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Why was there a bow sound at the beginning?
roy 123xd
roy 123xd - 2 hours ago
Omg i was on a plane a few days ago and my dad clapped. Bruhh
Falney - 4 hours ago
I once insulted someone by calling them "About as useful as half an Asshole" because "You cant even take a dump with only half one"
Molag Bal
Molag Bal - 11 hours ago
Joshua Acord
Joshua Acord - 20 hours ago
Yo, I went to high school with that dude that had the dog in the year book, it was his service dog his name was Alpha. I just checked my year book and he’s there lol
Matthew Barnette
Matthew Barnette - 22 hours ago
On the left we have a reasonably attractive woman. On the right an example of a hobgoblin.
Lydia McCoy
Lydia McCoy - Day ago
Srsly tho, fuck that dongle bushit
LOOΠΔburn - Day ago
That's "kap-sye-kin"
Guess Who
Guess Who - Day ago
the thing about this that makes me laugh, is the fact that you're laughing XD
Corey Hart
Corey Hart - Day ago
One time I was talking to my friends about the PS3 game Prototype and how badass it was and this reproductive genetic anomaly came up and was talking shit and said, "you fags need to man the fuck up instead of playing video games." He and his friends started laughing and my friends started looking sad and bummed out, so me being the snarky asshole I am, told the cum guzzling thundercunts, "first off, you need a shower. Second, I'm only a haffafag (bi). Third, I was man enough for your dad, brother, and mother. Fourth, if you had half a brain, you'd finally be able to tie your own shoes (he wore zip up shoes and slides). Fifth, well that's probably what your dad hits you with when it's empty. And lastly, you paradox of the human genome, I have a poem for you to describe my feelings during your entire lifespan and existence: Roses are red, this much is true, but I'd rather be a jew in 1932. I hope your day is like your finger after you defecate. That means shitty you fruity booty nitwit." I have never again been this annoyed with a person, nor have I ever had the chance to insult someone this harshly ever again. I made him cry, and it made me smile watching him die inside. Honestly, he was probably crying because he couldn't process any of the insults with that floppy disk brain of his.
Edit: he was also the kind to scream LOL and OMG out loud and actually mean it.
Katie Vedder
Katie Vedder - 2 days ago
ur momma so fat she has more chins then a chinese phonebook
Wiccan Blossom
Wiccan Blossom - 2 days ago
“Where am I?”
“Oh dear god.”
Peachy_ Avacados
Peachy_ Avacados - 2 days ago
5:27 actually no, even thought I am bisexual I’m not really attracted to every person I see so unless you’ve had attraction to every man or women you’ve ever met that statement makes zero sense
VIKINGER WOLF - 2 days ago
At 3:55 you should have read it in the Arnold voice
AwesomeGuniea89 - 2 days ago
Are playing minecraft??
alexa avery
alexa avery - 3 days ago
5:35 there aren’t anymore....
Doggo - 3 days ago
3:52 I legit hope that dude kills himself.
He’s such a asshole
The Great Pyramid Erection
Thats Sean Astin from Goonies you Zygote.
Immortālem Vēritātis Textor
I like how the "errors" aren't even edited out of the voice-overs.
Also, thanks for making me feel extra crazy today. I had just logged out of my MC server, and was super confused as to why I was hearing plates and arrows....
TechnicBee - 4 days ago
Bruh the Burger King tacos are like eating rotten flesh from mc. It’s like stepping on doodoo and the streak is in the shell
Ashley Corbett
Ashley Corbett - 4 days ago
Best Cereal
Best Cereal - 4 days ago
When I see an ugly baby I say “it looks just like you.” 5:21
Evgenii Nalpin
Evgenii Nalpin - 4 days ago
Jeez man, I am playing Minecraft while watching this and the random Minecraft sound spam just threm me off big time
PaintFreak 33
PaintFreak 33 - 4 days ago
*Cries in lefty*
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano - 4 days ago
Me: (laughing hysterically at everyone else)
[Micheal Aranda pops up]
sparkyy - 4 days ago
BrokenRecordings 1507
BrokenRecordings 1507 - 4 days ago
0:30 random mc button sound
jason chen
jason chen - 5 days ago
I put the sun in the top left corner and eat popcorn with chopsticks
Cowstrum - 5 days ago
anybody hearing those minecraft sound effects?
mia kempster
mia kempster - 5 days ago
Omg the refinery 29 one got me that’s Mikaela Long (her channel is so worth checking out!!!) making fun of refinery 29, she definitely doesn’t work for them 😭😂
cooper fitch
cooper fitch - 5 days ago
I love John Burk so much
infidelgermany - 5 days ago
Did you play minecraft on the side while making this video?
Timur Glazkov
Timur Glazkov - 5 days ago
Were you playing Minecraft at the beginning?
Christian Tabbah
Christian Tabbah - 6 days ago
13:38 at least she took the child with her...
Brazen Bull
Brazen Bull - 6 days ago
Two words.
Suck it!
Mathias - 6 days ago
4:55 That's Michael Aranda, one of the SciShow hosts.
He is awesome. Just pointing that out.
Storm Rider
Storm Rider - 6 days ago
3:06.... how does damien know how to do voices so well..?
Trilink2 - 6 days ago
4:56 is what you get when you hit randomize in the sims.
Noah Moon
Noah Moon - 6 days ago
8:10 her lip looks like a prolapsed anus
William Clark
William Clark - 6 days ago
Anybody hear random Minecraft sounds sometimes ,_,
The Ultimate Jack
The Ultimate Jack - 7 days ago
matrixphijr - 7 days ago
2:40 - I know this is r/rareinsults, but is he not in both? That literally makes no sense. Should really be on r/facepalm or r/therewasanattempt.
Patrick Star
Patrick Star - 7 days ago
11:53 Close your eyes and just imagine it.
MEETYTHIGHS UWU - 7 days ago
10:14 look! Its miguel from the road to el dorado
Cat - 7 days ago
Mississippi Mud
Mississippi Mud - 8 days ago
This sh*t is so funny THANKS !
K O I S H I Z U - 8 days ago
4:48 bitch looks like she collected humanity in dark souls but never learned to consume them to reverse hollowing.
Honey Bee
Honey Bee - 8 days ago
Is it just me or did anyone else pause at 7:19 to have a good laugh... I imagined someone actually exploding their ass, squating over a fire and it was somehow funnier then it was disturbing 😂
TNTFreddan - 8 days ago
Plants: Creates poison to infect and kill animals and humans who digests it.

