Really Dark '80s TV Moments

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Grunge - Month ago
What were some dark TV moments that caught you off guard?
Sister Cyclone
Sister Cyclone - 15 hours ago
Portrait of Henry, an episode of Too Close For Comfort. A demonic portrait of Henry begins speaking to him. Scared the hell out of me.
Jason Jones
Jason Jones - Day ago
There was a lot of good life lessons from those shows. It wouldn't work now because kids today need safe space and. are emotional snowflakes. Plus to someone would sue because they got offended.
ShelbyOrvis - Day ago
Facts of Life the episode where I think it was the restaurant had a bad fire and the aftermath where they were surveying the damage.
rem mer
rem mer - 5 days ago
Grunge Little House on the Prairie where the girl Albert had a crush on gets raped and impregnated by a pedophile
Frank - 8 days ago
@MzBittersweet I saw that episode of Too Close For Comfort with Monroe getting raped on Antenna TV around 3-4 years ago.
Mrs. Arthur Morgan
Mrs. Arthur Morgan - 3 hours ago
When Virgil's wife is raped in their kitchen and stalked afterwards by the rapist on In the Heat of the Night, it TERRIFIED me as a child. Even now, I remember her trying to clean the kitchen after the rape; that image of her on the floor still haunts me. Can't remember if it was on an 80s or 90s episode.
Toph Morris
Toph Morris - 16 hours ago
Any video covering "A, My Name is Alex" gets an instant upvote from me. I'm easy that way. To be fair, Family Ties often dipped into more serious topics (especially the episode where Tom Hanks played Alex's alcoholic Uncle Ned), but "A, My Name is Alex" is what put the show on the map for me forever. I was only either 12 or 13 when that episode aired, but we recorded it on a tape and I used to rewatch it frequently even though many of its themes went straight over my head at the time. Overall, the show doesn't get talked about enough these days, and that episode in particular is just phenomenal.
X F - Day ago
Mr Hopper killed me when I was growing up...
Arthur Watt
Arthur Watt - Day ago
The mash chicken episode literally made me cry. Shockingly sad.
K Taylor
K Taylor - Day ago
Or that episode of the Jefferson's where George and Louise's baby granddaughter Jessica found George's pistol and fired off a round. Luckily she wasn't hurt, but that scene was intense.
Frank Black
Frank Black - Day ago
Yea MASH wins.
B - Day ago
That Little House episode traumatized me when I was a kid. When that kid threw up during the withdrawal sequence, it grossed me out & I couldn’t shake it off for days.
BLASTGAMER18 - 2 days ago
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Patrick Andre
Patrick Andre - 2 days ago
I remember that kid in the fridge
WarlegganFangirl1984 - 2 days ago
Morphine addicted cowboys?! 🤣
Luther Smithers
Luther Smithers - 2 days ago
I remember an episode of Punky Brewster where her dog Brandon got hit by a car. They were at the animal hospital, and she was talking to this old lady, who brought her dog in for something. Brandon lived and the old lady's dog passed away. She was crying and showing a lot of guilt because "her dog died so Brandon could live."
Gets me in the feels every time I remember it.
אריאל גולני
אריאל גולני - 3 days ago
LEGION 4wermany
LEGION 4wermany - 3 days ago
I was a little kid when the punky Brewster trapped in the refrigerator episode absolutely, terrified me.
ElleCee62978 - 4 days ago
Punky Brewster.... not this episode but the one where Punky goes into the cave where Brandon turns into a skeleton and the gigantic spider eats Alan. I literally have this episode taped from the tv. Written across the front of the tape - Punky B Scary Tape Do Not Watch. Also, my other favorite 80s show was kinda dark - Rags to Riches.
propjam2 - 4 days ago
that BlackAdder wasn't from the 80s.
WarlegganFangirl1984 - 2 days ago
It was. It was made in 1989.
JoeCnNd - 4 days ago
I thought it was going to be little house on the prairie where it burns down.
Shackille Uh'Deal
Shackille Uh'Deal - 5 days ago
No Different Strokes? You had the one with child molester, the Bicycle Man that tried to rape Dudley, the one were the guy kidnaps Sam and threatens to kill his parents, and the Hitchhikers episode where Arnold and Kimberly get kidnapped.
501Bloo - 5 days ago
My best friend and I were playing with a box that his new fridge came in. I climbed in it and he sat on the opening for 10 minutes not letting me out. That punky brewster episode kept playing in my head. Now I'm claustrophobic. Thanks Timmy!! Bastard....
