Donald Trump Is A Diagnosed Narcissist

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Chad Taylor
Chad Taylor - 12 hours ago
Two years of Trump president delivered a lifetime of ignorant repetitive monologues and excruciating imitations from this show #leftwinghack #Colbertsux
Allison Rader
Allison Rader - 15 hours ago
My vote on Trump's mental status? Neurosyphilis. Mark me down for Late Stage Neurosyphilis. 👍🏻😬🧠🤢
Joris Teirlinck
Joris Teirlinck - 20 hours ago
A nation deserves its leaders
Hoodoo Man
Hoodoo Man - Day ago
10 out of 10 is actually a pretty good score.
Theresa Yendrey
Theresa Yendrey - 3 days ago
Please be the American our forefathers fought for. Get rid of the embarrassment and biggest threat to our country since Hitler. He's a dangerous sociopath. He feels nothing for people struggling to pay healthcare, he disrespects anyone who doesnt aggree with him and he's a coward that never fought in battle. We as a nation have no integrity if we re-elect this Monster who praises murderous dictators like Vladamere Putin and Kim Jon Ung.
mr. dilone
mr. dilone - 3 days ago
Honey - 4 days ago
Hilarious lol
Chapter13 - 5 days ago
Read the title and... So? Don't like the guy, but I feel like that's a hollow argument. Like, seriously.
Hedy Epp
Hedy Epp - 6 days ago
Theodore Villamizar
Theodore Villamizar - 6 days ago
Shallow Emotions
Psychopaths seem to suffer a kind of emotional poverty that limits the range and depth of their feelings. At times they appear to be cold and unemotional while nevertheless being prone to dramatic, shallow, and short-lived displays of feeling. Careful observers are left with the impression they are playacting and little is going on below the surface.

A psychopath in our research said that he didn't really understand what others meant by fear. "When I rob a bank," he said, "I notice that the teller shakes. One barfed all over the money. She must have been pretty messed up inside, but I don't know why. If someone pointed a gun at me I guess I'd be afraid, but I wouldn't throw up." When asked if he ever felt his heart pound or his stomach churn, he replied, "Of course! I'm not a robot. I really get pumped up when I have sex or when I get into a fight."

Psychopaths are unlikely to spend much time weighing the pros and cons of a course of action or considering the possible consequences. "I did it because I felt like it," is a common response. These impulsive acts often result from an aim that plays a central role in most of the psychopath's behavior: to achieve immediate satisfaction, pleasure, or relief.

So family members, relatives, employers, and coworkers typically find themselves standing around asking themselves what happened—jobs are quit, relationships broken off, plans changed, houses ransacked, people hurt, often for what appears as little more than a whim. As the husband of a psychopath I studied put it: "She got up and left the table, and that was the last I saw of her for two months."

Poor Behavior Controls
Besides being impulsive, psychopaths are highly reactive to perceived insults or slights. Most of us have powerful inhibitory controls over our behavior; even if we would like to respond aggressively we are usually able to "keep the lid on." In psychopaths, these inhibitory controls are weak, and the slightest provocation is sufficient to overcome them.

As a result, psychopaths are short-tempered or hotheaded and tend to respond to frustration, failure, discipline, and criticism with sudden violence, threats or verbal abuse. But their outbursts, extreme as they may be, are often short-lived, and they quickly act as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

For example, an inmate in line for dinner was accidentally bumped by another inmate, whom he proceeded to beat senseless. The attacker then stepped back into line as if nothing had happened. Despite the fact that he faced solitary confinement as punishment for the infraction, his only comment when asked to explain himself was, "I was pissed off. He stepped into my space. I did what I had to do."

Although psychopaths have a "hair trigger," their aggressive displays are "cold"; they lack the intense arousal experienced when other individuals lose their temper.

A Need for Excitement
Psychopaths have an ongoing and excessive need for excitement—they long to live in the fast lane or "on the edge," where the action is. In many cases the action involves the breaking of rules.

Many psychopaths describe "doing crime" for excitement or thrills. When asked if she ever did dangerous things just for fun, one of our female psychopaths replied, "Yeah, lots of things. But what I find most exciting is walking through airports with drugs. Christ! What a high!"

