Juventus vs Real Madrid 1-4 - UHD 4k - UCL Final 2017 - Full Highlights (English Commentary)

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yash veer
yash veer - 5 hours ago
Ramos yes
XXX XXX - 11 hours ago
Joan Rugg
Joan Rugg - 12 hours ago
Cristiano Ronaldo your the best player
Joan Rugg
Joan Rugg - 12 hours ago
C Cristiano Ronaldo
cenation 09
cenation 09 - 16 hours ago
I love ronaldo
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - Day ago
This Champions league is also going to have a bicycle kick in the final.
yasasvi pillamarri
yasasvi pillamarri - Day ago
How was that a red card?!?!?!?!?!
Matt Skateboarding
Matt Skateboarding - 2 days ago
Ramos big cheat
Мама Папа
Мама Папа - 3 days ago
Matthew Beshai
Matthew Beshai - 3 days ago
Love Ronaldo and also Messi
Чингиз Чингиз
Ramos is beach!!! He is mouse!!!
Шамиль Девришков
Капеецц,я помню этот гениальный матчч Хала Мадрид
Rodriguez florian
Rodriguez florian - 4 days ago
Edge Lord
Edge Lord - 4 days ago
Who is here after Ajax dominated both of them
leo fresi
leo fresi - 5 days ago
Where is Dani Alves ?
Akshat Kumar
Akshat Kumar - 5 days ago
2017- 3:05 And he gets jeered by juventus fans... 2018-LOL
Amb Rollings
Amb Rollings - 5 days ago
Sir alex forguson also there 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Jadolive-Burak albayrak
ronaldo yeni takımına 3 tane sallamış
This picture is amazing
Sun-shin Yi
Sun-shin Yi - 6 days ago
Red card ???
Chinh bún chả Hà
Chinh bún chả Hà - 7 days ago
-FUN MEMES- - 8 days ago
Bale and asensio should have started instead of benzema and Casemiro but who cares real won either way.
Mario Gumanty
Mario Gumanty - 8 days ago
We are miss you Christiano
Marvel Arga Motor
Marvel Arga Motor - 9 days ago
4:24 amzing goal casemiro
Dipak Ban
Dipak Ban - 9 days ago
Ronaldo is good
MrKaravaj - 9 days ago
4:50 Nice assist from maestro Modric
Botong Jiang
Botong Jiang - 10 days ago
Ronaldo is the GOAT period.
Victor Santos
Victor Santos - 10 days ago
IS_÷_€&&&££¥Meira siorte
BigTimeSpider - 11 days ago
Sergio Ramos the great pretender.
BigTimeSpider - 11 days ago
Ronaldo see's bicycle kick then spends rest of match doing his own :p
BigTimeSpider - 11 days ago
2:00 me at the UCL Final 2019 when it's Juventus v whomever.
Carlos Dumard
Carlos Dumard - 12 days ago
Juventus just played the first half.
Efren Flores
Efren Flores - 12 days ago
Looks like Real Madrid won’t be winning any champions league without Ronaldo 😂
Benedetto Medici
Benedetto Medici - 12 days ago
Efren Flores yes they will with their signings they’re trying to make they might win it in a couple of years Ronaldo wouldn’t have won if he didn’t have a team around him that causes winning trophies
InfinityPlusOne - 12 days ago
3:00 Imagine if that got in...
Jitka Šplichalova
Jitka Šplichalova - 12 days ago
Bale 👎
N.Y.C Night
N.Y.C Night - 12 days ago
⏸3:28 ⏸
CR7 JUMB 1.80M
amine TN
amine TN - 13 days ago
Well, when watching the highlights today I think that this was clearly a tactical win of zidane over allegri.
Juve played a 3/5/2 formation, too vulnerable on the flanks, Marcelo and Carvajal exploited that perfectly. They didn't cross laterally, but they cross in the space to behind where the strikers are not marked. Good preparation from zidane really, and the 2nd half was perfect.
