy will hit you hard as shit
Youth and Truth Boxing
Youth and Truth Boxing - 10 days ago
As a boxing fan I’d say this
MMA is safer than boxing
Take submissions out of the equation
Boxing gloves have more padding than MMA gloves and as such you are less likely to knock them out.
However the real injuries that come from combat sports aren’t the one punch knockouts. It’s the 12 round beat downs that aren’t competitive but also aren’t stopped due to the “winning” fighter unable to get the KO partly due to the more padding on the boxing gloves.
You’re more likely to get long term damage by getting a sustained beating than getting one punch knocked out
Youth and Truth Boxing
Youth and Truth Boxing - 4 days ago
Tj Caranese oh yeah, gloves are there primarily for protection for the boxers hands. Just what I mean is that you’d see more knockouts with 4 Oz gloves than 10 Oz gloves
Tj Caranese
Tj Caranese - 4 days ago
too my understanding and time fight amateur that the gloves size is more hand protection then for the opponent at 10-12 oz you feel it i would say just as bad however every thing else i agree with.
Your cousin's broken ps2
Mma is bloodier
Harry Delport
Harry Delport - 10 days ago
what about rugby
Mista_Fur - 10 days ago
If someone would have told me Joe Rogan would progress from a hollywooder to a red necker...I would not have believed them.
Stuussy. J
Stuussy. J - 10 days ago
American football lol come Aussie and play rugby then you’ll understand pain
Jon Bobel
Jon Bobel - 11 days ago
I always thought mma was safer because you dont have to just knock someone out to win the fight. Ground fighting is becoming more and more prominent because it's just so damn good. And the fact that you can hit the legs and even hitting the body is easier. But we dont really know yet because mma is so damn new
rail gun
rail gun - 11 days ago
American football is for pussies, rugby is for men
Not_ RyanPelep
Not_ RyanPelep - 11 days ago
everyone is bias towards mma
Trevillyan - 12 days ago
Boxing is more dangerous than mma, mma is more dangerous than bare knuckle boxing
My man Paul pogba
My man Paul pogba - 12 days ago
Joe ‘Jackie chan noise’ rogan
gianni arnoldons
gianni arnoldons - 12 days ago
Ok cool and all but these mma related clips are getting kinda boring..
rail gun
rail gun - 11 days ago
Do you know joe Rogan or are you mentally disabled
Wi ll
Wi ll - 13 days ago
It’s like saying jumping out a plane with no chute is safer than swimming with arm bands 😂 in boxing if u fall over I get a chance to get back in your feet but in MMA if u fall then you get jumped on a fucking smacked around 😂 Lmao
Barr3LtoURdome - 13 days ago
boxing is a disturbing sport i respect the work that goes into it but 1 5 min rounds of head shots is a bit too much they need to cut it in half and have events like ufc, any sport with headshots is a unsafe sport, just whether or not you care enough about your health and how confident you are at protecting it
Sterling Littlejohn
Sterling Littlejohn - 14 days ago
If you took that gear away you would have Rugby
Cypher_ 22
Cypher_ 22 - 14 days ago
They should watch some rugby lmao
Ivan Kujundzic
Ivan Kujundzic - 16 days ago
Yea and they are huge and god knows how many players are using steriods in football.
Cleven Legrand
Cleven Legrand - 17 days ago
That part about those boxing referees to quickly step in and separate when a fighter grabs because he's getting hurt was so fucking funny, but it's 100% fact though.
Keith MacDonald
Keith MacDonald - 18 days ago
Shout out dave leduc the man with the savage headbutt
Gym - 18 days ago
Don’t be a pussy, Men choose to beat one another in a ring Men should be able to crash into each other in Football.
This is exactly why our society is becoming a group of pussies. You want to dumb down everything then make it all safe so nobody gets hurt.
Guess what buttercup, like anything else in life you have a chance to get hurt, just because some kid dies playing football doesn’t mean that everyone should make it safer.
Get heavier Balls.
oGBeginner - 19 days ago
Never get this many fools on the show at one time.
Homosexual black femenist
Well after watching interviews of elite boxers, I want box to be illegal
Anthony TOMASELLA - 20 days ago
They should show them a game of AFL...
DUNDOM5 - 21 day ago
7:27 You couldnt eye gauge? Bitch please. What about DC poking Stipe eyes in both of their fights? And what about king of eye pokes Jon Jones??
