Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Kelsey and Michelle

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Michelle Khare
Michelle Khare - Month ago
So fun to collaborate with you again Kelsey!! *goes back to eating plain chicken* 😂😂😂
Caiyan Mo
Caiyan Mo - 6 days ago
Cee Cee Late
Cee Cee Late - 17 days ago
Same at a sushi restaurant and always gets the look 😳😂
Daisy Hernandez
Daisy Hernandez - Month ago
Michelle you are so pretty I love your outfit and make-up
Sandra Alvarez
Sandra Alvarez - Month ago
Sophie L
Sophie L - 14 hours ago
So sad! Girls treat yourself:)
BunnyFett - 20 hours ago
I pretty much eat the same stuff as Michelle almost every day, but half of the meals are 8 oz of fish instead of chicken.
BunnyFett - 20 hours ago
Michelle's daily diet only comes out to 1550 calories. What does she drink through the day?
Belle _
Belle _ - Day ago
Lol stop judging what they eat
Mike DaReviewer
Mike DaReviewer - 5 days ago
It's crazy that you girls eat the same (boring) things everyday.
Steph 1276
Steph 1276 - 5 days ago
U know they aint real bffs if they are surprised by each others eating habits
Élianne Bossé
Élianne Bossé - 6 days ago
Having a diet like this looks so boring. I eat and I want to eat at the moment thats all.. And if someone is on a diet they dont have to eat always the same thing everyday omg
Robloxian Time
Robloxian Time - 6 days ago
Tundra Fox2213
Tundra Fox2213 - 6 days ago
Did Kelsey have a D.Va backpack? I love Overwatch!
Ice Min
Ice Min - 6 days ago
Hey I thought YB is Kelsey's BFF!??
lmao what’s my name again?
2:48 lol kelsey voice changed
Pinky Mishra
Pinky Mishra - 7 days ago
I would die with hunger if I eat this every day, I can't live without my rice.
Gewicht Hat Dietisch
Gewicht Hat Dietisch - 8 days ago
Wish everyone a good day.
Kotasaur12 - 8 days ago
Kelsey: “My diet is more diverse!”
Also Kelsey: Only eats salads
Michela Sernacchioli
Michela Sernacchioli - 8 days ago
I mean, what diets?
V Ocean
V Ocean - 9 days ago
This is what I eat when I am dieting. I’m a short 5’2” female. Idk why people are hating. I also weightlift 5x a week, it’s normal to eat repetitively when you’re an active person. I don’t get all this hate lol.
Jazmine Rivera
Jazmine Rivera - 9 days ago
Am I the only one who doesn't have a diet and just eats whatever they want at whatever time they want even if they're not hungry they just want to eat cause food is good.
M G - 10 days ago
I still found their diets to be similar.
Ren Zen
Ren Zen - 11 days ago
If you eat the same thing every day you can develop food sensitivity
Allen Todd
Allen Todd - 11 days ago
Hi Chelsea
Berat Badan Dietitian
Berat Badan Dietitian - 11 days ago
Kara Zor-El
Kara Zor-El - 11 days ago
the f is 6 egg whites? just ate 8 whole eggs today
Stardust515 - 11 days ago
Michelle probably doesn't like black olives because they're not actually natural. They're fermented and dyed green olives.
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith - 12 days ago
Yay. so LA. Weeeeeee.
Viktminskning Dietist
Viktminskning Dietist - 13 days ago
I can't be the only one that likes my conment
Lavender Hazel
Lavender Hazel - 13 days ago
No shade but thank you for actually trying.
Imi D
Imi D - 13 days ago
kelsey’s upset me
Cute Doggo
Cute Doggo - 14 days ago
Buzzfeed employees can't do a single challenge without cheating🙄
Sarah W
Sarah W - 14 days ago
I like how it was two healthy people so they didn't destroy the other's good habits.
EveryAvarage Gammer
EveryAvarage Gammer - 15 days ago
Hey Indian out hear the Misti doi(sweet curd) tastes compared to that that 5doller coconut curd
EveryAvarage Gammer
EveryAvarage Gammer - 15 days ago
Your diets are bland 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨 statement over

Actually dont you guys like tasty fooooooood food not plants
catingrey - 15 days ago
OK - anyone else feel like they eat like a trash person compared to them?
Chant Bagby
Chant Bagby - 15 days ago
Both diets are boring. I am now eating a bbq chicken pizza from cpk and yes I worked out.
Daru Syawal
Daru Syawal - 16 days ago
BuzzFeed old generation😁
Finn - 16 days ago
These diets are nutritionally and calorie deficient for most people, especially active people. I don't care what was shown vs. what was eaten: it's irresponsible to depict an aspirational diet like this. I'm a petite 5'3" woman who works out 6x a week and this would be only over half of what I consume.
Seriously, this was irresponsibly edited and didn't even introduce us uncommon/creative ideas at that. A lot of your audience is young and impressionable: try harder.
Grecia Rodriguez
Grecia Rodriguez - 16 days ago
I feel like there diet wasn’t very different lol
Zlatitsa Markova
Zlatitsa Markova - 16 days ago
It’s so weird to me to see people having a typical thing they eat daily. I personally eat something different every single day for all of my meals, like I can’t imagine eating the same thing all the time ...
xcacoethes - 17 days ago
Their diets are so similar (and boring/bland) buzzfeed should do this for people that eat drastically different
Nahiely Urbaez
Nahiely Urbaez - 17 days ago
So why didn’t Michelle drink coffee?
MimiTheHamster - 17 days ago
There is a frightening lack of carbs in this diet. They both just eat salad and chicken every meal
Ashley C.
Ashley C. - 17 days ago
This was fun to watch! :) Could you all share the banana pancake recipe and what granola that was pls?
Erin Smilley
Erin Smilley - 17 days ago
I feel like this doesn’t show all the meals I wish it showed it
Kimi Webster
Kimi Webster - 17 days ago
Both their diets are trash and boring
Elle R.
Elle R. - 17 days ago
What I'm learning, if you put Kelsey in anything I will watch it
amanda agnew
amanda agnew - 17 days ago
You lost me at not being able to drink coffee. I wouldn't be able to do it.
xx roro
xx roro - 17 days ago
"Cucumbers are like crunchy water"
Pruthvi Hegde
Pruthvi Hegde - 17 days ago
Pls tell me how to make those egg whites.... Pls someone tell its recipe
Tanvi Pathania
Tanvi Pathania - 18 days ago
They are BFFs and they had no idea about each other's eating habits 🤦‍♀️
Sonya Nkonda
Sonya Nkonda - 18 days ago
Who craves a salad?
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