The Democratic Debate: Watch the Highlights From the First Half

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SassyFras40 **
SassyFras40 ** - 2 hours ago
Everyone of them is a HOT MESS!
Louis Rein
Louis Rein - 8 hours ago
The democrats are political parasites!!!! The country would be better off without them!!!!!
Shane O Mac
Shane O Mac - 8 hours ago
Not from USA. I can tell you though, if you don't elect Yang or Tulsi, then you're f*cked.
AZsportshut - 4 days ago
Who was the guy who said “Anderson this is wrong?” Biden is clearly guilty
Red Door
Red Door - 6 days ago
Only Bernie Sanders is decent. Elizabeth Warren would be a disaster. But Biden? How could anyone vote for him? The great deflector. His son was appointed on the Burisma board ONLY because his father was Vice President. PERIOD.
Corrupt! End of story.
Dave's Trades
Dave's Trades - 7 days ago
Ha Trump is going to win in a landslide...
Bob Clark
Bob Clark - 7 days ago
Tom steyer,wow what load of poop!
Fan Shu
Fan Shu - 7 days ago
So everybody covered except Andrew Yang??? And look at the comment section here....NYT did a lame job!
And you wonder why you're not president like Trump because you're not equipped or suited don't accuse trump of something unless it really is a crime worth punishing
Kalvin nunya
Kalvin nunya - 8 days ago
Dem's always accuse others of what they are doing ! The same as bad evangelist.
Doug Davis
Doug Davis - 9 days ago
yeah where is Yang, he had the best answers. The new york times typically towing the DNC line.
Shubham Ganguly
Shubham Ganguly - 9 days ago
Ryan Nyeholt
Ryan Nyeholt - 10 days ago
How can people take them seriously. Also I don’t support yang but he wasn’t shown at all? Completely biased.
Anti AFD,Grüne,CDU
Anti AFD,Grüne,CDU - 11 days ago
And It is unsure that Biden can coming to the US Parlament. Sure all Country in a Crisis that is true.
Anti AFD,Grüne,CDU
Anti AFD,Grüne,CDU - 11 days ago
I see a Big Problem with Trump but no with the Son from Trump.
Anti AFD,Grüne,CDU
Anti AFD,Grüne,CDU - 11 days ago
Dear New York Times it Make me no happy when Donald Duck alias Trump is in the Withe House this is my Statement. It is time for impeachment by the right Time by Next Error by Trump. Trump is out my Side a high Risk for the Black state and the Democratic from US and all Country. More Days when Trump is in Game I mean omg He is In Politics.
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne - 10 days ago
at least learn to speak english if you are going to complain about Trump
Chris W
Chris W - 13 days ago
TRUMP 2020 !!
Rodney Estes
Rodney Estes - 15 days ago
SouthBayJay - 16 days ago
I love how they’d rather show clips of everyone saying “trump bad” than Andrew Yang’s actual solutions to problems
Will Sync
Will Sync - 17 days ago
Please list the crimes Trump has committed. Thanks. FYI Trump donates his (400,000) salary to charity and get paid 1 dollar.
supjack - 17 days ago
Yang needed to be shown more, this is ridiculous and your bias is being shown yet again.
Jacob Boe
Jacob Boe - 17 days ago
To the Yang Gang, or anyone else who is complaining about not seeing Yang, I believe we are all united against Trump, so do we really want him, out of these TWELVE candidates? He doesn't have any political or military experience. How is he qualified to run this country? The only president in our nation's entire history who didn't have that kind of experience is Trump. Do we really want that again?
Jacob Boe
Jacob Boe - 9 days ago
@Charles Charlemagne I'd disagree.
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne - 9 days ago
@Jacob Boe "political" experience isnt needed to become President. Actual real world, executive experience is way more important.
Jacob Boe
Jacob Boe - 10 days ago
@Charles Charlemagne Trump has experience, yes, but not POLITICAL experience. And you dont need political experience to be a politician, but to be president I think you should.
trumpis acreepoid
trumpis acreepoid - 18 days ago
They're all still cooler than Trump. So..
