Everything Wrong With A Bug's Life In 13 Minutes Or Less

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pigzaIot 1234567890
One Major mistake he forgot is that all worker ants or any ants for that matter are girls because the boys only purpose is to mate with the queen and they die shortly after yet girls live to be a worker ants and somtimes even queen ants. And ant colony's do not have prenceses
pigzaIot 1234567890
Says 13 min or less yet it's 14 min long
David Woo
David Woo - Day ago
This guy used to be good and legitimate with his opinions. Now it's just him hating everything
jjm2412 - 4 days ago
look. i am not a fan of this movie but you should've removed a sin for hoppers speech. that was great writing with Kevin Spacey giving a great performance
Alpharius Omegon
Alpharius Omegon - 4 days ago
Everything wrong with Antz, you set yourself up for it
You Hit My Car Abc
You Hit My Car Abc - 5 days ago
I should start a Cinimasins sins, god damn you guys are reaching.
You Hit My Car Abc
You Hit My Car Abc - 5 days ago
Racist? Seriously? I know you joke, but seriously. shut the fuck off... does every video have to have some racism in it? Good lord I couldn't even follow that joke. you are the anti-joke.
Racism in a BUGS LIFE?!
Tristan Kendrick
Tristan Kendrick - 5 days ago
Oh no there goes my entire childhood up in flames... Thanks cinema sins 🙃
Derek Ball
Derek Ball - 7 days ago
Picking apart a kids movie is an easy target, its always some dumb illogical bullshit to pacify children so their parents can drink their problems away.
Cody Looker Edwards
Cody Looker Edwards - 7 days ago
Glowing mushrooms DO exist take a sin off for that
Nicolasmcfly - 8 days ago
I'm glad you noticed the mistake at 4:32 . Since I discovered It I couldn't understand How they didn't notice that in the movie making
Martell Marshall
Martell Marshall - 8 days ago
mantis eat grass hoppers.
spiders eat grass hoppers.
grass hoppers don't fly.
ants will kill a few grass hoppers.
Amanda Klugh
Amanda Klugh - 9 days ago
Dude is a totally a pompous idiot...sins are based on personal opinion mainly. Unsubscribing.
Tom Kerruish
Tom Kerruish - 9 days ago
7:53 (the shadow of the cutout) Shadows don't work that way unless you have a nearby point source of light, which the Sun fails to be on both counts. Cartoon optics?
Penny - 9 days ago
Can you do “my fake fiancé”?
EndertheDragon0922 - 10 days ago
4:21- “Cartoon physics!”
Me: *looks at spiders* uh huh.
Ashlyn Frost
Ashlyn Frost - 10 days ago
Now i really want an everything wrong with ants
Ash Campbell
Ash Campbell - 11 days ago
"He's gonna squish the queen to show them who's boss"
You got some Negan in my bug's life.
(High five if you got it)
SupremeRacer 0123
SupremeRacer 0123 - 14 days ago
"So, being a ladybug automatically makes me a girl! Is that it, flyboy?!"

Frances would be excellent for CinemaSins.
Tuni Scott
Tuni Scott - 20 days ago
Should of added a sin for the understanding Years
Grace - 20 days ago
That trailer with the Pizza Planet truck (where the bug bar scene is located) is deadass the same trailer that Randall gets sent to at the end of Monsters Inc.
Lily Canadian
Lily Canadian - 19 days ago
yeah, he points that out. thats the joke.
theGeekOut Girl
theGeekOut Girl - 21 day ago
7:02 I knew this when I was little lol
Jamey R.
Jamey R. - 29 days ago
can you please say "ex machina" a few more times in the next videos?!
Hank J. Wimbleton
Hank J. Wimbleton - Month ago
0:20 Wait, "presenta"? Is that a typo, or are they using the Spanish version of the film that inexplicably has English dialogue?
