Trump Returns from Europe as Impeachment Calls Grow Louder: A Closer Look

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Glenn parent
Glenn parent - 3 days ago
who let trump out of the old age home
kristian yves Lovendino
Trump is full of s#$# the toilet's envy!!! Oustttt!!!!
evangelina grey
evangelina grey - 3 days ago
What is it w/this man & his obsession w/building walls? I feel like if he had it his way there would b walls between states.
Gregory Bates
Gregory Bates - 3 days ago
If Obama did all this crap he would be a terrible Black President but Trump is just a terrible president, Wow
james butler
james butler - 5 days ago
4 months later and all still holds true, just different scandal from the Trump White house and a different Trump property being enriched by the tax payers.
Zach Olson
Zach Olson - 8 days ago
I honestly don’t know who I hate more, Trump or Hannity.
These dudes are so up their own asses they are tasting their own hair.
PaddySnuffles - 13 days ago
Trump's fish lips are so distracting.
Brendan Quinn
Brendan Quinn - 14 days ago
God Bless Leo Varadkar. I don't think Trump would still be alive if he was President of Ireland
Sandy Anderson
Sandy Anderson - 28 days ago
He is so freaking dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!
flores1450 - Month ago
and you'll join him there Hannity you muthafucker
Samuel Rosander
Samuel Rosander - Month ago
Something you "libturd snowflake cucks" didn't know, but Trump had a goal. He wanted to see if he could hit $100 million. But like Monk, he went just a little over, and now he NEEDS to even it out to a cool billion.

He was probably the kid who knew they were doing something wrong, but stared at the parent while doing it to see exactly what the reaction would be, and if they could get away with it. Well, we let him get away with it, even though the right hated Obama with a passion supposedly for doing exactly what other presidents had done: play golf as President of the United States of America. I guess "playing golf while black and in charge" is a major offense to some people. For all the stink they put up over Obama, they are awfully quiet under Trump. Funny how that works. So again, we are letting him get away with whatever he wants. Not enough push for impeachment, even though there would be a massive movement among the right if this was someone on the left. No accountability, or even major demand by the public to their representatives for accountability, even though there would be a massive movement among the right if this was someone on the left. That means that the left is either not motivated enough to use the processes created to deal with this sort of individual, or the right is massively hypocritical. Then again, it could mean both...
W Little
W Little - Month ago
He didn't have a clue on Normandy.Absolutely clueless.
Danny M
Danny M - Month ago
Damn this man gets cringier every year
Bogwedgle - Month ago
Watching Trump bumble through a speech on normandy when he has clearly forgotten why it is significant has caused me significant psychological damage. Lawsuit in the mail. Also that man needs to submit to be tested for dementia by an impartial doctor because at this point moments like that are becoming worryingly common.
Ngaleka Abulele
Ngaleka Abulele - Month ago
If rambling was a person.
Rainbow Writer
Rainbow Writer - Month ago
Trump sounds like the 6th grade me giving a book report in front of class, when I never read the book.
Maria Gil
Maria Gil - Month ago
❤️❤️❤️ Great show.
Baroness Bloodrayne
Baroness Bloodrayne - Month ago
Has anyone ever had a McFlurry, ever?
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick - Month ago
Nancy Pelosi said something about *money* and the billions and billions of dollars that Trump wasted
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick - Month ago
Impeach and/or imprison #45
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick - Month ago
“Weird adult sons”
manyy people have said
manyy people have said - 2 months ago
with the hat he looks like wimpy from popoye ill gladly pay you ruesday for a hamberder today
Jack Flash
Jack Flash - 2 months ago
Impeach the motherfucker !!!
Sarah o
Sarah o - 2 months ago
Trump wouldn't put anything in a blind trust, he'd rather you trust him blindly. 😏
Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo - 2 months ago
Your going to prison ! You know what I'm talking about Stephen ! Bye bye bye ! I got the footprints !
David Miller
David Miller - 2 months ago
Seth, I love your show but y'all whiffed on the opportunity to photoshop donny boys picture to look like mr peanut and change the hat to "Mr. TheNut"
I'll let this one slide.
Christopher Justice
Christopher Justice - 2 months ago
You think wanting Trump to be put in jail is extreme, I know people who want the guy to be full on Mussolinied. Dragged through the street and hung upside down from a lamppost.
Wizard Tim
Wizard Tim - 2 months ago
He... didn't know what happened at Normandy...
He's our president HOW!?!?
Next he's going to go to Berlin and talk about a wall: "Oh yeah I think you need a wall right here... down the center..."
David Brooks
David Brooks - 3 months ago
It really is difficult to find any one individual as fu****g stupid as Trump. The US has now the most corrupt government in US history. If you are stupid, racist and a criminal... your country needs you. Please apply to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue c/o the fat fuc**r in the White House
Music Mania
Music Mania - 3 months ago
I used to like Seth until he sold out to cash in on Hate Trump Media. Seth Should Be Grateful not Hateful.
Arjuna Menon
Arjuna Menon - 3 months ago
There will never another president like Donald Trump. He is the epitome of what Dubya could only aspire to but could never become - he is the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving..Heck, Dubya was the gift that gave comedians innumerable source material for decades. DJ Trump, however, will keep giving source material to the ENTIRE world right up until God says:"Alright, you all need to pack it in, I'm closing up shop. I've been laughing so hard over the curse of a billion years and NOBODY will ever come close to The Donald (Jackass) Trump." *side-splitting teary-eyed holy laughter*

Heck, Donald could even stall the second coming of The Christ. Jesus might be like:"Hold up, I wanna see the insane bullshittery The Orange One/I'm Peach is gonna come up with next."

Donald:"Satan has no talent. Myers and Colbert will say that it's like looking in a mirror and seeing me but I'm peach and not red all over with flames and stuff."

