Conan Trains With The Women Of The Israel Defense Forces - CONAN on TBS

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Al C
Al C - 7 hours ago
next week the he's shown how to snipe children from 1000 yards. all part of the training in the land of killers.
SpamReciever420 - 16 hours ago
Ash mains be like:
Ninetys Dude
Ninetys Dude - 21 hour ago
I hope your having fun with these zionist war criminals👎
nugget dinner
nugget dinner - Day ago
This was meant to be funny but damn, they look so badass
Jed Nolasco
Jed Nolasco - 2 days ago
Conan looks fragile
Dean Gulston
Dean Gulston - 2 days ago
The only problem that I have with this clip is that it was not longer.
a fight with clowns... 😂😂😂
Evil Koala
Evil Koala - 4 days ago
I hate jews but only men😂
Elad Krishtal
Elad Krishtal - 6 days ago
למה הם עם נשק בהצלב?
MoonLight King
MoonLight King - 6 days ago
Well I’m going to Israel to get me a girl
Kebo Kev
Kebo Kev - 7 days ago
Blonde one with the hat very pretty
Jean Philippe Pontat
Jean Philippe Pontat - 7 days ago
I Love Israel
Slaughter Bot
Slaughter Bot - 8 days ago
*Conan was seriously injured*
*What a brave man*
Angus Scrimm
Angus Scrimm - 9 days ago
Seriously would feel bad killing these brave women...their hot.
Erfan Vlogs
Erfan Vlogs - 9 days ago
*Conan: look I got a cut, calla helicopter, ....sorry I will do the rest of the training online hahahhaahhah*
Amro hjab
Amro hjab - 9 days ago
How can you doing this.They are killing children 😦
Mia Isabella
Mia Isabella - 9 days ago
Mia Isabella
Mia Isabella - 9 days ago
The amount of racism in the comments is incredible saying stuff like”they’re Jews” or “murderers”.
Like bitch *study the subject*
I studied and I understand way better about what’s actually happening there.
Larry David
Larry David - 7 days ago
so what's happening?
Osama Issa
Osama Issa - 9 days ago
europe pitchas send them back to u Europe before they get fucked from real Palestinian Peoples 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸 free free Palestine
FakeTaxi - 10 days ago
They should be in the kitchen...
1007yes - 4 days ago
You should be in hell.
mojtaba nikoo
mojtaba nikoo - 10 days ago
tell them we are waiting for you to attack Iran 😢
The Perfectionist
The Perfectionist - 10 days ago
Why are they training so hard? if they've got their agent Assad protecting "their" borders from Syria and killing the so called terrorists AKA "Sunni Civilians"
Cool Sameet
Cool Sameet - 11 days ago
Am a Muslim and I love Israel ❤️ and I hate Palestine so much 👍
Alexander Alaric
Alexander Alaric - 12 days ago
I'd definitely not shoot at that. Not with bullets.
Meg - 12 days ago
Why is everyone commenting about their looks? These are soldiers, goddamnit! SOLDIERS! But f that! All we care about in women is their looks! smh
Brooke Turner
Brooke Turner - 13 days ago
Well now,. Conan entertaining war criminals who murder for the fascist aphertid state of Israel.
Brooke Turner
Brooke Turner - 13 days ago
@Shaboki Grow Up Dude
Shaboki - 13 days ago
the only thing thats real in what you said is the word israel
Deepansh bandlish
Deepansh bandlish - 13 days ago
israel has the most beautiful people in the world
A E - 14 days ago
I'm starting to realize that most of the wars against Israel are out of jealousy that Israel has prettier women then they do
Us Man
Us Man - 14 days ago
Conan should not have done this bit.
Gino Tan
Gino Tan - 14 days ago
I watched this after the Wonder Woman Training as well with Conan, it seems like this one is in line with it. Weak Conan, lol
Bhekumuzi Ndou
Bhekumuzi Ndou - 15 days ago
kkkkkk what was that 😎😂😂😂😂
Moe Gaming
Moe Gaming - 16 days ago
Free Palestine IDF= terrorist
Pewdiepie Channel
Pewdiepie Channel - 16 days ago
Israel : "climbs a wall"
Trump : "triggered"
J.R. Vasquez
J.R. Vasquez - 16 days ago
Still funny. "If you're fighting clowns..."
Blue Barash
Blue Barash - 17 days ago
Zionist jews aren't semitics. Most Israelies aren't Semitics, they're Khazards (fake jews) without links to that land. Those are fake jews brought by secular white Zionists (supremacists). Real Semitic-Mizrajií jews are not supporting Zion and their crimes. Real jews aren't white blonde and tall. These are the product of a supremacist movement led by talmudic supremacists, to sell the idea of an Aryan jew.
