JayDaYoungan "23 Island" (Official Music Video)

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AR Mufasa
AR Mufasa - 25 days ago
This how many ppl waiting for misunderstood

Name 15yr old rapper better than me....🏋🏾‍♂️DONT EVEN TRY😆🎒
Tl Lil
Tl Lil - 23 minutes ago
OTR SURVIVE - 16 hours ago
Maliyah Carothers
Maliyah Carothers - 18 hours ago
I love your song!!!
SpanishBoiiJohn - 20 hours ago
Ur songs is ass wxxp
kutty jake
kutty jake - 21 hour ago
matt ox
splashy VC
splashy VC - 51 minute ago
The music video sound better the the Audio version 💯
prettyboi alex
prettyboi alex - Hour ago
This song go from 100 to 0 real fast 💀
Michael Jr5040
Michael Jr5040 - 3 hours ago
Y'all put dis on 10milli
Thelma C
Thelma C - 3 hours ago
This shit go 💯💪🏽👌🏽🔥
Chantez Robinson
Chantez Robinson - 3 hours ago
Quantaye Haddock
Quantaye Haddock - 3 hours ago
Youngboy got more subs u trash
Bloom Killer
Bloom Killer - 3 hours ago
who came from s1 together 23 island remix
Cee Jaay
Cee Jaay - 8 hours ago
Big 23 shit no cap this slaps if u don’t give a tumbs up u going to get slap by your mom 🤷🏾‍♂️❤️🔥🔥
Mario Lomas
Mario Lomas - 10 hours ago
Who pees on the side of the toilet to make less noise
Shaud Sapp
Shaud Sapp - 11 hours ago
Ain't heard a song all 2019 that been hitting harder then this hea "23" island definitely that shyt!!!
Mali Bankhead
Mali Bankhead - 12 hours ago
I'm here
Mali Bankhead
Mali Bankhead - 12 hours ago
135 Carolina street j10 heights Vallejo California
Ant Savage
Ant Savage - 12 hours ago
Kenysha Avant
Kenysha Avant - 14 hours ago
My favorite song by him
Johnny - 15 hours ago
Nigga look like Boonk wit a smaller face lmaoo
Tewuan Miller
Tewuan Miller - 15 hours ago
Big 23🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ovah Dose
Ovah Dose - 15 hours ago
not gonna lie.. at first i didnt like the song... now a few days later this my shit!
Micheal Brown
Micheal Brown - 16 hours ago
Mytazeion Gordon
Mytazeion Gordon - 16 hours ago
Fuck 23 👍slime all the way
Benny Seals
Benny Seals - 17 hours ago
You did good
Jermaine lee
Jermaine lee - 17 hours ago
This hard no cap

Like if this hard 🤟
Mynes Murray
Mynes Murray - 17 hours ago
Fuck 23 bitch🥶🥶💉Silme all the way🐍🐍
Mynes Murray
Mynes Murray - 17 hours ago
Bailey Simmons
Bailey Simmons - 17 hours ago
Crazy how 90% of All these comments are not even related to the song
Maliyah Carothers
Maliyah Carothers - 18 hours ago
I love your song!!!!!
Kelvin Lonberger
Kelvin Lonberger - 18 hours ago
Iike it
Cristian Hernandez
Cristian Hernandez - 18 hours ago
Get this to 23k likes
Ronte Love
Ronte Love - 18 hours ago
You can't be talking about NBA youngboy when he got more subscribers than you
NataliaTheAthlete - 19 hours ago
dis my favorite song. Periodttttt
lil omision
lil omision - 20 hours ago
Baby Osama X jaydayoungan
Life_As_MoMo _
Life_As_MoMo _ - 20 hours ago
💙 .
Pauline Tillman
Pauline Tillman - 21 hour ago
Gregory Robinson
Gregory Robinson - 21 hour ago
When I blow I'mma drop a song with this nigga he very talented
Frederica Walker
Frederica Walker - 22 hours ago
Mariaa BB
Mariaa BB - 23 hours ago
Love this jayday fye aff 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
tinted carrot jr
tinted carrot jr - 23 hours ago
I don't like rap too much but this was in my recommended and I'm glad it was♨♨♨
Shana Gordon
Shana Gordon - 23 hours ago
who came from S1 23island remix didn't no of this kid wavey tho
The Afrikan Kuudu
The Afrikan Kuudu - Day ago
this instrumental lowkey give me gunna vibes with the guitar in the background, but jaydayoungan always have the best instrumentals tho😱👍🏼❤
Kelvin Lonberger
Kelvin Lonberger - 18 hours ago
Bdhdhd Brbrhrhrh
Bdhdhd Brbrhrhrh - Day ago
this beat drop harder then jame charles subs
queencoryy yt
queencoryy yt - Day ago
Deandre Smith
Deandre Smith - Day ago
This hoe live
Maleah_queen Periot
You suck NBA youngboy is better 👿👎🏻🙄🤬
Yung Eskimo
Yung Eskimo - Day ago
Rosa Guerra Gonzales
Dead insland 2
shy__ baby
shy__ baby - Day ago
How tf youngboy got more views than this crusty lip ass nigga SLIME MENTALITY💚🔥💯
shy__ baby
shy__ baby - Day ago
slime mentality🐐🔥💚
Logiee Sayluhh
Logiee Sayluhh - Day ago
This shit hits...
センパイ一時 - Day ago
x levi
x levi - Day ago
I listen to this song every day❤️❤️❤️
Ray Rivera
Ray Rivera - Day ago
Flow live but his voice fuck it up for me
Benjamin Pettiford
Benjamin Pettiford - Day ago
what 808 is that?
KrAxŸ FŃ - Day ago
U soft fuck 23 it’s 38 baby
Xayahna Parrish
Xayahna Parrish - Day ago
Bro u dont understand hom much i fuck wit this song 🔥
promblemchildent - Day ago
Louisiana stand up
April Irwin
April Irwin - Day ago
oh hell no this go hard but his gf looks like a mf horse
TyraLzz Zz
TyraLzz Zz - 2 hours ago
April Irwin 😭
Check out my Tape on my page💯 Straight pain music.. promise u won’t Be disappointed. Only 16 🙏🏾‼️
Caleah Hudgins
Caleah Hudgins - Day ago
Jameir Scott
Jameir Scott - Day ago
Trash youngboy is better
VR NATION - Day ago
Listen I was one of the first people to listen I hate when people wait 3 weeks to watch the vid
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