Making A Wedding Dress Cake w/ Safiya Nygaard!

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Rosanna Pansino
Rosanna Pansino - Month ago
I hope you enjoy today's video! What was your favorite part? 😂👰🏻
downinahole193 - 2 days ago
where is the link for you as a life-sized princess cake??
Lilith the fox
Lilith the fox - 5 days ago
The part where Safiya look at the camera and approves of the asmr
Amy O'Sullivan
Amy O'Sullivan - 13 days ago
Craig Nernberg
Craig Nernberg - 14 days ago
hey ro could you do i stay in the same room with my dogs 24hours and with the huge dog bed for you only one room and outside
Oddly Satisfying
Oddly Satisfying - 15 days ago
You didn’t link the life sized cake photo
The Gacha Gaming Club
The Gacha Gaming Club - 2 hours ago
When she said she was gonna out the picture in the desc I checked but it wasn't there
Senpai Mía Chan
Senpai Mía Chan - 13 hours ago
Senpai Mía Chan
Senpai Mía Chan - 13 hours ago
Rosanna is Sooo smol~cute
Stephanie Webb
Stephanie Webb - 15 hours ago
I just notice rossana and safiya were in escape the night together XD
Like if u did
As well
Brandon Archuleta
Brandon Archuleta - Day ago
You should make her actual wedding cake
Tuxedo Cat
Tuxedo Cat - Day ago
Terrible makeup Ro, it isn’t you. Like those caterpillars 🐛 🐛 over your 👁 👁, what the heck?
Hend Alshehhi
Hend Alshehhi - Day ago
I love you ro but why is your hair down it culd go in the cake
ملكه بدون مملكه Huy
لأعرف شو تحدثون😢
Jaimie Poncelet
Jaimie Poncelet - Day ago
i kinda felt an awkwardness between them.... maybe lol
Lu Ji Ku
Lu Ji Ku - 3 days ago
*team work makes the dream work*
reb wee
reb wee - 3 days ago
eccentrk954 - 3 days ago
When is the wedding???
Jana Tan
Jana Tan - 3 days ago
Reem Qassab
Reem Qassab - 3 days ago
no shade but ros's eyebrows are a tad thick i cant stop looking
Jacqueline Orozco Lopez
Who else wanted them to cut it 😂👎
JuSstiine channel kid's
Please help subcrebe yutub me, thank you..
Rachel McKenna
Rachel McKenna - 4 days ago
whether ur here for Rosanna or saf we're all satisfied
Brooke Freskos
Brooke Freskos - 4 days ago
Ro’s eyebrows
Aleera Owens
Aleera Owens - 4 days ago
*Ro and Safiya in one room*
Me: my two personalities interacting in one room
Gacha Sayonama
Gacha Sayonama - 4 days ago
OMG if you can Collab with BTS (It would be a mess) it will be amazing
SLIMEQUEEN XOXO - 4 days ago
Literally nobody:
Me at 3:36 : DId YoU JUsT aSsUMe itS gEndEr
Adrienette Ladynoir
Adrienette Ladynoir - 4 days ago
my fave collab by far😃❤️👰🏻👍
Morag Martin
Morag Martin - 4 days ago
Can you do a video with Mariah Elizabeth please
Mac Attack
Mac Attack - 5 days ago
Wherever that spa is in Japan this is what I’m gonna do if I ever go there get your cups ready
Addison Ahumada
Addison Ahumada - 5 days ago
9:44 not enough frosting 11:00 perfect amount of frosting 12:14 OK TOO MUCH
Collab with emmas goodies 😍
Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith - 5 days ago
Rosanna: we have whole milk, butter milk, and some metaled butter!
(Lactose intolerant people have left the chat)
Funny Puppy
Funny Puppy - 5 days ago
А я Русская!!!
 - 5 days ago
Sabrina Chilliak
Sabrina Chilliak - 5 days ago
Saf Is making soap again
MELISSA Martinez
MELISSA Martinez - 6 days ago
That cake looked so pretty
Karmen Garcia
Karmen Garcia - 6 days ago
all of it your awesome
ΣMMΔ Δ - 6 days ago
Ro looks so short 😂
Naafi'ah Hathurani
Naafi'ah Hathurani - 6 days ago
Why don't you make videos with Mo any more?
I miss those days😔
Pam Rose
Pam Rose - 6 days ago
Thinner eyebrows they look odd but u do u it my opinion
Duck Helga
Duck Helga - 6 days ago
Didn’t notice how tall Safiya is 😂😂
UnicornGaming 1717
UnicornGaming 1717 - 6 days ago
she did not link the pic...
Yulianna Ramirez
Yulianna Ramirez - 6 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about ro’s eyebrows
Brittany Lewis
Brittany Lewis - 6 days ago
Where is the link to the Ro-doll cake picture? I was looking forward to seeing that
Charlotte Landrum
Charlotte Landrum - 6 days ago
The size difference is crazy
sara latif
sara latif - 7 days ago
the shape of the sleeve is a flipin trapezoid
Rasolle C
Rasolle C - 7 days ago
Me when I get told juicy tea 0:37
Tayler Masterton
Tayler Masterton - 7 days ago
You should make a Cheshire Cat cake! 🧁
Paris Champion-Hughes
Paris Champion-Hughes - 7 days ago
i knew there was something different looking and i figured it out! its your eyebrows that are a little thicker.
Barkergirl 905
Barkergirl 905 - 7 days ago
i loved it when safiya always did her little eyebrow wiggle XD
Maddy Jean
Maddy Jean - 7 days ago
I never realized how short Ro was..
and how tall Safiya was xD
Zoe K
Zoe K - 7 days ago
We've had a Ro and Saf collab.
We've had a Ro and Colleen collab.
No we need a Saf and Colleen collab!
Khang Tran
Khang Tran - 7 days ago
this vid was uploaded on my birthday
lior kaye
lior kaye - 7 days ago
Wow sat is tall
adaline thomason
adaline thomason - 8 days ago
you should do a video w/safiya nygaard and game theory matpat
Two sugar Cookies
Two sugar Cookies - 8 days ago
When safiya went “do i just keep going or stop”she reminded me of markipliar when he was baking the fnaf cupcake with ro
María Verónica Viñas
What's up with that zooming editing effect?
Alia Burman
Alia Burman - 8 days ago
Safiya looks so tall
Ana Petrea
Ana Petrea - 8 days ago
Congratulations for getting married
Carro Hart
Carro Hart - 8 days ago
Kinda wish the patterns on the dress would have been made in another colour so they could have been easier too see... and i also soooo wanna eat that cake omg 😍
Stephanie Garcia
Stephanie Garcia - 8 days ago
Anybody else like Stepford wives meets the Addams family???
Amiel Singo
Amiel Singo - 8 days ago
Safiya TOWERING over Ro xD
Amy Mifsud
Amy Mifsud - 8 days ago
I like Safiay Especially her channel
James Tan
James Tan - 8 days ago
This is the best collab EVERR i love them both!! 😁😆
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