Humans: Invents medicine against poisoning.

Plants: Am I a joke to you?
myriah guyton
myriah guyton - 9 days ago
um are you beasty reacts??? you sound just like him
Rachtop - 9 days ago
I applaud when the airplane lands, but not cause of the pilot, but cause we didn’t die lol
• Pastel-Astrøid •
Okay, gotta say.... I'm a little bias.. Jennifer Lawrence played Katniss Everdeen. I'm a huge fan of the Hunger Games, and I have to say say she played her pretty well, better than I could, at least. 🤣
zimnomel - 9 days ago
3:55 Damn, that guy has been terminated.
Lio Local Chibi Thief
Lio Local Chibi Thief - 9 days ago
Me and a guy once had a chat about our preferences in women and he told me that I’m nice for liking shorter women because she won’t need to get on her knees to reach out oomf
numaTruehome 100
numaTruehome 100 - 9 days ago
Sean Astin is the term “good boy” converted into a person, if you were about to punch him, it would somehow turn into a hug the second you make contact, and whatever you were mad about would instantly seem stupid because you’re accusing Sean Astin of it.
ExceedingCanine - 10 days ago
10:22 no he looks more like Roalof (I think that's how u spell it)
Kendra Campbell
Kendra Campbell - 10 days ago
2:29 is Mikaela long trying to follow bad Refinery 21 tutorials and taking bad refinery 21 quizzes for a video
Sir Codsworth
Sir Codsworth - 10 days ago
Those Minecraft noises threw me off
nate janisse
nate janisse - 11 days ago
sorry for being left handed and it being more comfortable drawing the sun on the left .....

Brett Yon
Brett Yon - 11 days ago
4:25 you have been terminated
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