All You Can Eat A5 WAGYU BEEF in Tokyo Japan!

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Chris Or whxte oxt
Chris Or whxte oxt - 2 days ago
Is it me or that man is ripped
debbie schrader
debbie schrader - 2 days ago
If I owned an all you can eat buffet and everyone ate like you do, I wouldn’t have a business for long. Would have to go À la carte. Lol. Love your videos . Can’t think of one place you could come to in this town. Sad I know
David Dinh
David Dinh - 3 days ago
Dude! I want to go to Japan just to eat at this restaurant. My mouth is watering up.
Default Dan
Default Dan - 4 days ago
I'm so hungry now
Karla - 6 days ago
Is it me or is he over cooking that meat?
your moms dog
your moms dog - 7 days ago
did anyone notice the contamination
King Kang
King Kang - 10 days ago
$62 is mad cheap for Japan for all that meat
honeyglow - 10 days ago
You said your favorite piece was the one you over cooked....OF COURSE IT WAS! I like my steaks a little over cooked especially when they are fatty because they have that delicious burned crispy flavor 🤤🤤🤤 people usually think overcooked is bad but it’s not!
riXL - 11 days ago
I don't think it's a5 waygu but may be waygu
Andre Tse
Andre Tse - 12 days ago
What happened to the caption lol.
handsafety - 13 days ago
Just came back from the second restaurant, Ginza Steak. Big let down. Beef was not good quality. It was chewy and had better at a place in Asakusa. Don’t go to Ginza Steak. Save your money! Trust me.
Kira Phoenix
Kira Phoenix - 13 days ago
Watching this while eating popcorn *enter sad cat meme*
Gaming Cuber
Gaming Cuber - 16 days ago
Where’s the certificate huh
Aj00098 - 16 days ago
So my friend and I went to Japan during sep-okt and there were alot of things we wanted to do and among these, trying waguy was a must. But since we didn't know to much about the prices of waguy and good restaurants, we were a tad bit lost. Then I found this video and it was so helpful. Thanks to you we had a great time at Ginza steakhouse and a memory for life. Thanks man
frizurd - 20 days ago
you didnt list the locations! :(
RetroCNY - 22 days ago
I'm eating a box of cheez its while watching this. What have I done.
urosaurus - 23 days ago
_"All you can eat"_
Definitely not all you can eat
Lilith Kooks
Lilith Kooks - 28 days ago
vincent briones
vincent briones - 28 days ago
Jackie Chan loves steaks
T.Y. Hilton #ForTheShoe #GOAT #13Hunnit
I'm watching this video to remember if I went here for my 13th bday or not lol
Mr Nice
Mr Nice - Month ago
I need to try A5 Waygu beefsteak.
Phat Dang
Phat Dang - Month ago
I’m actually jeaalius
Stephen Tea
Stephen Tea - Month ago
Sorry dude but this was cringy and overdramatic af. Bet you cum to a bag of lays classics.
Matt Sargent
Matt Sargent - Month ago
Another year of watching this video, that’s two October’s in a row lol
Allen Bao
Allen Bao - Month ago
Matt Sargent I’m with you
Dag Klingstedt
Dag Klingstedt - Month ago
One misunderstanding about wagyu and Kobe beef that is propagated all the time, is that Kobe beef is somehow superior to wagyu. The reality is that Kobe beef IS wagyu beef. Kobe is a BRAND, signifying that it is produced in Hyogo prefecture, where Kobe is capitol. Kobe is home to the restaurant that invented teppanyaki, which is probably why they were the first area that got their own BRAND. Great wagyu is produced all over the country, but if you are the type of person who wants what the critics think is the best, then go for Miyazaki beef. They have won the Japanese Wagyu Championship three times in a row. But don't worry, if it's A5 wagyu, it will be great regardless of where the cow was raised in Japan. Yonezawa beef (from Yamagata) and Hitachi beef (from Ibaraki), are two of my favourite brands/areas.
JaPinay Vlogs
JaPinay Vlogs - Month ago
thats real good advice
*Mike Chen's family visits him every few months
Family: Why do you have different beautiful paintings every time we come to your house?
Mike: Oh, because I eat them.
Family: What?
Mike: Wagyu beef is beautiful and tasty!
Family: Well, you should hang the Mona Lisa up on your walls.
Mike: The what?
Family: The Mona Lisa, it is very beautiful.
Mike: Is it edible???
Family: No...It's a paint-
Mike: Then I'm not interested.