The flip side of this yen for excitement is an inability to tolerate routine or monotony. Psychopaths are easily bored and are not likely to engage in activities that are dull, repetitive, or require intense concentration over long periods.
Theodore Villamizar
Theodore Villamizar - 6 days ago
Glib and Superficial
Psychopaths are often voluble and verbally facile. They can be amusing and entertaining conversationalists, ready with a clever comeback, and are able to tell unlikely but convincing stories that cast themselves in a good light. They can be very effective in presenting themselves well and are often very likable and charming.

One of my raters described an interview she did with a prisoner: "I sat down and took out my clipboard," she said, "and the first thing this guy told me was what beautiful eyes I had. He managed to work quite a few compliments on my appearance into the interview, so by the time I wrapped things up, I was feeling unusually… well, pretty. I'm a wary person, especially on the job, and can usually spot a phony. When I got back outside, I couldn't believe I'd fallen for a line like that."

Egocentric and Grandiose
Psychopaths have a narcissistic and grossly inflated view of their own self-worth and importance, a truly astounding egocentricity and sense of entitlement, and see themselves as the center of the universe, justified in living according to their own rules. "It's not that I don't follow the law," said one subject. "I follow my own laws. I never violate my own rules." She then proceeded to describe these rules in terms of "looking out for number one."

Psychopaths often claim to have specific goals but show little appreciation regarding the qualifications required—they have no idea of how to achieve them and little or no chance of attaining these goals, given their track record and lack of sustained interest in formal education. The psychopathic inmate might outline vague plans to become a lawyer for the poor or a property tycoon. One inmate, not particularly literate, managed to copyright the title of a book he was planning to write about himself, already counting the fortune his best-selling book would bring.

Lack of Remorse or Guilt
Psychopaths show a stunning lack of concern for the effects their actions have on others, no matter how devastating these might be. They may appear completely forthright about the matter, calmly stating that they have no sense of guilt, are not sorry for the ensuing pain, and that there is no reason now to be concerned.

When asked if he had any regrets about stabbing a robbery victim who subsequently spent time in the hospital as a result of his wounds, one of our subjects replied, "Get real! He spends a few months in hospital and I rot here. If I wanted to kill him I would have slit his throat. That's the kind of guy I am; I gave him a break."

Their lack of remorse or guilt is associated with a remarkable ability to rationalize their behavior, to shrug off personal responsibility for actions that cause family, friends, and others to reel with shock and disappointment. They usually have handy excuses for their behavior, and in some cases deny that it happened at all.

Lack of Empathy
Many of the characteristics displayed by psychopaths are closely associated with a profound lack of empathy and inability to construct a mental and emotional "facsimile" of another person. They seem completely unable to "get into the skin" of others, except in a purely intellectual sense.

They are completely indifferent to the rights and suffering of family and strangers alike. If they do maintain ties, it is only because they see family members as possessions. One of our subjects allowed her boyfriend to sexually molest her five-year-old daughter because "he wore me out. I wasn't ready for more sex that night." The woman found it hard to understand why the authorities took her child into care.

Deceitful and Manipulative
With their powers of imagination in gear and beamed on themselves, psychopaths appear amazingly unfazed by the possibility—or even by the certainty—of being found out. When caught in a lie or challenged with the truth, they seldom appear perplexed or embarrassed—they simply change their stories or attempt to rework the facts so they appear to be consistent with the lie. The result is a series of contradictory statements and a thoroughly confused listener.

And psychopaths seem proud of their ability to lie. When asked if she lied easily, one woman laughed and replied, "I'm the best. I think it's because I sometimes admit to something bad about myself. They think, well, if she's admitting to that she must be telling the truth about the rest."
Theodore Villamizar
Theodore Villamizar - 6 days ago
I assembled a team of clinicians who would identify psychopaths in the prison population by means of long, detailed interviews and close study of file information. From this eventually developed a highly reliable diagnostic tool that any clinician or researcher could use and that yielded a richly detailed profile of the personality disorder called psychopathy. We named this instrument the Psychopathy Checklist (Multi-Health Systems; 1991). The checklist is now used worldwide and provides clinicians and researchers with a way of distinguishing, with reasonable certainty, true psychopaths from those who merely break the rules.

