Marvel Avengers Academy: Character Trailer

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Sumit Peh
Sumit Peh - 2 days ago
I need this game ! please ! please make it live again !
Adriana Carvalho
Adriana Carvalho - 2 days ago
O meu filho ama você ☺☺☺☺☺☺😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Tay Savage
Tay Savage - 3 days ago
Bring this game back with better things that’s meant for this year and add endgame and more movies and costumes and characters and we’re in the clear for a comeback then 💯🤷🏽‍♂️
Red Hood
Red Hood - 3 days ago
Shame this game is gone.
mattborg prime
mattborg prime - 6 days ago
Man i wish i can get the app but idk how to be honest
Gm Nariz
Gm Nariz - 8 days ago
Bakit kaba nagpapakita.
Invisible Starlight
Invisible Starlight - 8 days ago
The camera man sounds so done with the students 🤣
ROCKET and GROOT - 10 days ago
Пиздец вы у*бы
Diamondbirdy 01
Diamondbirdy 01 - 23 days ago
im so sad they took Avac down :((
Wyatt Crabapple
Wyatt Crabapple - 28 days ago
Spam f in the chat
SHADOWLIGHT - 28 days ago
I hope he come back soon, he was a good game
Beyza Arslan
Beyza Arslan - 29 days ago
Where is the Clint
Fat Ballerin
Fat Ballerin - 29 days ago
Wait is black widows surname Romanova or Romanoff
Timi Fuja
Timi Fuja - 17 days ago
It's romanoff but I dunno t it said romanova
Super Mario Martínez Salinas
I hope they can make a sequel of this game that can include the X-Men and Fantastic Four.
PleaseDontSubscribe - Month ago
We are in the most cursed timeline
Samuel Illanes
Samuel Illanes - Month ago
Hawkeye: i am a joke to you?
Damian Reyes Avila
Damian Reyes Avila - Month ago
Hulk smash in year 2012 Time stone Rock in Blue.🎬
Zoe Fonjallaz Curtin
Zoe Fonjallaz Curtin - Month ago
This looks so stupid I need to play it
The Keeper of Autism and Cringe
And at the time of this, a wee little boy named Peter Parker was still in kindergarten.

Or was it elementary?

Eh, who gives a darn. I'm commenting on a video from 2015, when I was a lad.
Blackpanthe 25ishot
Blackpanthe 25ishot - Month ago
No captain amarica would be like 70 there
The Zomneack
The Zomneack - Month ago
The animation in this one little thing is just beautiful
la sandia vikinga!
la sandia vikinga! - Month ago
JarrydYT_ Gaming
JarrydYT_ Gaming - Month ago
0:39 someone trying to impress their crush
Giancarlo Barbieri
Giancarlo Barbieri - Month ago
Boku no Avenger Academia! XD
Mikail Salik
Mikail Salik - Month ago
Here's my superpower, I quit
Andy Flores
Andy Flores - Month ago
eceñenye bodeo deberias hacer una serie de estobecha realidad
justine castaneda
justine castaneda - Month ago
thor looks like a girl
Zonner XD
Zonner XD - Month ago
Pura pendejada
CherryPink - Month ago
what happened to nat's last name i-
ToastyFive 671
ToastyFive 671 - Month ago
Hey why not zoidberg
Luriun Driun
Luriun Driun - Month ago
And Spiderman? XD
Lxcky_ Spider
Lxcky_ Spider - Month ago
I like how this game got deleted last year
『 Cookie Potato 』
『 Cookie Potato 』 - Month ago
HeRe’S mY sUpEr PoWeR
Ridha Richards
Ridha Richards - Month ago
Missing Heroes!
-Dr Strange
-Black Panther
-Rocket Raccoon
-Star Lord
-Captain Marvel
-Nick Fury
REWARD: $100,000
Special missing heroes:
REWARD: $100,000,000
moro-__- - Month ago
why is this in my recommended 3 years later
Saitama - Month ago
*"here's my superpower. I QUIT!"*
Giorgio Tellez
Giorgio Tellez - Month ago
This was a good game, but it was ruined in the update where the heroes were obtained with chips.
starsly4567 - Month ago
I miss this game
LEON GUO - Month ago
That we’ll be better if tony stark has armor
ღCapi Maik1ø
ღCapi Maik1ø - Month ago
and hawkeye? ;-;
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