Thu Ha Kwon
Thu Ha Kwon - Month ago
Was anyone there in the last view month ? Coz I can’t open the page anymore and would love to try it in my next Japan trip
Bossturnaut - Month ago
Guga foods would love this
Bossturnaut - Month ago
Duken Juken yes
Duken Juken
Duken Juken - Month ago
Thank u for knowing guga he would love though. He would probably say “So let’s do it!”
Driving School 1
Driving School 1 - Month ago
Embellish much?
memelive137 - Month ago
The average good steak house in the US(Not All U Can Eat)is around $25 for salad,steak,baked potato and a Pepsi. So I think $100 sounds awesome for All U Can Eat Kobe(which I've never tried). The only All U Can Eat Steak House I can think of here in S.C. is the Golden Corral and the only cut that is ever on the buffet is Sirloin. Everything else is like fried chicken,maybe ribs,salads,desserts, and lots of veg. dishes. So I'd go to either place you ate at in a quick minute!!!
Luc Tran
Luc Tran - Month ago
Stop saying “it melts in your mouth” because it don’t melt in your mouth especially if your chewing the meat that saying doesn’t make any sense
Thedarkinsignia *last name missing*
visit guga foods has wagyu like all the time
Holly Shue
Holly Shue - Month ago
Wagyu is the only steak that I would eat rare or medium rare.
Trinh Baird-Decker
Trinh Baird-Decker - Month ago
me actually going to the store, buying, cooking and eating a steak while watching this is the biggest accomplishment ive achieved
Mario S.
Mario S. - Month ago
How can this restaurant afford to stay in business if people like Mike goes to eat here ?
Mario S.
Mario S. - Month ago
Wow! Only $60 all you can eat. What a steal ?
I paid about $200 for 12 ounces of A5 Wagyu steak in the New York City.
Susmit Kumar
Susmit Kumar - Month ago
Giving 90 minutes to Mikey...
They sure are naive...
Carlt Pang
Carlt Pang - Month ago
15:35 “giving it a little bit of wasabi”

*smears it all over the beef*
Volts - Month ago
Real wasabi is a bit different than what you usually get in the US.
Carlt Pang
Carlt Pang - Month ago
if steak melts in your mouth, there wouldn’t be steak
Rosemary Salazar
Rosemary Salazar - Month ago
Just started watching And, love the ratings you give... Truthfully And to The point!!!!... Subscribed!... For everything... Thanks 😊
Tyler Leyden
Tyler Leyden - Month ago
Mother of God I need this before I die.
Chris Robles
Chris Robles - Month ago
Does anyone know if you get too pick how cooked it is? Like well done?
yeet on the street got that gucci on my feet
I can see the carbon emissions radiating from that man
Average RandomGuy
Average RandomGuy - Month ago
I’m finding a ticket right now, I’m Asian and also close to Japan to a ticket won’t be that expensive
Jonathan - Month ago
If you look at the captions there’re so many Lenny faces
Nessboy12 - Month ago
I get queasy after eating 6 oz of wagyu xD I don't get how ppl eat so much of it
Khoa Do
Khoa Do - Month ago
Nice video ill go kill that place when i go japan🔥🤑
Steeldude - Month ago
I get the arguments for veganism, but why are we so drawn to food like this if where not supposed to eat it? No plant based food will ever give you such pleasure as this!
Clown World
Clown World - Month ago
We are supposed to eat it.
D Lovett
D Lovett - Month ago
Don't complain about time, you played with raw meat footage when you could of had it on the grill. Sorry brah, it wasn't because of filming. You can film while food cooks.
jrent52000 - Month ago
whats up jackie chans long lost son???!!
Danil Manison
Danil Manison - Month ago
So I'm planning to visit... The name of the restaurant would be helpful lol 😂😂
Hira Muhammad
Hira Muhammad - Month ago
You should meet Guga.
Eli Jackson
Eli Jackson - Month ago
I love how mad you were about the chicken on the plate 😂😂😂 i agree. The wagu looks insanely amazing
ihopetowin - 2 months ago
Booking a reservation is essential.
emcee quinzel
emcee quinzel - 2 months ago
fillers... more like cheats for eat all you can resto😂
saaim - 2 months ago
Think if matt stonie went to this restaurant 😂😂
Green Heaven Planet
Green Heaven Planet - 2 months ago
ഇതിനെ ഓക്കേ അല്ലെ സങ്കികൾ അച്ഛനും അമ്മയും ആയി കാണുന്നത് . വിവരദോഷികൾ
Prototype Ehrenmann
Prototype Ehrenmann - 2 months ago
Anyone from food wars
Kevin Sargent
Kevin Sargent - 2 months ago
Going there in the spring for a wedding.. def going too do this..
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