Stephen A. Smith: Gordon Hayward is Celtics' biggest problem | First Take

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roynell Morris
roynell Morris - 9 days ago
LOL and loss to Milwaukee how ironic
Captain Butterscotch
Captain Butterscotch - Month ago
Imagine the Celts with IT (if he stayed, he still wouldve played the same) Gordon, Tatum and perhaps Jay Crowder. That is a complete team with ball movement and can put some sense of fear against opponents
William Knudsen
William Knudsen - 4 months ago
Pacers will take Hayward
Paul Durkin
Paul Durkin - 4 months ago
still rings true today. Hayward is still the key. A lot of blame locally being dished out to Rozier, but he is at best C's 7th man on rookie deal. Boston scored 112 against the spurs, but GH put up a goose egg. He looks a bit like tracy mcgrady on the knicks. much more comfortable playmaking slowly at this point. If GH can get comfortable before the playoffs and score 14,15 PPG, Celtics can make a run to the finals.
Mein Fuhrer
Mein Fuhrer - 5 months ago
kyrie is overrated. Stephen A is also an idiot
Branclene Maiato
Branclene Maiato - 5 months ago
Why are we talking about Hayward like he didn't just came back from a injury?
onthing the mastermind
onthing the mastermind - 5 months ago
Gordy just dropped 30 stupid bitch
Tanner Rienbolt
Tanner Rienbolt - 5 months ago
He just dropped 30 and carried the Celtics over the Wolves....
Harold Frets
Harold Frets - 5 months ago
Kyrie closest thing to kobe? And them comparing him to MJ?
Steven smoking now!
Harold Frets
Harold Frets - 5 months ago
Boston not playing well because the east got better with khwaii and butler now
dspsblyuth - 5 months ago
Hayward should go to the Lakers
BlackBangle - 5 months ago
LMAO white people hate when black people bring up race but are doing it all throughout the comments 😂 looks like we’re all crybabies
Janie Sloan
Janie Sloan - 5 months ago
I agree, Kyrie does play a role in them not playing well, as well as fitting Hayward in the line up, Kyrie is very talented but he doesn’t play team ball. He plays hero and iso ball. The Celtics played exceptionally well last season without those 2. Now that they are back, they suck. I guarantee you if Brad sat both of them down they will start winning again. And Kyrie needs to create plays for the team to score and not just him. He needs to learn to be a true point guard or they need to let Rozier run point and let Kyrie play off the ball.
jeimmy hernandez
jeimmy hernandez - 5 months ago
The problem is the coach. How can you put hayward at powerfoward
ucsdsnsd4 - 5 months ago
Intrested to see how they play without hayward and even against the lowly mavs i guess it's still shitty... hayward is a problem yes but the biggesr problem is potential players like brown and taytum and even rozier and smart think they are superstars already yet are shooting 42% or under
DeArbri Wakil
DeArbri Wakil - 5 months ago
The Kobe hate from the media is so fucked up. Max literally just blamed Jayson Tatum struggles because of training with Kobe. "not the best choice of trainer because of the team he on". so who should he have trained with? shit is ridiculous
Jose Nino
Jose Nino - 5 months ago
BALL HOG KYRIE is the real problem....destroying the Celtics defense by opening those loopholes for the opposing team to score....
Jose Nino
Jose Nino - 5 months ago
If only kyrie will create plays or participate with the ball movement tactics of the coach...better for him to stop ball hogging...Flat
yonis gure
yonis gure - 5 months ago
Celtics have the best defense in the league. Defense isn't a problem lol. The problem is offense, and there's a starting small forward averaging 31mins a game, making 128million over the next 4 years who is avg 10 points on 40% from the field and 28% from 3. He'll get better as the season goes on, and I still think the Celtics have a 50-55wins in them, but as of right now the reason for their slow start is definitely on Hayward's lack of production, and the other players' stats faltering because of him. Brown, Rozier and Smart are all playing terrible because they're either asked to play less minutes or their roles have changed because of Stevens' plan to re-integrate Hayward.
