Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Kelsey and Michelle

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Michelle Khare
Michelle Khare - 3 months ago
So fun to collaborate with you again Kelsey!! *goes back to eating plain chicken* 😂😂😂
Nirmal Bhardwaj
Nirmal Bhardwaj - 21 day ago
Are u indian??
Caiyan Mo
Caiyan Mo - 2 months ago
Cee Cee Fog
Cee Cee Fog - 2 months ago
Same at a sushi restaurant and always gets the look 😳😂
iLike Labradors
iLike Labradors - 3 days ago
My two biggest YouTube crush’s in one video? YES!
Sunni Quin
Sunni Quin - 4 days ago
Kelsey: I would actually do it again (Looks at Michelle with a grin)
Michelle: I would be interested to swap diets with another person (looks straight forward)
I'm crying. Why does it feel like Kelsey was friend zoned
Dorian - 5 days ago
Even though the rules still weren't followed perfectly, the difference in effort between this episode and the one with lara is massive. I loved how kelsey thought to at least ask michelle what she would order when she was having to go off the meal plan on that shoot. It's so much more enjoyable when they actually try and go in with an open mind
Thunder Rhododendron
Thunder Rhododendron - 6 days ago
Maybe next time get people who actually, you know, eat food 😒
nothing idk
nothing idk - 7 days ago
this was an actual good pairing for this challenge because they follow similar diets and are ACTUALLY friends. they both actually tried everything and didn’t cheat (except for the coffee) unlike the others who’ve done this
Lucy Reyes
Lucy Reyes - 9 days ago
"I get chicken and rice"
I do that and my family gets so mad at me, thankful I found you
Kylie Gilbert
Kylie Gilbert - 9 days ago
Wait, isn’t crunchy water called ice?
Masha Potato
Masha Potato - 9 days ago
Iam so glad you understand that cucumbers are crunchy water... WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE THEM?! 😂
Orokana Ahiru
Orokana Ahiru - 11 days ago
How is someone supposed to permanently survive with no carbs?
Lex Miruna
Lex Miruna - 12 days ago
y all should get some vegeterians do this type of videos too
miat789 - 12 days ago
Wait is Michelle back at buzzfeed?
Laney.cosplays :p
Laney.cosplays :p - 14 days ago
I eat like a two year old. My favorite food is chicken tenders and Mac and Cheese with ketchup and DAIRY free chocolate milk.
Brielle Horton
Brielle Horton - 16 days ago
mm cob salad
xydoit - 18 days ago
Too much chicken you both eat
xydoit - 18 days ago
You are a coffee addict
xydoit - 18 days ago
This is not Keto what she eat
Mary Margaret Donegan
Mary Margaret Donegan - 18 days ago
I love Michelle but she is the only indian who doesnt eat indian food everyday. I'm half indian and I eat indian food at least 4 times a week
Monica Manalo
Monica Manalo - 23 days ago
From ph and I just eat whatever my parents cook :
Truffles Lol
Truffles Lol - 24 days ago
Liz Montesano
Liz Montesano - 24 days ago
That seemed like a super fun challenge!!! You both did great.
kacey justine
kacey justine - 25 days ago
I would be starving XD
SugarSweetSofia - 25 days ago
“When I go to a sushi restaurant, i order chicken and rice.”
Rikardos Gaming
Rikardos Gaming - 26 days ago
if u dont like cucumbs then gtfo
Zora Kuehne
Zora Kuehne - 27 days ago
I have such a varied diet compared to them. I mean I’m also just unhealthy so
This is not a Greek salad peopleeeee!
Maika - 28 days ago
am I the only one who's weirded out by how Michelle mashes bananas?