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne - 9 days ago
@trumpis acreepoid Ill take the mormon tabernacle at an inauguration over Beyonce any day. What is your definition of suitable? A guy who knocked on doors for a living before becoming President?
trumpis acreepoid
trumpis acreepoid - 10 days ago
@Charles Charlemagne Dude. By cool, I mean HALFWAY SUITABLE FOR OFFICE. And, also, Trump is lower than a nerd. He doesn't read or appreciate good music. He got the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to play his inauguration, for Christsakes!! How much lamer can you get??
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne - 10 days ago
if "cool" is all you are voting for, then you shouldnt vote...Trump is way cooler btw...these are all nerdy socialists
N - 18 days ago
Wow Trump's making you jokers look really pathetic and inept with this vote....just thought I'd give you my two cents because that's what your party is worth.
Mason Botten
Mason Botten - 18 days ago
Beto looks like President Walker from house of cards 😂😂
Roscoe Brown
Roscoe Brown - 19 days ago
This debate was a disaster 4 dems They need some one fresh ! All of these candidates carry baggage
Abel Abebe
Abel Abebe - 19 days ago
"When you silence a man, you aren't proving him a liar, you show that you fear what he might say"
Peyton Carroll
Peyton Carroll - 19 days ago
let me summarize every democrat idea:

We are gonna give free things to everyone. We will pay for it my taxing the rich
Malia Colon
Malia Colon - 19 days ago
The Biggest Satanic Cult in America 🇺🇸
name - 20 days ago
Steyer: I love everyone here. Great.
Jesus Is The Plan There is No Plan B
President Trump will go down as one of the greatest presidents of all time battling the corrupt media the corrupt social media the corrupt news networks the corrupt politicians as you can see by these videos he is simply trying to be honest and protect our freedoms remember Jesus is the plan there is no Plan B
Conde Bulua
Conde Bulua - 20 days ago
The Democratic Party is officially defunct, in my mind. Their sad behaviour and worst track record, now shame them incessantly.
How very sad. I feel splendid disdain and utmost contempt for the Democratic Party today. Even though, I am still a registered Dem.
Mental stuff.
Democragic Party is now done.
Trump till 2024.
MICHAEL DAVIS - 20 days ago
The women here act too emotional. Their voices are trembly. Do they sound like thy could give orders for war? No! That's one of the reasons a women should Never be president. Women Wo-men, Woman, Wo-man. They were made from man in the Bible by a man's rib. Adam. The woman was deceived first and sinned first and God decided to make man the head of the family and the woman will submit to the man. God said it's shameful for a woman to speak in the church, therefore it would be wrong for a woman to be President for the same reason. I didn't come up with this, God did; Let your women keep silent in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak; but they are to be submissive, as the law also says and if they want to learn something, let them ask their own husbands at home; for it is shameful for women to speak in church, New King James Version: 1 Corinthians 14:35:
3 - 20 days ago
Andrew Yang is Nintendo
Tulsi Gabbard is CD Projekt
Bernie Sanders is Ubisoft
Joe Biden is Sony
Elizabeth Warren is Microsoft
Pete Buttigieg is Sega
Kamala Harris is Todd Howard Land (aka Bethesda)
Cory Booker is also Todd Howard Land
Beto O'Rourke is Activision...

and Harris, Booker, and O'Rourke combined make EA
El Mac
El Mac - 20 days ago
#trump2020 #blexit #maga #kag #walkaway
joe - 20 days ago
Dee Smith
Dee Smith - 21 day ago
Albert Pike Morals and Dogma- race war and an eventual civil war.
It’s all in the cards. Illuminati cards.
Bring on the impeachment and watch this war break out.
Be careful for what you wish for democrat filth!
Kevin Holliday
Kevin Holliday - 21 day ago
Yang is the only one up there who isn’t a puppet. But no one here has a chance against Trump.