YeahThatsRight - 6 months ago
29 other teams would love to have that "PROBLEM"
Man they have nothing to talk about really!!
Real Slim
Real Slim - 6 months ago
Gordon is starting to pick it up, hes playing pretty good tonight. Ppl acting like he's coming off a normal season or something; dude had his foot twisted around backwards and didn't play for a year, it's gonna take some time for him to return to form. The whole team is playing bad, it's not fair to put all the blame on Hayward.
Peter Jensen
Peter Jensen - 6 months ago

MB _87
MB _87 - 6 months ago
For all those celtics fans just a reminder 1 championship in last 30 yrs
Justin Powers
Justin Powers - 6 months ago
Deen Cooper
Deen Cooper - 6 months ago
No sir they cannot beat the warriors all narrative,with a 9-8 record so far I see them in the playoffs but getting out of the second which will probably be the pacers yeah I said it
Eddie Camegla
Eddie Camegla - 6 months ago
The moron (wannabe) xpert shooting his big mouth all the time...
Alejandro Rios
Alejandro Rios - 6 months ago
Kyrie is not the best point guard in the league and not a top 10
Daniel Irons
Daniel Irons - 6 months ago
Re-ingratiate? Lol ok...
celli351 - 6 months ago
The left side of the white dude's lips are pissing me off
KaveMan b
KaveMan b - 6 months ago
I said, go back to the format they had last year when they had a day
K L - 6 months ago
Like if SAS should just cut it off
MrInzombia - 6 months ago
cant believe gordon hayward is a max contract. The Boston Celtics are so stupid
Hans Descollines
Hans Descollines - 6 months ago
Ray Allen had #20 for Boston.
Hayward should at least change his number.
Smurfeo - 6 months ago
When Kyrie n Gordon came back....Kyrie got back to himself but Gordon looks so lost n confused. Gordon is not looking to score or anything (he's out there in space)
Gable Mann
Gable Mann - 6 months ago
I agree. I hate that I agree with SAS.
Ragdoll Sucks
Ragdoll Sucks - 6 months ago
Hayward’s washed
eliteaviator - 6 months ago
Gordos injury was horrific. What could possibly have more psychological damage then physical damage in the long run.
New Life Trucking
New Life Trucking - 6 months ago
C's the day CUZ
Tyler Bjorngaard
Tyler Bjorngaard - 6 months ago
Dude bro kept getting louder as he spoke. Like who tf you tryna y’all over
AI 2.0
AI 2.0 - 6 months ago
Kyrie’s not a championship player he only got a ring because of LBJ, he’s not even a winner
History Eraser Button
History Eraser Button - 6 months ago
Hayward may be the 6th or 7th best player on the Celtics...
CD VIKINGGOLF - 6 months ago
You sure it ain't Baines fault too? And half Larkins fault?
joricardinho - 6 months ago
Another overhyped and overpaid white player
C Smith
C Smith - 6 months ago
Everybody hates on skip but he's what made this show watchable. Haven't turned this shit show on since he left. Skip 2020 lol
Jorgito1121 - 6 months ago
Celtics Problem is called Kyrie Irving
Down Comes the Hammer
Down Comes the Hammer - 6 months ago
This is the opposite of a hot take in every way

Middle of the road and incorrect
Shitama the Retard
Shitama the Retard - 6 months ago
hayward has been on a steep decline
Sean Whitfield
Sean Whitfield - 6 months ago
Stephen A has a point
R.R.R. - 6 months ago
Hayward is starting because he is basically the coach's son...
Christopher Frost
Christopher Frost - 6 months ago
If i had a voice in my stomach that sounded like Stephen A Smith i'd fucking drink bleach.
TheJairo562 - 6 months ago
This is not an absurd starting 5, this team is absurdly overrated
Garth MacDonald
Garth MacDonald - 6 months ago
If you think Hayward is the problem you don't actually watch the games.
plumeria66 - 6 months ago
This is what happens when you design a system around a rehabbing average dude. It disrupts chemistry and does not allow better players like Jaylen Brown, Tatum, and Rozier enough touches to establish a rhythm. And remember, chemistry is not created by the coach. It is created by the players. Hayward doesn't fit their chemistry. He is slow, can't jump, doesn't shoot or defend well. He only averaged 20 points in Utah and they designed a system to enable him that. Now Brad wants to do the same, only with a badly performing Hayward, at the cost of the performance of other players which is resulting in losses. Celtics is worse with Hayward and Utah is better without him.
