Everything Wrong With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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richanmel - 19 hours ago
"I miss you son"
"No you don't your dead"
I lost it there 不不不不不不不
Roolet - 23 hours ago
I feel like Jesse Eisenburg did a really good job, but everything else just doesnt blend with it.
Kriss987 - Day ago
Nothing Is Wrong With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Mikyelle Mackel
Mikyelle Mackel - Day ago
The kryptonites effects are way more logical in Supergirl, the comics, and almost any media about the Justice League/DC Universe.
Monk Kenyon
Monk Kenyon - Day ago
theunknown Chavez
theunknown Chavez - Day ago
Add a sin for batman using a gun!!! He never uses a gun!
Sa Med
Sa Med - 2 days ago
0:53 "No"
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson - 3 days ago
It's not about the same name! It's about taking a son from his mum!
Quarterrious King
Quarterrious King - 3 days ago
Ahhhhh Bat-Chelor lad, I see what you did there
Takedownpanda - 4 days ago
An actor from Ant-Man in a DC movie! 8:35
jaspip1678 - 4 days ago
I knew! I knew her gauntlets could do! I knew it! Aaaannnnd I think more sins should've been taken away for the batman fight scene. Best fight scene ever
polite critique
polite critique - 4 days ago
Big nosed Christ killers cursed enemies of Jesus robbing dumb Christian American cinema goers
NicksDaBro - 5 days ago
5:37 ahhhhhh so water is wet
S籀stenis Vin穩cius
S籀stenis Vin穩cius - 5 days ago
Everything??? In 21 minutes? That's impossible kkkkk
noisepuppet - 5 days ago
Supafrens shout out
Someone Stupid
Someone Stupid - 5 days ago
"DC comics"
Mayke Silver
Mayke Silver - 5 days ago
17:07 HOW SHE CAME OUT OF THAT AIRPLANE!? She asked someone to open the landing gear, destroyed part of the plane and put it in a safe place and WHY AM I GETTING DISCOUNTED WITH THIS BAD FILM!?
britt&mike gang
britt&mike gang - 5 days ago
He woke up right when the download was finished cause he wasn't dreaming he was pretty much having a vision of if he never fought superman and what would of been and with the flash saying he was right about him was literally the flash from the speed force wanting him to change the future of what would of happened if he didnt fight superman hense the title of the movie but joss whedon left that for people to get but obviously sense it got a cinema sin got missed he's ahead of his time lol
Sulav Lal Shrestha
Sulav Lal Shrestha - 6 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks this channel is shit? It feels this channel criticises every scene.
Gbolahan Olaseinde
Gbolahan Olaseinde - 8 days ago
Best EWW I've seen. I hate this daft movie so much. Sorry, director.
J E - 8 days ago
The flash can time travel dude
Eod blue
Eod blue - 8 days ago
Love this stuff but do you not know what the meaning of racist? You have called being sexiest and moralistic comments as racist among others ... I'm taking 10 sins off every time you do this annoying shit. Ding
sam pettey
sam pettey - 8 days ago
2:35 DOM? Don't you mean BWAH!
Angelo Felix
Angelo Felix - 9 days ago
save Martha!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aaron Lara
Aaron Lara - 9 days ago
did you even read the comics they killed bruce parents and make it look like a robbery gone wrong
Russell Hadler
Russell Hadler - 9 days ago
As with all the Cinema Sins output, tiresome to watch. The narrator talks so fast ('ten to the dozen', as we say in English-English, aka 'proper' English), swears a lot and like a twenty-year-old trying to impress his mates (and ending up sounding like a knobhead), and is forever whinging on about the time taken for logos. The only plus is, I get a sense of the movie. But that is it.
Tammy Forbes
Tammy Forbes - 9 days ago
Dude he probably called and thats what the security at his place had or where ever he landed at. Im thinking he was headed some where else and heard the news and changed course and headed for the trouble and called and got a vehicle . Its not like he would by his workers BMWs or Lambos so a Jeep is about right.
D Tell
D Tell - 10 days ago
You should do everything wrong with marvel video becasue unlike dc they rip off of others and make good ideas into shit
D Tell
D Tell - 9 days ago
@Alex Hall you're right you do have negative iq just like how when it says a movie is related to marvel it gets infinite sins
Alex Hall
Alex Hall - 9 days ago
*negative IQ*
Anonimous GP
Anonimous GP - 10 days ago
175 sins : how the fuck that earth started floating? Does superman has gravity powers? Wtf
LightningBolt - 10 days ago
more like everything IS wrong with batman v superman
jabertcul 123
jabertcul 123 - 11 days ago
Fuck me what a shit film i couldn't even watch this full video because the movie is so bad.
commander cody *
commander cody * - 11 days ago
I agree they finally creating a good Batman vs bad guy fight alot more realistic then the dark night and ably live action Batman movie before 2012
commander cody *
commander cody * - 11 days ago
The Martha seen is horrible because he kills also I don't like this lex luthor
Dkop Dudekingofpower
Dkop Dudekingofpower - 11 days ago
This how many times we agreed with the sins in the video
VGL Studios
VGL Studios - 12 days ago
I'm kind of surprised that they don't give a sin for Clark Kent working as a reporter with the Daily Planet when his work history is being an aimless drifter for years. Did he even go to college in the Snyderverse?
zhengyingli - 11 days ago
I think Clark being an aimless drifter for all these years is merely an assumption on your part.
Lord Karasu
Lord Karasu - 12 days ago
Lord Karasu
Lord Karasu - 12 days ago
Why is that grandmas peach tea line so hard for yall to get? Jeez.
oontur- mench
oontur- mench - 6 days ago
@Lord Karasu Oh you mean the line itself? Yes, I think everyone understands it's just a silly euphemism for something unpleasant. I think most people just find it hard to believe that Lex actually used it in the courtroom bombing to somehow show his slyness or evil genius to the Senator. It just doesn't work for me.
Lord Karasu
Lord Karasu - 6 days ago
oontur- mench well I see it as saying call it what you want put whatever spin on it you want youre still not getting it peach tea has a vaguely similar color to pee(very vaguely)but calling peach tea wouldnt make it any less unpleasant, but thats just me.
oontur- mench
oontur- mench - 6 days ago
Please care to explain, then
Sappierie - 13 days ago
E v e r y t h i n g
Ienki - 14 days ago
what about batman using guns and batmans shooting bullets and batman not being batman but just some rich guy with bulky armor
Jon Snowman
Jon Snowman - 12 days ago
@zhengyingli shit you are right
zhengyingli - 12 days ago
@Jon Snowman But it is Batman.
Jon Snowman
Jon Snowman - 12 days ago
@zhengyingli doesn't make it better
zhengyingli - 13 days ago
Batman has always used guns in the comics and other movies.
Patrick Chole
Patrick Chole - 14 days ago
*ding this ought to have been a two parter. Ding removed for
I miss you son.
No you dont. Youre dead.
(Slow clap)
LlamaLegate - 16 days ago
You would be a much better Lex in this movie.

