Drifting Helpless Out To Sea - S4:E06

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Noah Penner
Noah Penner - 13 hours ago
So was it from having the vent closed too much on the tank or...
encore surfacing
encore surfacing - 2 days ago
If the motor hadn't started and nobody started paddling you would have been in serious trouble. Should've listened.
V.T.D.G - 16 days ago
Come on tell us when you find out the motor problem and fix
Simona NonSoloRAdio
Simona NonSoloRAdio - 19 days ago
Very Nice Life!
Marian Smartt
Marian Smartt - 19 days ago
Great job Capt. Bobby. You stayed focused and took care of the situation. You are a real leader.
Devis - 23 days ago
OMG you are so vulgar !Gesus
De Ba
De Ba - 24 days ago
Good job guys livin the dream hot chick is cherry on top. 👌
tacticalsmokepole - 25 days ago
I would drift out to sea with that chic in the black bikini, that is a lovely ass.
watchtheirhands - 26 days ago
fake drama click bait on the motor failure thing
Sailing Doodles
Sailing Doodles - 26 days ago
The drama was real. Could have drifted out to sea and not been able to get back
Sri Yantra
Sri Yantra - 26 days ago
Tudor Wyn Phillips
Tudor Wyn Phillips - 26 days ago
Bobby did good 👍, nice video.
tbusta48 - 26 days ago
Calm under pressure! Laura is like my wife. Panicked inmediately.
sly lopez
sly lopez - 27 days ago
Mister Onemoveahead
Mister Onemoveahead - 27 days ago
these i call some nice boobs! love´em! thanks for sharing
yogiberra47 - 27 days ago
Outboard motor are always finicky, runs great one day, acts up the next, I always keep a can of starter fluid handy, worth its weight in gold!!!,...
Darlxx - 27 days ago
What happened to your mate that dived into the water & missed the cat with the rope? Is he still out there? We need to put Laura into a flight attendant role in the flight deck, you have to stay quiet whilst pilots do their maths, take off & landing procedures... Sorry Laura, you just added to the stressful & kinda funny episode with all your floating toys! My husband and I had a similar situation in tender, only oars on board, rowed up wind, current, to be able to float past yacht and were hoping to grab on! Luckily we did..🌸🐬⛵️
John Maddux
John Maddux - 27 days ago
I have question for you all! and anyone can answer this ; but has anyone see the movie ALL IS LOTS with Robert Redford what do you think a sailor do in that situation??? This video remind me of that movie
John The Limo Driver from Kansas city
manwiththestar - 27 days ago
Try to give us an short update on what happend with that engine?!
R Nunez C.
R Nunez C. - 28 days ago
So, no oars on dinghy?..hummus..where is that experience Bobby..:)..always try to carry small anchor and especially at least one oar..just one of those yellow plastic toy ones would do (2) ..to paddle back somewhere ...on a gust is very difficult to paddle with direction with just one..etc. best luck tcare
Edward Frayer
Edward Frayer - 28 days ago
Who is the captain again?
Byron Wise
Byron Wise - 28 days ago
6:12 LMAO. I love you two!
Dennis Brown
Dennis Brown - 28 days ago
I like the beard. Looks good on you.
Bubba Gail
Bubba Gail - 28 days ago
wouldn't be real without a little drama, ya"ll done good.
Fvkin Amazed
Fvkin Amazed - 28 days ago
Lmao it's 2020 no one is helpless.
I'd be sucking both of their clits.
The nasty little fem lez.
Michael Eyre Photography
Michael Eyre Photography - 28 days ago
Possible fuel issue? Blockage? Great vid.
Joaquin Canals
Joaquin Canals - 28 days ago
You guys are awesome!
Thanks for the mental douche!
TodaysRealHealth - 29 days ago
How old are they both? Anyone know?
Sailing Doodles
Sailing Doodles - 29 days ago
41 &36
Mad Trucker
Mad Trucker - 29 days ago
God! How did you not punch her in the mouth and push her overboard? I was annoyed and only listened to 30 seconds of that.
Cawffee_ Tyme
Cawffee_ Tyme - 21 day ago
Relax gentlemen....that was nothing.
Robert Davis
Robert Davis - 25 days ago
You're damn right.. She's so damn annoying. National throat punching day..
Chuck Rothy
Chuck Rothy - 29 days ago
Maybe never leave without a Sat Phone?
