8 Epic Hot Glue Gun Hacks You Must Know

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Troom Troom
Troom Troom - 3 months ago
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Vincent Murray
Vincent Murray - 6 days ago
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Vincent Murray - 6 days ago
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Vincent Murray
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michael castillo
michael castillo - Month ago
This troom troom is not voice
Phil Logue
Phil Logue - 4 hours ago
Troom troom can you do a video of all of you revel youre reill vosis please!
Deepthy Sg
Deepthy Sg - Day ago
Your vedio was good
Maryell Bleh
Maryell Bleh - Day ago
I thought they only had hot glue
Jordan Famadico
Jordan Famadico - 2 days ago
I love ❤️ glue
Pooja Kanmas
Pooja Kanmas - 2 days ago
Wasting of hot glue
Nicole Yang
Nicole Yang - 3 days ago
A few minutes later...Hot glue melts on there faces
Rainy ruan
Rainy ruan - 3 days ago
Who have that many hot glue stick?
Aaliyah Raymond
Aaliyah Raymond - 6 days ago
I love it
Izzy Oriordan
Izzy Oriordan - 9 days ago
Where do you find a plug
601740589 - 9 days ago
How do you have parchment paper and a pencil but it said you only have hot glue
Sonchita Rafa
Sonchita Rafa - 10 days ago
I make a bag
Karlea Wingo
Karlea Wingo - 11 days ago
The zombie girl
郑是奇 - 13 days ago
These hacks are useful, but how much hot glue do you need to waste?
Londy Morales
Londy Morales - 13 days ago
Where did the lenses come from?😏🙄👎🏻🙊
Janelle Meap
Janelle Meap - 14 days ago
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Elizabeth Ingham
Elizabeth Ingham - 15 days ago
What angle you are the beat
Stavroula S
Stavroula S - 16 days ago
Bruh.. this video is amaze💫
herzonzky - 19 days ago
Suri Ali
Suri Ali - 19 days ago
Hi u
Totodile Vlogs
Totodile Vlogs - 20 days ago
2:07 but when you have no money how can you get a drink??😏😏🧐🧐🤨🤨
Grace Luu
Grace Luu - 20 days ago
I wish they could actually talk then a person to do it for them I mean, they have a voice
Grace Luu
Grace Luu - 20 days ago
For the first part, why don't u just put the bag beside ur leg YEESH also what does m.i.a mean? Pls reply
Gene K
Gene K - 21 day ago
Lula OMG Playsroblox
Lula OMG Playsroblox - 22 days ago
I love your vids you are the best ❤️♥️
Jefrin Gomez
Jefrin Gomez - 22 days ago
this is my favorite vidio
Sama Alaulddin
Sama Alaulddin - 23 days ago
who has that much hot glue?
Zahidul Alam
Zahidul Alam - 24 days ago
Oh why do you even get all of that stuff you would only have a hot glue🙁
T Playz
T Playz - 24 days ago
It says trace a flip flop or something but how do we get a flip flop 7:49 something like that
the Laurence family Laurence-Goss
Troom troom. only made out of hot glue
Me . You used paper pencil tape
Gibbles Clemans
Gibbles Clemans - 27 days ago
If you go outside the hot glue gun a melon stick to your head over here
KukyKidsClub - 27 days ago
Love these hacks. ;)
Clara Fischer
Clara Fischer - Month ago
The best idea would be to make a hot glue garbage to put it all in
Mahesh Gond
Mahesh Gond - Month ago
Cap goggles and bag
eangovan4567 amavashi
eangovan4567 amavashi - Month ago
Bag , comp , cool glass
Samia Ahmed
Samia Ahmed - Month ago
They didn’t have a backpack but they had a plate
Shania Mabry
Shania Mabry - Month ago
omg you can make clothes out of hot gule
Shania Mabry
Shania Mabry - Month ago
Shania Mabry
Shania Mabry - Month ago
omg yall made this on my speacail day
Shania Mabry
Shania Mabry - Month ago
i mean not clothes like thst skirt
Karthik Bharadwaj
Karthik Bharadwaj - Month ago
Wow, that looks good. I'll be happy if you check my work. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJf01rRXzJQ
Allison Montes
Allison Montes - Month ago
I do not have hot glue guns
Shaima Yousif
Shaima Yousif - Month ago
l Dont know But l want to say WOW 😍😍😍😍😍😍 to all thinks of troom troom and all the video
Araty Saud
Araty Saud - Month ago
Which paper is this
Kawilily - Month ago
Some of us are Kids
That One Guinea Pig
That One Guinea Pig - Month ago
Bish do not wear that skirt by itself
black Nigger
black Nigger - Month ago
I love troom troom
Sana Baz
Sana Baz - Month ago
Make more videos
Fauzi Poji
Fauzi Poji - Month ago
wow so cretive
Crazyicecreamm m
Crazyicecreamm m - Month ago
OR you could just fold that paper you magically have to make a fan instead building a hot glue one.
Callie Adrianna
Callie Adrianna - Month ago
Did....Troom Troom....have a thumb nail....that was actually...in the video!!! I'M SPEECHLESS!!
Dabbing Unicorn
Dabbing Unicorn - Month ago
The sunglasses are so Bad
I love My Brother
I love My Brother - Month ago
Why would you make a skirt out of hot glue
Jaysing Gavit
Jaysing Gavit - Month ago
What is called that paper hot glue gun use please tell
Sophia Liu
Sophia Liu - Month ago
Is grocery bag strong enough?
jayel71 - Month ago
The hot glue fan is a double use! It can be a flyswatter too if you want
NTV TV - Month ago
Whaaaaaa I don’t have hot glue waaaa
Squigilly Productions
Squigilly Productions - Month ago
Am I the only one that knows how hard it is to control a glue gun?
Isabella Perez
Isabella Perez - Month ago
Would have been helpful if there was fabric and a sewing needle or a sewing machine(also I thought she was thirsty not hot)
alan verginiza
alan verginiza - Month ago
I Love Drawing and Troom Troom makes me also creative!
Rogue_Racoon :D
Rogue_Racoon :D - Month ago
JUST POST SOME NORMAL STUFF D: (not trying to force you tho) There are so many choices: Vlogs, Education, Animation, movie reviews, gaming, travel, memes etc. and you pick dumb “Life hacks” and “pranks” -.-
Kawaii Bunny
Kawaii Bunny - Month ago
This is how many hot glue sticks were used.
Suman Beniwal
Suman Beniwal - Month ago
Amazing I want these types of things love you guys
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