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez - 13 days ago
2:35 Gareth Bale: “hold my beer”
Boss Zaa
Boss Zaa - 13 days ago
Príncipe de amor [Los Blancos]
Such memories
Alex Thoppil
Alex Thoppil - 14 days ago
Navas was incredible in that game. It's a disgrace that he isnt recognized enough for his huge part in those three Champions Leagues.
Shabber Mhmud
Shabber Mhmud - 14 days ago
Yeah and ronaldo will go juventus
allypezz - 10 days ago
Actually he already has
The Blacktinos
The Blacktinos - 14 days ago
Out of all the champions league wins of Real Madrid in the last 5 years this was by far the best one.
Joyeuse Mutambarungu
Joyeuse Mutambarungu - 15 days ago
nice goal by cr7
Emi__7 _
Emi__7 _ - 16 days ago
2:29 After this goal, Ronaldo realised that they need 3 more goals
Andika005 - 16 days ago
Isco=Tony Stark
Davide Bazhuri
Davide Bazhuri - 18 days ago
Ci godo
Irawan Ade
Irawan Ade - 19 days ago
Do you guys notice at 8:15 Gigi said "great diving"? lmao
Clifford Farley
Clifford Farley - 20 days ago
Bazziwe Noah
Bazziwe Noah - 20 days ago
But Ronaldo is a dictator, see in 2019 when he did it again for Juventus against ATM.
Bazziwe Noah
Bazziwe Noah - 20 days ago
Zidane made a wrong decision to return to madrid, this wont happen anymore.
Vasin Castro
Vasin Castro - 21 day ago
Эхх как же реал катал ювентус сейчас у реала перестройка
グティエレス - 22 days ago
just Ronald looks like 3D
Albert Michel
Albert Michel - 22 days ago
Fuck u Ramos
Jonas Kahnwald
Jonas Kahnwald - 23 days ago
Son of the bitch ramos
Zahra Outiskte
Zahra Outiskte - 23 days ago
It is good vedio
Jorge Machado Alves
Jorge Machado Alves - 24 days ago
Better than anything else on earth.
Nouman Anjum
Nouman Anjum - 24 days ago
What a night it was!
Traing Soccer Skill
Traing Soccer Skill - 25 days ago
Nice work my idol
Fajar Mubarok
Fajar Mubarok - 27 days ago
-xRa1z Whø
-xRa1z Whø - 28 days ago
2019 ?
midnimo tv
midnimo tv - 28 days ago
Who is here after Ronaldo hat trick
They got the Steely Dan T shirts
Love that the commentators are from the US, great to see Americans who love soccer, it’s a shame it’s not as big as in Europe there. And love the hug between Ramos and Buffon after the match, if there’s just one thing to feel bad for remembering this match, other than having lost Cristiano, it’s that Buffon had to lose for us to win.
Daniel Mincu
Daniel Mincu - Month ago
The match is the best
nay - Month ago
Nazzir - Month ago
Это Интересно
Рамос пидар
Andri Hand
Andri Hand - Month ago
My favorit video❤️
Shamrat khan
Shamrat khan - Month ago
Ronaldo hat trick again vs atM
Виктор Матанов
Ramos puta
Mario cr
Mario cr - Month ago
Legendary match
American Enigma _
American Enigma _ - Month ago
Willl never forget how beautiful these last years were ! The glorious days ! With Zidane and Cr7 ! Winning 3 championships back to back and la liga ! One of the best eras and memories ! Real Madrid is not the same without cr7 and zizu
-FUN MEMES- - 8 days ago
+Drilon Iberhysaj Degea Carva ramos varane Marcelo Pogba Casemiro kroos Icardi Hazard Asensio The RM line up Next season mark my zizo will do magic!
