The Meaning of Travis Strikes Again | Suda 51, Legendary Again

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VECTOR. - Day ago
So... NMH3 got revealed... we did it.
Simna ibn Sind
Simna ibn Sind - 21 day ago
Did you play The 25th Ward?
roc cosmos
roc cosmos - Month ago
its been 7 months ... and i got news ... 2 months ago, we got our reveal... no more heroes 3 , is on its way
The Once and Future Prophet
You enjoy all the killing!
Tristan Brown
Tristan Brown - Month ago
I really loved killer is dead. The gameplay was just fun. When I seen your video, I respected your opinion on it and I definitely agree with you about the slow pace walking in the dream sequences. keep up the great content!
kissmyrra - Month ago
damn , this video is to comfy to listen to , even after like months of release
四季朝 - Month ago
I'm a black guy and i LOVE YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS
DXO - 3 months ago
While I won’t buy this game and will not buy the previous 2, I have been watching a ton of videos and music getting caught up in the history and experiencing a small fraction of the magic this game bring through a glass wall. I was iffy on why to care enough to buy the third game but after all this I’m certain I’ll get NMH3 eventually. And if that one isn’t good I’ll get NMH 1 haha. I currently agent seen all the fights in the first game just Henry and Jeane, I’ve seen all the cutscenes and bosses for NMH2. I think I like the story it’s getting at and I was about the watch all the boss fights and cutscenes of 1 (after listening to Reaper again). Then I remembered I saw TSA a while ago in the store and wondered what it was all about. I got excited when it was a beatem up of this style cause those are right up my ally unlike the other NMH games but then all I heard was how it was really...meh. So looking for reviews I found this video to at least explain the story cause I KNEW there had to be some kind of deep stuff goin on here if the game was totally different and everyone’s seeing it as wack. Plus I was curious on how Travis got that scar on his eye. Turns out I was right and this makes me wanna get 3 even more. I’m excited for it and I really like Travis as a character (although I cannot stand his pointless obsession with Silvia). I’m excited to see the world the first game creates and how it does it, cause all I’ve seen are the wacky plot twists and ending cutscene along with Jeane. But first time to finally listen to Reaper. I’m so excited to watch the first game tho. Thanks for your insight on TSA it really helped me appreciate the story as a whole and learn who Suda was.
DANCERcow - 3 months ago
No more heroes 3 confirmed!
‡ Gothic Croc ‡
‡ Gothic Croc ‡ - 3 months ago
“Since I doubt a NMH 3 is happening now...”
‡ Gothic Croc ‡
‡ Gothic Croc ‡ - 29 days ago
TheGamingBritShow You :3
TheGamingBritShow - 29 days ago
Who said this?
colegmr - 3 months ago
This was a beautiful video.
CrasherVania - 3 months ago
Legit this game made me cry. I did NOT expect it to destroy my emotions as much as it did. It was amazing
TheGamingBritShow - 29 days ago
Woah, thanks!
Feedsomefood - 3 months ago
Basically jumanji lol
D C - 3 months ago
**Feels Badman**
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kevin Vo
Kevin Vo - 3 months ago
Im so glad the "if this game doesn't sell well then the true sequal won't come out" was a joke. Seeing the trailer for NMH3 was the most hyped thing for me.
Lucas Vinicius
Lucas Vinicius - 4 months ago
Will you talk about the DLCs some day?
Platinum_Strawhat - 4 months ago
Not gonna lie, this is probably the best game in the series by far. The combat system and story telling feel like the most thought out in this series yet. And the bosses are without a doubt the best, and most well designed out of any suda51 game yet. Also the game runs like smooth as butter 60fps, which when compared to 1 and 2 is a godsend. If this is the future of No More Heroes then I am all for it, nmh3 is gonna be phenomenal
Flame1hedgehog 9634
Flame1hedgehog 9634 - 4 months ago
Ok anyone else returned to this video after the announcement of no more heroes 3?
Treyworld - 4 months ago
roborob23 - 4 months ago
Well bad news....there will be a third game 🤣🤣🤣
Anton Duroj Bidstrup
Anton Duroj Bidstrup - 4 months ago
How is that bad?
Super APM
Super APM - 4 months ago
I wonder if this video will gain any traction after the recent announcement....... _Naaaaaah_
Alex Helms
Alex Helms - 4 months ago
Here's a neat bit of trivia regarding Travis Touchdown. His character design is modeled after Johnny Knoxville from Jackass
Nerd Zone!
Nerd Zone! - 4 months ago
hereafter NMH3 announcement
goe5 - 4 months ago
Travis Touchdown for Smash!!!
Nope - 4 months ago
Game's coming to PS4 and PC. Hopefully the rest of the series will as well, along with anything else by Suda.
Mattias Reece
Mattias Reece - 5 months ago
Perfect game review 👌10/10
owlflame - 5 months ago
I'll finish the video in a minute, but I'll sumarize my experience.
The gameplay was kinda repetitive and boring (except for the bosses) but I ultimately had fun. I just don't wanna go play it again.
GenericSoda - 5 months ago
Coming back to this video, I definitely think it's your best one.
RipsharkTV - 5 months ago
Im sorry, but this should not be the direction the future games take with gameplay imo. The hack and slash, though was simple, was fine in the first 2. Great game design and review though.