Rose Kahn
Rose Kahn - 16 days ago
Liora Barash this is anti Semitic bullshit lies that has been disproven a million times over.
jim taylor
jim taylor - 17 days ago
Female Israeli soldiers showing genocide can look good
NIGHT2PWN - 17 days ago
I now fight for Israel.
Andy Benson
Andy Benson - 18 days ago
I just realized a lot of Conans jokes were once on the Simpsons... but didn't he used to write for them or something? I'm too stoned.
joe Cosby
joe Cosby - 19 days ago
I joined the wrong army 🤣😂
L Collins
L Collins - 19 days ago
Too short!!
David Shimshilashvili
David Shimshilashvili - 20 days ago
🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱AM ISRAEL CHAI🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱
trueindian - 20 days ago
When there's battle you won't fight it knowing the reason why idf is killing
Shasiru Anuhara
Shasiru Anuhara - 21 day ago
Enemy snipers be like: I saw her first
Jesse C
Jesse C - 21 day ago
0:17 She sounds like Christopher Walken.
DarkNight - 23 days ago
I want to be in the Israel army, if there training me
adrian decasas
adrian decasas - 24 days ago
Where's hila from h3h3
tyler durden
tyler durden - 24 days ago
0:50 conan(looked at the girls): who do i do first?
Josh Stewart
Josh Stewart - 24 days ago
Wish I could watch Conan on tv where I live
Manny Gomez
Manny Gomez - 24 days ago
Conan’ s a bitch... lmao.
Darth - 25 days ago
Having fun with child and civil killers,Israel biggest nazi state on earth
ferruccious manpzz
ferruccious manpzz - 26 days ago
What a embarrassment to America
sharp Dus
sharp Dus - 27 days ago
Shaboki - 13 days ago
oh no he said the Z word
neptunuzenet - 27 days ago
never seen such a funny framing for ethno-fascism before, great job conan
Denis Polyakov
Denis Polyakov - 29 days ago
IDF, Probably the best 3 years of my life.
Now you know why :)
Denis Polyakov
Denis Polyakov - 2 days ago
@Tipperary It was a statement, not a conversation. Also not an invitation for one.
Tipperary - 3 days ago
@Denis Polyakov Like you're original comment would?
Denis Polyakov
Denis Polyakov - 3 days ago
@Tipperary Ok, I heard your opinion. Now, do you really think this conversation would lead to some useful conclusion?
Tipperary - 3 days ago
@Denis Polyakov I was actually speaking about the idf. It would be nice if they could "chill out".
Denis Polyakov
Denis Polyakov - 3 days ago
@Tipperary Dude, chill out. If you kill people for your enjoyment, you better keep it to yourself and don't project it upon other people.
Busi Kiri
Busi Kiri - Month ago
hausofroxx - Month ago
The blonde girl w/ the cap was beyond gorgeous 😍, tough and funny!
jack cloud
jack cloud - Month ago
Britain needs to bring back national service
Melissa Pasos
Melissa Pasos - Month ago
So, really, these Animal experts or others really should not go home on someone with their state program.
Melissa Pasos
Melissa Pasos - Month ago
Hey, actually I am not fit for these or want them to be issued to my own learning when I was Pentecostal for a long time with our families, We were issued a lot of work to learn more about the stories our families were using when some of the material from these services and my grandparents did actually begin teaching their kids around the time the MASH television shows were produced for work for our states media programs & developed store products for the kids to eat and develop music for everyone with our schools from our state. Weird. We made donuts and cakes. Thank goodness.
Seven - Month ago
Disgusting place
johan curyff
johan curyff - Month ago
training for boys scout
Tommy Leung
Tommy Leung - Month ago
This reminds me of the Kevin Hart gym remote
Evan Z
Evan Z - Month ago
Huge respect to this beautiful & brave Israeli woman you guys are fighting the actual war, meanwhile in my country woman's are fighting against Men frm wearing Boxers (shorts) in public and Equal rights. 😂
Mick Taylor
Mick Taylor - Month ago
What are the requirements to join the IDF?
ScreamToASigh - Month ago
@Mick Taylor no problem, good luck!
Mick Taylor
Mick Taylor - Month ago
Thanx a bunch for the info ✌️
ScreamToASigh - Month ago
Ok, if you want to volunteer, but don't want to become an Israeli citizen: If you want to become a citizen, you can search "lone soldier" or nefesh b'nefesh (on RUvideos): or If you want to volunteer in Israel but can't serve in country for the length required, for whatever reason, you can look into ZAKA, , which is an Israeli international volunteer search and rescue organization (they have worked in the US during major hurricanes , the Brazilian DAM collapse this past January, etc... And they train volunteers in other countries for search and rescue).
