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Igor Lenik
Igor Lenik - 7 days ago
the enswear is 8 -(minus) polar bears
raymond weaver
raymond weaver - 11 days ago
Go Polar bears
Carlieto' Way
Carlieto' Way - 17 days ago
Russia rules Sheldon Drools
Phlegethon - 19 days ago
Go Polar Bears!
Dhakshith R.T
Dhakshith R.T - 21 day ago
It's nice to the see the old tbbt where Sheldon not only shines but occasionally gets sabotaged by his own pride
Recent seasons have only been about how he compromises bcos of his sad childhood and he just doesn't grow up rather everyone changes to his needs
A Febrian
A Febrian - 21 day ago
For someone who believe Facts over Faith, sheldon should accept the answer.. But he rather goes, "that's your opinion"..
Sharkpool Bolt
Sharkpool Bolt - 23 days ago
Wyatt Ayers
Wyatt Ayers - 23 days ago
Guys, there are two of Sylvester Stallone.
Chris Floyd
Chris Floyd - 23 days ago
I like it when Sheldon gets knocked down a peg or two. He's can be a jerk.
John Martin
John Martin - 24 days ago
Sheldon sounded like his mother when discussing evolution
Rockyfrijolito - 24 days ago
What an idiot
Rhey - Month ago
Mr. Wolowitz this is your second warning.
Teguh Santoso
Teguh Santoso - Month ago
The differences between soviet scientist is when they (soviet) think about empirical formula and real physics theory then American always thought about blowing a world away
Retro Crow
Retro Crow - Month ago
Sheldon malfunctioning
d. t.
d. t. - Month ago
8........ .4?
BearsForLife F
BearsForLife F - Month ago
Howard,”760 Degrees Celsius, the approximate temperate of the young lady in the front row.”
TS13 - Month ago
gosh sheldon is such a child, his body may be that of an adult, but inside he's still a child.
Aditya Nehra
Aditya Nehra - Month ago
America is a racist country...The physicist gets a job of a janitor coz he is Russian.
Aryan Dixit
Aryan Dixit - Month ago
The motherfucker's arrogance and narcissism cost him the game , he should've been humiliated a little more
Billy William
Billy William - Month ago
I always knew Sheldon was an idiot.
Courage and Peace
Courage and Peace - Month ago
Why does he say go polar bears
Obaid - Month ago
This is actually quite sad to watch.
d. t.
d. t. - Month ago
Atoms depiction after colliding.
Vexed Castle
Vexed Castle - 2 months ago
In the end, Sheldon’s downfall was his own ego.
Kesandra Williamson
Kesandra Williamson - 2 months ago
Lol pms
NickAtNick - 2 months ago
what physics equation is this?
Sandun Akalanka
Sandun Akalanka - 2 months ago
2:04 He sounds like Colossus from Deadpool movies. xD
Michael Angellotti
Michael Angellotti - 2 months ago
So Sheldons team won. The guy knew it.
Psycho Joe
Psycho Joe - 2 months ago
The Russian guy just glanced at the problem and got it amazing.
Saint Niko
Saint Niko - 2 months ago
always listen to Russians - they are best in the world fuck tard Sheldon LOL
Nina Tori
Nina Tori - 2 months ago
Sheldon's arrogance level is over 9000. There should be no place in science for arrogance.
COOKIEE .3 - 2 months ago
Malaysian spm
Traffic Light
Traffic Light - 2 months ago
I'm not sure if Feynman would approve.
Sargent Pugsley
Sargent Pugsley - 2 months ago
1:14 nice subtitles... accurate as can be
Tonnerre Fuego
Tonnerre Fuego - 2 months ago
"760 degrees Celsius, the approximate temperature of the young lady in the front row"
"Mr Wolowitz this is your second warning..."
Sam Malone
Sam Malone - 2 months ago
The guy who paints my house was a math professor in Syria. He likes to paint by numbers.
The Name is Renz
The Name is Renz - 2 months ago
Dumbass sheldon
Ha VoC
Ha VoC - 2 months ago
This is the biggest bruh moment i ve ever seen
pravin rao
pravin rao - 2 months ago
The equation is not so difficult its just the most normal interaction between 2 electrons. Any who knows QED can do it.
Axl Dave
Axl Dave - 2 months ago
Yeah, but this is Big Bang Theory, where any reference to Schroedinger's cat is considered a clever joke.
himanshu bhatt
himanshu bhatt - 2 months ago
Finally A person far smart than all of them
Riko Saikawa
Riko Saikawa - 2 months ago
In Soviet Russia Bear Polar you!
The Nameless King
The Nameless King - 2 months ago
0:50 actually that equation has no answer it was just made to look complicated
Aryan Dixit
Aryan Dixit - 2 months ago
3:01 the reason I hate this jerk of character
enkit singh
enkit singh - 2 months ago
Which episode is that ????
embrezar - 2 months ago
Does anyone here actually understand the final equation? I'm curious if the producers/writers/etc. actually used a real, solvable equation that equals -8πα or if this was just gobbledygook made to look like a complicated equation. The video quality isn't fantastic, but I don't think I even see an α variable, so maybe it's just nonsense.
Weiss Walkers
Weiss Walkers - 24 days ago
Apparently, a later comment said it was gibberish. But hell if I know.
Dante Rohlck
Dante Rohlck - 2 months ago
Sheldon’s and asshole
Mingwei Wang
Mingwei Wang - 2 months ago
I laughed, while with a heavy heart....
69 Charger
69 Charger - 2 months ago
I think it’s sad that because Sheldon couldn’t answer the question, he starts condescending his teammate and twitching like he’s a bomb about to go off
Whitney Schuebel
Whitney Schuebel - 3 months ago
In 7th grade we spilt our math class into groups based on student level. We called our math group PMS (Proud Math Students)
Boaz V
Boaz V - 3 months ago
Go polar bears!!!
wohoo wohoo
wohoo wohoo - 3 months ago
Dyatlov after he completes his 10 years sentence 😂😂😂
Syed Hussain
Syed Hussain - 3 months ago
My reaction is same as penny, i don't know what the hell they are quizzing.........
Batnab - 3 months ago
Doing some research I found out that this is a feynman diagram which I find weird that none of them knew the answer since they all are huge fans of feynman's work
Trieu Loc Thai
Trieu Loc Thai - 3 months ago
Sheldon should have been able to solve Quantum Electrodynamics....
Sgt.NoPants - 3 months ago
Group: they don't have it, they don't know the answer.
Russian: takes 1 sec look... hold my vodka
Peter Pan
Peter Pan - 3 months ago
Answering question, winning physics bowl
J Bruce Feynman Niccolo Bentulan
There Are 5,000 Janitors in the U.S. with PhDs - Gizmodo
J Bruce Feynman Niccolo Bentulan
It is claimed that an equation is presented. Where's the equals sign?

Probably what's meant is 'Evaluate the expression' or 'Evaluate the integral' instead of 'Solve the equation'
Mat phil
Mat phil - 3 months ago
this is why sheldon is a fucking little shit-head. Actually, it's much worse than that.....he's a really awful human being.
보듬누리 - 3 months ago
역시 쉘든... 명불허전ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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