DarkRider69 - 5 days ago
Will Lee (Mr. Hooper) was 74. His death was in no way “untimely.”
Dave smith
Dave smith - 5 days ago
Most of the Toronto Maple Leafs games in the 80s.
scottjulie27 - 5 days ago
"The Facts of Life" (especially the first 5 seasons), had its very dramatic moments. Especially the episode "Teacher's Pet" from Season 4.
Tim Hallas
Tim Hallas - 6 days ago
Other that the M A S H episode there was nothing here that was " D A R K". There must be at least a dozen truly dark moments that you missed. Hit reset.
Lance Uppercut
Lance Uppercut - 6 days ago
You chose Geraldo over the "Different Strokes" kidnapping/ child molesting episode? Mmmmkay.
97channel - 6 days ago
After consulting with child psychologists to deliver the news in the least traumatising way possible...
...they went ahead and delivered the news in the most traumatising way possible.
Valerie Storm
Valerie Storm - 7 days ago
Almost every episode with Bill Bixby in The Incredible Hulk left me crying. I think I was maybe 8?10? And loved that man so much because I felt so sorry for him. That scene with his wife driving away in the back of the death 😭
nevskislake - 11 hours ago
The theme song alone made me tear up, but yes no matter how much he bonded with someone in an episode, he had to keep moving along.
David Beauchamp
David Beauchamp - 7 days ago
I remember a Facts of Life episode when a girl committed suicide after winning an election for class president.
Krzyzstof Polecat
Krzyzstof Polecat - 8 days ago
The episode of The Chipmunks where they adopt a stray kitten called Cookie Chomper the Third, who dies after being run over by a car. I didn't know how to deal with that as a kid!
Elder scrolled
Elder scrolled - 8 days ago
cagney was a hottie
Nathan Cruz
Nathan Cruz - 8 days ago
9:30 that’s so wrong.
Phils MGB
Phils MGB - 9 days ago
Just the fact that Full House was produced gave me nightmares.
Kaderin Wroth
Kaderin Wroth - 10 days ago
I knew refrigerators were dangerous thanks to that Punky episode. I still remember it vividly.
stan broniszewski
stan broniszewski - 10 days ago
How about an episode of The Facts Of Life. Kimberly begged Mrs. Garret to take her to a Jermaine Jackson concert. Kimberly made a sculpture of Jermaine's head bringing it backstage as a tribute gift. The security thought it was a bomb, soaked it in water, destroying the sculpture. Hilarious if you asked me.
J K - 10 days ago
We didn't think we were being scarred by t.v. because it was just real life.....and most t.v. was like this anyway. Being latchkey kids and being able to ride our bikes 5 miles from home taught us to be independent. Some things were worse back then for sure but thank God we didn't have social media
Fred E
Fred E - 10 days ago
Another sad moment is when Chief Carl Kanisky died in Gimmie A Break.
John Mann
John Mann - 10 days ago
MacGyver Killzone, need I saw more?
Justin Figgins
Justin Figgins - 11 days ago
Other "Dark TV Moments" of the 80's Subject Matter....
Mister Rogers Neighborhood - Political Assassination, Racism & Global Hatred Violence....
Different Strokes - Kidnapping, Sexual Assault, Child Molestation & Bigotry....
All in the Family - Spousal Physical Emotional Abuse....
Good Times - Physical Child Abuse & Gang Violence....
Maude - Abortion....
The Golden Girls - STDs....
A Different World - College Campus Rape, Slavery, Blackness, Self-Hate, HIV & Colorism....
The Cosby Show - Teenage Highschool Pregnancy & Black Education Importance....
Ms. Sonshine
Ms. Sonshine - 11 days ago
The smothered baby scene was copied from an old movie from the 40's. Can't recall the name, but had to do with a Nazi occupied European country.
mr. 100 ups in 60 god
mr. 100 ups in 60 god - 12 days ago
Anybody remember little ceasars pizza double pizza, you bought a pizza and got 1 free!!!
Pizza, pizza!!!☺
stan broniszewski
stan broniszewski - 10 days ago
Or Dominos Pizza. Your pizza delivered hot and fresh to your doorstep within thirty minutes or it's free. Drivers were actually getting into car accidents with their own cars, all for the sake of a lousy eight dollar pizza.
capnovan - 13 days ago
The Day After.....about WW3. Seeing people being vaporized..... my heart was beating so fast I thought it would explode.
