Will It Hair Gel?

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Mattison Tout
Mattison Tout - Hour ago
“I’m known for volunteering for many things throughout my life... *I’m a very giving person”* 😳 ok Christine
Mr GrahamCracker
Mr GrahamCracker - Day ago
Jordan looked good
Lee Fisher
Lee Fisher - 2 days ago
1:12 - Mike.
3:00 - Oompa-Loompa.
Alltrss - 3 days ago
I feel like this is payback for making them eat gross things
Renée Dubuc
Renée Dubuc - 4 days ago
I would not want to be a janitor at GMM 😂
Renée Dubuc
Renée Dubuc - 4 days ago
This staff is so abused 😂
Outdated Tastes
Outdated Tastes - 5 days ago
Jordan is cotton candy Randy
Reem Welday
Reem Welday - 8 days ago
9:12 it a BONEus

*drum noises
Arelia's World
Arelia's World - 10 days ago
The Bull
The Bull - 10 days ago
I could smell the bone marrow through the screen 😖
LaGuerre19 - 10 days ago
Bob Ross shirt, queso, and Christine? Yes, please
Sarah Eklof
Sarah Eklof - 11 days ago
Nice Bob Ross shirt
Mia Teu
Mia Teu - 11 days ago
Link looks like pete wentz in the last one😂
Joseph Chong
Joseph Chong - 14 days ago
You forgot the scene where you use congealed pig blood as hair gel
Nicholas Meadows
Nicholas Meadows - 14 days ago
I cannot watch episodes with Jordan. It like having the most try hard comedy rhetoric ever.
William Swedin
William Swedin - 15 days ago
Anyone else have an uncle that looks like Link? I think everyone does.
abby short
abby short - 16 days ago
i like the colors
Andre Aoun
Andre Aoun - 16 days ago
“i want it to come up more”
“story of my life”
Gacha Noodles
Gacha Noodles - 17 days ago
Rhett’s shirt is just “👏🏻👏🏻”
Sarah Randall
Sarah Randall - 17 days ago
I remember having a 70's party at a venue somewhere, and I went as a rocker (looked more like your stereotypical goth lesbian, but that's beside the point). I gel'd my hair straight, and I was just like, “my... My hair's defying gravity!”
Heather Redmon
Heather Redmon - 19 days ago
Watching this in a Phish shirt
Alane Condet
Alane Condet - 20 days ago
Love the bob ross tee.
Ashlynn Reynolds
Ashlynn Reynolds - 20 days ago
Welp Rhett needed that shirt for this
Kelsa Gruban
Kelsa Gruban - 21 day ago
you look beautiful Jordan, no worries my man
• CelesteDoodles •
• CelesteDoodles • - 21 day ago
I would totally put crayon in my hair for an excuse to shave it
Yasmin Noori
Yasmin Noori - 22 days ago
I see the bob ross shirt I click
Fluffs travels
Fluffs travels - 23 days ago
Liking for Phish reference
laser beam sandwich
laser beam sandwich - 25 days ago
I have retts shirt
laser beam sandwich
laser beam sandwich - 22 days ago
hot topic
Yasmin Noori
Yasmin Noori - 22 days ago
laser beam sandwich where did you get it cuz I really like it
Bianca Derosa
Bianca Derosa - 25 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks the girl at 3:54 low-key looks like Amber from Fx? 😂
spacewitch 666
spacewitch 666 - 25 days ago
why did link look like mark hoppus after he put his glasses on with the fish bladder gel....
Real Mean90
Real Mean90 - 25 days ago
Is this the day where Cotton Candy Randy was born? xD
Aubree Gamer
Aubree Gamer - 25 days ago
So now Jordan is the Grinch..........this is his life now
Stupid Julian? why
Stupid Julian? why - 26 days ago
I have the same bob ross shirt
Jacob Pearson
Jacob Pearson - 26 days ago
I got the same bob ross shirt!
Zuzanna Vikernes
Zuzanna Vikernes - 28 days ago
omg this Bob Ros t-shirt is awesooooome
desiree garcia
desiree garcia - 29 days ago
Are you brothers?
rebornlittlenursery - 29 days ago
Will it hair dye
Linda Feickert
Linda Feickert - 29 days ago
good mythical morning its 4 o'clock in the afternoon wow
IT'S ME FROM 713 - 29 days ago
What's with rhetts fake laughter lately? It's kinda weird.
ixel Styles
ixel Styles - Month ago
Loving Rhett's shirt! I love how bob ross is getting noticed again!!
Growlithe Pokémon Dog
11:53 That’s what she said
Krystal McGee
Krystal McGee - Month ago
“I just want it to stay up.”
“Story of my life.”
Mackenzie Perry
Mackenzie Perry - Month ago
1:16 why do Jordan and Rhetts shirt match😂
Kyle Havens
Kyle Havens - Month ago
Someone may have already answered this, but for bony fish, the swim bladder is used primarily for buoyancy control.
Gracie Cunningham
Gracie Cunningham - Month ago
It’s 1pm, I should be doing school or at least something productive, I’m sitting on my bed watching grown men squish toothpaste and melted crayons into people’s hair....
