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69 Charger
69 Charger - 19 hours ago
I think it’s sad that because Sheldon couldn’t answer the question, he starts condescending his teammate and twitching like he’s a bomb about to go off
Whitney Schuebel
Whitney Schuebel - 2 days ago
In 7th grade we spilt our math class into groups based on student level. We called our math group PMS (Proud Math Students)
Boaz V
Boaz V - 2 days ago
Go polar bears!!!
wohoo wohoo
wohoo wohoo - 2 days ago
Dyatlov after he completes his 10 years sentence 😂😂😂
Syed Hussain
Syed Hussain - 3 days ago
My reaction is same as penny, i don't know what the hell they are quizzing.........
Batnab - 3 days ago
Doing some research I found out that this is a feynman diagram which I find weird that none of them knew the answer since they all are huge fans of feynman's work
Trieu Loc Thai
Trieu Loc Thai - 4 days ago
Sheldon should have been able to solve Quantum Electrodynamics....
Sgt.NoPants - 6 days ago
Group: they don't have it, they don't know the answer.
Russian: takes 1 sec look... hold my vodka
Peter Pan
Peter Pan - 9 days ago
Answering question, winning physics bowl
J Bruce Feynman Niccolo Bentulan
There Are 5,000 Janitors in the U.S. with PhDs - Gizmodo
J Bruce Feynman Niccolo Bentulan
It is claimed that an equation is presented. Where's the equals sign?

Probably what's meant is 'Evaluate the expression' or 'Evaluate the integral' instead of 'Solve the equation'
Mat phil
Mat phil - 11 days ago
this is why sheldon is a fucking little shit-head. Actually, it's much worse than that.....he's a really awful human being.
보듬누리 - 11 days ago
역시 쉘든... 명불허전ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Winfred Pangan
Winfred Pangan - 12 days ago
I really love that even if Penny doesn't get anything most of the time or even if she does get bored, she still comes and support them... 😂😍
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck - 13 days ago
I like that this show has a laughing track, it tells me what’s supposed to be funny and when I’m supposed to laugh. BBT is the Greatest Funniest Show of All Time!
RoRaHe - 17 days ago
I for real knew a Russian who was like that, they are crazy smart in Math and Physics, they used to drill that shit in them in school.
Amy Anime Lover
Amy Anime Lover - 17 days ago
"PMS" that joke flew over my head as a kid
khmerrcsouljah - 19 days ago
Go polar bears!!!!!!
omkr 01
omkr 01 - 21 day ago
Is that General Vladimir? How the mighty have fallen!
HoneyFikkle - 21 day ago
Scientists: "Earth is round"
Flat Earthers/Conspiracy theorists: " That's your opinion! "
Rez Instance
Rez Instance - 18 days ago
Pretty much.
Sheldon Cooper
Sheldon Cooper - 21 day ago
Going from Season 1-12 highlights how the geeks amazingly change personalities overtime.
D. Anthony Franco
D. Anthony Franco - 21 day ago
Penny is so hot!!!
Twisted Fate
Twisted Fate - 21 day ago
There is not enough data to conclude anything. We don't know if the janitor is smarter than sheldon or if sheldon is smarter than the janitor or if sheldon is smarter than Leonard's team. We would need another match to find out. Chances are that Sheldon could win a different match.
Metalgearpro2007 - 21 day ago
Fun fact, this is just a standard Feynman diagram for a basic electron myon scattering plus the correspondig equation. To solve the equation you definitly need some time and it's not that easy but very much possible. Every physicist has seen those equations :)
Haytem Ouadaa
Haytem Ouadaa - 21 day ago
Creepy howard was so great
MrRetlav - 21 day ago
I felt more interested in the janitor, then in half the group!
MrCr40 - 21 day ago
Sheldon is a piece of shit
Ruben - 22 days ago
What a Hippocratic stubborn cocky ass son of a bitch
Top Villian's
Top Villian's - 22 days ago
Remember guys, Kurchatov and Saharov)))
KhaosN7 - 23 days ago
"Holy crap."

"The hell is that?"

"Looks like something they found on the ship at Roswell."

Okay... That was actually genuinely funny.
Marcus Rosales
Marcus Rosales - 23 days ago
Wow a primitive vertex in quantum electrodynamics; no way a physics theorist would know this...
Froeee - 23 days ago
Marcus Rosales bruh
Jack Son
Jack Son - 23 days ago
So weird seeing Darlene and David in a Physics bowl...
1915lenin - 25 days ago
Beezlie727 - 25 days ago
WHAT!?! No Howard striptease to we are the champions?
Karathos - 25 days ago
Eight Point Four
8 Pi Alpha
Point and Pi, and the number 4 kinda looks like a capital A for Alpha... Dum-dum-duuuuum!
awsome kid
awsome kid - 27 days ago
awsome kid
awsome kid - 27 days ago
Nighthawk - 28 days ago
best "In Sovviet Rassha....." moment ever.