Junichiro Yamashita
Junichiro Yamashita - 6 months ago
You know old boy, something flat like happiness cannot describe what i felt for a moment during this video.
Captain Scapegoat
Captain Scapegoat - 6 months ago
It is annoying that in England its kind of hard to play No More Heroes 1 and 2 optimally, at least not for cheap.
The first game got censored, the second game didnt but is still kind of expensive to this day, and the PS3 remake is rare, expensive and has some issues with performance
Brisson Kévin
Brisson Kévin - 6 months ago
I mean the visual novel part specifically says that Travis doesnt give a shit about reviews
J.R. C.
J.R. C. - 6 months ago
But no. In Half Life 2 only Barney, and those connected to Black Mesa, know Gordan Freeman. It takes until late in the game where the resistance learns about him.
El Ronin Nato
El Ronin Nato - 6 months ago
The game is about Travis going to the underworld to encounter the shadow of his father.
Squidgybuffalo - 6 months ago
You've convinced me like! I will totally get this now!
Onei-3 - 7 months ago
So for anyone on here, it's basically Suda taking a step back from his career/the industry and just trying to find himself and insperation after all of the meddling and stress he's endured, correct? It just sounds a bit too similar to my situation....well, except it was with a possible career doing graphic design/concept art/etc or just art in general.
xXBoogiepopXx - 7 months ago
I loved the hell out of this game. It was great character development for Travis; I found it funny how he feels more guilt in killing video game characters, than actual people. He really does represent us hardcore gamers who just live and breathe video games 24/7 and have completely lost grip on reality.
Ezrah Molina
Ezrah Molina - 7 months ago
This game is already the most underated game of the year.
Blulizza Z
Blulizza Z - 7 months ago
Amazing video
Rodolfo Romero
Rodolfo Romero - 7 months ago
Actually just finished the game a few days ago, and enjoyed it a lot, especially those green adventure novels. Badman's one was insane and probably more interesting than Travis' (too bad it's DLC, right?). I'm looking forward to the new mini-game, and to the other story.
The pixelated ending left me very confused. And as you said in the video, there seems to be a lot of layers to the game that probably warrant a revisit. The slight dialog changes when playing as Shinobu for example, are pretty cool. I still don't know why Badgirl returned and remained as she is in the trailer...
What an intriguing little game, but definitely not for everyone indeed.
MyAssIsBrass - 7 months ago
Take a shot each time he says *subverted*
Dickjoke Dandy
Dickjoke Dandy - 7 months ago
Shadows of The Damned was a great action game, really underrated. The story was, well. I don't give a fuck, but i enjoyed the shooting and the elarge you're johnson stuff.
maronic02 - 7 months ago
Rewatching this video, I must say this game really brought he best out of your writing style.
Mystomachhurt - 7 months ago
Interesting that you shit on other game for gameplay while having a good story while in this one you brush it off as if it was minor, praising the story like it was god given.
Alexander Roberts
Alexander Roberts - 7 months ago
watched the first 10 minutes until I realized the ending wasn't coming for another 20, god damn
Jasper Arcadia
Jasper Arcadia - 7 months ago
22:23 most the skills are named after different Gundam, by the way. F91, strike freedom, double X, destroy, Atlas, Shining, Wing, 00, Turn A, etc.
Robert Strummer
Robert Strummer - 7 months ago
Gameplay might not be as fun as the first 2 games. But the dialogues and the story are on point. Really caught me.
Vexen4th - 7 months ago
Absolutely fantastic video dude
Ouroboros Necron
Ouroboros Necron - 7 months ago
Feels wierd how most people forget about Let it Die, the recent release by Suda, was a pretty good F2P game.
Jonathan Soko
Jonathan Soko - 7 months ago
99% of the negativity about this game comes from people who havent even played it.
TheRedBaron - 7 months ago
Ninja Gaiden 3 review when?
Nidstang - 7 months ago
wtftobby - 7 months ago
Don't be ashamed of loving à mediocre game.
Some people(I do) love Drakengard one for it's story and the hack'n'slash parts are infinitly dull and repetitive.
Robert Martindale
Robert Martindale - 7 months ago
I wonder how much to the story and perspective of the game’s narrative will be changed with the additional scenarios for the Visual Novel sections when those drop at the end of the month and at the end of April.
Reese Bell
Reese Bell - 7 months ago
Travis for Smash! I'll even accept an assist trophy but please!.
DBG:4.25 - 7 months ago
Lmao this guy had 40 mins to hate on the totally decent gow but lmao a garbage low effort masher is his secret goat? Warped mind at work. Gonna unsub before the dmc reference
B.T.A Let's plays
B.T.A Let's plays - 8 months ago
14:16 oh shit the dude from the other grasshopper game Let it die is in their lol that's cool
Blackzila3000 - 8 months ago
I don't see how anyone would not want to buy this game after seeing this video
Rachel Amber
Rachel Amber - 8 months ago
Dude I don't trust these new gaming journalists their opinions literally don't matter anymore to me I only trust ulti and others
Denzel Romero
Denzel Romero - 8 months ago
I think the real problem with TSA is the level design being really hit and miss , a skill chip system and move set that should have been a little bit deeper , and the camera angles either capturing the action well or not at all (which I find it to be a big problem across ALL hack n slashes) . Its a shame because it’s a damn good fucking game and a hack n slash with a interesting narrative that tries to be experimental is something no one should miss if you are a switch owner .
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