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Perri Eden
Perri Eden - 2 days ago
James Charles I'll be waiting for you to drop your first album!!!
Gachaポッキー - 5 days ago
James. Your awesome. That's it....k? slaying.....k...bye....
Blue- Beary
Blue- Beary - 8 days ago
I live in new castle!!!!
Grace Pessagno
Grace Pessagno - 11 days ago
Who's watching James Charles has almost 6,000,000 followers
Megan Kamler
Megan Kamler - 13 days ago
I love Americans trying to act like us Australians. Like we don't even wear that sorta stuff. We wear thongs, singlets and boardies.
Caley Mc
Caley Mc - 14 days ago
You went to basically every state in Australia except the state I live in :( (sa)
Asha Cook
Asha Cook - 15 days ago
I live in Australia. Next time come to Perth and tell me!!
Elizabeth Ray
Elizabeth Ray - 21 day ago
You are such a wonderful and talented person! 💗
Anastasia Anchondo
Anastasia Anchondo - 25 days ago
El Paso tx.
Mitch Chardonnay
Mitch Chardonnay - Month ago
I can truly say.... HE HAS THE MOST AWESOME PERSONALITY... a true Celebrity and Conservative Human💖👌watching from New Zealand with Love ❤️
danielleml - Month ago
I also am posting content focused on my adventures in Australia if you wanna check it out 💛🦋
Doggy cute!
Doggy cute! - Month ago
how to be a koala from 1 year ago?
Gacha._. cRaP
Gacha._. cRaP - Month ago
Lol I would have said “ g’day welcome to Australia,” koalas are cute right?? Have you seen the Tasmanian tiger it’s alright it won’t kill yuh, they’re extinct 🙃
Kylxie MSP
Kylxie MSP - Month ago
Everyone always forgets Perth ;(
Ella Read
Ella Read - Month ago
20:20 is an honest mood
Clare Bear
Clare Bear - Month ago
its sad cause I was going to go to pac fair on May 19th (my birthday) but then we went somewhere else instead :(
tes gage
tes gage - Month ago
You don't need a jacket is hot as
Cal Matheson
Cal Matheson - Month ago
Why doesn't this have more views??? This is so beautiful
ThatOneBoy11 - 2 months ago
Wot In De World Ma Bruddas
Moo Moo Tiny Tot Tot
Moo Moo Tiny Tot Tot - 2 months ago
dude i am from Australia why did u not go to Canberra but u should go their more it is amazing place thank u for visiting love sister maddy
Etho Gaming
Etho Gaming - 2 months ago
Gday mates so if yah Australian say gday in the reply gday mates and gday James Charles so let’s cya mate
Master Haunt 01
Master Haunt 01 - 2 months ago
U like Australia
Alegra - 2 months ago
11:42 What? wow, that would be so hard to do
Alegra - 2 months ago

Ya, we try to be
Alegra - 2 months ago
*Laura:* "I will pay her to kick you"
*me* What a good friend!
Simona Castrilli
Simona Castrilli - 2 months ago
Maddie Sanson
Maddie Sanson - 2 months ago
OMG James charles was in my home town i live there EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Shamma Alshamsi
Shamma Alshamsi - 2 months ago
Omg I go to Australia golf coast every summer I wheat there 6 times and now I am in Gold Coast
Challenge Squad
Challenge Squad - 2 months ago
James please live here
Elly Howlett
Elly Howlett - 3 months ago
holding Koalas causes a lot them a lot of stress, something we all hate. So please never do this again.
TAFARI TATA - 3 months ago
Australia 🇦🇺
Kit Kat Draws 600
Kit Kat Draws 600 - 3 months ago
Tha reason i love james is cuz he has self respect for him self!
weirdos and wombats
weirdos and wombats - 3 months ago
Do you ever get glitter in your eye
Tjmtiger12 - 3 months ago
Koala’s are also known as drop bears
Elsa Reynolds
Elsa Reynolds - 3 months ago
Omg, you don't need to dress like a damn zoo keeper with red bandanner. Stereotypical much
Abbstar p-n
Abbstar p-n - 3 months ago
Why didn't he go to currumbin sanctuary? Like if your from the gold coast and comment if you are from anywhere else in Australia.👍
Annabella Fayad
Annabella Fayad - 3 months ago
OMG sister I live in Sydney and I have been there
Tae E
Tae E - 3 months ago
I live right across the road from pac fair
Bella Snow
Bella Snow - 3 months ago
With the kangaroos, it reminded me of a time, on a school field trip, were we saw two kangaroos "doing it" 😂
Exonax - 3 months ago
James Charles go drink bread you overused microwave
Exonax - 3 months ago
Wowowohawowow ayeeyeyauh ayeeyeyauh
Ellie Sue
Ellie Sue - 3 months ago
sua mãe
sua mãe - 4 months ago
Tão lindo, pena q aaahh
Hollie Phillips
Hollie Phillips - 4 months ago
I wish you would come to Syracuse, NY! I know you are from around here and we would love for you to come back so us Home Sisters can meet ya! Love ya lots!!
Travel Bug
Travel Bug - 4 months ago
The accent... quite literally killed me... I’m from Australia btw.
Clo Landers
Clo Landers - 4 months ago
Love you
aileen hazel adriatico
aileen hazel adriatico - 4 months ago
6:17 sheep :MEEEH!!!!
Ashlee blankenship Also you should like cats
May 16th is my birthday lol
hi yt popolo
hi yt popolo - 4 months ago
Hi sister!! I want to tell you if you can do a tour in Italy. If you do i be soo happy!!
Love you💛🧡❤💕💜💙💚
Catelyn Barac
Catelyn Barac - 4 months ago
I was at that HOTA performing my dance in front of like all of people but it was like last Wednesday
Catelyn Barac
Catelyn Barac - 4 months ago
Comment if your from Australia 🇦🇺
Raiyn Jade
Raiyn Jade - 4 months ago
Om he went to movie world did he go on super man??
Bunny Girl
Bunny Girl - 4 months ago
He looks like a dorito it the thumbnail
Deleted Account
Deleted Account - 4 months ago
I have been to pacific fair omg
Ella Grace Vlogs
Ella Grace Vlogs - 4 months ago
Who else is watching in 2019 3/6/19
Lawson HELLU
Lawson HELLU - 4 months ago
Jesperance Wells
Jesperance Wells - 4 months ago
I love you!! Your amazing can you come to Edmonton one day? To West Edmonton mall I would love to meet you one day
iiEvieLikescake - 4 months ago
We're going to Australia and I hope I get hyperthermia It's so damn hot in Australia. xD
abandoned account
abandoned account - 4 months ago
evie patterson yeah but it can be soo cold there too
Jin Gfriend
Jin Gfriend - 4 months ago
Love this Sister! !
Sallie Walters
Sallie Walters - 4 months ago
I love buddy
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