Everything Wrong with The Princess and the Frog

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send halp blz
send halp blz - 16 hours ago
5:39 are you saying youre a woman? If not that means youll enjoy it
X Man
X Man - Day ago
Wait you can’t write Tiana’s Place in one second
Joshua Cookingham
Joshua Cookingham - 2 days ago
Literally the only place you will hear someone say that Keith David is the cast member with "the worst voice".
Random Person
Random Person - 3 days ago
yeah let's sin the music but remove a sin because propaganda
I'm done with this bullcrap
Jason Sontay
Jason Sontay - 3 days ago
3:35 i know right
Serqet Natural Remedies
You’d have to know voodoo to overstand the relationship betwixt the guy and the underworld
magicfireflame - 5 days ago
You lost my attention after dissing Friends on the Other Side...
Prometheus - 6 days ago
Walt Disney's mother died while he was trying to become an animator. That's why almost all the protaganists have parents that die.
Neexxable - 7 days ago
How could you NOT remove like 5 sins from the AMAZING word-play when Facilier sang?
Taylor Uhlman
Taylor Uhlman - 7 days ago
His freaking college girl friend has been through so much
RavenDash01 - 7 days ago
I love this channel, but I don’t agree with the sins in this vid. This is my favourite movie, and I love it, even if you don’t.
Anastacia Weilenmann
Anastacia Weilenmann - 8 days ago
CS: "So if COURSE it's sung by the cast member with the worst voice."
Me: *Gets the flamethrower* "Say that again?
Kirsten James
Kirsten James - 9 days ago
Lol calling fathers and grandfathers "Big Daddy" is SUPER common lol. I have a big daddy and his mother was big mama
Hwikil Mon
Hwikil Mon - 9 days ago
You didnt add that the spider's webs around Naveen's "stick guitar" is not possible because spider silk is easy to break and not possible to be played because there's no strings at the top of the stick to change a note like what Naveen played. It most likely would only play one note
Dario98 Dynamicx
Dario98 Dynamicx - 10 days ago
Keanu Reeves is basically Buddha now 😂😂
naniben berty
naniben berty - 10 days ago
This movie has great songs , okay?
TeddyD4 - 10 days ago
This movie had Jazz, supportive friends, two POC main characters, and a love plot where the girl didn’t give up something important to her! She worked hard the whole movie! The music is amazing and the story is refreshing. Loved this movie!
TeddyD4 - 10 days ago
This was such a good movie!!!
gabriella schmitt
gabriella schmitt - 10 days ago
Maybe it’s because I was sick, but I really didn’t care for this movie while I was watching it. The blonde annoying chick and the bad guy were the most interesting characters, but the story and everything else were just 🤷🏻‍♀️
Had I watched tangled RIGHT after this, it would’ve felt even more amazeballs than we all know it is
Lovelle Ring
Lovelle Ring - 11 days ago

Arley - 11 days ago
You made all your sins irrelevant the second you insulted Keith Davids voice.
Tyler Jack
Tyler Jack - 12 days ago
You missed in the first animation scene how the chef didn’t season the pot to tianas standard so she seasoned it and gave the chef the spoon to taste but never put it back in the pot with the newly seasoned food
Sophie Shore
Sophie Shore - 12 days ago
7:58 I'm pretty sure Louie used to actually be a human who wanted to become good at the trumpet so he asked Dr. Facililer to help him out and Dr.Facilier granted his wish but turned him into an alligator. I don't know, it's just a theory, but it would make a lot of sense.
Julia De
Julia De - 12 days ago
2:20 RIGHT?!? Every single movie
Al Bu
Al Bu - 13 days ago
Finally a black Disney princess! But wait.....shes poor...she gets a broke prince....she has to work...and she spends most of the movie as a frog..
two thumbs down
SB Draws
SB Draws - 14 days ago
Pretty sure the comment section is proof that cenimasins must very much regret making this video...
Emma Kenyon
Emma Kenyon - 14 days ago
Aka Beastiality 2.0
Axel Rodríguez
Axel Rodríguez - 15 days ago
Ryan Potter and Madison beer
Axel Rodríguez
Axel Rodríguez - 15 days ago
Shamiek Moore Kisses Holds cuddles Madiyln baliey's Heartwarms ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love-brids Kiss scene
Axel Rodríguez
Axel Rodríguez - 15 days ago
Shamiek Moore Kisses Holds cuddles Madiyln baliey's Heart You fall in love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
King of Coolness
King of Coolness - 16 days ago
Umm... Keith David has an AMAZING voice! What the hell are you talking about?!
1tiptip 1
1tiptip 1 - 17 days ago
I normally don't get judgmental on these, whether I agree or not, but this dude needed to take a break and be more chill on this one.
Kirmat DaFrag
Kirmat DaFrag - 17 days ago
I love this, but I love the movie too, and I got really annoyed when you said the music in this movie was bad but I enjoyed this video so you get a like.
Evan Clarizio
Evan Clarizio - 17 days ago
But, as far as we’re concerned, you’re not a woman. *DING*
Emma lou
Emma lou - 18 days ago
Also despite the fact that lottie thinks she's marrying a prince would a white father in 1926 really be okay with the fact that his daughter in marrying a black man? Also also would people at that party really be chill with tiana there considering segregation didn't end until the 60s
Emma lou
Emma lou - 18 days ago
Real question if tiana was like in her 20s in 1926 (before slavery was officially abolished) was tiana and her family slaves to whatever the name is to the white family??
Trinity Phillips
Trinity Phillips - 19 days ago
Yeah see no fuck you
Arm0rDill01 - 19 days ago
Mickey Mickey Mickey Mickey Mickey Mickey Mickey Mickey Mickey Mickey Mickey Mickey Mickey Mickey Mickey
Kiwi Little
Kiwi Little - 19 days ago
The amount of times I've watched this is ridiculous
My childhood
Mrjohnjohn12 - 19 days ago
I wonder if the overly unfair criticism he gave this movie was related to the fact that he couldn't really think of much to comment on. I can see why the forgettable side quests and background characters would bring an issue, But I cant think of any logical criticisms to things like the music or the story, so i wonder...
I'm not saying there weren't things to sin in this movie. That's why I clicked this video, to see if you caught some of the things that I did. And you did, but you also sinned a lot of things that even you wouldn't normally sin.

