Donald Trump Is A Diagnosed Narcissist

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Number Five
Number Five - 16 hours ago
Trump is lame
Phillip Thomas
Phillip Thomas - Day ago
Mr. are a national treasure. Preach on brother.
R van bergen
R van bergen - 3 days ago
Personally, I'd call Trump a shower. Why a shower? Because in Dutch, shower is douche.
daniel ross
daniel ross - 9 days ago
And Colbert is a leftist nut job
Luis Amaya
Luis Amaya - 16 days ago
Your one of the funniest shows ever. LOL
Omar Khalil
Omar Khalil - 17 days ago
im sorry but that is fucked up
orlandotj1 - 19 days ago
Trump's mom is Trump in drag, aka Dame Ednas cousin.
boston babe
boston babe - 20 days ago
Trump is actually bi-polar with sociopathic/ violent tendencies.
hirschiegirl - 21 day ago
A giant stool! 💩😂😂
Christian A
Christian A - 21 day ago
Colbert swallows at times.
b c
b c - 23 days ago
Cable, be careful, you are in the age of idiocracy and low I.Q's. The mission is to find Forge, he holds the codes and information. Keith Moon was here. Jimi Hendrix was here. John Wick was here.
Britt Waller
Britt Waller - 25 days ago
The Trump walking up the stairs bit was HYSTERICAL! OMG I'm crying.
Anaya H
Anaya H - 25 days ago
Maria Suarez
Maria Suarez - 25 days ago
You do Know if trump was so dumb on camera Stephen Colbert really wouldn’t have a higher percentage of people that agree with the most famous Stephen Colbert- trump -6 % approve Stephen Colbert 935,3845 % looks like Stephen is up there approve
Caroline Laronda
Caroline Laronda - 25 days ago
The only reason people are able to hold positions of power like this ( most cases , not all ) is because they truly believe they’re worthy and deserving of it . It’s the over inflated sense of self entitlement that allows for this to happen bc it’s our belief systems , whether they’re healthy or not , that bring us the reality of our lives . This is how and why our world is run by elitist sociopaths- they truly believe they’re above the majority of “normal “ people without these coping mechanisms that make us who we are .
The Retrospective
The Retrospective - 25 days ago
Well done back in 2017! I also saw the warning signs back then, but since majority of population doesn't know what #narcissism is, he got elected. I believe we haven't seen the worst yet. When things eventually start falling and his star begins to fall, there will be rage never seen before. I have couple of videos up for interested:
Narc Goes To War:
Narcissistic Rage:
Narc Leaders:
Steven Matthews
Steven Matthews - 26 days ago
How about this Colbert bring some facts forward real facts not so called facts curbed by your bias.
How about the raising economy how about the declining unemployment rate how about the deportation of illegal immigrants.
People want to attack Trump on his actions in the economic situation facing America yet they don't actually want to look at the facts the details concerning such if price is raised American companies will be able to begin producing what we are buying from those foreign entities that are giving us overpriced products to begin with not to mention those governments do not have the same laws implemented that we have concerning production children's rights Fair wage Fair working conditions clean working environments in those countriespeople are forced to work in jobs that they did not choose for themselves based on social status and elitism yeah Colbert thinks it's all just a joke Colbert you should be ashamed. Forget the word narcissist Colbert you're a wicked person and you're preparing yourself for a fall if you don't remorsefully acknowledge your wicked doings.Do you seriously think God Almighty sits on his throne listening to your dribble and laughs as you mock the inter dealings of things that you do not comprehend.
2 Peter 2:12 King James Version (KJV)
12 But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption;
Isaiah 5:20 King James Version (KJV)
20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
Oh but don't mind me I'm just a troll a mindless religious zealot....
Jesus is the way!
Brent Randel
Brent Randel - Month ago
Brent Randel
Brent Randel - Month ago
Ahhhhh ah it's a president an it looks like a Trump make America spread more people. Ah legs
Brent Randel
Brent Randel - Month ago
My hole is dripping over your head an you are going in don't push it people!!!!!!!!! Or do
Zoe Fang
Zoe Fang - Month ago
"Me Me Me"---Doesn't 45 LOVE the sound of that. "Me, Me Me"
Putting the "ME" in America indeed.
ashley blue style
ashley blue style - Month ago
I’m crying I actually can’t 🤣🤣🤣 he doesn’t have much Obama has 108 million and when did how much followers you have on social media have to do with your presidency or how good you are I follow an account that posts about cats and has more followers then you shame🤭
Tim D
Tim D - Month ago
Absolutely dead on analysis.
