Mystery Wheel of Slime Challenge 2 w/ Funny Satisfying DIY How To Switch Up Game

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Alexa Hernandes
Alexa Hernandes - 8 minutes ago
I like wen devan domp the sime to collin
Ruby Harris
Ruby Harris - Hour ago
Both of you
uni corn
uni corn - 2 hours ago
They were surprised when the candle slime worked... but the wick is the thing that lights, the slime was just around it.
Dinosaur gameing
Dinosaur gameing - 5 hours ago
you sould call the yeets beets bec you are thowing it backwards
Hayden Klinker
Hayden Klinker - 6 hours ago
One like,
One Yeet.
Jalen Reyes
Jalen Reyes - 8 hours ago
You guys are awesome 😎😎😎😎
Sienna Ramon
Sienna Ramon - 9 hours ago
that is some cool slime
Kookoo Loka
Kookoo Loka - 12 hours ago
not to be meen collens
Kookoo Loka
Kookoo Loka - 12 hours ago
deven won all of the rounds
Scarlotte Smith
Scarlotte Smith - 12 hours ago
Try doing a Thanos pancake
Scarlotte Smith
Scarlotte Smith - 12 hours ago
Candel slime
Victoria Smith Lyons
Victoria Smith Lyons - 14 hours ago
oh yes this is the best video I watch i ilke the slime when everyone shouts
Anita Vlasic
Anita Vlasic - 16 hours ago
devan won the mystery wheel of slime but still comment down below for collins because his slime is still cool to!!!.
Mathias Talläng
Mathias Talläng - 17 hours ago
How did devan get the hammer in mirror land? AND HOW DID HE GET THE CAMERA TO MIRROR LAND?
Hien Vu
Hien Vu - 18 hours ago
Keep the squad
amah bini lope
amah bini lope - 18 hours ago
Why do they get glitter but say noooooo!
Georgina Castro
Georgina Castro - 19 hours ago
This was so funny 😂
Nicole Bean
Nicole Bean - 19 hours ago
First round tie
Abel Zamora
Abel Zamora - 20 hours ago
Keyper squad!
Chloe R
Chloe R - 20 hours ago
Devin got the color right he didn’t even know
vu thi hien
vu thi hien - 21 hour ago
Can you do part 3?
KIDS POKEMON - 21 hour ago
I pick both cuz I love how devan mayd cadle smilm, and collens was so funny
My Thought
My Thought - 21 hour ago
I, personally, think Devan usually wins. And in this he does to me. But.. 'Those are my favourite type of glitter'... those are SEQUINS.
Kathleen Cruz
Kathleen Cruz - Day ago
Vuong Bui
Vuong Bui - Day ago
I just realized there’s a duck in the bowl
X Man
X Man - Day ago
Keeper squad
Bethy Ballantyne
Bethy Ballantyne - Day ago
Cassie Barnett
Cassie Barnett - Day ago
( mirror dust) Collins: it looks like a mirror. watch out it's
Me: that's why it's called mirror dust
HoneyBlossom - Day ago
*Mom get the card I need to buy supplies.*
Jackie C
Jackie C - Day ago
Adam Meiselbach
Adam Meiselbach - Day ago
Keyper squad
Jessica shaffer
Jessica shaffer - Day ago
Did you guys see da duck 🦆
Herman Jørgensen
Herman Jørgensen - Day ago
❌tenis ✅badminton
Robert Nieves
Robert Nieves - Day ago
Collins got breakfast pancake eggs toast like if you agree
yoyiss gordillo
yoyiss gordillo - Day ago
2019 anyone
Jan Mora
Jan Mora - Day ago
Devan Devan Devan Devan Devan
Jan Mora
Jan Mora - Day ago
it’s DEVAN
Even tho Collins is funny
Ambrose Lahood
Ambrose Lahood - Day ago
Devan won. Who agrees. Pls like
John Benedict Compliza
Collins, you made laugh with your THIS DUDE😃😃😃😃😃😃 So funny
Tamzyn Bakker
Tamzyn Bakker - Day ago
Collins slim is like a breakfast
Piotr Chlebowski
Piotr Chlebowski - Day ago
DevAn all the way
Louane Lekal
Louane Lekal - Day ago
you can make candle slime collin and devan
Yvonne Trinidad
Yvonne Trinidad - Day ago
Kaleb Joslyn
Kaleb Joslyn - Day ago
Keyper sqad
Amoriyah Reed
Amoriyah Reed - Day ago
I want I want the Xbox
Slime Fixers
Slime Fixers - Day ago
Both of them are the greatest thing in the world
/ - Day ago
Asher Pepin
Asher Pepin - Day ago
Key per squad for
Ally Lim
Ally Lim - Day ago
Why can't you put glitter on your hand?
yury garcia
yury garcia - Day ago
Do funny
Brayden Likes
Brayden Likes - 2 days ago
