Everything Wrong With A Bug's Life In 13 Minutes Or Less

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Joshua Black
Joshua Black - Day ago
This movie was garbage when it came out... Today, it’s scum. 🤣
azraelbatosi - 2 days ago
This is literally just a fusion between Aesop's "The Ant and the Grasshopper" and "The Seven Samurai"
Mikayla C.
Mikayla C. - 3 days ago
this movie gave me fucking nightmares as a child
Windy City Sports Den
Windy City Sports Den - 9 days ago
I don’t care what people say, this movie was disturbing
Todd from Accounting
Todd from Accounting - 10 days ago
Another sin for having Flick and several other workers being males when workers are females in real any colonies. *Ding*
Micah Prince
Micah Prince - 12 days ago
0:13- that sin is bcuz the movie Toy Story and A Bug's Life came out in the 1990's, when Pixar was expanding, so the same intro will be the same, just like in Toy Story 2☺☺☺
Amalgathor Deibos Neman Menace
They just assumed his gender! CALL THE SJWS!
J. Lopez
J. Lopez - 14 days ago
118 sins and all this is still one of my favorite movies.
Angel Enrique Granado
Angel Enrique Granado - 17 days ago
doesn't that me there is 119 sins?
Isabelle DeMoss
Isabelle DeMoss - 18 days ago
You missed a sin.In all the fuss with making the bird they forgot about the last leaf falling.They were speeding up the process by tearing so many leaves from the one specific tree.
NCC13 - 19 days ago
A Bug’s Life *LIKE*
Julia Cherry
Julia Cherry - 17 days ago
Dylan Rivera
Dylan Rivera - 19 days ago
You know the funny thing, this movie wasnt the most popular pixar movie because most people who went to "see" it only went to the thearter to see the Phantom Menance trailer. Let that sink in
The 1flym
The 1flym - 22 days ago
The Russians cut of Rasputin's dick, I think taking Hitler's finger would be merciful
Random Gamers
Random Gamers - 23 days ago
Another sin since all ant born from a queen are female
Ichijo Festival
Ichijo Festival - 23 days ago
I'd also draw a connection to Seven Samurai (or rather, Samurai 7, since that's the one I've actually seen).
Though The Three Amigos is a better fit since the "samurai" turn out to be fakes.
MagmaTri Studios
MagmaTri Studios - 23 days ago
Wow the sentence is so creative.
Ysbra Gamed
Ysbra Gamed - 23 days ago
If these ants collect seeds they are a messor species, and messor colonies of this size would have a few majors. Those mayors woukd destroy grasshoppers, even the normal worker ants would destroy the grasshoppers.
Smash Hit Network Kapamilya
A Bug’s Life
Disney/DreamWorks A Comcast Company/Pixar Animation Studios
Speedy The Hedgehog
Speedy The Hedgehog - 15 days ago
Just based on the title, it sounds like a documentary about some random bug over the course of its lifespan. Should’ve called it something else.
Random Stuff
Random Stuff - 26 days ago
I loved the wings joke
Quinn Higgins
Quinn Higgins - 27 days ago
What about the cookie box that has the name Casey junior from dumbo
Speedruns for charity USA
3:00 Professor Farnsworth left the portal on XD
Speedruns for charity USA
The movie was great, the game was bleagh
Kismetti - 28 days ago
AggroniteReverse and Mr spoon
I do hate this movie tied with spider-man 2
RandomPerson 39
RandomPerson 39 - Month ago
Easter Eggs:
Pizza Planet Truck
I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that
You can't make a sins video about A Bug's Life without mentioning Antz in the first minute.
Speedy The Hedgehog
Speedy The Hedgehog - 15 days ago
Or any minute really
Luminous Art
Luminous Art - Month ago
*Poo-Poo Plater*
Spaghetti Man
Spaghetti Man - Month ago
Damn! Those are some dark minded kids!
