Everything Wrong with The Princess and the Frog

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Le plus grand bâtard hypocrite
*_Damn BOI! That's a thicc ass boi!_*
Neevkl _7
Neevkl _7 - 4 hours ago
What he’s said about the songs, facilier’s voice...
Hold me back people I’m gonna go off
Thehapppyclown Life
Thehapppyclown Life - 8 hours ago
Oh my gosh this is just a children’s movie dammn man
Thehapppyclown Life
Thehapppyclown Life - 8 hours ago
I I I I......
Carl Heffner
Carl Heffner - 9 hours ago
Why is it called "the princess and the frog" if the character isnt even a princess?
And no, it dose not count that she turns into a princess at the end
jilia Creeo
jilia Creeo - 10 hours ago
It's a kids movie lol everything doesnt have to make sense!
BTS. ARMY - 10 hours ago
Welp, this ruined my childhood😭. Princess and the frog was literally one of the most iconic movies in Disney with the best music. He don’t know what he talking about😂
Samantha Gardner
Samantha Gardner - 11 hours ago
I love the Yoda bit
themartianway - 11 hours ago
"Keanu Reeves is basically budda now". The fact that "Budda hood" is more or less a state of being, and presumably anyone can achieve transcendence, does put a smile on my face.
JinxLove - 12 hours ago
I never realized how bad Cinema Sins till I watched someone point out everything bad about Cinema Sins. The irony lol.
Rebecca Wright
Rebecca Wright - 12 hours ago
Loved the labyrinth reference
Jælyn Just Shut Up.
Jælyn Just Shut Up. - 16 hours ago
Katherine Redouane
Katherine Redouane - 21 hour ago
1:58 voice crack
Katie Taylor
Katie Taylor - 22 hours ago
No one gonna mention the David Bowie reference?
ThePastaLovingItalians - 23 hours ago
VOODOO??! You do. Do what? Remind me of the babe- dang it I miss David Bowie
Sky XI
Sky XI - 23 hours ago
"When a woman says later she really means not ever"
"Well than I'll watch this later"
So you're a woman?
Also to add a sin, at the end of the movie, Lotti is seen dancing with the princes younger brother, and then she goes on to say that she had waited this long. So not only is she a pedophile, this younger brother wasnt seen getting off the fairy ship with the prince when he first arrived!
Harumiwashere - Day ago
Even though I knew the love story was forced when I was a kid, I freaking LOVED Tiana so I still loved it
Alyssa not Alissa
Alyssa not Alissa - Day ago
I never thought I'd say it, but man you guys are just being assholes now.
A.J. Jade
A.J. Jade - Day ago
It’s kinda funny seeing all these people getting mad over him not liking the movie 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
Gabs - Day ago
I feel like the people who watched this don’t know this channels humor lol but hey everyone is subject to their own opinion
Isabella Cross
Isabella Cross - Day ago
This movie has ups and downs to it, but it's not terrible.
B MC - Day ago
Wtf this is such a good movie
Beautiful Suicune
Beautiful Suicune - Day ago
"what is with the dead parents in every f*cking movie?" I think it is in membrane cause Walt accidently killed his mother. When snow white became such a success, he had builders build a house for his mother and I believe the boiler in it exploded or something like that because it was faulty
Jay Zeo
Jay Zeo - Day ago
Big daddy huh?
Sounds oddly familier😎
guardiangarasu - Day ago
1:38 Well she is a woman after all. 3:35 2 words: Blanche Devereaux 8:31 How did you not sin that for repeating Madam Mims boo scene from The Sword and the Stone?
Benjamin Marritt
Benjamin Marritt - Day ago
5:39 so ur female
Ena Cvoro
Ena Cvoro - Day ago
At this point, the movie's playing the opening song that's more Randy Newman than any Randy Newman song Randy Newman's ever Randy Newman'd. - My favourite part 🤣
Phoenix blazer
Phoenix blazer - Day ago
Ragan Cawlstri
Ragan Cawlstri - Day ago
I’ll be honest, this was never my fav Disney movie. Years later though, I’ve grown to appreciate it so much more. You have a girl with dreams and determination who both realizes her goal AND finds unexpected true love in a way that was funny and felt natural. Music wasn’t the best of Disney but still great and amazingly catchy. Sure, overall TPaTF had its weak points, but for what it’s worth it was a good movie, and a great return to form for Disney.