Gacha Pugz
Gacha Pugz - Month ago
5:31 it looks like scrambled eggs
grace geer
grace geer - Month ago
i’m living for rhett’s shirt
Ax Fred
Ax Fred - Month ago
It should b will it hairdye
Stewie OFFICIAL - Month ago
I cant stop watching your videos!! haha love it
InkFlux - Month ago
11:20 basically It was Boiled for safety
Sabi Guzman
Sabi Guzman - Month ago
Will it creamer!! Weird things infused into half & half and then added to a cup of coffee 😝😝
Solar_Surge 75
Solar_Surge 75 - Month ago
I suggested this video like 2 years ago
That Girl Blue
That Girl Blue - Month ago
Bob Ross shirt 😂. Respect
Funtime Kawaii Chan {is the size of a baby}
I remember when I was like 5 I was a good mythical morning geek!
Ben Pearn
Ben Pearn - Month ago
You don't
Ben Pearn
Ben Pearn - Month ago
Sloth Armstrong
Sloth Armstrong - Month ago
At the last bit
Link looks like he hasn’t changed at all 😅
BubbleBee - Month ago
Can we just take a minute to appreciate Rhett’s shirt today
Josiah Davis
Josiah Davis - Month ago
oddly enough i feel like this is the grossest will it yet
No_Notes - Month ago
Bob Ross 😍
Jasmine Fierheller
Jasmine Fierheller - Month ago
jordan’s “thank yoouu “ 😂😂
Dead MFPool1911
Dead MFPool1911 - Month ago
Jordan looks like a grown up version of one of the kids from stranger things with that hair style when he goes to the school dance.
Samil Parikh
Samil Parikh - Month ago
can you do a will it gingerbread man house
The Alchemist
The Alchemist - Month ago
3:21 lel
Itty bitty Gaywad
Itty bitty Gaywad - Month ago
As a person who values their hair..... e w
matriarch918 - Month ago
Jordan is secretly cotton candy randy. ;)
Vanquish_Caden - Month ago
9:05 that's a bonus here bone us
Smart_111 m
Smart_111 m - Month ago
I’d say the bone marrow was the most disgusting
msdot14 - Month ago
this is all such a bad idea
Bailey Yeckel
Bailey Yeckel - Month ago
Omg cotton candy randy😭🍭
The Russian Cat
The Russian Cat - Month ago
Crayon one he looked a bit like ninja de Fortnite gamer
Rentaruu - Month ago
This is a good day xD
King Crossover23
King Crossover23 - Month ago
13:10 😂😂😂
Suphee Wongyai
Suphee Wongyai - Month ago
That is a stupid idea
shebe da fluff
shebe da fluff - Month ago
Jordan 2019 : it feels good to be touched
lil_cookie 69
lil_cookie 69 - Month ago
Rhett sniffed his hair lol
Akito Draws
Akito Draws - Month ago
Somebody noticed that Rhett wears a Bob Ross shirt? I love it haha :'D
The1sler167 - Month ago
I w̶a̶n̶t̶ need that Bob Ross tee that Rhett has
Thedeathlyhallows713 !
Is no one gunna mention Rhett’s shirt??? It’s the most BEAUTIFUL THING EVER
dil likeapickle
dil likeapickle - Month ago
I hate chipotle queso..what even is it?
gammelhund - Month ago
All these people allready had gel in their hair
Peydon - Month ago
The first guy looks like the mayor off of the grinch haha I can’t even 😂😂
CelticShadow - Month ago
im pretty sure a fish blatter/bladder is actually to help with buoyancy. someone may have to fact check me on that though.
TheRatGamer - Month ago
run out of ideas, huh?
Megan Roderick
Megan Roderick - Month ago
You should make a video of you guys straightening, cutting, and styling Jordan’s hair😂
Sophia_ hall
Sophia_ hall - Month ago
Is anyone else wondering if the crayons stained the guys hair or just me 😂🧐
Kerigan Fehr
Kerigan Fehr - Month ago
*looks at Link.. then looks at Rhett*
shigaraki.__. gacha
shigaraki.__. gacha - Month ago
david is precious XD
Teagan Mckain
Teagan Mckain - Month ago
Rhet I like your bob Ross shirt
Quest is not pronounced kaso it's pronounced keso
Lorna Schwarz
Lorna Schwarz - Month ago
Will it ramen?
Lauren Trotto
Lauren Trotto - Month ago
When they did the fish gel they looked like dumb and dumber
LightBust 2758
LightBust 2758 - Month ago
Wow I haven’t been here in forever. This intro is so slow!
emily is not cool
emily is not cool - Month ago
star łess
star łess - Month ago
*its nice to be touched*
Pcuccs123 - Month ago
I love when Jordan is in videos
PringleFake ArtGirl
PringleFake ArtGirl - Month ago
Rhett’s shirt is MoOd
ice wallow cumm
ice wallow cumm - Month ago
If you love KFC im sorry but think about the gravy and then think about the fish blatter
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