Seth and Rihanna Go Day Drinking

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Ines Hope
Ines Hope - 3 hours ago
I love you both 😂😂😂
ashely706 - 3 hours ago
Love it.
Sebastian Smith
Sebastian Smith - 3 hours ago
her laugh💛
Shamoya Denton
Shamoya Denton - 4 hours ago
Her laugh is everything ❤️❤️🤗
Bianca Altamirano
Bianca Altamirano - 4 hours ago
when you just sing along lmao YASS
Nanna Muhammad
Nanna Muhammad - 4 hours ago
Rihannas’ laugh is one of the greatest noises ever💀
unMask byHoney
unMask byHoney - 4 hours ago
Why doesn’t she ever make people pronounce her name right!
Losh Reid
Losh Reid - 5 hours ago
Blow your wife away lol
DefineIQ- - 5 hours ago
Sex with her soooooooo amazing😍😍
yung babymomma
yung babymomma - 5 hours ago
i love them lmaooo
Justin - 6 hours ago
I wish I could be there with them 😍
Berlin Lopez
Berlin Lopez - 8 hours ago
Drunk Rihanna is one of the best Rihannas
Yurrah Al-Hadi
Yurrah Al-Hadi - 9 hours ago
This was golden. I was dying the WHOLE time. When the camera zoomed away from his eye when she was doing his make ul. . .brilliant.
Shamariah Little Lamb
Shamariah Little Lamb - 9 hours ago
What’s day drinking? Oh you mean MY drinking.
Azulmine - 9 hours ago
God she’s so lovely
Dawg Life
Dawg Life - 10 hours ago
She’s right you can have shitty grades and still be a good pilot, can confirm
Sarah Zhan
Sarah Zhan - 11 hours ago
Drunk Seth and Rihanna are a fat mood
MrNinjaGaming - 11 hours ago
Rri lookin bomb.
34ar 81e1
34ar 81e1 - 11 hours ago
9:36 xDxDxD unicorn
Jared Hester
Jared Hester - 12 hours ago
Too funny 😂
Nicole Martin
Nicole Martin - 12 hours ago
She lifted the glass up to him to get drunker while she kept recording
Gustav Okpu
Gustav Okpu - 12 hours ago
Get her drunk
Gustav Okpu
Gustav Okpu - 12 hours ago
Hey gurl
Robert Hahn
Robert Hahn - 14 hours ago
ahhh this woman is just so real and chill! but seriously, what are rumballs?
She who's different
She who's different - 14 hours ago
Where has this been all my life? 😂😂💜
angel ezelissa
angel ezelissa - 15 hours ago
Of course will end like this 😂
Michael G
Michael G - 16 hours ago
OMG he's hammered. lmfao
Laura S Reales
Laura S Reales - 16 hours ago
Of all the Day Drinking, this is my favorite one. hope other people join this idea. It's really kool see them having fun.
Andrew Kariuki
Andrew Kariuki - 17 hours ago
Hahahahaha.This was epic,they have good chemistry!
angela evans
angela evans - 17 hours ago
How to become friends in 6 shots or less should be the name of this show
Kono Dutch
Kono Dutch - 17 hours ago
You have no confidence in me...shes also a business woman and a full on rapist
Miss Pvssy
Miss Pvssy - 17 hours ago
Ugh! She can literally get along with anyone!
Jamelyn james
Jamelyn james - 18 hours ago
The blow your wife part 😂😂
RL Dm - 19 hours ago
Nobody likes the girls who r drinking but they like rihanna because its rihanna whatever
666oddess - 19 hours ago
I love day drinking
msw kmw
msw kmw - 20 hours ago
Seth 🌽🌽 AF
L A - 20 hours ago
I'm drunk from watching this. 🤣🤣🤣
Jordan Rodjanae
Jordan Rodjanae - 21 hour ago
Her laugh makes everything even funnier 😂😍
Mohit Gupta
Mohit Gupta - 21 hour ago
dude this guy just loves drinking, he made a game out of it, so others pay for it ! #ideascanchangetheworld
Nope - 21 hour ago
Ohhh seth was FUCKED UP
Joshamar Joseph Roman
Joshamar Joseph Roman - 22 hours ago
that forced laughter thingy she does is too cute for some reason
Sephra Haywood
Sephra Haywood - 23 hours ago
nobody talking about how she "hypothetically" asked about quitting music😂😫
Esoteric Love
Esoteric Love - Day ago
I was having a mood swing day and this cracked me up thanks to both of u and the team .
ninin zee
ninin zee - Day ago
La Rosa
La Rosa - Day ago
The Queen.
La Rosa
La Rosa - Day ago
La Rosa
La Rosa - Day ago
Mohit Kalro
Mohit Kalro - Day ago
If y'all feeling the Rihanna love, check out the short film 'Guava Island' on Amazon prime with Rihanna and Donald Glover.
Hashtag Addictt
Hashtag Addictt - Day ago
Her laugh is so cuteeee
Hashtag Addictt
Hashtag Addictt - Day ago
Her laugh is so cuteeee
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