I know Cinema Sins is generally comical or nonsensical about their sins, but this was more than a bit too much. They’re praised or talked up movies for far less, and the fact he only seems to praise Tiana for her race while detracting from the successful combo of her self reliance AND her happily ever after seems shallow to me. Yes, she’s an AA princess which is rad, but her entire story, from her determination to her strong family structure to her relationships with others, is so much more. And yet he takes issue with her ending up with a guy in the end. What the hell.
its me Fanny
its me Fanny - Day ago
So you mean you are a woman?
With that voice?
One sin for you!
its me Fanny
its me Fanny - Day ago
Can I also sin that nobody has seen or heard that? Nobody? Why am I asking if I can sin this? I just do it! I am an asshole! 2
Alex Temple
Alex Temple - Day ago
10 sins off for it's beautiful animation
just another person
just another person - 2 days ago
Don't get triggered he sins his favorite movies too he should sin his comment's
rosestar1324 - 2 days ago
I’m actually glad that CS doesn’t like this movie. Cuz they have terrible taste anyways. This movie is just fine and one of my favorite Disney Princess movies
rosestar1324 - 2 days ago
@4:40 did Jeremy just say he’s a woman?😂
rosestar1324 - 2 days ago
I wonder how many people will accuse CS of being racist for making this video
Glo Jenkins
Glo Jenkins - 2 days ago
may i say....there was no other bidder for the building Tiana wanted. The realtors didn't want to sell the building to her and that was their excuse.
Taylor McWhorter
Taylor McWhorter - 2 days ago
This makes me sad how aggressive the hate was for this movie. Video was more calling this film trash than making fun of it's obvious sins.
Mimi Kazuki
Mimi Kazuki - 2 days ago
Meh, I liked the movie.
josh house
josh house - 2 days ago
8:31 they're reusing Mad Madam Mim from The Sword In The Stone
Tessa Achevarra
Tessa Achevarra - 2 days ago
HOW did you miss the bullshittery of Tiana being wed to Naveen while they're in frog form and that makes her a princess so that they now get turned baack??????????? THAT'S THE WORST POINT OF THE WHOLE MOVIE
• Sailxcreature •
• Sailxcreature • - 2 days ago
26k:4k ratio yet the comments are overwhelmingly negative,
Monster Hunters
Monster Hunters - 2 days ago
10:30 child abuse animated but still give it two sins
Jamira Hickson
Jamira Hickson - 2 days ago
You obviously don't like the movie. You literally pick it apart for some of the most idiotic things.
Tokusa - 2 days ago
I love how everyone are angry with this video (including me), and I'm still shocked that it have 26k likes (why?). And everyone seems to understand that he's mostly sarcastic (after all, I was never really angry about my favourite movies), but still hates it to the core. That's something.
Nope None Ya
Nope None Ya - 2 days ago
The opposite of earworm isn't easily forgettable line
Soling106 - 3 days ago
I usually really enjoy Cinema sins and understand that they are being satirical smartasses and are not meant to be taken as genuine movie reviews, but I really have to disagree this time. This movie is loads of fun, the music is awesome and this is from someone who has lived in and very much loves New Orleans. I’m also a huge Disney fan, and I love that they stepped so far outside of their normal comfort zone on this movie. It’s not a perfect movie, but I definitely think y’all were way too harsh on this one.
LEVIATHAN ! - 3 days ago
7:18 what babe?
Sam Riley
Sam Riley - 3 days ago
Okay, the movie doesn’t deserve all the hate your giving it ;-;
Xbattle913 - 3 days ago
People: I don't like what cinema sins said
Star Wars fans: First time?
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