Judi Dipillo
Judi Dipillo - 2 days ago
I had nightmares for a long time after watching that.
Einsteinz Vice
Einsteinz Vice - 13 days ago
I never could consume enough...'Titanic' tragedies are sorta my niche! From the Beverly Hills Supper Club to the Shark attacked beaches of a 1916 "Shore," I'm there like "Frost on Nixon!" ;-) TY for the #Epic upload! #My3LbOpinion
Sam Farnsworth
Sam Farnsworth - 13 days ago
I remember this. Around the end of the 70s stuff started to get morose. Every TV show had a divorce, a death, a drug addict, etc. People who should have gotten together didn't. Stuff like that. It was either that or dumb-ass comedy. Now we are immersed in nihilism. It's shows about people sleeping around (Grey's Anatomy) or people doing stupid ass stuff for 10, 000 dollars.
walkofShane - 13 days ago
More stuff from the 60's 70's and 80's
Oh Snap!!!
Oh Snap!!! - 14 days ago
How about every single episode of Small Wonder. I was a kid and the storyline totally creeped me out about the dad.
TheChinatownkid - 14 days ago
Natalie getting raped by Snake on the Facts of Life didn't make the cut?
TheChinatownkid - 9 days ago
@Fred E There was a fucked up episode of Little House on the Prairie where a dude wearing a mask rapes Albert's girlfriend, I don't remember if it was her own father... some fucked up people used to write for that show.
Fred E
Fred E - 10 days ago
Or when Carol Seaver's boyfriend dies after getting into a car accident.
eee-eee-clap-clap - 14 days ago
Would the "Gimme a Break!" episode called "Baby of the Family" count?

Samantha puts Joey in blackface and he doesn't understand that blackface is degrading toward African-Americans.
Jenny Kennedy
Jenny Kennedy - 14 days ago
I remember that episode of punky Brewster I watched it when it came on TV… Another show that had an episode that terrified me was the Webster… Which is usually a nice cute show but this is the episode where his mom and dad are taking part in a toy drive for Christmas or something so that poor kids can have Poisen… Well Webster saw a chemistry set in the offerings and he took it and then ended up burning up his apartment by catching his closet on fire… It was a huge fire! And it scared me to death and I’m still scared of fire After that episode was done… My folks would not let me watch it if it came on and a rerun ever again because of how upset it made me after that episode was done… My folks would not let me watch it if it came on and a rerun ever again because of how upset it made me to this
Adam Warren
Adam Warren - 14 days ago
The Hawk Eye still gives me goosebumps after all these years :( Awful.
Steffen Schuchardt
Steffen Schuchardt - 14 days ago
Great video. I don't get the tragedy of Geraldo. A few today Russian shows are just like that.
Harith Anti Bully
Harith Anti Bully - 15 days ago
80's were the worst years for woody allen and co.
NutritionFacts1979 - 15 days ago
Friday the 13th: The Series. Third season episode "Hate on Your Dial", 1989. Dark as they come, even for the horror genre.
moonwalker 9705
moonwalker 9705 - 15 days ago
Wasn't "Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends" called "Shinning Time Station" in the 80's? It definitely was in the USA.
Beshara Saleh
Beshara Saleh - 15 days ago
Different Strokes with the pedophile. That was pretty damn disturbing.
Kristin Márie
Kristin Márie - 15 days ago
I remember when Mr. Hooper died
Tami Augustson
Tami Augustson - 15 days ago
In Family Ties, Tom Hanks played Uncle Ned with such an addiction to alcohol that they found him in the pantry drinking vanilla extract.
Frank - 6 days ago
@stan broniszewski I guess they didn't have any cough syrup. Wasn't uncle Ned also on the run from the FBI? Was that the same episode?
stan broniszewski
stan broniszewski - 10 days ago
Drinking vanilla extract for the alcohol? Well, at least he never had to worry about bad breath.
Retro Robbie
Retro Robbie - 15 days ago
girl in fridge is Maxine from Family Matters?
Brian - 15 days ago
Omg, that Mash thing.
AL - 15 days ago
the family ties episode with uncle ned played by tom hanks, where he's a raging alcoholic and starts downing jars of cherries and vanilla extract to get a buzz then hits alex... would have been good if they'd brought that back for the drunk driving storyline - a relapse from rehab perhaps as it can and does happen.