Nathan Cruz
Nathan Cruz - Month ago
5:53 Jabba the Hutt: 👋🏻, I said no 🧂!
Predawarrior Studios
Predawarrior Studios - Month ago
When I was younger, my parents didn't let me see a particular scene in this movie. (Just watch the video and you will find out what scene)
Also it turned into a Pixar film into a Shakespeare play really quickly and Dot will never be queen because of her older sister since she marries Flint. So Hopper should've have said to Flint "Screw you." and bite off Dot's head off himself.
Lazaro Izquierdo
Lazaro Izquierdo - Month ago
r a t a t o i n g
KitKat 191
KitKat 191 - Month ago
I’m surprised he didn’t mention that dot is Referred to as the queen’s daughter however all of those ants are the queens kids
Torpedo Marsh
Torpedo Marsh - Month ago
If there’s a P.T. Flea in this movie, wouldn’t you think there’s an off-screen character named James Anthony Tick somewhere?
Lps Gold
Lps Gold - Month ago
1:13 Bite of 87? Chomp of 93? No fnaf fans? Add a sin CS
Vas - Month ago
*11 small rocks ;)
Kevin Nkengfoa
Kevin Nkengfoa - Month ago
12:11 thrushes and other woodland birds don’t chew up their food before giving to young, that’s mainly seagoing birds
FV Karch
FV Karch - Month ago
Dude! Your sin(s) about the leaf confusing an ant about it's trail: I have a dog that can't go through an over doorway simply because it normally has a closed glass door at the frame. it cannot conceptualize beyond what is the norm. Someday, if you want o fk with some ant, find a line of them and drag your finger between a gap in the line. It can take up to several minutes before the figure out where they are supposed to go.
ninjacat59 - 2 months ago
I love ants, I think they're actually quite cool. This movie... a disgrace.
Blur Berry
Blur Berry - 2 months ago
I remember HATING this movie
a s c e n d e d c a t
a s c e n d e d c a t - 2 months ago
Ants actually farm aphids. The aphids eat sugars from plants and excrete a substance called honeydew, which ants love to drink. They keep aphids on a plant and will protect them and move them if necessary.
still, these ants treat them as pets, you say they should be colleagues, but I'm just saying that realistically they should be treated like cattle.
not tryna hate on you or the movie i just wanted to throw that out there
Jordin Via
Jordin Via - 2 months ago
Im suprized you didnt add a sin for the butterfly and the praying mantis being married
donkeykong 64 2
donkeykong 64 2 - 2 months ago
1:16 the twink of 93 is that like the bite of 87 from fnaf or crash of 63 from mickeys twice upon a christmas? like seriously??? *1140 sins*
Mythendarydaily The YT prodigy
At 0:12 but I can tell the sentence is a bugs death
Barnowl65 - 2 months ago
You can tell when a ladybug is male because it's orange, not red. So Francis is a female with a male voice.
ThaeranasaurYT - 2 months ago
wait it was probs the kid who wanted the rock by the cliff/ because... they do that.................................. i would be great at cinemasins
AwesomeDoge [Official]
AwesomeDoge [Official] - 2 months ago
Why ANTZ is better.
Jono Fancett
Jono Fancett - 2 months ago
Also, how do you say that dot was going to fall to her death? They’re too light and would not injure themselves from falling.
Jono Fancett
Jono Fancett - 2 months ago
“Do the bugs have red human blood in this universe?”
Yes, blood is red due to oxygen, and doesn’t discriminate between species.
Austin Brown
Austin Brown - 2 months ago
5:06 It's a trap.
the masked gamer
the masked gamer - 2 months ago
Miscitos suck ayyyyyyy
MIKE Mike - 2 months ago
Somone should remake this movie but with real bugs and extreme close ups
Avsky - 2 months ago
This movie is god damn perfect and it is kinda political. You missed a lot of good points mentioned in this movie about society, social class, etc.