Artlas - 28 days ago
this guy won a nobel.
Detectiv L
Detectiv L - Month ago
0:53 Holy Crap = Bordel
Sure 😅😂😂
I Love Lea Thompson
I Love Lea Thompson - Month ago
Key element: drink vodka to solve complicated theoretical equations
Raghu Seetharaman
Raghu Seetharaman - Month ago
In Soviet Russia...janitor school you!
Daniel - Month ago
Does anyone know this specific equisen?
Alok B
Alok B - Month ago
Sheldon is an idiot
Ignacio - Month ago
1:44 Sheldon.exe has stopped working
yadhu krishnan
yadhu krishnan - Month ago
Can any one tell me which is this episode and season?
DWYS WYSD - Month ago
He's so gay (funny)
Rojelio Cirilo
Rojelio Cirilo - Month ago
Howard at the end 😂😂😂😂😂
Aaroh Gokhale
Aaroh Gokhale - Month ago
Wait how does he have a numerical answer when there are no bounds of integration?
Song Ren Yeo
Song Ren Yeo - Month ago
How did PMS become SPM?!
I.C.E Meme Edits
I.C.E Meme Edits - Month ago
Bobby - Month ago
Oh look it's Russian Good Will Hunting :)
Предраг Николић
If fact Sheldon is dumb as fuck
Michael Vechnak
Michael Vechnak - Month ago
The Mexican subtitles suck!
How many deaf Mexicans watch this show?
Jeffrow Ryan
Jeffrow Ryan - Month ago
"That's YOUR opinion". Sounds like Trump supporters when confronted by facts.
Kevin Howard
Kevin Howard - 2 months ago
"GO POLAR BEARS!" I lost it.
joao magagnin
joao magagnin - 2 months ago
This proves that urss has the best system after all, with the best scientists and tecnology!!
teslapower220 - 2 months ago
How the hell were string theorists Sheldon and Leslie unable to understand a simple tree-level diagram?
The Reaper
The Reaper - 2 months ago
I used to be a janitor. ITS FAX
Shadow wolf 5409
Shadow wolf 5409 - 2 months ago
Ah man if I was on Sheldon's team and this happend I would've gotten up from my seat walked over to Sheldon then I would've slapped him round the face and then turn around and go and sit back in my seat
Houssem Amami
Houssem Amami - 2 months ago
Tay Tàn Não Chưa Tàn
Tay Tàn Não Chưa Tàn - 2 months ago
In Russia , Vodka drink you before drive a car :)
Ray Ng
Ray Ng - 2 months ago
They could have written this better. How could not one of them have never seen a feyman diagram before
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia - 2 months ago
Sheldon is such a dumb ass..proving that some people try to feel more important,than the rest of every one else ....dumb ass!!!
Will Gisby
Will Gisby - 2 months ago
Sheldon is a snob, a racist, selfish and cowardly
TKGoat - 2 months ago
At least the custodion got a job as a physicist
Richu 46
Richu 46 - 2 months ago
Mr Wolowitz this is your second warning😂😂
Wizardwiwizard - 2 months ago
Well you American better be careful on your high horses
D. Song
D. Song - 2 months ago
How come he solved in one sec lol
oğuzay ünlü
oğuzay ünlü - 2 months ago
that's your opınıon
Elena Andro
Elena Andro - 2 months ago
A true genius has an open mind and accepts talents in others. So ShEldon is not a genius. He is just a learned douchebag.
Nathan X.
Nathan X. - 2 months ago
The way he said Leningrad Politechnika reminds me of red alert...
Madiha Nazir
Madiha Nazir - 2 months ago
How can Sheldon not know about Feynman diagrams, the particle paths & all!
Rahul Sreekumar
Rahul Sreekumar - 2 months ago
Man,sheldon's a bitch
vineet joshi
vineet joshi - 2 months ago
Sheldon is impossible
mrgamer08 - 3 months ago
1:45 me doing my math homeworks
cechly - 3 months ago
i love how the mexican guy in the aa team just sits there listening to music :D
Sheldon Cooper
Sheldon Cooper - 3 months ago
Next time I see a formula like that I will blurt out -8 pi alpha and hope I get it correct, blowing everyone away.
The Name is Renz
The Name is Renz - 3 months ago
Disha Jha
Disha Jha - 3 months ago
Best part is penny always sleeps at such places but she's there to support the guys...
Md Talha Ansari
Md Talha Ansari - 3 months ago
Somebody should smack him on the noggin'!
Zaineb Siddiqui
Zaineb Siddiqui - 3 months ago
I'm hell angry with Sheldon, but I've always hated Leslie...
Am I the only one???