Steve Carter
Steve Carter - 21 day ago
This is pitiful
Ali F
Ali F - 22 days ago
End American supremacy over the rest of the world! Vote Bernie 2020!
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne - 9 days ago
@Ali F You are a communist because you are brainwashed and ignorant of history and all the suffering that garbage failed ideology has caused. Take a high school level history class you sad indoctrinated fool. Its not the job of the united states to take care of the world with our taxpayer money. You want to create a "united world" with shared misery, oppression and famine...that is what communism has always led to historically. Read a book.
Ali F
Ali F - 10 days ago
@Charles Charlemagne No one is trying to "destroy America". I am a Communist because I want to end the concept of class, and give political power back to the prolatarian. People who are not American have just as much a right to live as Americans do. Taking care of all the world's people is called globalism. Communism seeks to create a united world.
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne - 10 days ago
so destroy america so other countries can get a leg wonder you support the commie flea bag, Bernie
God entered Bob Hickman's body, as a Ghost-body
God entered into my body, like a body, same size, and forced me to vote
Rachel Moore
Rachel Moore - 23 days ago
So fake, that they still believe it self. There fooling them selfs. Its a disgrace but got me LOL anyway🤭 seeing them doing there best hoping we believe them..
And taking money from the rich is also racism then.🤔 Because most people are goddam lazy and dont want to go the extra mile. So smarter people working harder and thus making more money get punisht and have to pay to the lazy people, or should i say the beggers??
Johny Applehead
Johny Applehead - 24 days ago
The democratic debate is a debate between losers to decide who is to be the biggest loser this time.
Stephen Douglas
Stephen Douglas - 24 days ago
"Beto" O'Rourke should not even be there. What a disgrace.
Terence Mckinley
Terence Mckinley - 24 days ago
Na we have to be really honest here None of them is taking this seriously twitter come on what a joke cause none of them seem like that they want to win that a fact smh waste of time at lease Warren trying
Deep Banerjee
Deep Banerjee - 25 days ago
Women should make decisions of their own lives ... What about decision of those women or men in their womb?
Randy Woodworth
Randy Woodworth - 25 days ago
Welcome to the 4th Virtue Signalling debate...😶😶😐😐
str8cndian - 26 days ago
what a joke this bunch of weenies is..
Bob Bobbington
Bob Bobbington - 26 days ago
The Joker movie was much better... I took my wife... no we're both angry incels, but even that's better compared with this Free Stuff *debate* .
Miles Christi
Miles Christi - 26 days ago
Trump won this one too! Democrats have no chance!
Alpha Ink
Alpha Ink - 26 days ago
people need to keep their hands off womens heard it doctors, they can do it themselves
Nevermore - 27 days ago
Yang is clearly the front runner.
DNC only polling the elderly over land lines.
Nevermore - 10 days ago
@Charles Charlemagne Speak when spoken to.
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne - 10 days ago
lmao, the guy isnt as popular as you think, get over it....stop begging for free money
Robert Smith
Robert Smith - 27 days ago
"Beto" hasn't dropped out yet? What a joke.
Sum Phag
Sum Phag - 27 days ago
Insert comment about Yang.
nicoxis - 27 days ago
Wow they didn't even do a cameo on Yang! whoever produced this video should be ashamed
Kevin S
Kevin S - 27 days ago
Democrats are done there is no way the have any chance 2020 the lost so many people after there gun control push the should safe there money and stay home 2020
Tobi Paul Ajojesu
Tobi Paul Ajojesu - 27 days ago
Andrew Yang needs coverage fam. And I’d totally support a Warren - Yang campaign
Aduha Dx
Aduha Dx - 27 days ago
Michael Ma Gill
Michael Ma Gill - 27 days ago
All of them say that the President has been committing crimes against our country,name one and list it with proper evidence.This is why Trump will win in 2020.
Carlos Ibarra
Carlos Ibarra - 27 days ago
Sanders / Yang
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