History's Greatest Bathroom Disaster | Robot Chicken | adult swim

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Damien Gordon
Damien Gordon - 23 hours ago
"i'm not a big fan of house fires"
Sean Hammer
Sean Hammer - 4 days ago
"And now you know the rest of the story."
Cameron Morris
Cameron Morris - 10 days ago
More like the "Heart of Poop water"!
Pikapool ?
Pikapool ? - 21 day ago
How it really happened
Ali Naeem
Ali Naeem - 23 days ago
good yes
funny hell YA
disturbing. yep on so many levels 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Turbo Kid87
Turbo Kid87 - 24 days ago
Princesoulger - 25 days ago
1:07 Fish: Hey how's it going ? Your surrounded by water and shit. Welcome to the ocean.
Allfreeandhappy79 - 26 days ago
i like this ending and hers too
El Kudos
El Kudos - 27 days ago
W T F ? !
Stan ezen
Stan ezen - 27 days ago
This show ever coming back
Wolfe Cane
Wolfe Cane - 28 days ago
NightSeeker Klemont
NightSeeker Klemont - 28 days ago
Definitely worth the ten dollars.
Tommaso Galbano
Tommaso Galbano - Month ago
енот - Month ago
Что блиа...
Michael Vance Bajilar
Michael Vance Bajilar - Month ago
RGkong - Month ago
Hype for the new season
killer88942 - Month ago
What a twist
Dango Bangal
Dango Bangal - Month ago
Robot Chicken in a nutshell nothing but crap.
Evildie .x
Evildie .x - 29 days ago
The best funny crap in history
Mr.ScaryPasta - Month ago
How is Rose alive?! LOL! That poop water would've given her at least one seversal diseases from that era! And there are no vaccines for that shit.
Celtic Revival / Adfywiad Celtaidd
Jack the first ever irish White Knight
MrSpawn229 - Month ago
Another poop joke- ahh old, great robot chicken episode
MR.NOTZED Gaming - Month ago
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - Month ago
Ahh, nostalgia. ; )
superduperjoi - Month ago
I dont get it
Sisyphus J
Sisyphus J - 27 days ago
That's cos it's not funny🤷🏽‍♂️ an 8yr old could have written that👎🏽
Rif Fulsam
Rif Fulsam - Month ago
Hahaha oh man that after credits scene got me XD
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker - Month ago
we need more sketches like this
James Slepak
James Slepak - Month ago
The ending killed me xDDD
Huey Freeman
Huey Freeman - Month ago
Jack drops his pants so quick
Huey Freeman
Huey Freeman - 11 days ago
@r0bw00d Found the grammar nazi
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - Month ago
@r0bw00d Grammar counts! ; )
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - Month ago
*Huey Freeman* His pants hit an iceberg. ; )
r0bw00d - Month ago
Rey of Jakku
Rey of Jakku - Month ago
This is the true story, they just changed a few parts of it to make it seem more romantic in the movie
Rey of Jakku
Rey of Jakku - 10 days ago
Vatos locos forever So it's fine if I'm a nazi, as long as I'm not also a troll? Cool
Vatos locos forever
Vatos locos forever - 23 days ago
that dumb profile picture..change this unless you're a troll or a Nazi..if you are both than fuck you..
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - Month ago
I know. I was there. ; )
Vmbra - Month ago
Zsolt Redli
Zsolt Redli - Month ago
It is sick! 🤘👍
Ali Shatta
Ali Shatta - Month ago
I subscribed to this channel after only watching the first 5 seconds!
Полнейший САС
cornbreadman - Month ago
"Well shit!"
Turin Horse
Turin Horse - Month ago
guys.. don't be a Jack
Luca Peyrefitte
Luca Peyrefitte - Month ago
😂 gross
NoLiefClover1 - Month ago
Robot Chicken is still going?!
I haven't been catching up with the series since their cabin in the woods parody.
Cameron McEwen
Cameron McEwen - Month ago
They need to put that sketch back on this channel.
Misan tropo
Misan tropo - Month ago
they are working on a new season
Alex Mazurek
Alex Mazurek - Month ago
Mathiassss - Month ago
Still a better love story than Twilight LOL
김땡칠 - Month ago
Titanic spinoff - Jack the poop
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - Month ago
Jack & the Poop Stalk
RIXRADvidz - Month ago
that was my take on the movie. drowning in poop water......
Shay Cormaic
Shay Cormaic - 27 days ago
Joeislayf - Month ago
Goddamn, I'm this early. Follow me on instagram: joeislayf. Lol I know, people hate vanity but that toilet was wack.
TheGuyGuy Wilson
TheGuyGuy Wilson - Month ago
Gregory Pappas
Gregory Pappas - Month ago
Thats exactly what happened.
Albert Menendez
Albert Menendez - Month ago
My shit will go on
Chris Lee
Chris Lee - Month ago
.... i dont know much but im pretty sure toilets dont work like that
Dave Jones
Dave Jones - 21 day ago
tbirum look it up it was true
Rebecca Farquharson
Rebecca Farquharson - 22 days ago
Actually the old Royal Navy aircraft carriers and helicopter carriers had sewage treatment systems onboard which were meant for cruise ships. Those sewage treatment filters were meant for high capacity of waste for large numbers of passengers so could only work at high pressure. The naval crews were too small to produce enough waste to build up the pressure necessary which would lead to back-up and back fire and the toilets would spew filth everywhere. And that is true.
tbirum - 22 days ago
that is NOT a true story
Dave Jones
Dave Jones - 29 days ago
How about the woman that got her guts sucked out using the toilet on a cruise ship (true story)
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - Month ago
@Annette Gallagher Da-yummm!
zacsg1 - Month ago
You need to make a movie on this!
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - Month ago
Or, a 1:32 minute video and post it on RUvideos.
Milk moo Man
Milk moo Man - Month ago
Third comment papa
Chris morgan
Chris morgan - Month ago
Memetric - Month ago
Thank you for your amazing words of wisdom
Forrest Krager
Forrest Krager - Month ago
Lord Horses
Lord Horses - Month ago
Oh shit
Namaiki - Month ago
Rakhi Sahana
Rakhi Sahana - 29 days ago
Namaiki adult chobimhbk
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - Month ago
@Namaiki Yeah. He's just pissed he wasn't _frist._ ; )
Namaiki - Month ago
@steve gale damn bitch why you so salty, don't come for me cause you aren't first. Period.
steve gale
steve gale - Month ago
So what? Is that how low your life is?
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