Rene Rios
Rene Rios - 6 months ago
3:53 did Stephen a say reingratiate??? Wtf
metal gear
metal gear - 6 months ago
STEPHEN A. SMITH is the biggest problem in sports news.
Gerard Davis
Gerard Davis - 6 months ago
Gordon Hayward looks like he’s playing in slow motion.
Jay Yawe
Jay Yawe - 6 months ago
Danny Ainge without a doubt will trade Hayward.
Jay Yawe
Jay Yawe - 6 months ago
Because it would be easier to resign Kyrie and to extend Tatum and Browns rookie contracts
K. Ridge 1
K. Ridge 1 - 6 months ago
Milwaukee never get the love they deserve.
David Kapelnikov
David Kapelnikov - 6 months ago
Kyrie. Is Not. Kobe.
Ryan - 6 months ago
Doesn't matter what Toronto does these idiots will always think Boston is the favorite. Gimme a break
Eric Bogar
Eric Bogar - 6 months ago
Seems like the problem is Kyrie. They said it. "shoot first", so he isn't a true play maker.
Joey Sparks
Joey Sparks - 6 months ago
Tatum did well as a rookie because he was new, players didn't know how to defend him. Now they do and Tatum needs to evolve. How can he do this if Hayward is blocking his minutes?
One of the two have to go. Will the Celtics choose the right guy?
Joey Sparks
Joey Sparks - 6 months ago
Hayward is not impressive this year. He's sitting in Tatum's slot and that bothers me. Hayward is weak right now.
Renato Castro
Renato Castro - 6 months ago
If they use Kyrie like the Warriors use Curry it’ll work like a thing of beauty
The Bunker
The Bunker - 6 months ago
Why do they have to yell? They have mics.
Ryan Nichols
Ryan Nichols - 6 months ago
Hayward won't make the all star team, but by then, he will be playing at an all star level.
yaqub shah
yaqub shah - 6 months ago
this man is shitt.... when kyrie was traded to celtics he said kyrie is nothing without lebron... he's not a good leader ... and now .. they got hayword 😂😂.. hayword is recovering. he's great ... utah knows that.... these guy just want to chit chat on something ...
Eduardo Gzz
Eduardo Gzz - 6 months ago
Look the lineup should be as follows:
PG: Kyrie
SG:Jaylen Brown
SF: Tatum
PF: Horford
C: Baynes
Put Hayward as the sixth man until he gets into rhythm, then you could move return to the OG lineup
X13 - 6 months ago
Why is everyone saying that Terry Rozier is a great player? He shouldn’t start on MOST teams. Look at his stats.
KimboDogg07 - 6 months ago
Does Stephan A get any pussy?? Maybe thats the problem.... Lets examine the facts, Stephan A was rejected by Black man hating Carie Champion which started the rift between them, Then rejected by Molly who would have rejected him even if she wasn’t fucking Jalen Rose... However they was able to keep it professional... I truly think that’s is the problem here..., and that is.... Does Stephen A. Smith get any pussy???
Anthony Arnold
Anthony Arnold - 6 months ago
Please tell me why y’all always try to point out a individual players when this is a team game 🤔 Stephen A you of all people should know that .. max he just max he gonna say max type of things but I expect different from you
Nick Gerrs
Nick Gerrs - 6 months ago
Cant stand steve "my brother" smith but he is 100...100. GORDON NEEDS TO GO. WHERES TONYA HARDING
lordfarquad420 - 6 months ago
wtf was up with that random kobe comparison i have never thought of Kyrie like that and hopefully won't ever have to again, really Stephen A? Kobe?
Robert Smith
Robert Smith - 6 months ago
He likes "Toranto by a hair...and I mean a hair"...What does that even mean? Two blowhards going at it with their meaningless opinions.