Zaineb Siddiqui
Zaineb Siddiqui - 3 months ago
@Sniper Wolf lolz. I never liked Leslie, even when she was right. She trolled Sheldon. Maybe sometimes he even deserved it but ......argghhhhhu Do let's 🤣
Sniper Wolf
Sniper Wolf - 3 months ago
i'm with u on that , wow we have a thing in common , let me get down on one knee , hey wanna marry me ? : /
raidky1 - 3 months ago
That's the Feynman diagram on Quantum field theory. They did TV it up a little bit.
Deadmancrawler - 3 months ago
Holy crap!!! Hahaha
bayraq sate3
bayraq sate3 - 3 months ago
If look you look closely at the Feynman amplitude on the screen there is a mistake probably why Sheldon stalled there ;)
Yazeed Khanfer
Yazeed Khanfer - 4 months ago
I'm so sad he lost
Michael DePinto
Michael DePinto - 4 months ago
answering question winning physics bowl haha
Daniel Russell
Daniel Russell - 4 months ago
Always hated Sheldon
Deborah L
Deborah L - 4 months ago
8.4 should’ve been the right answer
Deborah L
Deborah L - 4 months ago
PMS (lol)
Aleph Null
Aleph Null - 4 months ago
"Solve the equation." It's not even an equation. There's no equals sign.
Vlad the Impaler
Vlad the Impaler - 5 months ago
I expected Sheldon to be more upset then that when finding out that he was wrong and someone else was right.
zeoking silver
zeoking silver - 5 months ago
undone by his spoiled personality
69 Charger
69 Charger - 5 months ago
Sheldon was twitching because he’s not used to not knowing the answer. Yes, his ego is THAT big.
Holy god I didn’t know that Cheers
Jacob Woodbridge-Harris
Jacob Woodbridge-Harris - 2 months ago
Dude, no way! I'm glad you pointed that out.
XxYautjaBabexX - 5 months ago
Leonard: "Sorry I panicked* 😂😂
Joshua Plotkin
Joshua Plotkin - 5 months ago
he is an idiot. the dumbest genius in the universe
Luna Ranger
Luna Ranger - 5 months ago
He'd rather loose by himself than win as a team.
MAN Sheldon needs help
Won on One/1 Pranks PrankMaster
People just hate sheldon because he’s autistic!
I’m autistic and I hate all autistic people except for sheldon Cooper!
And people like Chris Chan!
And nikolas Cruz!
People say autism isn’t an excuse well that’s their personal opinion!
Besides it’s not even a fact that autism exists in people’s bodies it’s only a fact that autism exists on planet earth!
That’s the only facts proven about autism!
There are no machines to prove autism exists in people’s bodies so therefore scientists and doctors can’t really prove anything about autism existing in people’s bodies of anyone from zero to 7 billion people in the world. There’s no proof of anybody having autism in the earth inside their body for 100 percent fact!
That’s not 100 percent proven facts yet because there are no machines invented yet. Just doctors and scientists!
But those people can’t prove facts they can only prove observations!
I for one for told I was autistic and I hate all autistic people!
And if anything autistic people deserve to be owed.
And I was told I’m autistic so!
Won on One/1 Pranks PrankMaster
Honestly I don’t get why people hate sheldon so much!
Ashcool - 4 months ago
@Won on One/1 Pranks PrankMaster 100% agree that Leslie is a horrible person. My question is why even compare her with Sheldon? Sheldon is also horrible in his own way. He doesn't always apologise. He maybe does it sometimes but when he does apologise and does the bare minimum it is considered a huge deal. He hurts his friends without meaning to do it but he also does it on purpose several times.
Won on One/1 Pranks PrankMaster
Ashcool The thing is Sheldon at least apologizes for his actions. Leslie doesn’t.
Won on One/1 Pranks PrankMaster
Ashcool In my personal opinion I think Leslie is more hated by most of America. She reminds me of a bully that I’ve been dealing with. I’ve had to deal with bullies like Ryan Kromer and DeeJay Munoz in real life because they call me all sorts of names. And Sheldon does not deserve to be called bad names by Leslie nobody does! That’s sexual harassment and that’s why she got kicked off the show is because her bullying behavior was offensive and vile and disgusting. I’m autistic and I have way better social skills than Leslie Winkle at the very least and Sheldon as well. Leslie has zero self awareness She’s a troll
Ashcool - 4 months ago
@Won on One/1 Pranks PrankMaster Sheldon of course. But that's because we've seen him do and say mean things at least 10 times more than we have seen Leslie do it.
Won on One/1 Pranks PrankMaster
Ashcool Ok fair enough but who is more hated Leslie or Sheldon?
一宇八綋 - 6 months ago
I'm doing a particle physics course and there's exactly the same question in homework lol. Thanks BBT, I can copy the Feynman diagram and the equation into it, all I have to do it just to prove the answer really to be -8pi alpha lol.
Btw it's just a bachelor course so I guess the question shouldn't be hard for a string theory expert like Sheldon
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