How Well Do Kristen Bell + Dax Shepard Really Know Each Other?

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Danijel Android
Danijel Android - 3 hours ago
1:29 Probably needs two wifes to feel safe. :-)
R A Z - 17 hours ago
yo i think i actually wanna be in a relationship
Lady Typhon
Lady Typhon - Day ago
Loved them both in Hit and Run. One of my fave movies ever.
Robert Boehm
Robert Boehm - Day ago
dax’s laugh creeps me tf out
Diane C
Diane C - 2 days ago
She’s so competitive I love both of them lmao😍😍
Badis Somethin
Badis Somethin - 5 days ago
Can someone tell me what the hell happened to JD and Elliott ?
Maya Bensaoud
Maya Bensaoud - 7 days ago
They are the CUSTEST couple EVER!
yoav cohen
yoav cohen - 9 days ago
Kristen bell.. I hope God made another one of her living right next to my part of the world .
Even her tiks are adorable. Go see her acting it out with Craig on the late night show that was sadly over.
chas farthing
chas farthing - 10 days ago
I just wanna hear her say “by order of the peaky focking bloinders”
limors - 13 days ago
3:05 SAME
hęłp mę
hęłp mę - 13 days ago
"What is Dax's weirdest *quirk* "
Literally ANYONE who is a fan of BNHA -(Including me)- : *wheezes*
Andrea Sierra
Andrea Sierra - 15 days ago
Kristen has such a cute quirk!
R. A.
R. A. - 15 days ago
Repeating everything you hear would be totally annoying. Nope, Dax, she's gorgeous but you can keep her
Rin Rin
Rin Rin - 16 days ago
ConceptHut - 18 days ago
Holy crap they are good for each other
Friendly Pedant
Friendly Pedant - 21 day ago
I have the same tic as Kristin - repeating lines. I passed it on to one of my daughters, too. We're actually both just barely on the Tourettes spectrum. We also have compulsive physical tics.
Friendly Pedant
Friendly Pedant - 21 day ago
Kristin is right about the rules.
Mark McCormick
Mark McCormick - 22 days ago
0:37 stop yelling at me on TV please
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson - 22 days ago
Rachel... Jesus girl... Stop eating...
Monty - 22 days ago
Is peaky blinders a dubbed martial arts show from Asia?
Monty - 22 days ago
@Curtis Jones I know, my comment was a joke about Dax's terrible impression at 2:55. It sounded like one of those bad karate movies
Curtis Jones
Curtis Jones - 22 days ago
It's a very good British organized crime period piece.
Sambringit - 22 days ago
Lucky bastard.....he got Kristen
Philip Mierswa
Philip Mierswa - 25 days ago
This didn't need a host
junior vallejo
junior vallejo - 26 days ago
We must keep these 2 together forever people!!!
myown wreckage
myown wreckage - Month ago
Oh my god I'm so glad I'm not the only one that does this with movie lines/songs/accents 😂
Laima Mockus Córdoba
Laima Mockus Córdoba - 28 days ago
Me tooooo!!!
cynjim88 - Month ago
OMG.... I freaking LOVE them
NattyH. - Month ago
That’s hilarious! I repeat new words too after hearing them like a parrot!
aaah tex
aaah tex - Month ago
I wish I had One of doze!
Ixchel Gil
Ixchel Gil - Month ago
They took forever on that first one lol they're so freaking cute
looks Ok
looks Ok - Month ago
Dax after the kiss is soo cute and dorky because it is so real
looks Ok
looks Ok - Month ago
Crash test lmao
BIG MONEY BILL-E - Month ago
Dax: 60x better driver
Rachel: 6000x better driver
dave m
dave m - Month ago
Best celebrity couple in Hollywood. Lifers.
김진우 - Month ago
Suuuuuuper cute both of them
Karen - Month ago
I kiss a lot of curbs too! I’m so happy that I’m not the only one lol
Joshua - Month ago
I'm over how perfect their relationship is. Makes me want to throw up everytime I see them.
Arlene Santiago
Arlene Santiago - Month ago
I like this couple!
Razzle Dazzle
Razzle Dazzle - Month ago
Oh my God! I have the same tick and it’s so embarrassing! I lived with someone who had a stutter once and I felt so bad every time I repeated her
essence arielle
essence arielle - Month ago
Wait is cutting your hair I thing? Cause I do that and I never know why
lorina lancaster
lorina lancaster - Month ago
Love these two guest's
ThomasPalomas - Month ago
is dax shepard ill or something? whats wrong with the cheekbones of his?
id104335409 - Month ago
So they are a freaks.
Elle - Month ago
Eloise Cha
Eloise Cha - Month ago
Peaky blinderssss
Mark McCormick
Mark McCormick - Month ago
0:37 Stop yelling at me on TV please
Abbey Noir
Abbey Noir - Month ago
Can I please have a marriage like this when I'm older
Zain Omar
Zain Omar - Month ago
He looks like Mr.Beast
wilfrid fred
wilfrid fred - Month ago
Fav.hollywood couple
Janna Baza
Janna Baza - Month ago
I have the same habit with repeating everything, Kristen!
***Lisa*** - Month ago
Rachel seems like a drunk.
Suzy Q
Suzy Q - Month ago
I agree... I hate to say it, but I do.
medea 26
medea 26 - Month ago
Just when I think they can't get any cuter... It NEVER gets old to watch these two. They banter good-naturedly, without crossing over into ugly territory. They talk respectfully to & about one another. They make each other laugh. It's just a genuine pleasure to witness...
Splendid Mendax
Splendid Mendax - Month ago
Watch the "Good Place"
Jared Maples
Jared Maples - Month ago
Poor Kristen
jwinyie - Month ago
They are not allowed to break up!!!!
