Inside David Dobrik's $2.5M Los Angeles Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest - 26 days ago
Read the story about David's house here:
Lucas Montoya
Lucas Montoya - 3 days ago
What brother has a least and most favorite sibling
Tay-K 0_0
Tay-K 0_0 - 14 days ago
2.6 million dollar house correction
Invicta - 24 days ago
David Dobrik its just a measly 2.5m home no need to be snobbish and pompous about it. 🙄
Lewis Cash
Lewis Cash - 17 minutes ago
Jerimiah Robinson
Jerimiah Robinson - 24 minutes ago
His house is beautiful
bass bass
bass bass - Hour ago
" *moves into the ComcastNBC building* "
Awes max
Awes max - 3 hours ago
dumb billionaire wannabe
Dewan Tausif
Dewan Tausif - 3 hours ago
The door doesn't open and the shows name is open doors
Amber Dawn
Amber Dawn - 6 hours ago
8:12 I cant stop laughing
Farah Ashari
Farah Ashari - 10 hours ago
David such a sweetheart
Josh Mcgleenan
Josh Mcgleenan - 11 hours ago
Nice 180sx at 2:38
Junguwu2.0 - 11 hours ago
"This is a picture of me and my siblings. The middle one's my favorite, the one on the right is my second favorite and the one on the left is my least favorite"
*I'm dead*
Carolyn Salguero
Carolyn Salguero - 12 hours ago
I wished I lived close to universal studios it’s like my favorite place to go there bc of my childhood and I haven’t gone there in like 6 or more years wow
Michael Biddinger
Michael Biddinger - 13 hours ago
7:36 anyone else notice the juul pod
Sub to me idk why
Sub to me idk why - 17 hours ago
David can’t tie his shoes?
Go to 3:37
dansza - 17 hours ago
What a dweeb
Ayden Anguiano
Ayden Anguiano - 20 hours ago
7:36 - 7:38 there is a mango pod in the bowl
John Holly
John Holly - 22 hours ago
Has san pedro cactus next to black mirror... lol
Liv Merrell
Liv Merrell - 23 hours ago
13:15 😂😂
Spider Pig
Spider Pig - 23 hours ago
a-wanderingcloud 0-0
a-wanderingcloud 0-0 - 23 hours ago
8:33 His bathroom doesn’t look like a home bathroom 🚽 if you know what I mean. It looks more of restaurant bathroom 😂 I felt uncomfortable 😄
roi kohen
roi kohen - Day ago
This is my favorite part
Butterflai [GD]
Butterflai [GD] - Day ago
Start of good :D
Daddy Zach
Daddy Zach - Day ago
7:38 there is a juul pod in the glove
Kyle Green
Kyle Green - Day ago
Poor beta fish tbh
swift - Day ago
Sorry he has a 2.5 mil house but can’t get his fish a good fish bowl
Legion Slots
Legion Slots - Day ago
Do American wear their shoes to sleep too?
Chicken Tender
Chicken Tender - Day ago
Why does he have an assistant
The Noble Panda
The Noble Panda - Day ago
7:37 is everybody just gonna ignore the mango juul pod David has
Hot Spaghetti
Hot Spaghetti - Day ago
Use the flame thrower on that damn golfer if u don’t like it
Hot Spaghetti
Hot Spaghetti - Day ago
How does he not know how to tie his own shoes
Mara Morrison
Mara Morrison - Day ago
im like a big water drinker

me who isnt a big water drinker
Angel Gomez
Angel Gomez - Day ago
David look like his dad
De Facto
De Facto - Day ago
is anyone gonna tell David the truth about his no tears shampoo
Elias Williams
Elias Williams - Day ago
If you live in the bay area like me, your house will be a quarter the size of David's and cost $5,000,000
L'Quik Shrtz
L'Quik Shrtz - Day ago
Childish dude, but cool house
Twitch Clawzv1
Twitch Clawzv1 - Day ago check me out this my new video
Ethan MacDonald
Ethan MacDonald - 2 days ago
If anyone sees this do you know what type of bonsai tree David has?
O Santiago
O Santiago - 2 days ago
the style of the house, is like a house.
fair enuf
fair enuf - 2 days ago
the fact that he just keeps his passport out in the open stresses me out SO MUCH my inner mom is freaking out
dayrin rivera
dayrin rivera - 2 days ago
13:50 I DIED
Rahlu - 2 days ago
This was funny😂😂
Ben Borja
Ben Borja - 2 days ago
David is a complete savage! Jesus bless him. mad respect
jabez lowe
jabez lowe - 2 days ago
“We don’t negotiate with terrorists around here” my favorite part🤦🏾‍♂️
Brandyn Kendall
Brandyn Kendall - 2 days ago
Sooo anyone notice the juul pods on the glossy glove in his room where he has his first pitch game ball?
gmw fandoms
gmw fandoms - 2 days ago
he's so used to being behind a camera that he gets nervous when there's one in front of him and its the cutest thing ever
Tamala Catty&Co
Tamala Catty&Co - 2 days ago
dude so spoiled he got a assistant to tie his shoes WTF BRO
yousef issa
yousef issa - 2 days ago
YeH, i have a flame thrower on my pool table too
Mantequilla Stotch
Mantequilla Stotch - 2 days ago
He’s Big Head IRL
Rat King
Rat King - 2 days ago
11:31 Was I The Only One Who Was Shocked When He Mall Grabbed?
Carson Krueger
Carson Krueger - 2 days ago
Rat King I was seeing if anyone noticed. That is the only reason I was looking in chat.XD
Alyssa German
Alyssa German - 2 days ago
Who else just got sad when he said “So my ex gf got this”
desiree Montoya edits
desiree Montoya edits - 2 days ago
Lol 8:12 had me dead
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