The police found something worth millions in my bag, OMG!

18 800
Krilin Lops
Krilin Lops - 3 days ago
200 kg of Kokain
William Tempesta
William Tempesta - 4 days ago
This IS fack
Emma Tbo
Emma Tbo - 8 days ago
A bunch of French words mean different things
trucos informatica
trucos informatica - 10 days ago
“The police found something worth millions in my bag”
An alarm*
Loonaloonii Hdu
Loonaloonii Hdu - 10 days ago
Nope. I'm still nine
Crystal Jones
Crystal Jones - 12 days ago
They don't just call the police they would ch3ck the cameras
Crystal Jones
Crystal Jones - 12 days ago
Uhmm.. they could of been joking you know
- Booh -
- Booh - - 16 days ago
A alarm
Pravin Hurnaum
Pravin Hurnaum - 17 days ago
Voler mean steal and want it has two meaning
Gem the nightwing animochronic
The title should be called the police found a alarm to protect a thousand dollar vase
Yiwen Lee
Yiwen Lee - 20 days ago
My bag is any thing but she can be come to me
Vicky Ozuna
Vicky Ozuna - 20 days ago
You have horrible parents way more than mine.
The Iron Nut
The Iron Nut - 20 days ago
Why was this made the day of the raid
banananauwu - 20 days ago
I knew it was the security guard because of how chill he was when the girl informed him about the stolen item. Yeah ik, guards can be chill while handling their jobs but I’m pretty sure he would at least stop acting so shady and do something right away or tell the manager right away.
Star Fire
Star Fire - 21 day ago
Do yalls parents not whoop u what is with this sneaking oit :3
VenomousZebr - 22 days ago
Its kinda funny that some english ppl try to say french words with english accent bc i am french
Fernando Rodriguez
Fernando Rodriguez - 22 days ago
Poop 😟😟😟😟
Alejandro Hernandez
Alejandro Hernandez - 23 days ago
That's the reason I refuse to get a job what if someone tries to get me arrested for something I didn't do I'm waisting away slowly for the fact that no one can be trusted nowadays.
Jing Hui Ong
Jing Hui Ong - 24 days ago
Any army here?

Only me?
Amelia Hollingsworth
Amelia Hollingsworth - 27 days ago
I'm sorry.
Mariam Sidibe
Mariam Sidibe - 27 days ago
Hey Jessie 😂😂
PeePeePooPoo - 28 days ago
SupremeFlash - 28 days ago
Who else think the animation is horrible? because to me it is 😂😂😂
lil nugget
lil nugget - 28 days ago
Can I get a sub
Line Desjardins
Line Desjardins - 29 days ago
Voler means stealing
10k subs with no video
Can someone sub to mee
Lol first vid is out
Alishah Haider
Alishah Haider - Month ago
Hgmggjibgf6ytuiugrrtiokknhvrt7) cg(nxz#£*8*58*5_=-£#&=
the potatoes' channel
the potatoes' channel - Month ago
Soooo that alarm is worth millions i guess
Dolores Krewson
Dolores Krewson - Month ago
I did not get a raise!☹️
Remaxs **
Remaxs ** - Month ago
And this is why you should learn french
Georges - Month ago
According to the drawing on the vase 🏺
And the word in french « voler »
It would means that the tourist have imagined him self flying
Because in french the word « voler » can mean fly or steel
Sorry for my mistakes in gramar
luna eva
luna eva - Month ago
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith - Month ago
People never listen or believe other people
Quick Fox
Quick Fox - Month ago
Comment down Be low how many people want the garry dead
Shanly Phone
Shanly Phone - Month ago
I'm half dutch and visaya and full inglish and I speak a little bit french and inglish but I can't really read and write french ... Je parle un Petit un francé
Samantha Herbert
Samantha Herbert - Month ago
Really and truly I am getting of these titles that don't match the video I'm unsubscribing , I would prefer to go and waty deadly women first
Bo Counts
Bo Counts - Month ago
•Blue_Gacha•青 - Month ago
the alarm worth is millions???😁
GamerTime Boy
GamerTime Boy - Month ago
I knew what voler means because I’m Canadian
K C - Month ago
Voler means steal!!!!

PS I speak French
Edit: oh u just remembered what it meant lol
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