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LaurenzSide - Month ago
My “Mom’s” identity & bank account information was stolen after filming this. 🥺😂
Roy Grimmleston
Roy Grimmleston - 4 days ago
oof.... sorry for you lauren
Bella Bolden
Bella Bolden - 5 days ago
I’m so sorry for that🤣🥺😬. 😲
Lilli Julliana
Lilli Julliana - 17 days ago
LaurenzSide YOUR THE BESTTTTT!!!!!!!
Star Universe
Star Universe - 19 days ago
She gonna find out....
Liberty Rogers
Liberty Rogers - Month ago
Love you, Lauren! 💜💜💜 To bad you spent your "mom's" money on this 😂
gemeve warwick
gemeve warwick - 2 hours ago
love you azzy and cassy
Expert French Toast
Expert French Toast - 8 hours ago
It’s not funny that you edit your faces to look like babies and edit audio to sound highxpitched. I’d prefer your normal voices.
Queen Brielle
Queen Brielle - 11 hours ago
Gloom: YoU cAnT bE oLdEr ThAn Me!!!!!
Senpai- playz
Senpai- playz - 11 hours ago
Yeah they deffinetly bought robux😅😂
Shalini Bhoendie
Shalini Bhoendie - 14 hours ago
I love Roblox
Juana Silva
Juana Silva - 16 hours ago
I was born on December 1,2008
Melissa Medina
Melissa Medina - 16 hours ago
“I’m a Virgo you seem like a Gemini” I say this in my head on a daily basis 😂
Sophia Hoang
Sophia Hoang - 18 hours ago
Lauren in the photos your hands look like their two different people’s hand
Kasia Liu
Kasia Liu - 22 hours ago
Aww poor MOM
Isha Ahmed
Isha Ahmed - 23 hours ago
WolfiePlayz 0_0
WolfiePlayz 0_0 - Day ago
"Oh, Roblox? I like that Roblox!"
WelshAdam - Day ago
So now they have, the faces of Lauren and Cassie. The Voices of Lauren and Cassie. And you thought that was it. Ohhhh no no no. The Hand of Lauren and Cassie. AND, their FREAKIN' CREDIT CARD, of Lauren, and Cassie
Bambus TV
Bambus TV - Day ago
The left one looks strange
GEMstone Gacha
GEMstone Gacha - Day ago
I didn’t even notice Bobby was the mother
He’s so feminine in these videos
Alfonsa Cabrera
Alfonsa Cabrera - Day ago
Why can all can ' t dowloud
Gacha Qweendom
Gacha Qweendom - Day ago
What filter app thing is this?!?! I NEED IT!!!!
Gacha Girls
Gacha Girls - Day ago
Your so cute
Uku' Wolf
Uku' Wolf - Day ago
You're friends with LaurenZside!?
Edit: you're friends with loads of you tubers I know
Shaziam Rani
Shaziam Rani - Day ago
you 2 are so funny 😂 🤣
The weird kid Tjanna
If you were born in 2016 you will be 3
Arif Khan
Arif Khan - Day ago
Ellie Hasbrouck
Ellie Hasbrouck - Day ago
Lauren’s mom looks like Abbey lee
Stop_Rotary_Abuse - Day ago
Bobby is pretty as a woman
Lee Ann Metcalfe
Lee Ann Metcalfe - 2 days ago
I like roblox
Phuong Nguyen
Phuong Nguyen - 2 days ago
Oh,poor bobby🤣
Gacha Vampire wolf
Gacha Vampire wolf - 2 days ago
Am I the only one that noticed that Kassie’s ‘mom’ was terry and that Lauren’s ‘mom’ is Bobby but they have that girl filter???
Avery Bernethy
Avery Bernethy - 2 days ago
Love how kassie'd mom has a beard!🤣 Soooo kewt!😆
Tianie Jimenez
Tianie Jimenez - 2 days ago
Can you not be babys please.....

Don't want to be rude
Potato *-* Krew
Potato *-* Krew - 2 days ago
Lauren’s mom has a great mom😂😂so as Cassie’s
Freeze - 2 days ago
mates a vratis cz
mates a vratis cz - 2 days ago
Me:hello mother#&^!
super Pierre& feebee !
super Pierre& feebee ! - 2 days ago
What does the square x mean I see it all the time
Callie Bagshawe
Callie Bagshawe - 2 days ago
I’m a Virgo
Gabriela montoya
Gabriela montoya - 3 days ago
🤦🏻‍♀️you don’t have a mom
Nicole Wilson
Nicole Wilson - 3 days ago
If ur a baby how do u know to read🤔🤔🤔
Natasha Johnson
Natasha Johnson - 3 days ago
Bloom and Lauren as kids and Bobby and Terry are the mums😂😂😂😂😂
Braydon Jacobs
Braydon Jacobs - 3 days ago
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh creepy
Katy Rose52372
Katy Rose52372 - 3 days ago
I like terry’s girl form 🙂
PastelDraggon DRAGON11
PastelDraggon DRAGON11 - 3 days ago
LOL bobby tho
Chuck Thompson
Chuck Thompson - 3 days ago
So cute
Miel - 3 days ago
Kassie I love you so so much and we share a birthday.. that's so cool that makes me so happy
Myla Jarboe
Myla Jarboe - 3 days ago
I’m a Aquarius tooooo
RAHAF RAHAF - 3 days ago
Thank you Laurie and you didn’t know I don’t want you you’re the best you promised me and
Paul Bolger
Paul Bolger - 3 days ago
her name isnt kassie its kassiema
Blair Dearwester
Blair Dearwester - 3 days ago
My b day is July 7th
Lexi likes 0009 Slime
Lexi likes 0009 Slime - 3 days ago
Lol Bobby
A Random Flower
A Random Flower - 4 days ago
For one second, I actually thought they were their real mothers😂
Starz Gacha _I o _I
Starz Gacha _I o _I - 4 days ago
I know it's just a *filter and stuff*
But why is there hand larger than there head?
And *can a baby be married?*
Sorry I dont mean to be rude, just wondering
Annie playz YT
Annie playz YT - 4 days ago
When moms find another way to talk to each other using devices! 😂
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