Sly Steve
Sly Steve - 15 days ago
I rather TV be about those dark moments and shows instead of just pushing the gay agenda now every show gay agenda I like to see what video are you going to make it 30 years from now
san damiano
san damiano - 13 days ago
Sly Steve Of the 109 most popular film releases from the major studios in 2017, only 14 films (12.8 % overall) contained any characters identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans. This is a significant decrease of 5.6 percentage points and down nine films from the previous year (2016).
Sly Steve
Sly Steve - 14 days ago
@san damiano I do not comply it's not even that I care that there's gay people in movies or TV it's just every single movie or TV show
san damiano
san damiano - 14 days ago
Sly Steve They’re here, they’re queer, GET USED TO IT.
savvysearch - 16 days ago
Thinking back, the "very special episodes" in 80s sitcoms were laughably ridiculous and fed into the fear-de-jour of paranoid 80s moms.
But my favorites for sheer extremity:
Mr. Belvedere: Wesley gets child molested by his camp councilor.
Different Strokes: Arnold and Dudley get molested; Dudley is drugged and almost gets raped.
Different Strokes: Arnold and Kimberly get kidnapped and Kimberly almost gets murdered.
Vickie Godfrey
Vickie Godfrey - 16 days ago
I remember that Punky Brewster episode.
Fcutdlady - 16 days ago
About blackadder. In the UK where blackadder was written and made the poppy is the symbol of remember a certain for those who passed away in war. The Royal British Legion sell paper poppy badges to wear on remembrance Sunday.
meandmy2phans - 10 days ago
This is true in the USA as well...Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) pass out paper poppies on Memorial Day, with the "In Flander's Field" poem.
byron p
byron p - 16 days ago
One thing about that Little House episode was that it was certainly the first time projectile vomiting was graphically shown on a TV show. THAT was certainly startling. Also weird was Little House's last episode where the whole town of Walnut Grove literally blows itself up for....reasons, I'm sure.
La Onda
La Onda - 16 days ago
1983 was the year 👹HE👺 came home.
SARISS80 - 16 days ago
A lot of shows they forgot that had dark scene. The old man molesting Dugley on DS. Penny's mother burning her with iron on GT.
The Blue Morpho
The Blue Morpho - 17 days ago
BTW, if anyone hasn't seen Blackadder, especially "Goes Forth" please find a way to see it.
The Blue Morpho
The Blue Morpho - 17 days ago
Oh God, no, not the Black Adder WW1 ending. Imma cry my eyes out.....
Ed Findlay
Ed Findlay - 17 days ago
Death of Optimums Prime.
Todd Craig
Todd Craig - 17 days ago
God, Alan Alda gets on my nerves.
David W
David W - 17 days ago
No 21 Jump Street?! What kind of member berries are you? It was basically one after school special after another. The saddest part were the "Vietnam" episodes as it was "real" in that actor Dustin Nguyen really was a refugee from that horrible affair.
notgrillo collector/ gamer
I loved hill street blues so much!! We will never see a cop show like that again. Mr Hoopers death happen I was in high school but still watched it. That by far, was my favorite LHOTP ep. I thought Albert got hooked due to a football injury.
Helle Fyre
Helle Fyre - 17 days ago
Notice who started the violence in the Geraldo show.
wesley rodgers
wesley rodgers - 17 days ago
Xena, getting beheaded☹️
Laura Rebekah
Laura Rebekah - 17 days ago
Gosh, I remember that MASH one. (Not when it first played. I'm 18.) That one was just AWFUL! :''(
Roger Gonzalez
Roger Gonzalez - 17 days ago
All in the family, when Edith dies.
Good times, when James dies.
The Jeffersons, the Day MLK was killed.
Salty Breeze
Salty Breeze - 15 days ago
I still cry when James dies. I loved that family.
Roger Gonzalez
Roger Gonzalez - 17 days ago
Geraldo has always been a self centered opportunistic, exploitive, moron. And he's still around today! How does he get away with it?
Valkonnen - 17 days ago
I'll never forget seeing Albert addicted to Morphine on "Little House on the Prairie". It really showed me the horror of drug addiction when I was a kid. A very important episode in my opinion.
HUUUUUURRRR - 18 days ago
"One girl suffocates and NEARLY DIES"
Apparently you don't know the definition of "Suffocate" - "die or cause to die from lack of air or inability to breathe."
Tami Augustson
Tami Augustson - 15 days ago
I noticed that too
TMUHome - 18 days ago
Wouldn't have minded the farewell MASH so much, except that they dipped into, "Hawkeye is going nuts, we must dig deep to heal him" story line about 4 other times before that.
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