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LaurenzSide - 5 months ago
My “Mom’s” identity & bank account information was stolen after filming this. 🥺😂
Definition Of Derp
Definition Of Derp - 4 days ago
rest in peace.
Susanna Casuncad
Susanna Casuncad - Month ago
Poor bobby
Fire Foxy
Fire Foxy - Month ago
Ohhhh shoot
Kween Elise
Kween Elise - 6 hours ago
9:37 he looks like Sheldon Cooper
Cupcake Comet
Cupcake Comet - 17 hours ago
Idk why by Bobby with the girl thing on looks like Abby lee from dance mums 😂
Queenbee XoXo
Queenbee XoXo - 3 days ago
July 6 is my birthday
Lucianna Nardini
Lucianna Nardini - 3 days ago
those are some man hands
Tayla Dunn
Tayla Dunn - 4 days ago
Love you guys
Definition Of Derp
Definition Of Derp - 4 days ago
rest in peace.
Alessandra Rossi
Alessandra Rossi - 5 days ago
Bobby and Terry are so funny
awesome ann
awesome ann - 5 days ago
Lauren:"Why did you make me do this!?"
Kassie:"Why did you let me make me do this!?"
Mariely Cuenca
Mariely Cuenca - 7 days ago
I never knew that you and kassie where friends until now😀😃😄😁
Susan Dionne
Susan Dionne - 7 days ago
im a aries
Amy Guthrie
Amy Guthrie - 7 days ago
Felicity Hancock
Felicity Hancock - 8 days ago
Lauren: (ties up hair )
Me: babies can't tie up hair #TRIGGERD
Choxo Chia
Choxo Chia - 9 days ago
I was born at like 3 am or something
Spenceguy17 - 11 days ago
4:49 You what for this? You went to de BATHROOM FOR IT WHATTTT
Mia V
Mia V - 15 days ago
i hate you
Mia V
Mia V - 15 days ago
i love it
martha rios
martha rios - 15 days ago


Gamer Girl Star
Gamer Girl Star - 15 days ago
Lauren/kassie: kids don’t try this at home
Me: you are litterally babies
Grace P
Grace P - 20 days ago
im a libra
Jocelyn Loor
Jocelyn Loor - 21 day ago
i honestly love when they pay the mothers hahahaha it's the absolute best!
kyla gossi
kyla gossi - 21 day ago
kASIE SAYING PRAYERS:fjvndkvnvnkvjn lauren: what?
kyla gossi
kyla gossi - 21 day ago
bobby: we dont do that in this family thats voodo! me: what?! XD
Karima Rivera
Karima Rivera - 22 days ago
I'm a morning baby too I wus born at 4:30 Am or something
Giamaris Gonzalez Gutierrez
Kassies mom:I'm a Virgo u seem like a Gemini
Lauren's mom:arguing and being rude*
Me:a Gemini and feeling offended >:o
Tefarah Selvaseelan
Tefarah Selvaseelan - 22 days ago
Why does Bobby look like he's from dance mom?!?! xD
Tawanda Clark
Tawanda Clark - 23 days ago
I was born on the same day as Lauren
Llama Lemeonade
Llama Lemeonade - 23 days ago
I love how Bobby’s so mean to Kassies mom but keeps Smiling after everything
Emiluv B
Emiluv B - 24 days ago
Funny thing is I almost downloaded this game once and then I looked at all the reviews and noped right out of there.
Emiluv B
Emiluv B - 24 days ago
For a second when they started talking I couldn’t tell it was Bobby and Terry. 😂🤣
Mark Peasley
Mark Peasley - 25 days ago
Did anyone else notice that baby Lauren said "What the he'll"
Kid Cupcake Queen
Kid Cupcake Queen - 25 days ago
so gloom and laurens moms are theres bfs
Alix Alix
Alix Alix - 26 days ago
I showed your faces on this filter to my friend they said it looked so cute and not really fake 😂
XxOMGItsBunnyxX - 28 days ago
I actually thought Bobby was a woman gor a second
PuzzleMasters Dayz
PuzzleMasters Dayz - 28 days ago
What about this word? Supercalifragilisticeexpialidocious
Noam Koles
Noam Koles - 28 days ago
Noam Koles
Noam Koles - 28 days ago
Noam Koles
Noam Koles - 28 days ago
Noam Koles
Noam Koles - 28 days ago
Azzy is super cute 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
vanillary - 22 days ago
lol that's Lauren not Azzy 😂
Lyle Witt
Lyle Witt - 29 days ago
I'm Aquarius to
* Sushi *
* Sushi * - Month ago
Uh No offence but you didn’t age well
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