Ak K
Ak K - 21 day ago
Boxing is a much more serious sport than mma these mma guys just love hugging eacthother till the round stops while boxers are constant being attacked to the face and body with much more devastating punching power and speed. Most mma guys are absolutely rubbish at standup fighting thus they revert to their baby instincts and try to hug the other person till the round stops whether it be standing up or lying down or on top of each other it's all the same. Now compare that to what boxers go throughout their whole career with 12 round fights!!! That pain and sacrifice boxers go through is on a whole other level compared to these mma guys!!!
arab susej
arab susej - 21 day ago
You clearly watch too much boxing and zero mma
Finn Wain
Finn Wain - 21 day ago
Lol it’s funny when Americans think rugby’s “leather hats” give any sort of protection its purpose is to stop cauliflower ear,
Jaxon Mattox
Jaxon Mattox - 23 days ago
Football and boxing are both old sports now, think about the average 50+ year old retired football player then think about the retied boxer... I'd want to be the football player any day. Any sport that involves concussion risk is going to be bad for the brain, when done in moderation and with the proper level of talent your brain should continue work for a while afterwards. MMA is definitely worse than football for your brain, but MMA is new, cool, and international so people won't disparage it as much
Ali Najjar
Ali Najjar - 23 days ago
Almost no one leaves boxing unharmed in their future...
Dick Hippo
Dick Hippo - 4 days ago
Austin in his later years the damage will manifest. Also when you hear him speak notice how he overly articulates his words. Also cte isn’t from big hits, it from repetitive lighter hits in drilling and sparring.
Austin - 4 days ago
Ali Najjar Floyd?
Dick Hippo
Dick Hippo - 18 days ago
Ali Najjar the only way to do that is have a 3 or 4 year career and you’d have to be really good and you couldn’t spar much
Only4comments - 23 days ago
keep the helmets and get rid of all the padding.
Karl Kelly
Karl Kelly - 24 days ago
Just watch rugby dude
chuchlate - 25 days ago
fun fact your forehead is the hardest part of your skeletal system
Mista_Fur - 10 days ago
No, the bone at the back of your foot can take 3000 pounds of pressure before breaking.
Kevin Thompson
Kevin Thompson - 25 days ago
This goof really just said that football is more dangerous than MMA fighting with a straight face. Hilarious.
Alex Gray
Alex Gray - 23 days ago
I could be wrong man but i think the science actually supports that football players take more damage to their brain on averege than MMA practitioners.
Jason Peterson
Jason Peterson - 25 days ago
Jason Peterson
Jason Peterson - 25 days ago
Hello no.
HowAboutNo - 25 days ago
Joe "that's probably definitely better" Rogan
logan potts
logan potts - 25 days ago
Ok obviously none of them have ever played football
Robbie Wilkin
Robbie Wilkin - 26 days ago
They chat so much trash in this video, lying through there teeth
Robbie Wilkin
Robbie Wilkin - 26 days ago
You have to wrap ur arms when you tackle in rugby, that’s the biggest reason for less cte
DirtyDishes - 26 days ago
Why is sub concussive trauma not sct? Cte isnt the innitials
J G - 26 days ago
Any chance of releasing the "hello freak bitches" sound bite so it can be used as a message tone?
RECTO Recto - 26 days ago
2:56 the gloves actually deliver an equal amount of force as a bare knuckle punch. If not more
RECTO Recto - 26 days ago
“Is MMA safer than boxing?” Boxing=punching. MMA=risking getting your knee torn beyond repair if u don’t tap along with a lot more
Lachie Hann
Lachie Hann - 26 days ago
You should watch AFL hits, no pads and they are just as big, if not bigger then NFL hits. Plus, these hits come from all angels
Akaash Anjum
Akaash Anjum - 26 days ago
This is a direct message to joe rogan please can you help me please
GOON - 26 days ago
Oh god, helmet do make football more danger cause fools are using them like weapons or lazy players that is
Shingle Shuffle
Shingle Shuffle - 27 days ago
Boxing is more dangerous. Statistically that’s true, also what they say is true. You got hit, go down, get up, get hit more. More overall trauma is possible over time. Both are fucking dangerous.. it’s fighting. But a veteran boxer may be exposed to more head trauma. Maybe MMA veterans are exposed to full body trauma. I mean fuck they’re both brutal lol but I love em both
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