Hannah Flis
Hannah Flis - Month ago
I couldn’t do this cause I eat whatever I want whenever I want
Mia - Month ago
Ok but what is that Banana pancake recipe
rung rungratcha
rung rungratcha - Month ago
The chicken bowl Kelsey had looks like Thai food. The rice is cooked with chicken broth (+fat in it). Not a diet of anyone's dreams but dang delicious 😂😂. That one bowl could take up to 500 kcal LMAO 🤣
Look At My Adorable Profile Pic
I'm vegetarian. If anyone gives a crap.
soffan och bippa
soffan och bippa - Month ago
more fun to watch people switch diets when their like healthnut/junkie in my opinion
zi8600 - Month ago
Just use the whole egg damnit 😂😂 😂
Annie - Month ago
Ooo I would kill for that banana pancakes recipe! I make my own but those look way nicer!!!
Kashif Ali
Kashif Ali - Month ago
Michelle looks like natalie
Saskia von Sydow
Saskia von Sydow - Month ago
kelsey kinda looks like Emma Stone not gonna lie
Cate Benschoter
Cate Benschoter - Month ago
Crunchy water.
RoyalDaemon - Month ago
Damn Michelle fine, I haven't seen her videos in a while and the glow up is so obvious
Joshua Libuton
Joshua Libuton - Month ago
Michelle is back at Buzzfeed?
Hannah Barrett
Hannah Barrett - Month ago
Michelle Khare
When I go to a sushi restaurant I get chicken and rice
Dee H
Dee H - Month ago
They both have low key eating disorders....
RAY y - Month ago
Kelsey's bunny backpack..anyone know where it's from?!
M T - Month ago
I think most modern women would CRY over swapping with me; no soy or avocados (allergic) I don't drink any alcohol (hate the taste, plus don't like the usually desired effect) Lots of non organic food, loaded with those yummy GMO's, gas station snacks, plus spam, hamburger helper, and I'm not completely unhealthy, there would be a LOT of turkey bacon, burgers, and sausage. Lots of frozen and canned veggies, kraft mac and cheese, spaghetti o's, hot dogs, deviled ham, and lots of classic American recipes; pot roast, meatloaf, tuna casserole, etc. Plus grits and biscuits and gravy, washed down with cows milk, and sometimes a faygo soda (no, I'm not a Juggalo).Mcdonalds is a delicious treat once in a while. Yes, I eat the "uncultured American diet", and it is DELICIOUS. Already been there with international food (lived in Japan, non air force, for 4 years, had my fill of sushi.), I am thoroughly burnt out on international and organic hipster food, as well as anything trendy. I'll stick with my unclassy and untrendy American food, I'm so much happier!
Charelle Gacha!
Charelle Gacha! - Month ago
My menu
Breakfast: nothing I wake up at 2 pm
Lunch : food my mom cooks

Dinner: cheese sandwich
kitty lover
kitty lover - 23 days ago
I wake up 4pm and eat ramen for the rest of the day
Charelle Gacha!
Charelle Gacha! - Month ago
Anyone else here from the 100 baby challenge?
Lisa von Gartzen
Lisa von Gartzen - Month ago
calorie counting aside, where can i find that banana pancake recipe please??
Yahir Hernandez Flores
Are u related to Lindsey
iNinjaism - Month ago
Michelle is bae!
pite9 - Month ago
Caffeine dodgers unite!
minulee100 - Month ago
After that video I know why I'm never be able to be as skinny as they are. Salad with chicken, no cheese, no tortilla, no dressing?
*Shaxz Uchiha*
*Shaxz Uchiha* - Month ago
*i would BAAAAAAH for some falafel right now*
Malane Qi
Malane Qi - Month ago
It’s like kombucha bc it’s living, it’s probiotics
Robbert - Month ago
TLDR 2 healthy people switch diets.
Skittles s
Skittles s - Month ago
Really great and creative video!
Kim Kinch
Kim Kinch - Month ago
Gaming W/ Nicko
Gaming W/ Nicko - Month ago
The Greeks invented everything. Try and change my mind
Ella Arad
Ella Arad - Month ago
HIS name is the first of the first to
July H
July H - Month ago
I want that banana pancakes
Erosha Paudel
Erosha Paudel - Month ago
Guess who is calling CRUNCHY WATER for cucumber!
Jayden Chon
Jayden Chon - Month ago
kelsey lowkey looks like a female grant gustin
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