Amazing Brathwaite 100! | West Indies v New Zealand - Match Highlights | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

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Rahul Verma
Rahul Verma - Hour ago
Karl is is ricky
Shahmeer Arshad
Shahmeer Arshad - 4 hours ago
If carlos would not go for big shot then west indies was winner 5:22
Vinay kumar
Vinay kumar - 19 hours ago
Williamson ki lambi pari bhi jab fiki pad gayi ye vo great inning thi.
K MEENA - 2 days ago
Jeyanthi Selvakumari
Jeyanthi Selvakumari - 2 days ago
Why the felt Levi's last
no1wasgeorgiebest - 3 days ago
Really glad that Cottrell got sent packing after the group. He can go back to the army since he loves it so much.
Ben Long
Ben Long - 3 days ago
One of the most exciting games of cricket I’ve ever seen. Brathwaite’s batting performance was outstanding. Such a shame he couldn’t quite get the job done.
Anasanas anas
Anasanas anas - 3 days ago
Not only west indies lost this match but also Pakistan lost the chance of semis.
Bilal Haddi
Bilal Haddi - 3 days ago
If westindies won this match then Pakistan should play the semifinal final and become champion
Sanjay Singh
Sanjay Singh - 4 days ago
Boult at the boundary.....Catch finals touches the ropes....Gone for six so the WC
Hussain Khokhar
Hussain Khokhar - 5 days ago
I like brathwaith and cotrerl boling action 😥😥😥😥
mojer tv
mojer tv - 5 days ago
Nice B
paritosh Kumar
paritosh Kumar - 5 days ago
Dono teamoon ne bahut badiya game khela👏👏👏👏
Mohamed Suhail  Irfan Khazi
can we all take a minute to admire and appreciate Ian Bishop's commentary. Obviously wanted WI to win, but after Brathwaite got out, he still didn't sound disappointed or anything and still delivered his commentary so amazingly well.
FAYAZ AHAMED - 6 days ago
Wicket of carlos might not affected west indies as much as affected to Pakistan...
situ ahamad
situ ahamad - 9 days ago
this is my favourite match
Alex Real
Alex Real - 9 days ago
Best match ever
dey nandita
dey nandita - 10 days ago
Carlos Brathwate remmember the name
Azure Hero81829
Azure Hero81829 - 11 days ago
Braithwaite was like when he scored four sixes against England in kolkata in 2017
Aamir Zaroon
Aamir Zaroon - 11 days ago
Flame Boy
Flame Boy - 11 days ago
Who is better
Kane Braithwaite
Carlos Williamson
Technical log
Technical log - 13 days ago
kalla braithwaite hahahaha woh waqai kalla hai sahi naam rakha hai iss k maa baap ne iss ka.
Jamil fani
Jamil fani - 13 days ago
prem davis
prem davis - 14 days ago
Remember the name 'Carlos Brathwaite' 🔥💯
Noman MKYZ
Noman MKYZ - 15 days ago
That i catch causes pakistan the semi final place
Abhi Vishwakarma
Abhi Vishwakarma - 15 days ago
India vs Pakistan highlights
SONU KUMAR SAIN - 15 days ago
Rishi Bhardwaj
Rishi Bhardwaj - 17 days ago
Shivam Chauhan
Shivam Chauhan - 18 days ago
one of the greatest odi match ever played.............carlos braithwaite remember the name
Reduanul Hoque
Reduanul Hoque - 18 days ago
world cup best match
Aminul Islam
Aminul Islam - 19 days ago
Mr faizan naviwala
Mr faizan naviwala - 19 days ago
Williamson century=like
Braithwate century=comment
Which one is the favorite
ali ashraf
ali ashraf - 19 days ago
So sad Carlos
C00l5c0rpi0n - 20 days ago
How to lose a match by the West Indies! I 💓 West Indies but this match is a perfect example
ZEVI Motivation
ZEVI Motivation - 20 days ago
Who is worlds slowest (Turtle) batsman...