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What follows is a general summary of the key traits and behaviors of a psychopath. Do not use these symptoms to diagnose yourself or others. A diagnosis requires explicit training and access to the formal scoring manual. If you suspect that someone you know conforms to the profile described here, and if it is important for you to have an expert opinion, you should obtain the services of a qualified (registered) forensic psychologist or psychiatrist.

Also, be aware that people who are not psychopaths may have some of the symptoms described here. Many people are impulsive, or glib, or cold and unfeeling, but this does not mean that they are psychopaths. Psychopathy is a syndrome—a cluster of related symptoms.

Key Symptoms of Psychopathy

Glib and superficial
Egocentric and grandiose
Lack of remorse or guilt
Lack of empathy
Deceitful and manipulative
Shallow emotions
Social Deviance:

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Poor behavior controls
Need for excitement
Lack of responsibility
Early behavior problems
Adult antisocial behavior
Theodore Villamizar
Theodore Villamizar - 6 days ago
Several types of evidence support the idea that emotions involve
activation in one of two basic brain systems, an aversive (negative emotion)
system controlling defensive reactions, and an appetitive (positive) system
controlling approach behaviors (Gray, 1987; Lang, 1995). Schneirla (1959)
concluded from his studies of various animal species that approach and
avoidance are the most basic forms of behavioral expression. Similarly,
Konorski (1967) identified two main categories of external reflexes in
mammals, appetitive and defensive. McLean (1958), building on earlier
work by Papez (1937), proposed that the basic emotion centers in the brain
are subcortical structures that developed early in evolution to control
survival behaviors related to approach and avoidance. Another finding that is
consistent with this idea of two motivational systems is that statistical
analyses of mood or emotion words have consistently revealed two major
factors or dimensions (Tellegen, 1985; Russell & Mehrabian, 1977).
Theodore Villamizar
Theodore Villamizar - 6 days ago
Lack of Responsibility Obligations and commitments mean nothing to psychopaths. Their good intentions-"I'll never cheat on you again"-are promises written on the wind. Horrendous credit histories, for example, reveal the lightly taken debt, the loan shrugged off, the empty pledge to contribute to a child's support. Their performance on the job is erratic, with frequent absences, misuse of company resources, violations of company policy, and general untrustworthiness. They do not honor formal or implied commitments to people, organizations, or principles. Psychopaths are not deterred by the possibility that their actions mean hardship or risk for others. A 25-year-old inmate in our studies has received more than 20 convictions for dangerous driving, driving while impaired, leaving the scene of an accident, driving without a license, and criminal negligence causing death. When asked if he would continue to drive after his release from prison, he replied, "Why not? Sure, I drive fast, but I'm good at it. It takes two to have an accident." Early Behavior Problems Most psychopaths begin to exhibit serious behavioral problems at an early age. These might include persistent lying, cheating, theft, arson, truancy, substance abuse, vandalism, and/or precocious sexuality. Because many children exhibit some of these behaviors at one time or another-especially children raised in violent neighborhoods or in disrupted or abusive families-it is important to emphasize that the psychopath's history of such behaviors is more extensive and serious than most, even when compared with that of siblings and friends raised in similar settings. One subject, serving time for fraud, told us that as a child he would put a noose around the neck of a cat, tie the other end of the string to the top of a pole, and bat the cat around the pole with a tennis racket. Although not all adult psychopaths exhibited this degree of cruelty when in their youth, virtually all routinely got themselves into a wide range of difficulties. Adult Antisocial Behavior Psychopaths see the rules and expectations of society as inconvenient and unreasonable impediments to their own behavioral expression. They make their own rules, both as children and as adults. Many of the antisocial acts of psychopaths lead to criminal charges and convictions. Even within the