Bullied Teen Gets Sweet Surprise at New High School

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Santa Monica Surferxx Zz
Santa Monica Surferxx Zz - 25 minutes ago
Bruh, you got the surfer hair, now all you need is a surf board.
Ty Cox
Ty Cox - 2 hours ago
cool kid
Imaspecofdust - 5 hours ago
That is adorable
Logan Bare
Logan Bare - 6 hours ago
This what everyone should be like
John Diggs
John Diggs - 6 hours ago
I wanna be his friend
Mr_pineapplez Ftw
Mr_pineapplez Ftw - 7 hours ago
That’s kids hair is amazing
Juan Guevara
Juan Guevara - 8 hours ago
I heat bullying, I suffered from it when I was in junior high. Some older kids from eighth grade always tried to bit me up...
Bailey Wesley
Bailey Wesley - 10 hours ago
Boys I hate bullies
Landon Fooper
Landon Fooper - 11 hours ago
OK who hasn’t been bullied ever?
100 Subs With No Videos
100 Subs With No Videos - 16 hours ago
Stuff like this warms my heart!
JeevesReturns - 18 hours ago
“...almost proud to be me...”
Can’t say openly what I hope happens to the kids that did this to him.
HeyThatsAlex GaNg
HeyThatsAlex GaNg - 20 hours ago
High School?
What About Sober School?
DalDal - 21 hour ago
He’s so freaking beautiful! I can’t imagine him being bullied, for what?
eX Quit
eX Quit - 16 hours ago
Maybe they want his bum, but he refused.
Steven Roberts
Steven Roberts - 23 hours ago
That was so heart warming.
joe `martinez`
joe `martinez` - Day ago
There’s nothing wrong with this young man!!
joe `martinez`
joe `martinez` - Day ago
There’s nothing wrong with this young man!!
fee - Day ago
what a sweetheart :,)
Drizzt Rahl
Drizzt Rahl - Day ago
Who is disliking this?
And why?
A V - Day ago
[Happiness noise]
Keo - Day ago
Ok then azzy
lgb - Day ago
C ut his goofy ass hair
Marshall Banks
Marshall Banks - Day ago
Made my day. Tears of joy honestly!!! Nice to see people who spread love without asking for anything in return.
Glurilla - Day ago
This guy is going to drip harder then anyone else at his school
Eliza Beth
Eliza Beth - Day ago
Been there. I was bullied & beat up EVERY day of EVERY year til I dropped out in 10th grade. This brought tears to my eyes
B1235147 - Day ago
*The guy with the airpods*
Cold P Trip
Cold P Trip - Day ago
I thought he was wearing a wig
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez - Day ago
Man up stop being a little b****
samantha katembo
samantha katembo - Day ago
Jean Ramirez
Jean Ramirez - Day ago
Hope he fun with some classmates
Mike bbop
Mike bbop - Day ago
Unless I missed it what was the other school he was at. It should be pointed out which school for bullies he was at.
takemethere78 - Day ago
No matter wht thay wear no child deserves to get bullied
Reaper IV
Reaper IV - Day ago
Huh so this world doesn't completely suck ass
Ten Senah
Ten Senah - Day ago
Wow. This is powerful ❤️
Reinaldo Padilla
Reinaldo Padilla - 2 days ago
Nice hire
Mieka Ash
Mieka Ash - 2 days ago
I’m not crying. Shut up.
Taylor Gardner
Taylor Gardner - 2 days ago
I'm not saying they SHOULD, but no one would be sad if those bullies got dissolved in barrels. JS
Marquise Smith
Marquise Smith - 2 days ago
Hey good for you kid i should say a prayer for you and your family.....
Isabel Games 21
Isabel Games 21 - 2 days ago
Any Azzylanders?
Henry Reisinger
Henry Reisinger - 2 days ago
A Glock?
Blueora G
Blueora G - 2 days ago
Lol. Shame kids like me and many others never got the chance he did to feel loved and appreciated by their classmates. I quit school cause of bullying among other things.
TeTahi Haraki
TeTahi Haraki - 2 days ago
what nice kids i wish every school was like that
XxPheonix Amv
XxPheonix Amv - 2 days ago
No wonder he gets bullied
Gina boos
Gina boos - 2 days ago
i was always beat up picked on abused but i would not change it. this is in part why i am the person i am today.
Andy - 2 days ago
Bulling still exist?🤔
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas - 2 days ago
How bout a gift card to Supercuts.
Penny Sparks
Penny Sparks - 2 days ago
I like his hair
wwg1wga - 2 days ago
Idk maybe I grew up in a diffrent time. If that happend when I was in school it would just make you a target.
Ramiz Basha
Ramiz Basha - 2 days ago
God bles you
SkippyLucky7 - 3 days ago
When I got bullied I was seen as the problem so my bullu got away Scott free.
androplus song
androplus song - 3 days ago
I nearly had tears in my eyes *dunno why*
Jonah Lafountain
Jonah Lafountain - 3 days ago
This was so nice i have been bullied before but unfortunately for me it’s changed me but seeing that it didn’t change him shows he has more restraint than me
Zoe Grammer
Zoe Grammer - 3 days ago
He sounds like jaidyn leibernet
Andrea Garcia
Andrea Garcia - 3 days ago
Azzyland, sorry I’ll leave
Teona Bell
Teona Bell - 3 days ago
This brought tears to my eyes 😢🙏🏾
Black Hole
Black Hole - 3 days ago
How to not get bullied