1- Williamson
2- Taylor
3- Robien uthappa
FreezeBurn 1
FreezeBurn 1 - 15 days ago
@ZEVI Motivation English please mate
ZEVI Motivation
ZEVI Motivation - 15 days ago
@FreezeBurn 1 chl nikl re lodu😒
FreezeBurn 1
FreezeBurn 1 - 15 days ago
thats kinda rude
शोभित - 20 days ago
Ian Bishop commentary and Carlos Braithwaite batting । Made for each other...heads off to both of them
Jawad Ahmad
Jawad Ahmad - 22 days ago
Well played willimson
Farooq Warraich
Farooq Warraich - 23 days ago
If u like nz vs wi like
If u like nz vs ind comment
Habib Ul Rehman
Habib Ul Rehman - 24 days ago
Williamson is hero💞💞🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
Samreen Shahbaz Shahbaz Butt
1:43 that was cotrells voice
Rishan Mahajan
Rishan Mahajan - 24 days ago
He should have gone for a single😓
Tyson Gregory
Tyson Gregory - 24 days ago
Has any1 heard HElP (insanity)
Anjil Sekh
Anjil Sekh - 24 days ago
Who is best team ?
West Indies = like 👍
New Zealand = comment
amber javed
amber javed - 3 days ago
Aditya Arya
Aditya Arya - 4 days ago
@Nosheen Raza no way
Nosheen Raza
Nosheen Raza - 12 days ago
The best team is England
aeysha atif
aeysha atif - 14 days ago
C00l5c0rpi0n - 20 days ago
Anjil Sekh Both
vaibhav srinivasan
vaibhav srinivasan - 24 days ago
Jason Holder and Sheldon Cottrell remind me of those deadly WEST INDIES bowlers from the 80s.
vaibhav srinivasan
vaibhav srinivasan - 24 days ago
Lucky Kiwis again! Both teams played well. But WI needed 6 off 7 balls. Brathwaite could have easily hit singles/4s. But thats okay. Kiwis had good luck again, but little bad luck during Finals.
Sadhan Plays Guitar
Sadhan Plays Guitar - 25 days ago
Jimmy neesham at 4.43
Gautam Jack
Gautam Jack - 25 days ago
I miss you world cup... Boht yaad aa rhi h Isliye highlights dekh rha hu... & kane Williamson & Carlos Brathwaite suprbbb 👌👌
Hassan Tv
Hassan Tv - 25 days ago
Gayan Chathuranga
Gayan Chathuranga - 26 days ago
Ranjit Kumar
Ranjit Kumar - 27 days ago
That catch changed everything in the wc , well played but sometimes which has to happen will happen
you tube
you tube - 28 days ago
Hiraman Pawar
Hiraman Pawar - 28 days ago
Remember the name
Aqeel Ahmed
Aqeel Ahmed - 28 days ago
Remember the name
Asif Business
Asif Business - 28 days ago
🇧🇩💞Www amezing Braithwaite ❤️ 🇧🇩
Sánchez Boy
Sánchez Boy - 29 days ago
I swear if Fizz would give chance to Saifuddin to finish it off (like how Braitwhaite) against India, then Bangladesh would have truly qualified for the semi-finals. Well-played West Indies and Braitwhaite truly deserves that!
Vashishth - 29 days ago
Looks like west Indies players don't believe in taking run by running 😂😂😂
CRIC LAND - Month ago
Well Done Kane Williamson
What an Outstanding Inning 148
.........carlos Brathwaite 💔💔💔......
Rh Rayhan Mollik
Rh Rayhan Mollik - Month ago
Arslan irfan Mughal
Arslan irfan Mughal - Month ago
Neesham six to brathwaite is like in final super over by neesham to jofra 1:55
Santhosh Santhu
Santhosh Santhu - Month ago
Barthwait missed the trick
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