Drew James
Drew James - Month ago
The Goldwater rule is the informal name given to section 7 in the American Psychiatric Association's (APA) Principles of Medical Ethics, which states that it is unethical for psychiatrists to give a professional opinion about public figures whom they have not examined in person, and from whom they have not obtained consent to discuss their mental health in public statements It is named after former US Senator and 1964 presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.[3][4]
Vaughan Watkins
Vaughan Watkins - 2 months ago
A rasist compulsive liar is in charge of USA...what u all worried about?..nothing new.
Keirol Keirol
Keirol Keirol - 2 months ago
that is good idea and solution...
Melvin cash
Melvin cash - 2 months ago
He's a 10 out of 10 chicken shit coward!
Matt R
Matt R - 2 months ago
Of course he's a flagrant embarrassingly obvious narcissist with no insight into that but he is also an antisocial personality disorder and additionally very likely has ADD. From this base of psychopathology flows of course his belligerent assaultive rudeness, habitual delusional lying, sympathy with viscious murderous dictators, disrespect and disreguard of great Americans and their elite levels of accomplishment, distractibility, extremely shallow and childish modes of expression, completely incoherent erzatz "policies", crafty tax evasion, and respect only for all his criminal friends.
XDigsX 13
XDigsX 13 - 2 months ago
Bruh what if Don Jr. has actually gotten with his step momma?I don't know why but I believe fully that he has fucked Melania.
Jonny Boyer
Jonny Boyer - 2 months ago
You crack pots have no clue what is best for America let alone your children that are all lead astray from the gay rap/hip hop they giggle/dance to. Pitiful parenting and you pukes actually vote!!? OMFG!!
Blair Gray
Blair Gray - 2 months ago
Was it (ME)- Ever Out of America (ns)..?
Jim Miller
Jim Miller - 2 months ago
If the Federal reserve
lowers interests rates it will risk another Great Depression and risk losing
their credibility to serve as a neutral body capable of keeping the United
States economy on solid footing.  The
stock market is overvalued. In the late 1920s, the Fed was reluctant to raise
interest rates in response to soaring share prices, leaving rampant bank
lending pushing  prices higher. When the
Fed did belatedly act, the bubble burst. 
12 years of Republican presidents 
preceded the great depression of 1929. 
They cut taxes  mostly for the
wealthy and persuaded the federal reserve put in place artificially low
interest rates set by old line Republican beholding to their corporate friends.
This fueled speculative schemes  and an
overvalued stock market.  In 1928
Republican president Hoover claimed the economy was great but then as now, it
was based on inflated stock prices.  
America's savings disappeared with the stock market crash. The wealth of
the world was then and is now concentrated in the hands of a small class at the
top. When the stock inflated bubble bursts, the great bulk of the population
will again be no longer be able to purchase the increasing supply of
goods.  With less demand, production will
be diminished, jobs will be lost leading to more unemployment and depression.   The
Federal Reserve must not lower interest rates inflating stock prices even more,
 pumping prices up with easy money.  The greater the stock bubble,  the greater the crash and depression.  The Federal Reserve must not be seen as incompetent
and incapable of not caving in to political pressure if it is to survive.
The P
The P - 2 months ago
The P
The P - 2 months ago
Adam Smith.
Adam Smith. - 2 months ago
Stephen could sleep well. He is covered by 4 more years. Unless his Big Money master run out of money in the meantime. Who knows.
Adam Smith.
Adam Smith. - 2 months ago
It is very likely Late Colbert looks into mirror every night before his show and thinks "Only if I could be like Trump"? Unfortunately not a chance in even million years, he knows that and these $15M per year paid to him by his Global Money Masters do not fully heal his narcissit's persona.
Nick Adams
Nick Adams - 2 months ago
Trump is a CUNT. Weirdly, while he doesn’t seem in the least bit homosexual, he nonetheless signifies as very faggy.
Anne Chester
Anne Chester - 2 months ago
You think presidents are elected by the public ?
Get some titanium white imported from China African slave trade (and causes cancer) paint your picket fence..and keep dreaming..
"The American dream"
dlee t
dlee t - 2 months ago
He is too dumb to open a bottle of Evian because the instructions are in French.
kenneth lowey
kenneth lowey - 2 months ago
Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch has been left with a shitload of Ferrero Rocher after the Trump administration refused to have further dealings with him.