Matt Hacker
Matt Hacker - Month ago
“Wanna pollinate with a real bug?” Lmao that’s nasty
Hermit Harry
Hermit Harry - Month ago
There are mushrooms that glow in dark FYI
Natalie gonzalez
Natalie gonzalez - Month ago
How dare you part 4
salt - Month ago
i wouldnt want to be a queen bee. they have sex once then spend the rest of their lives giving birth all day and night
no thanks lmao
diddlydankmemes - Month ago
You mentioned my name in this movie
Hint (first part)
Ducky The Fabulous
Ducky The Fabulous - Month ago
Didnt realize there was a sex joke until now. I GREW UP ON THIS MOVIE CINEMASINS. GODAMMIT-
AggroniteReverse and Mr spoon
My mom was pissed that I hated this movie 🎥
Just sub to me for no Reason
5:34 they did a terrible job in the pizza planet Easter egg
Decroupet Josef
Decroupet Josef - Month ago
Ants have 6 limbs btw
Holly Trout
Holly Trout - Month ago
So...while you're messing with late nineties/early 2000's animated movies that involve non-humans overthrowing an oppressive regime, why not review another fun movie, Chicken Run?
Sara Alhaffar
Sara Alhaffar - Month ago
Walt Disney Presenta?
Alphasnowbordergirl - Month ago
Did anyone else notice that it said "Walt Disney presenta"? Is that a typo I see?
Switch Fan94
Switch Fan94 - Month ago
Dank Llama
Dank Llama - 8 days ago
@Switch Fan94
w h a t e v e r
w h a t e v e r - Month ago
119 because when the 2 role poles or whatever get on hopper 1 took off hoppers antena the role poles fell off and when hopper was going in to the sky it showed hopper flying with 2 antennas
Jorge Flores
Jorge Flores - Month ago
Speaking of antz, you need to sin the movie Antz.
William Underhill
William Underhill - Month ago
Holy shit dude Marcel the shell omg who ARE you
William Underhill
William Underhill - Month ago
7:22 nice "Alice/" reference :)
William Underhill
William Underhill - Month ago
Ladybird beetle.
J 13
J 13 - Month ago
I loved this film as a kid, and still have nostalgic memories of it. But watching this video, it becomes clear why this is one of the few Pixar films to never receive a sequel
WhiskySquanch86 - Month ago
Sin 22 = wrong Panellus stipticus!
mikerw - 2 months ago
So this is basically Seven Samurai meets the liar revealed trope.
Hank J. Wimbleton
Hank J. Wimbleton - 2 months ago
"Hey, you know what would be a great idea for a movie? Literal gangsters shaking down a group for food, which a leader that threatens child murder if they don't comply. It's like Negan in the Walking Dead, but with ants!"
Random Memes Weekly
Random Memes Weekly - 2 months ago
also the worker ants would be all female, and the queen almost never leaves the nest
De Aziz
De Aziz - 2 months ago
100% logical perspective..
Alex the Railfanning Redneck™
The grasshoppers sounding like WWII War planes is the biggest sin of the movie.
Ghost Nebula
Ghost Nebula - 2 months ago
How about how all of the workers should be female.
Zachary Linn
Zachary Linn - 2 months ago
12:20 that sounds like something the Russians would do
Miles Vollet
Miles Vollet - 2 months ago
I know it's a kids movie and all but ants come out of their eggs as adults and all the dad's die as soon as they get the good good but ok
ThePhilybeef - 2 months ago
Too bad you couldn't include the bloopers during the credits, there would have been a little bonus round with the pill bugs having a belching contest.
Yellow bananago
Yellow bananago - 2 months ago
Next episode: the human centipede
Jacob Masten
Jacob Masten - 2 months ago
Grasshoppers only live for little bit
Jacob Masten
Jacob Masten - 2 months ago
Aphids are pests like ants because they work together
Jacob Masten
Jacob Masten - 2 months ago
Aphids and ants are friends not pets that’s right
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K - 2 months ago
Any big Actors in this Movie?
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K - 2 months ago
He does become a Butterfly....1 more Sin.
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