Key per squad
curts channel
curts channel - 2 days ago
ayeeeeee my sister is in keeper squad!! She loves you guys so much!!
Conor Downe
Conor Downe - 2 days ago
Colins was better
Zachary Fondacaro
Zachary Fondacaro - 2 days ago
*As I’m eating Honey Nut Cheerios*
Pertunia Mutheiwana
Pertunia Mutheiwana - 2 days ago
Rick Malkowski
Rick Malkowski - 2 days ago
Savannah Allen
Savannah Allen - 2 days ago
I don't know how to spell that sooooo yeah
Savannah Allen
Savannah Allen - 2 days ago
Collins: ya me: mumichimama
Zenia Bent
Zenia Bent - 2 days ago
Collin...... I think Seven rewend your perfect Merch
Savannah Allen
Savannah Allen - 2 days ago
monkey doodle
monkey doodle - 2 days ago
keyper squad
Stephen Duncalf
Stephen Duncalf - 2 days ago
bobbit cruz
bobbit cruz - 2 days ago
The candel slime won!!!!!😁
Lim Shuang Ru
Lim Shuang Ru - 2 days ago
When Collins say “All you need is A GLOVE” I was like What???
Matilde Tassen Gulbrandsen
jiro tan
jiro tan - 2 days ago
lia Johnson
lia Johnson - 2 days ago
"I'm gone.haha! oh this thing is heavy."😂I love yall
lia Johnson
lia Johnson - 2 days ago
You get the helmet of wonk
lia Johnson
lia Johnson - 2 days ago
Collins made a breakfast slime
Aydin Dieters
Aydin Dieters - 2 days ago
Devin has better slime in de first round
Josh Eli
Josh Eli - 2 days ago
Do sam pause challege
Shayla Ashford
Shayla Ashford - 2 days ago
Keyper squad
LMSant0s YT
LMSant0s YT - 2 days ago
Did Anybody Else See The Rubber Ducky On Collins' Slime?
Like If You Did
Like If You Didn't
Love and Light SRT
Love and Light SRT - 2 days ago
Devin just keeps wining
FlipNam - 2 days ago
Cool name collins
its yo girl mya
its yo girl mya - 2 days ago
Collin: now nothing will go wrong
2 seconds later
Collin: well that went wrong
Omg I have that 2:24 there called Costume cuties they are at Walmart they come with a little animal and costume 😎 cool
Megan Beckett
Megan Beckett - 2 days ago
Keeper squad 💖💖💖
Kaylee Ford
Kaylee Ford - 2 days ago
Glitter storm!!!!
Maddie Storm
Maddie Storm - 3 days ago
Rip editor
Janet Agyemang
Janet Agyemang - 3 days ago
So crazy and funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Xim Stewart
Xim Stewart - 3 days ago
I think the glitter storm won 🎉 this
Lolo Abada
Lolo Abada - 3 days ago
Congratulations 18 million collins🎉❤️
Jennali Hernandez
Jennali Hernandez - 3 days ago
Collins: this is my shake 😎😎😎
Devan: you didn't get one for me 😱😱😱😱😰😰😩
Collin:don't worry I got you 😂😂😂😁😁
Collins:with a FLEET=forward YEET
Devan: Haha funny FLEET=forward yeet 😆😆😆😂😂😂
Tiye Howell
Tiye Howell - 3 days ago
Play would you rader
adam zadernowski
adam zadernowski - 3 days ago
The Lonely Dragon
The Lonely Dragon - 3 days ago
Candle's don't actually need anything but a wick. But the wax is usually used for scent and colors.
Najia bendam
Najia bendam - 3 days ago
Deven won all rounds😍😳
The Lily and Caleb Show
Yeeting is apart of the childish heart
Jennifer Poznikoff
Jennifer Poznikoff - 3 days ago
I’ve Been watching this channel for 5 days now

And. Still don’t know what there names are
Richard Leandro
Richard Leandro - Day ago
Charlotte Williams
Charlotte Williams - 3 days ago
All devan!!!
Abbygail Mcdowell
Abbygail Mcdowell - 3 days ago
Who noticed the panda
Superviva Entertainer
Superviva Entertainer - 3 days ago
2:57 😂❤️ it will always be my favorite moment
Turtle of doom
Turtle of doom - 3 days ago
Wrong side of the kazoo Collins
Jasmine Jin
Jasmine Jin - 3 days ago
How to save straws from going to the ocean:

Straw slime XD
Liam Paschen
Liam Paschen - 3 days ago
Nice joke!!
Star Strong
Star Strong - 3 days ago
Inner circle
Cassandra Scott
Cassandra Scott - 3 days ago
Devan won every round
Cassandra Scott
Cassandra Scott - 3 days ago
Devon won every round
Breoni Spencer
Breoni Spencer - 3 days ago
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