Dolemite Is My Name | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Hugo Godinez
Hugo Godinez - 11 hours ago
What is more appropriate. Negro or black?
James Harris
James Harris - 13 hours ago
Eddie did a picture a couple of years ago, where he played totally against type, and it was a fantastic performance, I mean, Oscar worthy. I was not crazy about him in Dreamgirls, but just looking at the trailer, if he's this good the entire movie, he will be nominated for Best Actor for this. So far, critics are raving and I see whty.
Raia Arkangelo
Raia Arkangelo - 15 hours ago
so.... Wesley Snipe still a fine black man
bear24D - 18 hours ago
Wait a minute why is everyone in the movie black or blackish ? Lol just tripping my peeps its all good, them black folks need to go to work
pisces diva
pisces diva - Day ago
Nice one,,, looking forward to seeing this movie
King Dutch
King Dutch - Day ago
I find it strange that I was watching this movie on Netflix last night and it supposed to premiere on Netflix Oct 25.😕
Fred Jones
Fred Jones - Day ago
Eddie Murphy Has Never Been Better! Hilarious!!!!
Sutelc - 2 days ago
“Dolemite was from San Antone......”
Melissa Hudson
Melissa Hudson - 2 days ago
Saw this tonight at TIFF and it was great. 💯
Leonardo Henriquez
Leonardo Henriquez - 2 days ago
Just saw it last week in LA. They truly do Rudy Ray Moore justice. He would be proud.
Tuukka Ervasti
Tuukka Ervasti - 2 days ago
First trailer of the year to get me excited. EDDIE MURPHY IS BACK!
Kurama KuramaGolden
Kurama KuramaGolden - 3 days ago
2:47 Man I missed that smile haha
sammavacaist - 3 days ago
Wesley Snipes was the funniest thing in this movie.
King Dutch
King Dutch - Day ago
It was on netflix last night but came off today. Strange?
Daniel DeRey
Daniel DeRey - 3 days ago
Ed Wood with Eddie Murphy? Sure! Let’s go!
JC hof
JC hof - 3 days ago
I read Dolittle is my name
Michelle Mills
Michelle Mills - 4 days ago
I see Eddie Murphy,not Rudy Ray Moore...
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips - 4 days ago
happy to see Wesley Snipes again. not saying he didn't deserve a tough road back after crimes and serving -- but he's done his time and paid due, and deserves a second chance -- and from New Jack City and Brooklyn's Finest to Demolition Man and Blade, guy is still one of the coolest bad asses around.
I cannot play GTA San Andreas -- basically my headcanon -- without making my CJ buff and blonde to look like Simon Phoenix
TYREE BRO - 4 days ago
Bryan Thomas III
Bryan Thomas III - 4 days ago
Sator - 4 days ago
God I love Don Quixote
Stan Lee
Stan Lee - 4 days ago
About time Murphy :)
Mark Kobey
Mark Kobey - 4 days ago
therulerzigzagzig - 4 days ago
For some reason this movie reminds me of..get ready....."rays boom boom room" if you get it
joe dean
joe dean - 5 days ago
Fuckin Eddie Murphy the funniest sombitch ALIVE !!!
Bryan DeMain
Bryan DeMain - 5 days ago
I’m so upset that they’re making this movie and revealing and uncovering one of earth’s great cult movies. Rudy Ray Moore, a salute to your ridiculous greatness.
David Curry
David Curry - 6 days ago
It's crazy that this is all 50 years ago. Hell the 20th century is almost 30 years ago
CitySkin09 - 6 days ago
Craig Brewer still killin' it...
Alexa Weber Morales
Alexa Weber Morales - 6 days ago
EDDIE IS BACK!!!!!! Keegan Michael Key? Titus Burgess? Wesley Snipes? So many more? Ohhhhh it's gonna be good!!!
gadget00 - 6 days ago
Mike Epps should receive a lifetime achievement award; greatest supporting actor ever. Every movie hit has him in supporting cast
Charmaine Thomas
Charmaine Thomas - 6 days ago
LMAO, I can't wait to see this! Gotta watch Nutty Professor now for a warm-up!!! So glad Eddie is back.
PipPupPop - 7 days ago
Oh please tell me Eddie is back. Please let this not suck!
Iball nonya
Iball nonya - 7 days ago
Holy shit. Eddie Murphy is *back*, baby!
We missed you, friend. And we still miss Charlie.
Brendon Ramsey
Brendon Ramsey - 7 days ago
This is too comical this makes a joke of the real dolomite actor the I'll prefer the real serious true story
Hamza Pool
Hamza Pool - Day ago
The film is more serious and poignant than the trailer
traditional Elder
traditional Elder - 8 days ago
Seeing Eddie Murphy getting old makes me realise that I'm also getting old😟
Tom Moloney
Tom Moloney - 8 days ago
Just saw it, absolutely fantastic.
Martin Doyle
Martin Doyle - 8 days ago
A W E S O M E ! ! !
Brett Glover
Brett Glover - 8 days ago
My white ass hasn't been this excited in a while.
Lifestyle K - CHICAGO
Lifestyle K - CHICAGO - 8 days ago
A stone cold blast 🎉, 🔥 it's a message in the movie, can you find and understand the hidden message??..
Jude MelRoses
Jude MelRoses - 9 days ago
Yes!! Need the Soundtrack and slick moves 🎶🎷🎸
Amy Hightower
Amy Hightower - 9 days ago
Can’t wait to watch 😂
Evral Mack
Evral Mack - 10 days ago
The actors we hire,you're a bit doughier than them,😂😂😂😂.i almost fell of my god dam chair😂😂😂
Tom Buchanan
Tom Buchanan - 10 days ago
Mike Cane
Mike Cane - 11 days ago
Oh damn hell yes.
Aqua W
Aqua W - 11 days ago
I'm going to watch the original movie first.
RMJ1984 - 12 days ago
Dammit, what happened to Axel foley! he really gotta get back to Detroit!
Eye Native_nerd
Eye Native_nerd - 12 days ago
Was it good as shaft? 😁
Auto Young
Auto Young - 12 days ago
Who was that?! I swear I thought it was Bernie Mac....
Monet9614 - 12 days ago
For those who don't know this movie is based on true events about comedian Rudy Ray Moore who Eddie Murphy plays in this movie
I have seen the 1970s movies Dolemite and my favorite the Human Tornado, I can't wait to see this movie ❤️
7186MUSICMYWAY - 12 days ago
Looking forward to seeing this movie!!! 🤗🤗
Tiki Babyy
Tiki Babyy - 12 days ago
This movie looks like it’s going to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Naseem Shanboor
Naseem Shanboor - 12 days ago
Ice creeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!!!!
William Islas
William Islas - 12 days ago
eddie is great in this movie
1989bccclasmate - 12 days ago
cant wait to see this!
Michael Lee
Michael Lee - 13 days ago
IamKorry That’sme
IamKorry That’sme - 13 days ago
I can’t wait
Stoney McMechan
Stoney McMechan - 13 days ago
Is this by Kventin Tarantino?
llll90920 - 13 days ago
love it l
QB - 13 days ago
Seeing Wesley Snipes working again made me smile.
Ivan Vojt
Ivan Vojt - 13 days ago
Somebody better DRIVE Wesley to H&R Block!
Stikkysweet69 - 13 days ago
Ron E
Ron E - 13 days ago
I will watch this movie at least 5 times in 5 days. Love you, brother Rudy Ray, and of course, Eddie Murphy.
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