ScreamToASigh - Month ago
There are lone soldiers, if you are not a a citizen you can volunteer. It depends on who you are, and your purpose. You can volunteer as auxiliary or with an org that helps lone soldiers (people who move to Israel to serve, but have no family there). I'm not Israeli. I'll find the link... Side note: You can see a Conan like clip of a guy from a Chinese broadcaster doing a day with Israeli soldiers. It's hilarious. (In Hebrew with English subtitles):
Ricardo - Month ago
She said a fight with clowns. Haha haha. Plus she is very attractive.
Don't worry Bre Happy
Don't worry Bre Happy - Month ago
I love Conan and his humor! Always makes me smile no matter how crappy a day
Kieran - Month ago
Dude, IDF chicks...
Floresian - Month ago
filthy israeli shekels
ordinary guy
ordinary guy - Month ago
Now i know how to fight clowns
C Klan
C Klan - Month ago
You wouldn't mind surrendering to them.
fyukfy - Month ago
So many pervs in these comments jeez
Heron - Month ago
Online training!!!! Funny cuz it's true. In the usaf at least.
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez - Month ago
Wes 76
Wes 76 - Month ago
This is virtue signaling by an almost 60 year old leftist beta male. Of course he cant compete with these young women. Just like these young women can't compete with the male Israeli soldiers. In reality women have lower PT standards than men in the military, because they have to. They are physically weaker. I can tell you from experience that women are also mentally weaker. They give up quicker and endure challenging conditions much worse than men. Men an women are different, and thats ok.
23magneta - Month ago
Men are physically stronger than women. However, they are definitely not mentally stronger. A woman can have the flu and must still take care of her family and the house. If a man gets the sniffles, then he acts like he's going to die. Does that sound mentally stronger to you? Many men lack endurance.
Jawad Yahfoufi
Jawad Yahfoufi - Month ago
"A fight with clowns" lmao
RipeGanG - Month ago
Israeli women godamnnn 😩😩
financemaster Bhatia
financemaster Bhatia - Month ago
Conan u funny bastard
Musa Aamir
Musa Aamir - Month ago
Its said Pakistani ssg training is the most difficult in the world! You should try that. They even feed you an alive snake and rabbit. Also make you drink blood.
G3TxGoodGaming - Month ago
3.4K people don't like fighting clowns, (ref to joke 2 minutes in)
DuneMountainTrip - Month ago
Israeli women don't need weapons in combat they just knock out their enemy with their stunning looks
gdprsn - Month ago
And feminist bitch about gal gadot body in wonder woman now you know why.
*H A L T*
*H A L T* - Month ago
Isreal ain't a country
Shaboki - 13 days ago
yeah i dont know what isreal is but i know a country named israel, cool country, it has the same people who lived there 3000 years ago.
aumarigan - Month ago
I love the small one..she looks fiesty and hot.
Rubens - Month ago
So sweet "I'm sorry" they are like angels
Rubens - Month ago
Jesus Lord, Israeli women. Why are they always so hot?
Shahid Hussain
Shahid Hussain - Month ago
Training to kill innocent Palestinian women & children. Long live Palestine 🇵🇸
doge 510
doge 510 - Month ago
For something to live it must be alive first.
Gemini 1986
Gemini 1986 - Month ago
Cosmetics of Israeli army
gdprsn - Month ago
Actually female Israeli soldiers do combat roles.
King Reef
King Reef - Month ago
Those Israelis are hot
Alexis Tosta
Alexis Tosta - Month ago
The short girl is gorgeous
Owais Khan
Owais Khan - Month ago
Training with occupying aggressors zionists terrorists who stole Palestinian lands
This is unacceptable
Bruce Kirk
Bruce Kirk - 2 months ago
Most beautiful army ever
Nick Revel
Nick Revel - 2 months ago
hes starting to look like bill clinton from the late 90s
scenicsupernova - 2 months ago
1:11 I swear I heard a woman in the background screaming my real life name.
Akram Bt
Akram Bt - 2 months ago
Conan i m realy big fan but if you want visit you say palistain no isreal ,btw Nice training with the killers and stoleres of land
Friedrich der Große
Friedrich der Große - 2 months ago
Aljaž Jesen
Aljaž Jesen - 2 months ago
No offense this course looks easy is there a time limit or something
Eyal - 10 days ago
If you want a serious answer, then yes, I don't know how the girls do it but for the men there's a time limit when they are tested for the course and also you need to complete it a number of times in a row without stopping so it's more of an endurance test rather than a test to see if you can pass obstacles, also, this course is mainly for a physical training and not combat, the combat training are different and not on that course.
Maaz Malik
Maaz Malik - 2 months ago
working with devils
abudi ÃT⧧í
abudi ÃT⧧í - 2 months ago
Israel..Arabs worst enemies! Don't ask us why..They got into our countries and killed millions
Green Planet
Green Planet - 2 months ago
Children killers
Nathan saigh
Nathan saigh - 2 months ago
Lol it's "Eden" not Adin 😂😂😁👌
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