criminal population, psychopaths stand out, largely because the antisocial and illegal activities of psychopaths are more varied and frequent than are those of other criminals. Psychopaths tend to have no particular affinity, or "specialty," for one particular type of crime but tend to try everything. But not all psychopaths end up in jail. Many of the things they do escape detection or prosecution, or are on "the shady side of the law." For them, antisocial behavior may consist of phony stock promotions, questionable business practices, spouse or child abuse, and so forth. Many others do things that, though not necessarily illegal, are nevertheless unethical, immoral, or harmful to others: philandering or cheating on a spouse to name a few. Origins Thinking about psychopathy leads us very quickly to a single fundamental question: Why are some people like this? Unfortunately, the forces that produce a psychopath are still obscure, an admission those looking for clear answers will find unsatisfying. Nevertheless, there are several rudimentary theories about the cause of psychopathy worth considering. At one end of the spectrum are theories that view psychopathy as largely the product of genetic or biological factors (nature), whereas theories at the other end posit that psychopathy results entirely from a faulty early social environment (nurture). The position that I favor is that psychopathy emerges from a complex-and poorly understood-interplay between biological factors and social forces. It is based on evidence that genetic factors contribute to the biological bases of brain function and to basic personality structure, which in turn influence the way an individual responds to, and interacts with, life experiences and the social environment. In effect, the core elements needed for the development of psychopathy-including a profound inability to experience empathy and the complete range of emotions, including fear-are in part provided by nature and possibly by some unknown biological influences on the developing fetus and neonate. As a result, the capacity for developing internal controls and conscience and for making emotional "connections" with others is greatly reduced.
panda44r - 6 days ago
Carrot Colored Caligula Cons Crazy Conservatives
Valley Girl
Valley Girl - 7 days ago
He's also been diagnosed as a COLLUSIONist...
mike - 8 days ago
Colbert shouldn't be doing comedy, he looks like he should be practicing law. I can't laugh with lawyers.
ITZ ME NIK - 9 days ago
I wouldn't be surprised if Lincoln got up and ran away during the event😖
Censorship is the last tool of tyrants
Better a narcissist than a pedophile like Colbert.
David Perrier
David Perrier - 10 days ago
According to Trump, Katy Perry is the greatest president ever.
Kia Rainey
Kia Rainey - 12 days ago
Photo caption intros are underrated and PURE comedy! Santa's business school brother...😂
Tony Brainard
Tony Brainard - 12 days ago
The Lincoln bit killed me
pgmorse - 13 days ago
Anyone else have the "Get help with dealing with a narcissist in your life" advertisement before this? LOL
Jane Coburn
Jane Coburn - 13 days ago
It's a shame more of the British public don't watch this show they might get the idea of just what his own country think of him and why he isn't liked they might not be so eager to hand themselves over to him
TheBrainvision - 13 days ago
What the hell is wrong with Jon Baptiste???!
Wrekon boll
Wrekon boll - 15 days ago
So now we have doctors that can diagnose pathologies without ever talking to a patient. Yeah! I wonder what those same doctors would say about your pathology Colbert. I would like to see the report on ALL the mainstream media personalities. Every one of you delusional FUCKS would be in a padded cell. What kind of drooling moron gets their news from a FUCKING COMEDIAN, and then believes it. DEEERRRP!!!
Phillip Noetzel
Phillip Noetzel - 15 days ago
What a crying, sad excuse of a human being. He's not funny. He lives in his own interpretation of life; and he's simply wrong about everything.
Dennis Tienesen
Dennis Tienesen - 15 days ago
Trump desperately tries to cover up the fact the whole world is blackmailing them and give them a piece of their own medicin by destroying his credibility and destroying the country. And you are his paid actor.
3 things need to happen:
- US has to give away all (military) technology, including all nukes, patents and licenses.
- US has to confess all their misbehaviour and the criminals should be brought to justice
- US has to become a unity, most likely only a civil war can achieve that.