Just be less gay and get a haircut, jesus, what a Bush.
Black Hole
Black Hole - 3 days ago
@SinglePringle I forgive fellow gamer.
SinglePringle - 3 days ago
@Black Hole oh ok Cool you're a miencrafter I apologize my fellow
Black Hole
Black Hole - 3 days ago
I'm a Minecrafter thank you very much, I bet you dont even know what the Just Cause franchise is, and I bet you didn't delete fortnite. Unlike me.
SinglePringle - 3 days ago
Says the fortnite player
Gabrie -studios
Gabrie -studios - 3 days ago
zyzzcarlos - 3 days ago
We need more kids like those new students
Oof.its.chezney - 3 days ago
My profile picture is better than all y’alls
Madison williams
Madison williams - 4 days ago
feel sooo wonderful for this boy.......only wish there were children like this when i was a teen......there were NO KINDNESS amongst teenagers when i was growing up!...and i was always left out.....even as a young adult in my 20's..pple often laughed at me..like i was some kind of alien-clown!
かわいい猫 cute Kat
We love azzyland :3
Scott Houston
Scott Houston - 4 days ago
Great to see an uplifting story!
10,000 Subscribers No Videos
Awwww lol
tee dee
tee dee - 4 days ago
Omg these kids 😭😭 that’s so awesome what these kids did for him
He's a nice kid and all but gotta be honest here, *_it was because his haircut._*
BEANBOY - 4 days ago
faggot ass hair
JAMES Rouseau
JAMES Rouseau - 5 days ago
He need to keep those friends for life!!!
Noah Fisher
Noah Fisher - 5 days ago
Awww, i wish i was his friend
Emma-Noelle Erfourth
Emma-Noelle Erfourth - 5 days ago
This makes me happy because i was a victim of bullying
Sam Sam
Sam Sam - 5 days ago
That kid is a freak. He deserved it.
Tatyana - 5 days ago
I love this
Stan Finney
Stan Finney - 5 days ago
That just made my day
Khalid Elmekki
Khalid Elmekki - 5 days ago
This touched my heart
King Jones
King Jones - 5 days ago
I liked the video only because of the Inside Edition theme at the end.
hollywood415dc - 5 days ago
You know how me create caring loving adults, by creating caring loving kids. Simple recipe. Starts at home
Sm0l Fr11_.
Sm0l Fr11_. - 5 days ago
“Im proud to be me...for ONCE”

That got to me
Roman Mead
Roman Mead - 5 days ago
I started crying😥
Brittany Jackson
Brittany Jackson - 5 days ago
God Bless his heart and protect him in the name of Jesus Christ!
The Ankle collector
The Ankle collector - 4 days ago
Brittany Jackson amen
Wookie Patrol
Wookie Patrol - 5 days ago
Man I wish there was more love like this in the world. What a great example of kids showing us adults how to treat each other the right way. Good stuff!
gwmgbwi - 5 days ago
Good kids.
Emma Rose
Emma Rose - 5 days ago
Why would you bully such a sweet guy??
Rebekah Jones
Rebekah Jones - 5 days ago
Aww that made my day!
K G - 5 days ago
A haircut might decrease the bullying. Come on, mom
harambe the kid
harambe the kid - 6 days ago
They gave him a ar-15 and he soon shot up the school
im daunte
im daunte - 6 days ago
woah, this is my school
Eli and Chuck E Cheese Playtime
Aww good job kids! Proud of them.
J B - 6 days ago
Azzy is such a handsome young man
I hope he does big things
Aesthetic Dreams
Aesthetic Dreams - 4 days ago
@Rob Bowman really?
PSU Wrestling
PSU Wrestling - 6 days ago
Why would you do that to a kid, if he was a bullied depressed kid you don’t want to be singled out in front of your class room. You don’t want to be broadcast around the nation, I hope the boy is doing well, but someone should of stepped in and not made this child a poster boy for bullying.
Add R
Add R - 6 days ago
Soo nice and sweet
M.Lorraine Roberts
M.Lorraine Roberts - 6 days ago
I would have luved to be his friend n school jus because of his hair 😍
J B - 5 days ago
M.Lorraine Roberts his hair is 🔥 he could do commercials with all of that gorgeous hair!
Moe Staccs
Moe Staccs - 6 days ago
Kid stop being a pussy and lift some weights..hold your nuts and fight back..
Gracie Thankful
Gracie Thankful - 6 days ago
God bless you. May God Jesus and Holy Spirit watch over you. Protect you. Read Psalm 91
Scrappy Muscle
Scrappy Muscle - 6 days ago
God bless this kid
Black To The Future
Black To The Future - 6 days ago
They only did that so he wouldn't shoot they school up. Smart kids.
Mike Ross
Mike Ross - 6 days ago
So glad he got out of that situation. Don’t let others destroy your self worth. What a fantastic group of young people who’ve obviously been raised right. Your parents should be so proud of all of you. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
William Baehr
William Baehr - 6 days ago
Look at the kid's eyes. He's a man trapped in a young body. You watch... this isn't the last we've heard of Azzy Robinson. Big things in store.
Amy Marrufo
Amy Marrufo - 6 days ago
❤️this is cute
Kenzie Perez
Kenzie Perez - 6 days ago
Azzy kinda cute so was his friend the one that gave him the shoes but that’s nice why can’t everybody be helpful and nice to people that have been hurt and bullied 😊
Jaden Fuller
Jaden Fuller - 6 days ago
Who lives in Murfreesboro ?
Jake C
Jake C - 7 days ago
Uhh wtf was this about?
Star Voyager
Star Voyager - 7 days ago
Damn! This video is only 80 seconds long and I am already cutting onions!! 👊
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