'Revenge LeBron' wants to make up for the Lakers' bad season - Ramona Shelburne | Stephen A. Show

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BeagsyJ - 3 hours ago
No one:
Stephen A: UTAHR
Taylor Carroll
Taylor Carroll - 11 hours ago
Kevin Durant is 30 going on 31....not 35. I know it's not much but talking sports wise that's a huge difference
Mitchell Kmatz
Mitchell Kmatz - 12 hours ago
Remember when yall forgot who the goat was? Watch out.
최재훈 - 5 days ago
Lakers vs. Celtics
Old rivalry classic for World Championship Final.
I have been anticipating this past off season.
Deandrea Harris
Deandrea Harris - 6 days ago
Belak - 6 days ago
Hopefully revenge Lebron is better than “playoff mode activated” Lebron. The guy acts like a teenage girl.
Russell Ally
Russell Ally - 7 days ago
Etherr coming soon from goatjames🔥
YC Teoh
YC Teoh - 7 days ago
Lebrun needs to stop both coaching and managing the team.
Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds - 10 days ago
LeBron is going to have a MOOONSTERR YEARRR
Donna Dunbar
Donna Dunbar - 12 days ago
Lebron go miss 4th playoffs in 2020. Lakers 7th straight years missing playoffs finna happen💯💯💯💯
lloganmusic - 12 days ago
Revenge Lebron = Playoff mode Lebron = Overrated Lebron = Missed the playoffs.
IJizzONYOURMOMS - 12 days ago
Lakers bad season was on you and you trying to trade the whole roster and your shitty defense
Peter Brantley
Peter Brantley - 14 days ago
Stephen NB A. Smith LA 🏆the trademark she right on the storyline in New York
d d
d d - 18 days ago
Alon Lavy
Alon Lavy - 18 days ago
The green screen behind her was so bad, it looked like all of her hair is glued on and radioactive
A Rock
A Rock - 18 days ago
Contrary to popular belief, LeBron is truly the GOAT, just based off of his on court and off court embodiment. Please you haters before you start talking that ring sh*t quit now because if the rings is the primary case then Bill Russell is without a doubt the GOAT. Kareem one of the best to play the game already set the record straight when he said that LeBron is too big for the GOAT conversation because of the things he's done on and off the court, that speaks volumes, but of course a hater will always rather believe a lie than the truth.
TRACY TRACY - 18 days ago
YENKO DAVI - 18 days ago
first make sure he learn his freethrows !!! lebitchass lol
Deacon Bluez
Deacon Bluez - 19 days ago
Teams draft championships.Lebron tries to rent them.Lakers had a team.All they needed was anybody but LeBron to win.Lakers lining up to big and old.This ain't the 70s.
Kamal Jones
Kamal Jones - 19 days ago
LeBronco O’Shay Sharpe would say I’ll take LeBron over the rest of league any day and twice on Tacoooo Tuesday
Kamal Jones
Kamal Jones - 19 days ago
Here comes the new nickname LeVenge
Scott Richardson
Scott Richardson - 19 days ago
Toronto, WILL repeat.
Donna Dunbar
Donna Dunbar - 11 days ago
The Fantabulous JalaPeña
By allowing Davis to do most of the work
A Minecraft OG since 2009
No one will be talking about the fact how Le2-6 needed Anthony Davis to win games. How pathetic. Jordan never complained about not having another all-star on his team. And he never recruited anyone. The sad truth no one today bothers to care about.
Thebloody boy Channel
Thebloody boy Channel - 20 days ago
I hope so but i am still gsw fun
Donna Dunbar
Donna Dunbar - 11 days ago
Gsw go win 2020 title
Brayden Balderrama
Brayden Balderrama - 20 days ago
Lebron isn’t good anymore
Isaac Robinson
Isaac Robinson - 20 days ago
Ramona lookin like shes in front of a green screen from an 80s sitcom
Ty Tolbert
Ty Tolbert - 20 days ago
Would you hit ramona up?
justice start
justice start - 20 days ago
fuck lebron

-sincerely, Los Angeles
Mark - 21 day ago
If he would concentrate on Basketball and not politics he will still lose at LA and that is funny!
Ayem Zoffat
Ayem Zoffat - 21 day ago
Expect more ballhugging for Lebwrong Games!
Jeff Assassin
Jeff Assassin - 21 day ago
I dont think that howard and lebron will get along too much there to deal with the lakers are done
Volkan - 21 day ago
just shut the fu... up and let your game speak
Jacob Glaser
Jacob Glaser - 21 day ago
LeBron is garbage. Stephen A. Smith is an insufferable d-bag.
