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Issa mikeyteam so lit
Issa mikeyteam so lit - 10 minutes ago
John Jye Jean Jo
John Jye Jean Jo - 19 minutes ago
hey guys when I played Granny I found out if you go to the room where the money is and if you go look behind you you'll find a secret lair with her dead victim
Dana Owens
Dana Owens - 54 minutes ago
unique Adama
unique Adama - Hour ago
His face tho when he killed granny
Essence Ruffin
Essence Ruffin - 3 hours ago
I keep rewatching this video so I can hear this song😂😂
Aeden Tinoco
Aeden Tinoco - 3 hours ago
Cory she is a demon
Alejandra Bautista
Alejandra Bautista - 4 hours ago
I watch this video like all the time bro and same with my sister
Beau peter
Beau peter - 4 hours ago
freddy kruger did it
Yedu Sathish
Yedu Sathish - 5 hours ago
Awesome 😱😱 bro buddy you just frozen her into pieces and she dead
SwagCreeper Plushies
SwagCreeper Plushies - 10 hours ago
I thought it was a Granny video, not of SICK BARS DOE!!!!!!!🐐🐐🔥🔥🔥
trxippy - 12 hours ago
That 90’s edit though 😤💕
Foxy Plays99
Foxy Plays99 - 12 hours ago
Why you mad why u sad when you can be glade
Emma R
Emma R - 12 hours ago
No one: ...
Me: sWiCtH tHe CoLOrS
Angelina Cripe
Angelina Cripe - 15 hours ago
9:56 aaah I’m dyinggg 😂
Edwin Feagins
Edwin Feagins - 16 hours ago
Des Smith
Des Smith - 18 hours ago
Just so you know, the picture in the weird room behind the meat thing isn’t of Granny, it’s of whoever you see when you put the book in the right place 😄
skull monkey
skull monkey - 18 hours ago
The first jump scare I was like oh oh oh oh oh
James Thompson
James Thompson - 19 hours ago
for anyone who disliked this video be ashamed of yourself
Will Gunn
Will Gunn - 20 hours ago
It's Lorn
It's Lorn - 20 hours ago
If I could, I would give this vid eleven thumbs up. 😎
Kari Evans
Kari Evans - 20 hours ago
Kari Evans
Kari Evans - 20 hours ago
So maybe play fish feed and grow?
If you don't I will tell granny and black to hack u mwahahahahhaa.
Shamar's Gamimg Channel
Shamar's Gamimg Channel - 21 hour ago
Switch the color. I like that. You can make millions of 💸💸💸 with that song
Akosua Serwaa
Akosua Serwaa - 21 hour ago
My son Is a very big fan
Erik Flores
Erik Flores - 21 hour ago
Kiara Nyasia
Kiara Nyasia - 22 hours ago
I lost it when he screamed at 6:30 😂
L.O.N_ Tube
L.O.N_ Tube - 23 hours ago
I like you remix 😂😂😂
Legit Banks
Legit Banks - Day ago
The song in the beginning is by ‘Hino’. Just making sure you click the right one. :)
The life of Kayla
The life of Kayla - Day ago
0:00 - 0:59 umm.. where’s the full song and where can I find it???
ski - Day ago
Is it me or when he spoke British he sounded like dantdm
Denofu - Day ago
12:55 lookin like a5 kobe beef she fine af
Cody Pollard
Cody Pollard - Day ago
6:08 that’s what you get for knocking down that painting lol
Cody Pollard
Cody Pollard - Day ago
6:08 that’s what you get for knocking down that painting
Envy Mcrae
Envy Mcrae - Day ago
10:01 when you friend speak Spanish and your thinking what the freak is he saying 😂😂😂
Envy Mcrae
Envy Mcrae - Day ago
2:42 when you wake up and you see your mom right next to your bed
Tykeyla Cole
Tykeyla Cole - Day ago
He lied about the update
Sade Charles
Sade Charles - Day ago
You can shoot the crow with the shot gun
nosdUh7 - Day ago
can u rap to the granny beat? someone make a remix? kryptic? anyone??
J G - Day ago
12:33 am dying 😂😂
XxJADENxX Xadwell
XxJADENxX Xadwell - Day ago
Witch is better BTS or coryxkenshin/da boss/best disser/ladies man
hollow waterfals s
hollow waterfals s - Day ago
I just love his high pitch screams😯😶😶😉😉😃
Hazel Reed
Hazel Reed - Day ago



you still here


Tim The emerald player
I ❤️💗 💓 Coryxkension
Jeff Collins
Jeff Collins - Day ago
*cory:why is everything red*