Drilon Iberhysaj
Drilon Iberhysaj - 28 days ago
We were living in a dream without knowing that can end, Zizou is back but i dont think we can match with that team in these years again, cr7 is missing and the core team is weakened,getting old and i think they don't have the desire to win anymore like they did.
anchit kumar
anchit kumar - Month ago
One of Ronaldo's best performances of all time, his best performance in a final and his 2nd best performance for real after the juve bicycle game.
athalah caesar khalfani
Is this is cardiff city stadium?
Бекзат Ысысыс
ramos pidaras
Ashaaz YT
Ashaaz YT - Month ago
Andri Mardiansah
Andri Mardiansah - Month ago
Aya gehu bala bala lapar yeuh
Goal Xeeper
Goal Xeeper - Month ago
Saves by navas 0:55 1:07 7:15
Goal Xeeper
Goal Xeeper - Month ago
Saves by buffon 3:34
น.เน็ค แล้วไง
Zula Balkan
Zula Balkan - Month ago
7:43 best moment😂
Muzaffar Qazakov
Muzaffar Qazakov - Month ago
Великий Зидан великий Криштиано
Genyx - Month ago
6:42 coudarado didnt even touch ramos, but he is diving like a dolphin. The dirtiest player ever.
bowen wei
bowen wei - Month ago
Genyx so, they still won the game, who cared
stickstaboom - Month ago
I really dont like Ramos in 2019 ...Van Dijk better..
Surawat 181818
Surawat 181818 - Month ago
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Angry Mike
Angry Mike - Month ago
Dynasty for RM !!!!! Fucking they got one like 10 EC even before
Саид Тайсон
Саид Тайсон - Month ago
Рамос позор футбола
Мадеш Жасулан
Ramos pidoras
mhamadac - Month ago
American narrators ruin the whole atmosphere. shut up go narate the NBA
Lord Exanders
Lord Exanders - Month ago
Ramos is a piece of shit.
Borce Stojanov
Borce Stojanov - Month ago
Real madrid $¥₩€£
Ricardo Brites
Ricardo Brites - Month ago
Foreshadowing at 2:58 ;)
Leandro Moraga
Leandro Moraga - Month ago
Now Real Madrid out of the champions league because Ajax beat them and now cristiano ronaldo trying to lead juventus to victory 😂
Für die Allianz!
Für die Allianz! - Month ago
We won 3 UCL in a row. The world is laughing about us because we wont win it for a Fourth time in a row.
KARIUS THE G.O.A.T - Month ago
I don’t how that’s funny and we’re gonna win next season with zidane
TheSheepLord - Month ago
That red card against Cuadrado makes me soooo angry
Slow Soon
Slow Soon - Month ago
Miss you ronaldo 😭
Ray2311us - Month ago
Ronaldo’s Bicycle kick all makes sense now. I missed out on football in 2017 and didn’t notice all the fuss was about. Ronaldo tries the bicycle kick in this game and the fans booe’d him for trying to replicate mandzukic’s goal... answers them later when they meet with juventus in 2018... Just wow. After doing the same with Simone and answers him with the hattrick,. I just can’t believe how they would say Messi is the magician, because that title should go to ronaldo 100%.
iFenom_z - Day ago
+Hype School Beast when you watch Cristiano you say "wow?' but when you watch Messi you say "how?" Messi is the magician. I've never heard anyone say Cristiano is a magician.
Savage Sagwa
Savage Sagwa - Month ago
It's because Messi does inhumane things, with his solo goals, dribbling, passing etc. Messi is a magician, Ronaldo is a cyborg / terminator killing machine
Hype School Beast
Hype School Beast - Month ago
Facts brooooo. 😮😮
Tyrado 181
Tyrado 181 - Month ago
Madrid fans are coming to see their team win the cl because they know they wint win it again
Ash .P
Ash .P - Month ago
And why r u here 😂😂 dreaming nthat Barca will win 3 in a row
Stephen Philipps
Stephen Philipps - Month ago
Yeah "as good as you'll ever see in a final" then Bale goes "hold my beer" the next year against my team Liverpool
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