8 Epic Hot Glue Gun Hacks You Must Know

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Troom Troom
Troom Troom - Month ago
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Walter Douglas
Walter Douglas - 7 hours ago
Jhbj Hjjb a
james harpergbb
james harpergbb - 5 days ago
Love It 😃
Bonbon Forever
Bonbon Forever - 6 days ago
Pool party
suresh kumar
suresh kumar - 7 days ago
No! way no
Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith - 8 minutes ago
Hey, that's a great video. I made something similar but with a slight variation, do check this out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-ljhgUDX_0&t=11s
Andrew Hopkins
Andrew Hopkins - 2 hours ago
“A StylISh SkiRt” yeah nah bro that ain’t doin anything for ya...
TinyMichaela Toolen
TinyMichaela Toolen - 3 hours ago
I truthfully hate how you tell us what colors do you use and what designs to use I really want to get creative and I do Europe as designs
eurodezallen - 11 hours ago
Troom trum duumasshet
Esujin Lkhagvasuren
Esujin Lkhagvasuren - 16 hours ago
How did you not need clothes during your trip?
Zeynep - Day ago
angie henshall
angie henshall - Day ago
I would mack nothing because there stupid and that's 1 epick fact you must know
Happy time
Happy time - Day ago
I love the comb and slippers
Fay Foundling
Fay Foundling - Day ago
Give it a like if you want to hear the real voice
Shit Nugget
Shit Nugget - 2 days ago
I like hot glue hacks!
mia Jendoubi
mia Jendoubi - 2 days ago
Where did they get the pencil and paper
anabel castillo
anabel castillo - 2 days ago
You said only hot glou
Jason Caddick
Jason Caddick - 2 days ago
No I did not like them how is a fan going to help your thirst
Epic Aaron
Epic Aaron - 2 days ago
where can you get color glue?
Meredith Creighton
Meredith Creighton - 2 days ago
At 3:26 wouldn't they melt in the heat
Bianca Van Oudtshoorn
Bianca Van Oudtshoorn - 3 days ago
Hi troom troom please make a video of room hacks?! I love your vids!😘
Curly Q
Curly Q - 3 days ago
whenever i see these i wonder what situation they get these from.... when would you ever get a lifetime supply of hot glue???? i get it, getting your bag confused is very common but opening it to a life time supply of hot glue is just absurd. also, if their stuff is gone, how are hey changing clothes???
Anelia Dort
Anelia Dort - 3 days ago
Awesome hacks I will definitely try some of them
Karina Schiavone
Karina Schiavone - 3 days ago
4:38 oof
Karina Schiavone
Karina Schiavone - 3 days ago
"Hi" please pin me
Kaitlynn gutierrez
Kaitlynn gutierrez - 3 days ago
Lanirose Hinahon
Lanirose Hinahon - 3 days ago
I like it
Rosi V.
Rosi V. - 4 days ago
Wouldn't your hand litarrly be dead from sqeazing the hot glue gun?
Mila Zayas
Mila Zayas - 4 days ago
Wait what about your clothes?
Happy and Blessed
Happy and Blessed - 4 days ago
Happy and Blessed
Happy and Blessed - 4 days ago
Follow LDshadowlady,yammy,Leah Ashe,Smallishbeans,seepeekay,The orin sound,scott,Azzyland,gloom.
Happy and Blessed
Happy and Blessed - 4 days ago
Hot glue isn't that strong in fact fabric glue is stronger.Don't try!
Sofia Francu
Sofia Francu - 5 days ago
The hairbrush kills me, how much hair was hurt?
Angry Tomato
Angry Tomato - 5 days ago
in theory, all of these are good ideas, but i refuse to believe that theyd actually work, especially the backpack
Angry Tomato
Angry Tomato - 5 days ago
god dont you just hate it when theres a 3 year supply of hot glue in your suitcase?
Jade Harmon
Jade Harmon - 5 days ago
Funny how they said it was a year supply worth of hot glue and it lasted 11:50 minutes
Meme Gurl brutha
Meme Gurl brutha - 5 days ago
The hot glue visor can melt 😐
Heidi Ava
Heidi Ava - 5 days ago
I make phone sases
Julie Bourtayre
Julie Bourtayre - 5 days ago
can somewon like give them a aword for like useing 2000$ worth hot glue
Rita Gamer
Rita Gamer - 5 days ago
You lost youer manee
Panna Horváth-Konrád
Panna Horváth-Konrád - 5 days ago
Wery,wery nice nail
xxLauren xxx
xxLauren xxx - 5 days ago
You just casually be using someone else's stuff instead of returning it back?? SMH 😑😂
rawan RLR
rawan RLR - 6 days ago
Wow what a bag full of glue sticks how many dollars did thay spend:)
whitepack 400
whitepack 400 - 6 days ago
But who has that much glue?

