Binging with Babish: Pancakes from Uncle Buck (feat. Dan Souza and a Giant Robot)

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Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish - 2 months ago
According to Dan, the first weird pancake is avoidable by using less fat in the skillet - have you guys EVER had a halfway decent pancake come out first?
B.H. games
B.H. games - 8 days ago
My dad has aculaly made some really good looking ones first time
Galaxy Drawer
Galaxy Drawer - 14 days ago
my best pancakes are the first ones
Real Barret Lewis
Real Barret Lewis - 16 days ago
henrique patricio santos
henrique patricio santos - 16 days ago
Yeeter Parker
Yeeter Parker - 23 days ago
My mom somehow managed to get the first one to work.
Djatsoris26 - 6 hours ago
One of if not the best movie of all time
David Morin
David Morin - 14 hours ago
Also featuring John Candy
morgan megurine
morgan megurine - Day ago
That uncle buck guy seems cool. (I haven’t seen the movie)
ChaoswarriorX - 2 days ago
I feel like he wasted time and resources on with those pan sized pancakes. He understood the size of the pancakes he wanted yet he still went and used small pans
Elizabeth Francioso
Elizabeth Francioso - 4 days ago
See Boston is good for somethings, go us
Jacob Lynch
Jacob Lynch - 4 days ago
We have scales for you.
This, is a math formula.
Christian philipMC
Christian philipMC - 5 days ago
Poor pancake :(
Elijah James
Elijah James - 7 days ago
RIP John Candy
yankeeman690 - 7 days ago
Long live pancakes!!
UltimaKeyMaster - 7 days ago
"Whatever god you pray to."
And now my mind substituted that for "PICK A GOD AND PRAY."
B.H. games
B.H. games - 8 days ago
This guy heard you roman was like fuck it I got nothing better to do
G-Unit1111 - 8 days ago
I love the Wile E. Coyote style drawings of what they think is going to happen.
GunslingerInGlasses - 9 days ago
The pitch scene was choice.
Isaac mason
Isaac mason - 9 days ago
This man some how got a whole tech company to make an overkill Belgian waffle maker
Cadmium and Wilsin
Cadmium and Wilsin - 11 days ago
Ok but what was with that absolute fucking poetry at the end there?
June Sekai
June Sekai - 12 days ago
What do you mean this isnt "tasty's making it big feat: Binging with Babish"?
Daniel 111
Daniel 111 - 12 days ago
anyone else notice the robot's name is ass?
VelocitySkeptic - 12 days ago
Babish : wow we got a giant robot to make GIANT PANCAKES!
Matt stonie: are you challenging me?
Natanel Arnson
Natanel Arnson - 13 days ago
This is truly a great moment in the history of mankind. And probably the biggest pancake ever made?
NameAname E
NameAname E - 14 days ago
Who else thought the robotics guy was gonna be like “Wtf is wrong with you”
Cameron yeetiboi
Cameron yeetiboi - 15 days ago
8:26 😂😂😂
Blake Cole
Blake Cole - 15 days ago
This actually looks like it would be super fun to do. Could you imagine how fun science class would be if this is what you had to figure out on a week long project?
The lord Grim the reaper
The lord Grim the reaper - 15 days ago
So you just wear an apron everywhere?
Daniel Pessoa
Daniel Pessoa - 16 days ago
The real question is how they made the original pancakes in the movie. I somehow doubt they built a pancake flipping robot.
Storm - 16 days ago
When Babish was presenting the idea it felt like a 7-year old trying to convince his mom to buy him a toy
The Devils Own
The Devils Own - 19 days ago
But what does the toast look like?
i am a person
i am a person - 19 days ago
Let’s see tasty top that
A weapon to surpass metal gear
William Alfred Paul
William Alfred Paul - 20 days ago
That's one way to spend your weekend.
DJ - 21 day ago
I had to pause after that first robot flip attempt. Laughing too hard.
Dhan_man 07404
Dhan_man 07404 - 21 day ago
Technology hasn't ever had such an important role in our life until this
Randy Robison
Randy Robison - 21 day ago
It's funny... I remember having pancakes a lot as a kid because it was cheap and easy... yet now I find myself asking just how much making this pancake costed...
Corey Reid
Corey Reid - 21 day ago
Robot pancakes, making robot pancakes
Take some robot and you put it in a pancake
Robot pancakes, that's what it's gonna make
Robot pancaaaaaakess!
Bloomingfungus 9
Bloomingfungus 9 - 22 days ago
The mad man did it, he did it...
Eonwulf - 22 days ago
So how'd they do it in the movie all those years ago or is it just an inedible prop?
Ben - 22 days ago
Uncle buck is an elite movie
fulcrum 29
fulcrum 29 - 24 days ago
Babish: "with some extra lube"
esotericVideos - 24 days ago
It is the year 3000, the world is over-run by machines, they have destroyed the human race because humanity failed to make sufficiently big pancakes. This robot insurrection all started when their was a malfunction in the robot featured in this video (aka the JohnCandyTron)
brad0war - 24 days ago
'Ah yeah, Autodeask? This is NASA, we're having a problem with this robot are we brought from you. It just yeeted one of our astronauts into space. You guy have any idea why?'
Jazzy Jazz
Jazzy Jazz - 24 days ago
why do i feel like i just watched an episode of the office?
Christian Pederson
Christian Pederson - 25 days ago
Urmumlol - 25 days ago
Malcolm Johnson
Malcolm Johnson - 25 days ago
As a current engineering student, this is what I should strive for
Jimmy Johnson
Jimmy Johnson - 25 days ago
Next the world's biggest tameez
Legman688 - 26 days ago
Geez, how tall is Dan Souza?
CamChowder 6995
CamChowder 6995 - 26 days ago
I have never been prouder to be an American
armawillo - 26 days ago
I love how invested the engineers got in making this massive pancake 😂
Robert69 - 26 days ago
Millions of dollars of robots actually used the way I like it
Dave Post
Dave Post - 29 days ago
Why is the first pancake different from the rest?!?!?!
Also, what kind of flour? Cake, AP, or bread?
Noberto Sanchez
Noberto Sanchez - 29 days ago
John Candy would be proud.
Lex Nuqui
Lex Nuqui - 29 days ago
I want one
I WANNA BANG MAL - Month ago
R.i.p. John Candy went way before your time😔
Jessica Stevens
Jessica Stevens - Month ago
I'm so invested in this fricken pancake
Jessica Stevens
Jessica Stevens - Month ago
Y'all this is hilarious 😂😂😂
ComicalOrange - Month ago
They had a team of engineers to make pancakes. This doesn't seem real and I absolutely love it.
Moist Goat
Moist Goat - Month ago
But can they make a milk proof robot?
Luke A
Luke A - Month ago
How about the cookie from Bruce Almighty (rat droppings not included)
Merry Ploeg
Merry Ploeg - Month ago
I kindof wish you guys let the robot finish the flipping movement after a failed scoop. It would have been funny.
Matt Price
Matt Price - Month ago
Andrew broke the internet.
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