All 3 of these, or zero international business.
Alan Mott-Smith
Alan Mott-Smith - 15 days ago
Nobody called for Donna Chump to get a physical exam. or a child level cognitive assesment. Congress and the public have been demanding an "Emergency Mental Evaluation." Let me qualify this...SIX members of Congress introduced five new articles of impeachment against President Trump.
The members -- Steve Cohen of Tennessee, Luis Gutiérrez of Illinois, Marcia Fudge of Ohio, John Yarmuth of Kentucky, Adriano Espaillat of New York, and Al Green of Texas (who has previously introduced his own articles) -- have been working closely with constitutional lawyers and are focusing on Trump’s obstruction of justice, violations of the Emoluments Clause, and his attacks on the courts and the press.
According to Rep. Gutiérrez: “It is clear to us that [Trump] is unfit to be president of the United States of America.”
Jason - 15 days ago
3 wives
Gary Mingy
Gary Mingy - 16 days ago
Punching a manitee ! Is. Tis this a thing ? I have dreams ....
RYAN SEACREST - 16 days ago
is this where you demonrats get your news lol. maga 2020
Nyah Notrealname
Nyah Notrealname - 16 days ago
Glad I'm not an american.
Athena G
Athena G - 16 days ago
I'm anti-Trump, but this was hard to watch
Randall Davis
Randall Davis - 16 days ago
I actually did LOL when he said"more like a giant stool"
VoLumeZ - 16 days ago
4:20 captions say "...watching Frump..." Haha
Frumpy = fat and rumpy
Dave Daluz
Dave Daluz - 16 days ago
Who wants to bet that this orange clown gets re-elected again?
LET'S BE REAL HERE!! - 17 days ago
Trump's mother.....NOW I GET IT!!!
Smoke of Spades
Smoke of Spades - 17 days ago
Well we all knew the guy is a narc
Rajan Thakkar
Rajan Thakkar - 17 days ago
??? What Is happening ???
Ryan Ortega
Ryan Ortega - 17 days ago
Damn! This went for it!
keyara jackson
keyara jackson - 17 days ago
Obama is second though with followers. Somebody should've pointed that out and made him even more upset
Fran C.
Fran C. - 17 days ago
" That's right.. Ima 10 out of 10 that is an Empty Chair, who has a special password with the golden Chicken grease!" LOL😂🤣😆🤗 Colbert is Spot on.. 👐
Ron Lee
Ron Lee - 18 days ago
"You know who help me get elected? Me " 😂
Rick Joneshy
Rick Joneshy - 18 days ago
Donald Trump is the Great White Dope ! I mean Hope..😒
YourKingReturns - 18 days ago
It's funny Stephen makes that Lincoln joke, because I felt the same way when I visited DC lmao
Chris Evans
Chris Evans - 18 days ago
"Tell them how popular my policy is" If it's popular you wouldn't need to tell them.
Chris Evans
Chris Evans - 18 days ago
I knew he was a narcissist a long time ago. Look it up in the dictionary, every statement in the definition can EASILY apply to his personality.
Amy Zhao
Amy Zhao - 18 days ago
Trumps said the American importers could order goods from other countries.
Except all the high-tech goods, I think it is quite easy to find the substitutes. And they have done before trade war.
Yes. Because Chinese told them, they had established their subsidiaries in other countries. Don’t worry.
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones - 19 days ago
He's an uneducated moron with no real purpose
Michael R.
Michael R. - 19 days ago
russian/democratic/antifa.....TRUMP 2020 !
lennylenz - 19 days ago
LOL I could have told the dude was something else long before he was President. Oh well.
Jackson Kao
Jackson Kao - 20 days ago
Ardolf Hitterler
Master Adjuster
Master Adjuster - 20 days ago
Read The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. They warned us. Better yet, Have Bandy X. Lee on your program Colbert. Also, to say it's just the mother is ridiculous. It takes two to create someone that fucked up.
k - 21 day ago
Anyone know of a president who wasn't accused of being a raging narcissist?
k - 19 days ago
@J Allen I won't argue with you there.. don't think for a second i'm a trump fan. It's just getting so hard to weed through the partisan politics everywhere to get to the story. Can't tell you the last time I watched Fox news.
J Allen
J Allen - 21 day ago
yeah but when an obvious moron claims to 'know more than the generals' and to be a 'very stable genius' its easy to see who the narcissist is..right?
Timothy O'Brien
Timothy O'Brien - 21 day ago
Trump Jong-un.
K Pee
K Pee - 21 day ago
And then Abraham Lincoln rose from the marble throne of Democracy, and slowly reached behind him, as he gracefully lifted the gigantic axe to shoulder height with but one hand, and one muscled and sinewy arm, and with full force, brought it down upon....