Tacos are life
Tacos are life - 21 day ago
Don Book
Don Book - 21 day ago
I believe the Portland Trailblazer will be the NBA Championship in 2020 over Boston.
next up
next up - 21 day ago
Both y'all some bonafied scrubs you have no credit
Toxic Melody
Toxic Melody - 21 day ago
What the hell is this narrative?!?! Before last year regular season started the Lakers said, their not focus on winning, the playoffs wasn't that important and so on until they get that 2nd and maybe 3rd star. So why are they saying he feels bad they didn't win?
ctciii1680 - 21 day ago
lol, utahr??? love sas
Deep hug
Deep hug - 21 day ago
I hope revenge Lebron is better than playoff mode Lebron from last year
mwyatt222 - 21 day ago
The media's love for the Lake's is as sickening as it's adoration of the Cowboy's and i live in Dallas. It's pathetic. Let me start by saying I'm a Life-long Laker fan, lived in 90710 for a decade+ and still am today in Tx. Also a Mav.s fan. Truth. Lebron is the best player in the league, not even close but I worry he will not be able to carry this team for 82 games thru injuries. LJ will have to carry this team at times and thats when players get strains and pulls. Him and AD are going to have to stay healthy the entire season and avg. 30+ pt.s per gm for the Lake's to crack the top 8. Kuz and Green with Rondo at point and that bench isnt going to get that done especially now having to rely on AD to play the 5. Thats where he gets hurt, playing center and not off Boogie as the 4 in New Orleans. If either LJ or AD need rest they likely lose.
Shamond Jacobs
Shamond Jacobs - 21 day ago
I wish the pelicans could get Andre Iguodala
Deep hug
Deep hug - 21 day ago
Lakers enter playoffs as a seventh seed
John Bacon
John Bacon - 22 days ago
Sounds like lebron activating his playoff mode early last season, think they actually lost more games in that stretch.
Trey Cox
Trey Cox - 22 days ago
LeBron will never be a Laker.
L.L. Lonely lad
L.L. Lonely lad - 22 days ago
Now Lebron Goes Hard??
BaNG BaNG - 22 days ago
10 games in 3-7 The Lakers are great they just need to work as a team to get it together 🤦‍♂️. No the suck!!! 😂😂😂
dk_bawss - 22 days ago
Revenge mode activated??????
Artemis Entreri
Artemis Entreri - 22 days ago
bout time lebron gets off his ass and takes control
Tigger Tagger
Tigger Tagger - 22 days ago
Can y'all just leave the man alone I swear the media is extra af
bing - 22 days ago
Here comes Stephen the loud mouthed. Again, the Lakers will not be in the finals. Why? He did nt get his fab coach the Lakers rejected.
Jeff Spehar
Jeff Spehar - 22 days ago
Fuck Lebron James.
Grant Riley
Grant Riley - 22 days ago
Just like playoff mode huh?
Jasmine - 22 days ago
LBJ need 4 legit super star to win another championship. . .Thats all
rob 24
rob 24 - 22 days ago
Lebron James, the first athlete to convince the masses that losing championships is more of an accomplishment then winning championships. 3-6
rob 24
rob 24 - 20 days ago
@Mckylan kobe gets killed for 3-peating with shaq, yet lebron loses 6 titles, all while being on super teams he himself created and people say at least he went to 9. LBJ is great. I just feel likes it's a bit over blown
Mckylan - 20 days ago
rob 24 no one is saying losing is good but people who just 3-6 with no context are dumb. Plus some players never even make it to the finals or let alone win one. He has 3.
eopanther8 - 22 days ago
How long will it be before these talking heads realize these current NBA players DGAF about the Knicks? To most NBA players, the Knicks are the equivalent to the Browns where ALL they can associate them with is losing.
Paris James
Paris James - 22 days ago
Lebron carries the team on his back everyone knows his coworkers suck
Jasmine - 22 days ago
He's not Superman, 17yrs in the league 35yrs old body going to break down watch what I tell you. No defense at all with him, their going nowhere. (Trust me on that)!!!!!!
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Lakers enter playoffs as a seventh seed
TimePieceTre - 23 days ago
Ramona finally did something with her hair thank God, it looks good 😏
off headz
off headz - 23 days ago
I remember when Kobe average 35 points a whole season. That is what LeBron need to do this season💯
kopi bin
kopi bin - 23 days ago
Blah blah... guys make a call
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