Henauder Titzauf
Henauder Titzauf - 29 days ago
Hey Bobby like the beard, it suits you. Glad you two had some company. Great video, thanks for sharing.
wayne mazan
wayne mazan - 29 days ago
Great charter add....
Sailing Doodles
Sailing Doodles - 29 days ago
How was that a charter ad? There was never even a mention of any kind of charter or company... I’m sure you didn’t even watch the video. You just like to be a troll
David Welch
David Welch - 29 days ago
There's only one captain
VX Adventures
VX Adventures - 29 days ago
@ 1:10 women are like sails, they are a lot more compliant if you smack them every now and then! Fastforward to 6:10 "I'am the captain" SMACK no you are not woman! :-) ;-)
VX Adventures
VX Adventures - 12 days ago
u ??????
VX Adventures
VX Adventures - 22 days ago
@John Fitzpatrick Me what???? Nailed it right!
John Fitzpatrick
John Fitzpatrick - 23 days ago
VX Adventures u
Paul Mace
Paul Mace - 29 days ago
The best click bate ever 👙 😳
Amos Kaplan
Amos Kaplan - 29 days ago
That's was a High Stress moment between you two... you guys are fine...
Michael Magill
Michael Magill - 29 days ago
Rob  ur  beard is awful,  go back to a Mustache , you are  so much better looking!!!!
Robert Davis
Robert Davis - 25 days ago
Well. This is the last video i will watch from him. But grow a beard and stop being a bitch. To easy.
Rick Correll
Rick Correll - 29 days ago
Knew a guy in the late 70s who had a engine problem on a borrowed dinghy he was using for spear fishing off St Thomas. Blew halfway to Culebra before he was spotted. 3 days in the sun almost killed him. So yeah this can be a serious problem.
Redemption - 29 days ago
I hear some panic... You ever read through the 12 warnings for this area... Geesh. Basically if your boat is 50m (150ft) or larger just stay the hell away from the area.
Bastien Koert
Bastien Koert - 29 days ago
Love that pilot calm during the dinghy episode
SADİ DİKER - 29 days ago
Brad Coleman
Brad Coleman - 29 days ago
Yep you all did fine there. Laura was stressed but she wasn't talking crazy. She was in "protect life" mode, which I would expect from a nurse, and someone with her strength of character. I do like to see these situations when they happen (hopefully not often!), so thanks for including it and keeping the camera going.
刘力 - Month ago
Sailing Yacht Talisman
Hi Bobby. It was nice meeting you guys in Aegina (Greece) this morning. Too bad you weren't around for another few days. Would have been nice to grab a beer or two. Anyway, perhaps cross paths soon. Kevin and Wendy.
Sailing Yacht Talisman
Sailing Yacht Talisman - 29 days ago
Sailing Doodles
Sailing Doodles - 29 days ago
Great to meet you guys too! Yeah hopefully we can meet again someday
Zach A
Zach A - Month ago
Well, after hundreds of thumbnails exploiting women's bodies for views (profit) you've finally cultivated a super creepy atmosphere. Congrats?
Zach A
Zach A - 22 days ago
Nope, Just to let him know I 'detest' him. I quit watching Bobby when his situation became too desperate. RUvideos recommends it becuase I sail. Science ya know?
Michael B.
Michael B. - 22 days ago
And yet you showed up....why? To check out the very thing you're are detesting.
Philosopher Prince
Philosopher Prince - 23 days ago
Wat a simp
Zach A
Zach A - 29 days ago
... Lol
Sailing Doodles
Sailing Doodles - 29 days ago
Thank you so much! Your comments help in the ratings
John Tripp
John Tripp - Month ago
Was that down near Woman Key.
Jeff Pennington
Jeff Pennington - Month ago
Little boats need ⚓2. STAND!!! BUY!!! CAPTAIN. Laura. 🇺🇸✌👍👍👀🍻🇺🇸
Elizabeth Parker
Elizabeth Parker - Month ago
What happened to the doodles you never have then on board anymore you need to change the name as it's no longer sailing doodles 😥
dcrahn - Month ago
There is only one Captain and that should be made perfectly clear to all on board.
Ari - Month ago
[Laura] “I’m the Captain now”sounded like a mutiny to me.
Michel Dawes
Michel Dawes - Month ago
Always have an anchor on every boat you get underway on, it can be your last resort. (Sorry for the sermon and thanks for the great episode!) ;-)
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