pipercat10 - 21 day ago
And Steve Colbert is diagnosed to be a no talent, brainless mental midget !
Dash Riprock
Dash Riprock - 22 days ago
Stephen Colbert, what the hell happened to you? You used to be funny.
Dash Riprock
Dash Riprock - 20 days ago
@Zachary Barcelona hahahahaha yuk yuk yuk
Dash Riprock
Dash Riprock - 20 days ago
@J Allen I'm not conservative, just discerning. A-hole.
J Allen
J Allen - 21 day ago
every butthurt conservative on here says the same thing...'what happened, Colbert used to be funny?' 🙄
Zachary Barcelona
Zachary Barcelona - 21 day ago
Dash Riprock what the hell happened to you?; Did you run out of insults?
jennifer williams
jennifer williams - 22 days ago
Trump....Didn't Donald Trump have a psych eval the fbi and cia do that to them before happened...Trump I need employment that utilizes psych requirement.... so the Jennifer writing this comment can ask the psychiatrist questions about their practice and investigate their thought process they have been brainwashed to believe and put into practice...Depopulate
Ur Nonya
Ur Nonya - 22 days ago
Lil stevie is obsessed with trump, lil stevie is also a dumb-o-crap whi thought oboma was a good president, what a idiot.
Ramon Guzman
Ramon Guzman - 23 days ago
From Psychology Today
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
The hallmarks of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) are grandiosity, a lack of empathy for other people, and a need for admiration. People with this condition are frequently described as arrogant, self-centered, manipulative, and demanding. They may also have grandiose fantasies and may be convinced that they deserve special treatment. These characteristics typically begin in early adulthood and must be consistently evident in multiple contexts, such as at work and in relationships. 
People with NPD often try to associate with other people they believe are unique or gifted in some way, which can enhance their own self-esteem. They tend to seek excessive admiration and attentionand have difficulty tolerating criticism or defeat.
Rose Louise
Rose Louise - 23 days ago
I mean, he named his son after himself.
Jacadar Home
Jacadar Home - 23 days ago
Trump is a Psychopath
Wise Wizard
Wise Wizard - 23 days ago
Stephens trump voice is kinda cringy, he shouldnt do it imo
Harishankar Nair
Harishankar Nair - 23 days ago
Stephen Colbert is a diagnosed nutcase.
mark brownner
mark brownner - 23 days ago
dum dum Donnie and the borscht lappin porn spurs with their new hit single...bring on the intervention..
LV223 - 24 days ago
"I'm shocked, shocked! Well, not that shocked"
JOHNDOE - 24 days ago
extremely stable
Nick Bottorf
Nick Bottorf - 24 days ago
Don’t you get tired of using the same content for 2 whole years? Let’s talk about something funny for once in your career. And no I’m not trump lover and I don’t care about low blows, it’s just fuckin unfunny.
MBF - 24 days ago
10 out of 10 will this show on his college transcripts wait we still ain't get to see those 😆
Mitchell Drake
Mitchell Drake - 24 days ago
He lives in an idyllic 1950s American fantasy, where cheeseburgers rain from the heavens, minorities are taken off the streets by red hatted patriots and all he has to do is sit back and play some golf.
Dr. Genie Greentrees
Dr. Genie Greentrees - 24 days ago
Trump, please resign. 😭
Ancient Builds
Ancient Builds - 24 days ago
Your'e president is an idiot. A shambling moron. Regards, rest of world.
3432919 - 24 days ago
Let's try something wonderfully differenr this July 4-shoot the fireworks AT fat donnie! Ka-BOOM-watch out for falling chunks o' lard!
KILL 'EM ALL!🐷🔫🇺🇸🐷🔫🇺🇸💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Ordinaryguy82 - 24 days ago
bet #cadetbonespurs bitches about how amazing it would be IF there were a faux-gold plated escalator at the Lincoln memorial. This buffoon.
it is obvious Trump even looks like a idiot because he is a rich idiot 🤣🤣🤣 he got a loan for a million dollars and he said it still was not easy for him 🤔🙄🤣🤣🤣
arthur taylor
arthur taylor - 24 days ago
I'd still rather have a Diagnosed Narcissist for a President than a Dangerous Sleazy Lying Cunt for a President.
gtopa1 - 24 days ago
Bloody pathetic unfunny liars. Years of falsehood have addled your brains you bunch of bird brained low functioning morons!! No collusion, no conspiring and no obstructing!! You LIARS have been screeching so long it's now a terminal condition!! I want my seven minutes back!!
jaxpsych - 25 days ago
TRUMP 2020!!!
jaxpsych - 25 days ago
LLC - 25 days ago
