Inside David Dobrik's $2.5M Los Angeles Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest - 4 months ago
Read the story about David's house here:
StuffFor College
StuffFor College - Month ago
Cookie Cookies
Cookie Cookies - 3 months ago
Speahz_ Kills
Speahz_ Kills - 3 months ago
is DLloL.OPK- joshisned
cosmic edits
cosmic edits - 3 months ago
Oh ok
Lucas Montoya
Lucas Montoya - 4 months ago
What brother has a least and most favorite sibling
p b
p b - 2 hours ago
Anyone gonna say something about he not knowing how to tie his shoes
seejay - 3 hours ago
this is goals.
SrFructuoso - 4 hours ago
Its easy to say you could live in a box as long as the views are good with a 2.5M box
tertertr tetrete
tertertr tetrete - 11 hours ago
That fish is gonna die very very soon. Terrible bowl, no water movement, no plants
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson - 15 hours ago
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson - 15 hours ago
1776sin|•| PONG|PING|• ARTHUR/•\={S.p.e.c.i.a.L}
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson - 15 hours ago
AlexvxvxAi Step Down.
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson - 15 hours ago
Brag about MedUsA.
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson - 15 hours ago
Spiritu; {H=REF}åPlaystation 5 FTW - 10/10 IGN
Stal MTX
Stal MTX - 16 hours ago
He can’t tie his own shoes
Anthony - 16 hours ago
Why doesn’t he know how to tie his shoes?
itstatilol - 17 hours ago
David: this is a firepit
AD: what are some more parts of your house?
David: *listing random objects* “this is a pizza”
itstatilol - 17 hours ago
“the style of this house is house”
GOOSHERspooder - 18 hours ago
Look at 7:37 he has a Juul pod mango 🥭
Łukasz Polak
Łukasz Polak - 18 hours ago
I just realized David dobrik is the real life rick dalton and jason is cliff
kip taylor
kip taylor - 19 hours ago
I definitely also thought it was tear and not tear.. and y'all know what I'm saying.
Juan Mariscal
Juan Mariscal - 19 hours ago
david: i can’t tie my shoes so i have my assisting do it
Learning: *am i a joke to you*
Corndog - 19 hours ago
He actually can tie his shoes, if you go to vlog #92 titled “Best couple dace ever!!” at 3:30 you can see him help tie Liza’s shoe for her
Kate Yaglowski
Kate Yaglowski - 20 hours ago
Kate Yaglowski
Kate Yaglowski - 20 hours ago
Who’s ur ex gf?
Evan Rhys
Evan Rhys - 21 hour ago
*puts actual MLB baseball that has value and brings up fun memories in an ashtray with the juul pods*
Damien Flanagan
Damien Flanagan - 21 hour ago
The style of this house is a house
-David Dobrik
Jimmy Marciano
Jimmy Marciano - 23 hours ago
Sorry but what is this channel have to do with architecture?
Truly Human
Truly Human - 23 hours ago
And yes, the flame
thrower comes with the house
Evany Toscano
Evany Toscano - Day ago
This guy is like the real mr. peanutbutter
GoaT_Ratio - Day ago
When he turned around that fish bowl, the fish must have been like: WOW Wtf is happening
Simanga Nzuza
Simanga Nzuza - Day ago
"this is my bedroom. I edit here alot, Not alot of things go on around here"
Simanga Nzuza
Simanga Nzuza - Day ago
"the style of the house is that it's a house"
Edible Rubber
Edible Rubber - Day ago
7:36 mango juul pod
Rozerna roha
Rozerna roha - Day ago
I was born in Slovakia and here is my passport 😆😆😆
happycatalyst - Day ago
get a better tank for your fish.
Mary Louise Wooters
"we dont have a lot of fun around here"
yeaaaa ok david ok
D.J.S. - Day ago
This person has zero style, but he is AWESOME
Cloud-Tubze - Day ago
David juuls:•
Nikky Di Schiavi
Nikky Di Schiavi - Day ago
I hope he gets a bigger tank for his fishy friend 🐟
Giovanni Muñiz
Giovanni Muñiz - Day ago
He looks like his dad
Wet Wasabi
Wet Wasabi - Day ago
How are you gonna have a nice house for yourself, but keep a fish in a small, cheap bowl?
Andrew Gerety
Andrew Gerety - Day ago
That fish needs a bigger tank and judging from this guys lifestyle I’m pretty sure he can afford one
Hey There
Hey There - Day ago
Nobody talking about how he just casually used a flamethrower indoors?
Shirtlessclown - Day ago
Just to let you know, that candle is $470.
Jonah Carque
Jonah Carque - Day ago
I only watched this because if david😊
LiVeen - 2 days ago
So weird to imagine what the other members of Vlog Squad are doing while you're doing videos like this. Does everything just... stop?
Astranat - 2 days ago
2.5 million dollar home but keeps his pet fish in a bowl . I feel bad for that betta.
redpaperscorpion - 2 days ago
for a house tour david spends a long damn time in his car
Tim Rempala
Tim Rempala - 2 days ago
poor fish ;(
Sophia Daly
Sophia Daly - 2 days ago
He said universal studios but that’s in Florida
audrey earley
audrey earley - 2 days ago
this really is the purest video on the internet
Enderpros Mc-rocket league- and more
Your grandma is snooping around
Billy Mays loves drugs
Billy Mays loves drugs - 2 days ago
Damn I can't even get a home period
Nathan Higgers
Nathan Higgers - 2 days ago
Taking the photo with flash when it’s bright 🤦🏼‍♂️
kèhbab - 2 days ago
The one home everyone has already seen
Ozgur Erkarslan
Ozgur Erkarslan - 2 days ago
at 7:35 you can see some mango pods lol
fatoulishyper - 3 days ago
"it's not big" sure
Marcell Elek
Marcell Elek - 3 days ago
"its not rly old its not rly new" ----> "so here we have an iPad (on the wall)"
Lp - 3 days ago
7:37 mango juul pod
Vince Gabriel Aquio Wong
He kinda looks like Hal from Megamind...
Mr.Kk - 3 days ago
The shampoo thing though im dying!
Abbas Ally
Abbas Ally - 3 days ago
I really like the rebranding of MTV's Cribs
brian henry
brian henry - 3 days ago
1:19 Doesn’t know how to tie shoes? Come on man.
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