And quit steppin on my shadow man. Facilier is Bae 😂
Zaller Mayhem
Zaller Mayhem - 20 days ago
I love your vids Cinemasins, but seriously, a little too offensive jokes mate.
Still love your videos dude
Tigerfire75 - 20 days ago
No she said when a woman says later not a man. So when you said you would enjoy this movie later you will enjoy it later.
WithADashOfPazazz - 21 day ago
jeremy can catch these hands for this review? dissing keith david?!?! are you quite mad?!
Berry Pop
Berry Pop - 21 day ago
Friends On The Other Side - sang by the cast member WITH THE WORST VOICE??????????????
Berry Pop
Berry Pop - 21 day ago
lol everyone at some point will disagree with Jeremy's opinions but saying the music is BLAND????
Aida Akmar Kaman
Aida Akmar Kaman - 22 days ago
isn't it fucked up that the frogs girlfriend wants him to make out with another girl, that shit is fucked up on a whole new level.
Yeeter Parker
Yeeter Parker - 22 days ago
17:23 I don't think you realize that it was racism, and that's sad, because I realized that when I was 7.
ImaNerdANDaGeek - 23 days ago
I liked that movie.
Emory Briddell
Emory Briddell - 26 days ago
Cinemasins:I dont like this movie
Me: puts 100 sins
TheWayItIs - 26 days ago
I could not with this video.
The songs in this movie are amazing.
Also, this man doesn't understand voodoo; voodoo works until you need it. Then it becomes your curse. Like a monkeys claw thing; you get your wish but not how you wanted it.
dark7days - 26 days ago
"When a woman says later she means not ever"
"Guess I'll like this movie later"
Me: didn't know the guy talking about everything wrong with this movie is a woman *adds 1 sin*
dark7days - 26 days ago
Walt Disney bought a house for his parents. There was an issue with a fireplace which ended up filling the house with smoke killing his mother causing him to have nothing but guilt that he caused the death of his mother. It's the reason why he most always had the mother killed off in most of his movies.
Sharklover - 28 days ago
The fuck is an eggroll that you would butter?
GreenBaldrick - Month ago
All commenters would be perfectly OK with the sins if the princess was white. You people are fucked up. I'm surprised you're not calling the guy racist for having DARED to dislike a movie about POC.
Quezanater Games
Quezanater Games - Month ago
Great movie 3.5/5
Dat Trans Guy
Dat Trans Guy - Month ago
I love these videos even when they’re about movies I like, but princess and the frog is my favorite Disney movie.
Try me bro
The Sweetest Cookie
The Sweetest Cookie - Month ago
She said when a WOMAN says later
Cole Riley
Cole Riley - Month ago
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE when you get a newspaper to sin.
DapperJazz - Month ago
I adored this movie :)) one of the few Disney movies I can take
Horsegirl - Month ago
Sin: First black princess lives in FUCKING New Orleans!
daniel torres
daniel torres - Month ago
17:48 name of song please?
pima262 - Month ago
I actually liked this movie. One thing they did really well is make a spoiled rich girl who was actually really likeable. And not in a "I love to hate her" type way. But she's actually fun and kind, despite obviously being very spoiled. That's rarely done.
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