Joemaine Hughes
Joemaine Hughes - 6 months ago
Smh if Kyrie wants a better start he needs to slow down his game & get his other teammates better instead of trying to be scoring all the time while his teamates stand around & watch him. Kyrie thinks he got something to prove which he doesn’t
Joemaine Hughes
Joemaine Hughes - 6 months ago
1 trip to the playoffs & they can beat the Warriors foolishness
Joemaine Hughes
Joemaine Hughes - 6 months ago
He doesn’t fit with Boston system
bigeers11 - 6 months ago
Reingratiate lol reintegrate Steve
Mike G
Mike G - 6 months ago
Max kellerman looks like the type of guy that would defraud his friends out of money
Dab Marino
Dab Marino - 6 months ago
We will take him -Miami Heat
Roger Cobbs
Roger Cobbs - 6 months ago
Send Gordan to Indiana
Ben Pursell
Ben Pursell - 6 months ago
Stephen a Smith is a bum
510jesus - 6 months ago
21ppg the way the league is scoring this season... ABSOLUTE trash!!! Kyrie not a super star FACTS!
Eric Augusto
Eric Augusto - 6 months ago
I wonder if the people commenting actually watch the video
While its true that SAS said gordon is the problem, he didnt say bcs gordon isnt good enough
Its bcs he's pretty much a new player for the celtics bcs of the injury he had on his 1st game with this roster
QBCoach12 - 6 months ago
Max Kellerman can’t help himself taking shots at Kyrie Irving! After Kyrie embarrassed him on First Take last year, and then going on to prove Kellerman wrong, by being an even greater player away from Thanos, I mean LeBron James. Kellerman told lies concerning Kyrie, as Kyrie is a great ALL AROUND player for the Celtics at the point guard position. This show would be a lot better if Kellerman wasn’t on it.
YRN TJ - 6 months ago
Cannot wait to revisit this comment section and see all the horrible anti Hayward takes. ;) see ya soon
AlexLoeher - 6 months ago
Stephen A. is like the living embodiment of what would happen if you fanboys ever got a job with ESPN. He's physically incapable of criticizing players he likes
Christopher Thuesdee
Christopher Thuesdee - 6 months ago
AlexLoeher What up Ghost
King Of Texas
King Of Texas - 6 months ago
Wait did Stephen A just compare kyrie to Kobe?!
Alina Lavlinskaja
Alina Lavlinskaja - 6 months ago
im probably going to jail
im probably going to jail - 6 months ago
Hayward is a $15-$20mil player when healthy taking up $30mil in cap space. That's the problem. Obviously, he will play much better once he finishes recovery and grows his chemistry but he will never be worth the money they are paying.
Jada McMann
Jada McMann - 6 months ago
Stars don’t matter till the playoffs and clutch moments
dvitoc - 6 months ago
Stephen A is an A-hole
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joblagz - 6 months ago
they had the chance to get kawhi for hayward
Mandingo Duagi
Mandingo Duagi - 6 months ago
he is irrelevent
Demond Anderson
Demond Anderson - 6 months ago
Hayward to the Rockets
Don Dadda
Don Dadda - 6 months ago
He not blaming hayward or being racist hayward just isn't good never really was. Just overrated and overpaid just so happens he white
BasedBawse DaGawd
BasedBawse DaGawd - 6 months ago
Hayward is not the problem Steven a smith is a moron. Hayward is a selfless team player still getting back into form from a terrible injury. Not even 14 games into the season now he’s the problem? Jesus I know your hairline makes people think you have a big brain but Steve a Smith is a idiot
Sterling M
Sterling M - 6 months ago
Kyrie is the problem, trade Kyrie for two good players and all of a sudden you have a serious contender.
Doc Davis
Doc Davis - 6 months ago
Awww, white folks Great White Hope happens to be trash. Aww 😢
yohannes melake
yohannes melake - 6 months ago
The title spits facts
The Gent
The Gent - 6 months ago
Stephen A. has become an absolute joke. Skip should've left this guy where he found him.
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