*me:Cory that ain’t paint that is blood*
Samirah Brown
Samirah Brown - Day ago
Low-key he killed that rap
Klive Bertrand
Klive Bertrand - Day ago
Drop poster and die
Hannah’s Tutorials
J cole?
Asia Tytianna
Asia Tytianna - Day ago
Šüčkēr. - Day ago
“She got the nerve taking pictures of her self and putting them up”😂😂
angm247 - Day ago
U are me and Bryce favorite youtuber
Jimins legs
Jimins legs - 2 days ago
goddAmite64 - 2 days ago
Switch the color switch the color switch the color switch the color switch the color switch the color switch the color switch the color switch the color so it's a color switch the color remix
Zepp Ron
Zepp Ron - 2 days ago
Do not fear, SNEK it here
KiraElla - 2 days ago
Who realized that the rats were ghosts
Sean Harris
Sean Harris - 2 days ago
the sing is my fav part of the vid
jacksepticeye sean
jacksepticeye sean - 2 days ago
that was the best song ever
kookie4nookie - 2 days ago
“ I drive a ford truck f-15000000000!!!”
I don’t know why that stereotype always kills me 🤣
Cassandra J
Cassandra J - 2 days ago
I love Cory😍😍 YouTube crush
Tressa Gorman
Tressa Gorman - 2 days ago
Where do you live
zumy chan
zumy chan - 2 days ago
U should try and do Roblox scary games
Mateo Urquijo
Mateo Urquijo - 2 days ago
I know the guy ho made this game, any thing you want to add u cant talk to me bro.
Yxmmi. TMF
Yxmmi. TMF - 2 days ago
I had a boy with luv - bts ad and I'm living🔥🔥💜
Gabby Gabby
Gabby Gabby - 2 days ago
Haha I can't stop laughing and watching this btw I like the night at ripper remix
Downer .16
Downer .16 - 2 days ago
This should low key be on iTunes and have 0:00 - 1:00 be the music video. Good Job, A Hinokami Music Joint 👌🏾
Angelica Whisenant
Angelica Whisenant - 2 days ago
Corey that freaking switch the color ball crap needs to stop it's horrible you are the worst singer on the face of this Earth
Morgan Asher
Morgan Asher - 2 days ago
If you don’t start every video like this from this point on, im gonna be disappointed bc I just got so lit
Aylivia Byrd
Aylivia Byrd - 2 days ago
Switch the colors go hard🤣💗
Nina Doll
Nina Doll - 2 days ago
Cory: *Freezes Granny*
Granny: *Turns Blue*
Me: Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣😃
Akeim Parham
Akeim Parham - 2 days ago
I thought his ads where my ads
Dylan Ha
Dylan Ha - 3 days ago
6:07 when you didn’t do your homework but instead playing games
Splinx - 3 days ago
@10:40 song name? please?
Christian Douglas
Christian Douglas - 3 days ago
I am your biggest. Fan subscribe. To to Cory 😇
Angel Jauriqui
Angel Jauriqui - 3 days ago
While he was dancing to switch the colors I was to then hit my elbow now knowing I look stupid ..... it hurt
Osvaldo Segoviano
Osvaldo Segoviano - 3 days ago
That was cool
Danella Pereira
Danella Pereira - 3 days ago
You need to wait in the room and then go
Kuli Kevl
Kuli Kevl - 3 days ago
Who is granny
Joerj Reyes
Joerj Reyes - 3 days ago
who else thought that the first outro was the real outro
Killer Neptune 45
Killer Neptune 45 - 3 days ago
Even though I played tons of playthroughs on Granny, my heart still burst whenever the player gets caught by Granny (get it?). Nightmare Mode just makes it worse with all those sound and all.
flip guy's random stuff
actullaly ihate
You Me
You Me - 3 days ago
Like the remix cory
akblamn187 - 3 days ago
Dying lol
Super Gamer 2.0
Super Gamer 2.0 - 3 days ago
intro is fire
SpareDiamond YT
SpareDiamond YT - 3 days ago
3:54 my baby brother is busting out laughing
fnaf /anime nerd
fnaf /anime nerd - 3 days ago
Lol nice ,😅😂😂😆😆😆song
Jay Jay Lil bill
Jay Jay Lil bill - 3 days ago
I got them sweetish fish
Trashy The Trash Can
Trashy The Trash Can - 3 days ago
I’m still getting over the

Kezie Thomas
Kezie Thomas - 3 days ago
8:22 when Cory realized he failed at life 😂😂
Felix Rishaw
Felix Rishaw - 3 days ago
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly - 3 days ago
The night ripper flashback LoL 🤣😂😁😀😐😑
Mijah Love
Mijah Love - 3 days ago
U talking bout switch the coler... Naw bru im black i ant switchin to white
Anthony toro
Anthony toro - 3 days ago
I’m dead 😭😂😂😭
Taye Land
Taye Land - 3 days ago
and(sry) we just finna slide pass the fact that these rats are ghost at 6:22?
Taye Land
Taye Land - 3 days ago
3:30 When she swallow.
Taye Land
Taye Land - 4 days ago
That song is fire tho.
TRISTAN MALCOLM - 4 days ago
Intro tho
Salty - 4 days ago
up down up down
Stacy Velez
Stacy Velez - 4 days ago
That first ad had me weak. 😂😭
Inuyasha XXX
Inuyasha XXX - 4 days ago
Cory this may seem like weird question with you having so many subs and people read the comments but....... could I get your number (no homo) like I said this a very weird question
Marcin Mosionek
Marcin Mosionek - 4 days ago
Man (._. )
B a s
B a s - 4 days ago
5:20 did y'all see Jerry?
pushishuga - 4 days ago
the intro is DOPE
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