AV kicks
AV kicks - 2 months ago
this was my childhood literally summer holiday ( bugs life ) winter holiday ( BuGs LiFe ) SPrIng autumn ( BuGS LiFE 0
Wolfy - 2 months ago
I just saw this movie

Welp time to get a new perspective on it in this vid lol
GraffitiTurtle - 2 months ago
One of the first animated movies I ever saw through DVD
Reversed Infinity
Reversed Infinity - 2 months ago
Richardly gaming
Richardly gaming - 3 months ago
The lighting up mushrooms do exist
lyonel marcente
lyonel marcente - 3 months ago
Ants in this thing: We've gotta collect grain!
Flik: [fucks up but not really]
Ants: He lost the grain! Let's kick him out on a crackpot plan and collect the grain again!
Flik: [succeeds but not really]
Ants: Look! This weirdo we barely trust brought some people! Fuck grain, let's party! [they party for way too long]
PT: [spills the beans on them]
Ants: Oh no! Our lack of trust in Flik is justified once more even though he did demonstrate some competence with his crackpot plan! Fuck Flik, let's get the grain oh wait it's too late for that
[everything sorts itself out]
Ants: We're free! Fuck reasonable resource management, let's use grain as bloody fireworks!
TL;DR: The ants here care way too much about grain, until they get a glimmer of hope that they shouldn't care that much, in which moment they don't give a fuck about grain at all.
Mitschcrafter - 3 months ago
God i hate this movie
nZ* RaifalM3n
nZ* RaifalM3n - 3 months ago
Do you have enemies? nice work.
Shray R. Goswami
Shray R. Goswami - 3 months ago
'cinema sins' sin - 13 equals 14!
ZeXiOn26 - 3 months ago
Quentin TarANTino lol
Lee Joel Beasley
Lee Joel Beasley - 3 months ago
12:20 they did alot worst to his whole body
AggroniteReverse and Mr spoon
I hate this movie 👿👿👿👿
Dj Ryals
Dj Ryals - 3 months ago
The real problem is that these ants are voiced by *male* actors when all ants are female except for when males are actually necessary for the colony to mate for a new for a new queen.
Talia Terrell
Talia Terrell - 3 months ago
I loved this movie as a kid lmaoo
My Fun Playroom
My Fun Playroom - 3 months ago
It would be nicer if you do not say bad words.
My Fun Playroom
My Fun Playroom - Month ago
@Bandit Aviation I'm not hating. This video is still nice. But I'd suggest them not to say too much bad words. Because I am a children, a young teenager. Bad words are unacceptable for me. However, 1 or 2 bad words are okay. I am not saying that this video is completely trash. I like it.
Bandit Aviation
Bandit Aviation - Month ago
Then go somewhere else
Fault Nacho
Fault Nacho - 3 months ago
Mike Cardoso
Mike Cardoso - 3 months ago
That's sexist one sin
Mike Cardoso
Mike Cardoso - 3 months ago
That's racist one sin
Mike Cardoso
Mike Cardoso - 3 months ago
Oh shut the fuck up. I get you're joking around being nitpicky but You're a snob. And second you're so fucking annoying. You talk so fast that I can't even understand you. Youre so annoying when you talk fast it's like oh shut the fuck up stop doing crack.
Bandit Aviation
Bandit Aviation - Month ago
Such a fragile little cupcake
Mitch Neu
Mitch Neu - 3 months ago
All right, if no one else is gonna say it, then I will. HEEEEY WAAAAAARRIOOOOOORS!!!! COME OUT TO PLAAAAAAAAAY!!!!
Theodore A. Watts
Theodore A. Watts - 3 months ago
Everything wrong with “A Bug’s Life”: Princess Atta doesn’t accept that Flik is helping the colony and treats him like crap for his clumsiness.