Please keep the Nutjob Express rolling..... God only knows how the entire world has needed a good laugh since George *gobble-gobble* Bush. I'm waiting for the dream: Kal Penn becomes POTUS and John Cho becomes VPOTUS.... or 2nd choice:
Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert 2020/2024/2028.
Julie W.
Julie W. - 3 months ago
OMG! The president of the United States doesn't know WTF Normandy is. He can't even use the words war or beaches, because he literally has no fucking CLUE what it is!!! LMFAO!
geoff dearth
geoff dearth - 3 months ago
Kramer had the advantage of being funny. Before the comedy club thing anyway.
geoff dearth
geoff dearth - 3 months ago
DJT wishes he looked like Warren Beatty and had his kind of success with women.
L D - 3 months ago
themetal - 3 months ago
Donald Trump is on a fact-finding trip (Junket) to Israel. While he is on a tour of Jerusalem he suffers a heart attack and dies.
The undertaker tells the Americans accompanying him, "You can have him shipped home for $50,000, or you can bury him here, in the Holy Land for just $1000".
The Americans go into a corner to discuss for a few minutes. They return with their answer to the undertaker and tell him they want Donald shipped home.
The undertaker is puzzled and asks, 'Why would you spend $50,000 to ship him home, when it would be wonderful to be buried here and you would spend only $1000?
The American diplomats reply, 'Long ago a man died here, was buried here, and three days later he rose from the dead. We just can't take the risk.
th3dudeabides1 - 3 months ago
Ironically president Trump has crapped his pants.
Russ Brown
Russ Brown - 3 months ago
The Kramer of foreign policy. That's priceless, with exactly the wrong words and a stunned gaze, and a ridiculous giant hairdo. What a complete dork. He comes off like a dippy Andy of Mayberry moron Mayor... does he lock himself up in the clink each night to sleep off his snoot full ? Someone please take this twerp out for a ride and don't bring him back. It will be in the service of our country. America will be in your debt forever.
Impeach, imprison, FIREING SQUAD.
pop5678eye - 3 months ago
'We shouldn't impeach Trump because it will never succeed' is the equivalent of 'we shouldn't prosecute (rich) criminals because they won't be found guilty.'
Prosecuting and failing is still a much better way to threaten criminals than to never prosecute them at all.
Tink-R-Toys' Will I Am Shark Wheels and Ham
#DickTraitorandQuief of the #UnitedBigotsOfMerica is the most unqualified politician posing as a Human Being, as a Grifter Con artist ripping the USA 🇺🇸 Off$$$ What a #Kakistocracy
David DeLaney
David DeLaney - 3 months ago
Macron is clearly thinking "Sacre bleu, I thought I had learned the English! But this ... Caesar word salad? ... it defeats me!"
--Dave, don't worry, we can't understand him either a lot of the time
Jimmy Felton
Jimmy Felton - 3 months ago
Donald "doing dumb things in important places" Trump
Ba A
Ba A - 3 months ago
Trump's explanation of Normandy was worse than the book report I wrote in third grade of a book I never read.
PutinWithAnimals - 3 months ago
I love how Donald always ends up in the "a great thing in terms of such and such"
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana - 3 months ago
Warren said:”If he were any other person In the United States, Based on What’s document in the report, He would be carried out in handcuffs”. So this means president is above law, right? And if everyone accept that president is above law, so imagine who wanna be above law? That would be those law breakers, so the job of president will draw attention to them, they will do whatever they can, promise heaven without responsibility to fulfill, as long as he can trick people to vote for him, he can be above law, wow, that’s the real danger, and everybody accepts this danger, wow
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick - 3 months ago
Nancy Pelosi has finished reading the Mueller Report and she found that Trump will be behind bars, or in other words in prison for the rest of his life
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick - 3 months ago
The Great Wall of China is just a wall, that tourists can see and feel.
Liam Murphy
Liam Murphy - 3 months ago
Dear trump please do everyone a favour and stay out of Europe
Gofuckyourself Nicely
Gofuckyourself Nicely - 3 months ago
Umm... Presuhdent Gump has gone bankrupt more times than I've done the rudiies
Anyway, must dash - I'm being threatened with more sexytime and I'm not allowed to call another girl "Thingy"....
Robin Potter
Robin Potter - 3 months ago
Can't trump afford a decent tailor?
Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth - 3 months ago
We all know he has small hands but this is the first time we had proof about the size of his head.
James Tidwell
James Tidwell - 3 months ago
you just described yourself, Trump. It's called projection.
James Tidwell
James Tidwell - 3 months ago
what a shameful example of an American and an American president.
Raquel Alhaqab
Raquel Alhaqab - 3 months ago
Can you say 25th amendment?
Genésie 1177
Genésie 1177 - 3 months ago
They stand like that bc the male corsets are too tight!
Chas Stack
Chas Stack - 3 months ago
How does anyone think trump has A BRAIN
Daniel Gerber
Daniel Gerber - 3 months ago
Do you feel sorry for all these foreign presidents for whom English is a second language? They must feel like they suddenly had a stroke and can't understand English anymore, when Trump talks at them.
Ginger P
Ginger P - 3 months ago
What is with the fit of Trump Jr’s tuxedo? This is a young guy who is relatively fit. He couldn’t hire a tailor? At least Trump Sr. has an excuse, but he STILL looks better than Jr. in the tux.
Sharon Bodimeade
Sharon Bodimeade - 4 months ago
Of course trump only read about the Normandy landings, he’s a draft dodger. He shows his ignorance yet again, not even noticing the dig about his ridiculous wall
Priyanka Bansal
Priyanka Bansal - 4 months ago
What were Americans smoking???
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