Me : Use the bag you made 2 minutes ago
whitepack 400
whitepack 400 - 6 days ago
Just buy a visor.
Goose girl Ax
Goose girl Ax - 6 days ago
this stuff would break so easy
Goose girl Ax
Goose girl Ax - 6 days ago
me: thinks who watches these
also me: watches 30 ep
Alyssa The wolf
Alyssa The wolf - 6 days ago
Mysha Olivia Xo
Mysha Olivia Xo - 6 days ago
I’m going to give everyone likes 👍
Mysha Olivia Xo
Mysha Olivia Xo - 6 days ago
Mysha Olivia Xo
Mysha Olivia Xo - 6 days ago
Brooke Avery
Brooke Avery - 6 days ago
Way too much hot glue like if u agree
anime lover 360
anime lover 360 - 6 days ago
Ohh but simply where you at
Braedyn YouTube's
Braedyn YouTube's - 6 days ago
Why are you using someone stuff
H Rules
H Rules - 6 days ago
You guys are so creative I subbed and liked
Joyce Buchman
Joyce Buchman - 7 days ago
those glasses remind me of Rita skeeter's glasses (the lady who write the daily prophet in Harry Potter)
Sou Ahmed
Sou Ahmed - 7 days ago
A backpack is stylish when it's stuck on the back of your t shirt
Sou Ahmed
Sou Ahmed - 7 days ago
And it's made out of hot glue then stick your hair together you little dummies glue melts everything will melt because it's hot glue
Ebonie_ Betancourt
Ebonie_ Betancourt - 7 days ago
Am I the only one concerned about their stuff they lost I mean they could have had some expensive stuff in there but it’s ok we have glue
Arrianna Munroe
Arrianna Munroe - 7 days ago
Um hello what if the sun is to hot for the sunglasses and melts on your eyes! #reallytroomtroom
Amelia Zell
Amelia Zell - 7 days ago
the glue could melt on her hair
mitchspud1 - 7 days ago
Why are you obsessed with Emojis
Badonbok Marwein
Badonbok Marwein - 7 days ago
Can you make a ring out of hot glue
Sarah Gribble
Sarah Gribble - 7 days ago
I only now need hot glue
Just-A- Potato
Just-A- Potato - 7 days ago
Troom Troom: We CaN mAkE evErYThing We neEd ouT oF hoT gLuE
Me : Yep totally wouldn’t of gone to reception and got your bag back
... Why? .... This is stupid
Isabela Villa
Isabela Villa - 8 days ago
Who else thinks the blondie looks like lexi hensler
Nisveta Cavcic
Nisveta Cavcic - 8 days ago
Rose Thorn
Rose Thorn - 8 days ago
If she’s thirsty, why does she need a fan? Imagine they made a water bottle tho 🤣🤣🤣
Loren Coomes
Loren Coomes - 8 days ago
Like it
Sofia Blandon
Sofia Blandon - 8 days ago
I love the backpack!!!!
Alpine the Reindeer
Alpine the Reindeer - 8 days ago
OK remind me when this is actually going to happen lol
When has a person ever packed a whole bunch of hot glue some paper
On their vacation? This will never be useful
Eshal Hussain
Eshal Hussain - 8 days ago
Angel Warrior
Angel Warrior - 8 days ago
I love it
ᎷΘΘΝ ᏟᎻᎪΝ - 9 days ago
Who have time for this😐
Kirsten Anika
Kirsten Anika - 9 days ago
huh??it could hold anything that shopping bag is so sxary its more worst than pooo lol
Scarlet the weirdo
Scarlet the weirdo - 9 days ago
Caitlin Wilson
Caitlin Wilson - 9 days ago
Nice hot glue stuff girls 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Crafty Corner
Crafty Corner - 9 days ago
Caitlin Wilson I know they’re so cool!
Crafty Corner
Crafty Corner - 9 days ago
I actually made the comb and it turned out great! But it only works in straight hair since it isn’t quite as strong as a regular brush, but thank you for these ideas Troom Troom!
Unicorn gamer girl
Unicorn gamer girl - 9 days ago
I tried the hot glue hair brush and it didn't work
Crafty Corner
Crafty Corner - 9 days ago
Unicorn gamer girl i tried it and it worked!
Not Alex101
Not Alex101 - 9 days ago
i like them but the viser and sunglasses will melt
Jennifer Benfield
Jennifer Benfield - 9 days ago
If your really lost your stuff you would not have clear earidesent paper or a pencil or tap.
Really fun Riley
Really fun Riley - 9 days ago
Hot sun will melt the hot glue
suresh kumar
suresh kumar - 9 days ago
I am also trying to make these things .And your ideas are amazing.😍👌🏼
Talula the golden
Talula the golden - 10 days ago
Her sunglasses at 3:27 were 🤮
Crafty Corner
Crafty Corner - 9 days ago
Talula the golden that’s Rude.
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