I wrote a letter to mayor bowser and to interior secretary saying that we will bring the trump baby balloons and rude signs if he insists on going through with this. Mayor bowser is against it.
Cierra Craven
Cierra Craven - 25 days ago
Obama is 2nd lol
Bart van der Wal
Bart van der Wal - 25 days ago
Hey, he grabbed a C chord on his airguitar. Colbert is a player! :P @3:00
Lucas Johnson
Lucas Johnson - 25 days ago
worst president in the history of the united states.
Yoder023 - 25 days ago
Notice how no one is laughing anymore? Maybe everyone is sick of this clown? And maybe we should impeach the bastard? Just a thought
Lance Rexington
Lance Rexington - 25 days ago
This guy is a boring hack
Lance Rexington
Lance Rexington - 25 days ago
John King sure everybody watches things and comments on them, where have you been ???? 2019 man get with it.
John King
John King - 25 days ago
Who you have just watched - You don't like Colbert, and so you watch and comment on his clips?
Azem Cancarevic
Azem Cancarevic - 25 days ago
Trying to take over the 4th of july. How is this not another stupid was to act as an dictator. Trying to make americas birthday as his own.
Sheri Townsend
Sheri Townsend - 25 days ago
A professional diagnosed Trump as a narcissist. Seriously, did it really take a professional to come to that conclusion? How about telling us something about him we don't know, like what's in his tax returns.
Bryna Waldman
Bryna Waldman - 25 days ago
Impeachment is being openly discussed today, by the dems, a day after Trump didn't show up at the infrastructure committee meeting.
My mind boggles at putting the two visions together; Trump trying to make July 4th all about him, and impeachment proceedings building momentum, and maybe barreling ahead full swing. The two side by side.
I almost get dizzy from cognitive dissonance . . . .
Matt Robles
Matt Robles - 25 days ago
I'm watching this show on my other cell phone but commenting on this phone because there's a cocksuckers at you tube who's cockblocking my videos
Brian Biggar
Brian Biggar - 25 days ago
A few things wrong with this... Trump knowing how to use a guitar? Trump able to sing, let alone in key? Trump able to make up lyrics on the fly that actually work?
SR Ghost
SR Ghost - 25 days ago
I love how many people in the comment section pretend to be American XD
avid Non
avid Non - 26 days ago
I Love Stephen's monologues!
But this 1 is the BEST ever!
Hilarious & SLAMS trump perfectly! The Lincoln memorial steps is So Awesome!
Jon B Baca
Jon B Baca - 26 days ago
Obama tweets once a week, and he gets an insane amount of likes and retweets. Trump tweets ten times a day, and even all the bots that like and retweet him are getting sick of his posts. He's overdoing it big time, and he's gonna start bleeding real followers. If Twitter really starts cracking down on bots and fake accounts, watch Trump's followers drop by 50%
FalloutJack - 26 days ago
Oh please, those doctors don't know what they're talking about.
Trump is an ELEVEN out of ten. He's the Spinal Tap of self-absorbed morons.
And yes, before anyone asks... Fake documentary about a fake band joke DOES imply he's a fake president.
pschroeter1 - 26 days ago
Trump: Is it cannibalism if you've eaten your own brain?
average joe
average joe - 26 days ago
Remember that time Congress spent 40 million dollars and two years to investigate a sitting president and came up with Jack shit? We need more of that.
average joe
average joe - 26 days ago
For the sake of every late night show we better hope trump gets re elected cause after 3 year's of making fun of him nightly I don't think we could actually write comedy anymore.
John King
John King - 25 days ago
For the sake of humanity and decency I hope he is not re-elected, sadly the American voter and their pathetic rigged electoral college makes it harder for Democrats to be elected.
My Name
My Name - 26 days ago
You cant diagnose someone without talking to them. Im no Trump fan and I think there is plenty evidence of narcissism, but thankfully, this is not how the mental health system works. You cant diagnose strangers because their motives and thoughts matter and you need to get to them through a relationship built on trust.
Bonnie Bagley
Bonnie Bagley - 24 days ago
Um, check out "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump," by 27 psychiatric professionals. They're slot on.
ForeverMe543 - 26 days ago
If America was a woman she’d have trump arrested for rape, abuse, neglect, and assault. Just look at how he gropes the flag.
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