And when she found out that Flik lied to the island, when in truth, Flik is trying to help the colony and cover up the fact that he mistakenly brought in clowns, she banished him for lying. (Or should I say “trying to help”?).
And when Flik returns, she doesn’t apologize to him for treating him like sh*t. And yet, she became queen at the end.
It’s all Princess Atta’s fault for treating Flik badly.
Andrew Brigmond
Andrew Brigmond - 3 months ago
Slim: Must be an ant thing.
CinemaSins: No, it's just a dumb thing.
Me: Actually, you're both wrong. It's a Flik thing.
kieran cooper
kieran cooper - 3 months ago
Hopper is a real ant bully
Louis Harley Aguilar
Louis Harley Aguilar - 3 months ago
Did u mention the fact they got 2 legs and 2 arms.... Not 6 like insects
Lesia Halaminuki
Lesia Halaminuki - 3 months ago
I never watched the movie a lot as a kid, but I had the video game.
It was really god damn hard, especially for a 7 year old.
Annie Tan
Annie Tan - 3 months ago
9:40 reminds me of ww2
Annie Tan
Annie Tan - 3 months ago
8:51 there plan is too steal more food although they already have food at the bar or steal the bar food rations
Annie Tan
Annie Tan - 3 months ago
Also the caterpillar is gonna be eaten because is also part of the birds food and spiders
Annie Tan
Annie Tan - 3 months ago
7:54 grass hopers is stupid that u must look closely that the bird has no shadow but the leaves glad the grass hoppers is stupid
Deadpool - 3 months ago
Flys actually do jave red blood
Deadpool - 3 months ago
Learned that the hard way
Smoking Strong
Smoking Strong - 3 months ago
but glow in the dark mushrooms do exist minus 1 sin
I'm generic
I'm generic - 3 months ago
Isn't it odd that Disney were making CGI animations back then in the 80's and 90's that were far better quality wise than some modern companies do today?
PhoenixKev - 3 months ago
This is why we can't have nice stuff.
Deborah Lasagne
Deborah Lasagne - 3 months ago
The first sin doesnt make sense, cos the whole movement of the plot relies heavily on the lake being dried up, thats the whole trouble of finn challenging to cross it and how the whole escape the bird scene happens with the circus bugs, that drives the rest of the ant colony to applaud them for saving dott and make them stay cos they feel needed and welcomed back.
Deborah Lasagne
Deborah Lasagne - 3 months ago
10:53 "A magician never reveals his secret" the plan was that there wasnt even supposed to be time for hopper to think where the queen went before the bird came. Thats why mantis was so flustered and the butterfly had to step in.
Deborah Lasagne
Deborah Lasagne - 3 months ago
Well "bird"
ShadowCat15 - 3 months ago
@CinemaSins Can you do an Everything Wrong With 9?
Lando129 - 3 months ago
2:01, OOF!
Clara Miller
Clara Miller - 3 months ago
also, pretty much all ants are females. the only males are drones, whose sole purpose is to reproduce and then die.
Matthias Schwalbach
Matthias Schwalbach - 3 months ago
Quinten TarANTtino LOL
Aman Michael
Aman Michael - 3 months ago
Pisces the aquamarine dragon
Do Antz
Liam Perras
Liam Perras - 4 months ago
No sin for baby birds in mid autumn??
Random Memes Weekly
Random Memes Weekly - 4 months ago
let's be honest, if these were real ants, hopper would have been murdered and eaten by them
WhyEld Games
WhyEld Games - 4 months ago
God I still love this movie
Addison McGovern
Addison McGovern - 4 months ago
this made me realize how much I love Disney and Pixar films!
Charles Howard
Charles Howard - 4 months ago
Glow in the dark fungus is a real thing btw
VicProductions - 4 months ago
0:20 They Miss-Spelled "Presents" With Presenta"
Rob Moore
Rob Moore - 4 months ago
Yo the trailer and truck are the same in monsters inc. Sorry I'm late to the party guys
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