88RISING - Midsummer Madness ft. Joji, Rich Brian, Higher Brothers, AUGUST 08 (Official Music Video)

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Selamat datang listrik mati. Kematian daya lampu dunia. Hhhhhhhhh
Lulu Sulastri
Lulu Sulastri - 19 hours ago
00:43 they just watch Bryan doing his thing
import80 - Day ago
Wish I had a good group of friends
peachjam - Day ago
omggggggggg joji
pain khuptong
pain khuptong - Day ago
2k19 about to end and am still listening to this music 🖤
daxki abs
daxki abs - Day ago
This song makes me want to hang out with my Friends


I don't have any Friends to hang Out with 😭
betta reverse
betta reverse - Day ago
mark duque
mark duque - Day ago
fuck the rules
Queen fahira
Queen fahira - Day ago
Ilike this song
And i from indonesia☺
Nawwar Suraya
Nawwar Suraya - 2 days ago
This song reminded me of how fking broke I am
Afif Ghulam
Afif Ghulam - 2 days ago
like you
StarseedKitty - 2 days ago
Is that one guy the creep with the pink sweater..... like old skoo vet nigahiga you tuber??? Fellow tubies w the respects and vibes..... #hailp *i will find channel and yiah tell me how da vibes be* ......*deep breath & dives in confidently yet ......... cautiously ......*
Wow:3 Youkindacute
Wow:3 Youkindacute - 2 days ago
Earl tem
Earl tem - 2 days ago
December 2019?
Zorkon - 2 days ago
reminds me of the summer i first smoked weed first kissed someone alotta shit first time sneaking out good times man if i could id do it over and not change a thing
Laiza Seas
Laiza Seas - 2 days ago
Please watch manila grey song 😊 @88rising
lucky adrian hutapea
lucky adrian hutapea - 2 days ago
Joji !!
ozz reynoso
ozz reynoso - 2 days ago
This is why you can never replace me cause I was your first experience for alot of things
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson - 3 days ago
1:14 @trippie redd
Denan _29
Denan _29 - 3 days ago
Anti social social 💥
CHEN GameLy - 3 days ago
Em snge
Stattrak Bread
Stattrak Bread - 3 days ago
Joji in the vid looks like Asian Norman Reedus
Desya - 3 days ago
Last night, I lost all my patience
You were fucked up, I was wasted
Midsummer madness
I can't take it no more, no more
Fuck the ru-u-u-ules
Fuck the ru-u-u-ules
Make it make sense
Make it make sense, I
Can't hide a heart in a black tint, I
You were off the bullshit and the tablets
Under 21, both savage
All these blurry nights feel the same to me
Heart full of hate, no vacancy
Only one you gonna blame when it's over
Can't look me in my eyes when you sober
Hey, I'm the one you call when you feelin' low
Running up a check just to help you cope
I just want to live in the moment
You just want to fight 'cause you lonely
Tryna see a milly then be really up
Rockstar crash in my Bentley truck
You need all my love
You've got all the love
Last night, I lost all my patience
You were fucked up, I was wasted
Midsummer madness
I can't take it no more, no more
Fuck the ru-u-u-ules
Fuck the ru-u-u-ules
Uh, ayy, ayy, uh
Been a minute since I heard you wanna stay as friends
I learned from my mistakes, you make me want to learn again
I don't really see the problem, it's a risk I wanna take
You say "Let's see where it goes" but I don't really wanna wait
Ayy, look and listen up
You've been smiling when we fuck
Let's not even think about it, we ain't gotta talk a lot
We get it hotter than the summer, I'll stay with you when it's not
Put the slow jams on, I wanna see you make it pop, ayy
Moving all around the bed like we just toss and turn, ayy
Playin' with the fire, I don't care if I get burned, ayy
I'ma treat you good like you've been waitin' for your turn, ayy
Nothing in the universe feel better than your tongue, ayy
'Bout to go home, I know you finna come with
I'm playing these games like a pimp on the strip
Conversations late night about how we gonna live
I don't got the answer to it, all I'm finna say is
Fuck the ru-u-u-ules
Fuck the ru-u-u-ules (ayy, gang, gang)
Ru-u-u-ules (ayy, gang, gang)
Ru-u-u-u-oh (yeah)
當光灑進了 white Porsche
I never felt so good
Call me DJ Knowknow, oh-oh no
Fuck the rules
距離不是問題, I know
She lookin' so pretty, I wanted a kiss
把beautiful memories 存入我的iPhone X
I, I,I hope 24 can become 48
看日落 粉的天 有藍月亮陪
想要擁抱 我需要前給
Sunny gone, I don't care, you're my sunshine babe
I don't feel control
I'm better on my own
I'm used to being so gone for way too long
Long, long, long
Rules, rules, rules
Rules, rules, rules
Lutfi Mahendra
Lutfi Mahendra - 4 days ago
F*ck the ruuuleee🍃🎶
Donna Leyran
Donna Leyran - 5 days ago
1:24 Salamander man??????
Some Other Name
Some Other Name - 5 days ago
This video makes me want to take a vacation that I know I can’t afford 🙃
Paul Papadoulis
Paul Papadoulis - 5 days ago
This song makes me wanna have a burger with cheese on it
Episode Daily
Episode Daily - 5 days ago
I fell in love with Joji in 2 days 🤦🏻‍♀️
Tesseract - 5 days ago
Bad part stars at 2:12 You don't need to thank me, I'm just a capeless hero kinda thing.
Yaseen Rashed
Yaseen Rashed - 2 days ago
theres literally no bad parts in this song
Gelly Farts
Gelly Farts - 5 days ago
Joji daisuki❤
finding yussril
finding yussril - 5 days ago
BTHSB - 6 days ago
midsommar is a pretty fucked up movie if you ask me
yaminokawaiitenshi02 - 6 days ago
Can't wait for summer
Megan P Rose
Megan P Rose - 6 days ago
Brian 💜💜🥰🥰 respect for the boys
I drop five Fs-
JayJ - 6 days ago
this song reminds me of how a wet soggy log prob feels
ERR Land
ERR Land - 6 days ago
Juan Martin Garcia
Juan Martin Garcia - 6 days ago
This song sounds like a thousand years by Christina perri
brang bara2
brang bara2 - 6 days ago
kapan kmu mati joji ajg
정국 - 6 days ago
I miss FilthyFrank
Rifaldi Gunawan
Rifaldi Gunawan - 6 days ago
can u tell who's girl used yellow glasses????
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