Everyone knows that the main job of ambassadors is to hold receptions where massive pyramids of Ferrero Rocher are served to guests. Without the little chocolate and hazelnut balls, World War Three would have broken out decades ago.
Now that Donald Trump has said the US won’t be dealing with Sir Kim, a stock problem has arisen inside the British embassy.
“I’ve got thousands of the fucking things,” said the British ambassador standing in front of a warehouse full of Ferrero Rocher.
“Back home people just associate them with Christmas – they’re something to gift when you can’t be arsed to put any thought into it, second only in effortlessness to a box of Maltesers.
“However, in the diplomatic community, their nutty deliciousness staves off trade wars and prevents nuke buttons being pressed.
“When I first presented a tray to Trump he was impressed. ‘Ah, you’ve seen our big triangle thing in Vegas? That’s really great,’ he said.
“He then immediately popped one in his mouth without taking the foil off, his entourage following his lead. This told me straight away that they were all incompetent and dysfunctional.
“‘Not bad’, said Trump, wincing and trembling with the mild galvanic shock. ‘Not sure about the nuts though’.
“Anyway, America’s a big place so I ordered tonnes of this stuff. If I’m not allowed to give any more receptions I don’t know what I’m gonna do with them.
“I see Theresa May has offered me her full support though. I should probably buy her a nice, thoughtful present to say thank you…”
Craig Gomez
Craig Gomez - 2 months ago
Compared Trump's long term planning to that of an empty chair. (Colbert's come back line) More like a giant stool. GREAT LINE COLBERT!
Jennifer Ierace
Jennifer Ierace - 2 months ago
I was married to a Narcissist for 15 years and I knew Trump was a Narc as soon as he opened his mouth. I have predicted his every turn so here is a word of warning for the him out and he still won’t go!
Arch Angel
Arch Angel - 2 months ago
Indeed he is. And talking about him constantly and giving him free publicity is what he wants. Colbert is doing fantastic at doing that.
stacy youst
stacy youst - 2 months ago
We neeeeed the laughs do badly
James Cronin
James Cronin - 2 months ago
Trump is not only a narcissist, he is more than that. He is a PSYCHOPATH. Don't believe me, Google "20 traits of a psychopath."
Jim Brown
Jim Brown - 2 months ago
Ironically, Obama still has twice as many Twitter followers as Drumpf!
Gina Kay
Gina Kay - 2 months ago
Lily Rose
Lily Rose - 2 months ago
Trump is a cult leader
GreenerHill - 2 months ago
We've all met narcissists in pubs/bars, haven't we? The self-obsessed/-referencing bore. The guy who gets nastier as he gets drunker, then causes a fight (and loses or gets thrown out). Trump doesn't even DRINK and he's the worst of that breed! They tell you they have the highest IQ, could "have" any woman in the room, were in the SAS or Commandos, know the secret of success, then ask if you could, sort of, buy them the next drink.
Kev Ro
Kev Ro - 2 months ago
These so called psychologists need professional sanctions. They have never examined the subject personally so have no justification for making a diagnosis and taking it to the public.
Stephanie Huckabee
Stephanie Huckabee - 2 months ago
Any reputable psychologist would never make a diagnosis without actually seeing the subject. They would also never share it with the world as it is against Privacy/HIPPA and is just disreputable and classless.
Brian - 2 months ago
I follow him on Twitter. "Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer".
BenjaminFranklin99 - 2 months ago
Correct diagnosis - I'm qualified to say so.
themetal - 2 months ago
He's not just a narcissist. He's been diagnosed as a malignant narcissist. Besides, he has dementia. Let's vote all these scum bags out of office.
Greg Giles
Greg Giles - 2 months ago
sure living next door to one is a freaking nightmare, its entertaining watching America from New Zealand.
Guitar Collector 12
Guitar Collector 12 - 2 months ago
Narcissistic bastard, that's Colbert for ya..🤨
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones - 2 months ago
Colbett ia a dumb Canadian. Jordan Peterson is a smart Canadian.
AGENT X SECURITY - 2 months ago
Eric Rogers
Eric Rogers - 2 months ago
Cypress Hill, yes
EUGENE KUPKA - 2 months ago
If Trump turned out this way just think what a Don Jr is going to be Dr Jeckel and Mr Hyde personality !
Barry Sheridan
Barry Sheridan - 2 months ago
The truth is we got some dirt on you from when you were in college so maybe we'll start throwing the mud back
Barry Sheridan
Barry Sheridan - 2 months ago
Stephen Colbert 2 years in the making a living off of Donald Trump it's about time you sent a check
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