Conan Joins The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Division - CONAN on TBS

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Brianna Gordy
Brianna Gordy - Day ago
Bradley Kline is still buying beer to this day, I bet. 😂
Nick Pritchard
Nick Pritchard - 3 days ago
“This suit is called the Chris Christie!” Rest In Peace Me
jack larkson
jack larkson - 3 days ago
ok where do i start:the MATV is better protected compare to humvee but piece of joke compare to M-RAP vehicles also the EOD suit is useless,if you see the heat locker because what can it to against a bomb blast that can take out a tank.
SomeSortofWeeb - 4 days ago
5:58 The final countdown rip off
The kid russel Is me
The kid russel Is me - 5 days ago
Bradley is screwed
Vinny DiGregorio
Vinny DiGregorio - 5 days ago
Idk about anyone else, but I’M buying a round for Bradly Klein. Not the other way around. Haha 🇺🇸
MMaya - 6 days ago
these guys are the bravest craziest bastards!!!
Victoria Petrov
Victoria Petrov - 12 days ago
Con on isthe funniest dude ever haha
MasterShiner - 12 days ago
Conan’s literally Johnny Bravo.
ThatGuyUKnow2K - 13 days ago
We all know that he had to have hated Conan after a while.
Track Gangsta
Track Gangsta - 16 days ago
Did anyone else see wall e in the behind the robot
Ward Elias
Ward Elias - 16 days ago
Please dont call me sir , call me ma'am
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - 18 days ago
Why was there Russian on the front of the MAT-V?
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor - 16 days ago
Where? It all looks like English to me.
Penta Kill
Penta Kill - 19 days ago
Call me ma'am
Josh Mon
Josh Mon - 20 days ago
conan is definitely an alien.
Vele - 20 days ago
"Please don't call me sir, call me.."
Red Spy
Red Spy - 22 days ago
Since no one is going to do it, I will.

biggreenleaf - 24 days ago
DANIEL KLINE was probably having a heart attack seeing the way he was handling all that expensive equipment
red ruM
red ruM - 24 days ago
Footnote: Jeremy Renner did all bombsuit scenes himself. Even the distance shots were shot same.
"Why?" ask 😁
Why pay JR prices for distant shots that could have been affordably replaced with a double?
Simply - no one else moved the same way Renner did. It became obvious to the eye.
And now seeing Conan rock that bombsuit, I believe it 😂😆😂
tonykdnable - 25 days ago
never forget his reporter" triumph the insult comic dog" haha
Lunr1982 - 26 days ago
Conan: What happens if I knock over this little black bomb here?
Kline: Yes, I wouldn't do that, mam.
Robert Bulens
Robert Bulens - 27 days ago
Eod guy was like fml hes an idiot
troller192 - 28 days ago
5.3 million beers, huh.
dtimm612 - Month ago
"Tell him what you make me do!" LMAO
Joseph Trejo
Joseph Trejo - Month ago
Halo Infinite finna be like 5:59
James Aaron Plunkett
James Aaron Plunkett - Month ago
"This suit is called the 'Chris Christie'.... HAHAHA"
Kaleb Rodriquez
Kaleb Rodriquez - Month ago
Why are they all air force ?
Unjust Win
Unjust Win - Month ago
That truck is beast
MNI Andes
MNI Andes - Month ago
1:39 Conan predicting the future again.. " *IT'S MA'AM* "
Martin Kundih
Martin Kundih - Month ago
😂😂😂😂 love him 😂😂😂
911 Rooster
911 Rooster - Month ago
His name is kline
Doodle Noodles
Doodle Noodles - Month ago
why does the thumbnail look like trump is in the suit
Metaphix11b - Month ago
the music is from star battles
Bryan Kelly
Bryan Kelly - Month ago
"Call me Ma'am" 😂😂😂
Tjk_Prince - Month ago
“Tell him what you make me do”
Gabriel Tungol
Gabriel Tungol - Month ago
Little Gom Gom.
Pamela Hudson
Pamela Hudson - Month ago
6:02 beevus and butt head
Kono Dutch
Kono Dutch - Month ago
This looks suspicious.
Wes 76
Wes 76 - Month ago
Ive seen the Hurt Locker. These guys cant be EOD. EOD are supposed to be complete idiots, according to the movie.
Sanka Kodikara
Sanka Kodikara - Month ago
Bradly Client : Beer × 8
Hynek Svoboda
Hynek Svoboda - Month ago
God damn it how many remotes does Conan have, i need it to end and get back to my life, or what's left of it.
kevin hawley
kevin hawley - Month ago
kline where my beer???
ed polk
ed polk - Month ago
Conan probably paid for all the beer, after putting Bradley on the spot?
workinghoustonian - Month ago
i've been watching conan hijinx clips for 3 days now. Somebody send help.
Factory Films
Factory Films - Month ago
# Conan is the best
hilariousgas - Month ago
bradley kline is an american hero for this
Darkobert Dub
Darkobert Dub - Month ago
please don't call me sir, call me ma'am
Hari Kumar
Hari Kumar - Month ago
Probably Bradley is still buying the beers...
Argad Argad
Argad Argad - 2 months ago
How is Bradley Kline now
DRGAMER 115 - 2 months ago
Yes free 🍻
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