Natalie Lewis
Natalie Lewis - Month ago
They need their own reality show
Angelica Chavira-Juarez
Adorable couple
Adriana Avila
Adriana Avila - 2 months ago
Love this couple
Courtney Dawson
Courtney Dawson - 2 months ago
Does Dax have an extreme amount of concealer under his eyes? He has the “bright concealer under eyes and on eyelids that make eyes look unnaturally tiny” look...???
Elisha Loose
Elisha Loose - 2 months ago
My favorite celebrity couple.
.m. - 2 months ago
This feels like an act, like the couples on the hunger games show where they have to convince audiences they’re in love
Brandon fall
Brandon fall - Month ago
Listen to Daxs podcast. They are for real.
Wakawaka_titi - 2 months ago
No NO NO!!!!
Brad-Jen ruined my childhood, I wont allow Kristen-Dax ruin my 20s
Olivia Arnold
Olivia Arnold - 2 months ago
Needs multiples of everything to feel safe
Omg me in a sentence
Cory Ariana
Cory Ariana - 2 months ago
I’ve watched like all Kristen Bell interviews and she never knows how to play the games. But I love her
Alyssa Noelle
Alyssa Noelle - 2 months ago
Gotta love mom and dad ❤️❤️❤️
Jordan Noel
Jordan Noel - 2 months ago
Can these 2 please get their own reality TV show!?
ayat ali
ayat ali - 2 months ago
They so so beautiful
Best coples ever
meagan henry
meagan henry - 2 months ago
Rachel seems so mad it’s frustrating
Suzy Q
Suzy Q - Month ago
It's not the first time she's acted like that, I've watched her show a lot and she gets annoyed very easily.
K Parker
K Parker - 2 months ago
I do enjoy them as humans, but as a very unpopular opinion I can't STAND his sexist humor towards her. Tobe clear, I'm not saying he's sexist, I'm essentially saying that after she does something he might pretend to be sexist and everyone laughs at it. It's not my cup of tea,
Edith Recinos
Edith Recinos - 2 months ago
Dad knows kristen well
VibrantVirtue - 2 months ago
There it is.. Mutual respect = unconditional love
Keren icehand
Keren icehand - 2 months ago
Awwww Dax is awesome😂💜👍
Mr. Slowpoke1975
Mr. Slowpoke1975 - 2 months ago
Damn, that Dax is one lucky dude. Kristen is so sexy. And she seems to have a great personality.
Alannah the Llama
Alannah the Llama - 2 months ago
They're adorable together
Rayray1001 - 2 months ago
That’s 2 of the douchiest people on the planet
Lincoln Hawk
Lincoln Hawk - 2 months ago
Is Kristin a beard because Dax sure seems gay here.
Lulu Harshie
Lulu Harshie - 2 months ago
This makes me want to get divorced because this isn't what we look like
Bryan Itzol
Bryan Itzol - 2 months ago
I'm not the only one that likes to mimic things I hear. 😆😆😆
the guy in the helmet
the guy in the helmet - 2 months ago
They dont know each other because they are married in Hollywood...
Viorel Ionut Vinter
Viorel Ionut Vinter - 2 months ago
I love this couple ! I need to see them more often.
Andy Kniess
Andy Kniess - 2 months ago
She gets less attractive every day she ages
Joseph Moon
Joseph Moon - 2 months ago
Ridiculously adorable couple. 😁
Phrosda1 Z
Phrosda1 Z - 2 months ago
Dax kind of reminds me of carrot top. Not in a good way.
Dominic Ferro
Dominic Ferro - 2 months ago
Most Hollywood couples are fake as shit with their fake facade...these two argue on TV.. real af
Say Cheese
Say Cheese - 2 months ago
Fake prearranged marriage
Zorc - 2 months ago
He isn't entirely straight right? Or is this an act to confuse people :P ?
Dhiino - 2 months ago
She would here my accent then. She like too learn that and its hard too.i Live in sweden and iam from south so i have a accent called SKÅNSKA
Kevin Coles
Kevin Coles - 2 months ago
I think the funniest thing this revealed was, she admitted she’s a horrible driver but she’s a spokesperson for Enterprise Rent a Car... 😂😂🤔🤔
Alan Thompson
Alan Thompson - 2 months ago
I love these guys, but who did daxs makeup
OfficialGoodMannered - 2 months ago
I don't understand this thing about people being loud and telling, and thinking that's the only way they can seem interesting
Obie - 2 months ago
They cray cray
RaeAnna Cardenas
RaeAnna Cardenas - 2 months ago
Wait! I didn’t want it to end
Jacob Olsen
Jacob Olsen - 2 months ago
Those two are cute but the audience on other hand seems like there in North Korea - is that a really audience? From looking at the audience you can really understand what demographic the advertisers want.
Briagha Stevens
Briagha Stevens - 2 months ago
Hailey Pintz
Hailey Pintz - 2 months ago
Did Dax get a face lift? His face looks like he should be in pain.
Kayte Larsen
Kayte Larsen - 2 months ago
I enjoy their chemistry and banter
Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland - 2 months ago
Kristen is literally me playing a new game LMAO
Ransack _Girl
Ransack _Girl - 2 months ago
Are they on drugs?
Letter B.
Letter B. - 2 months ago
He looks like a human version of cat in the hat😲😂
Box of Demons
Box of Demons - 2 months ago
I thought he was gay wtf
Wendy Oxley
Wendy Oxley - 2 months ago
Love them😍😊😊😊
Rishabh Ghosh
Rishabh Ghosh - 2 months ago
61* better
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