ALSO, after Superman ACTUALLY dies to Doomsday in the comics, they DO revive him (technically he's an alternate universe version, but whatever) so if they made him ACTUALLY die and never get revived, that would be much, much better.

ALSO ALSO, it would somehow be LESS cliche to have Doomsday have a similar origin story to the comics, but have Zod create him, than the crap they do in this movie. And that's saying a lot.
Pastrami IV
Pastrami IV - 16 days ago
My absolute favorite shit is when he pauses and hes like .... "no"
Patrick Fossum
Patrick Fossum - 17 days ago
Cannons are only fired at a presidential funeral
Patrick Fossum
Patrick Fossum - 11 days ago
@zhengyingli but not with cannons.
zhengyingli - 15 days ago
21-gun salutes are also used in military funerals.
robert jackson
robert jackson - 17 days ago
that moment you realise John Cryer was a better lex luthor than this
Ignacio Roca
Ignacio Roca - 17 days ago
Aaron - 17 days ago
ugh such a trash movie.
Victor da gamer Esteban
Victor da gamer Esteban - 18 days ago
What I've been looking for.
batitued rises
batitued rises - 18 days ago
Top 3 Everything wrong with this channel 1 you be a you tuber 2 talking too much 3 stop getting everyone so mad
Graceful Slick
Graceful Slick - 16 days ago
Shut the fuck up
Rayden Peterson
Rayden Peterson - 18 days ago
5 sins for not knowing how the 21 guns work at the end the movie
PopGamerNation - 18 days ago
Honestly I thought the movie was pretty good
Jayston Wright
Jayston Wright - 19 days ago
My biggest issue with ANY superhero movie trying to address the damage that said superhero causes trying to save the day is this: How much MORE damage would be caused if the superheros did nothing?
K.Roberts - 19 days ago
15:44 damn straight!, that is the overall problem with this movie, it recaps information you already know and spends the rest of the time treading water till the thing that you wanted to see shows up for 10 mins in a movie that goes on for 2+ hours.
The movie just like the series is just disappointing.

Edit: i was originally thinking Lex should of been more like Hammer from iron man 2 but maybe he should of been more King Pin from Daredevil, not the show.
he knew how to be smooth
Cyberman 232
Cyberman 232 - 20 days ago
Im pretty sure that the Flash was traveling back in time, and thats what the dream was
demondojr - 20 days ago
A video titled, "Everything NOT wrong with Batman v Superman" would have been shorter.
Jacob Rengen
Jacob Rengen - 20 days ago
I think would actually be shorter to list all the things that isnt wrong with this movie then it is to list everything that is wrong with this movie but hey what do I know under some random camert on YouTube
Kamrin Williams
Kamrin Williams - 20 days ago
U forget a sin speed up to hit the indestructible man
wamu lume
wamu lume - 20 days ago
Lmao @ sinning the DC logo.
wamu lume
wamu lume - 20 days ago
2:38 the SOMEWHERE IN THE INDIAN OCEAN was a middle finger to cinemasins for sinning movies that give specific locations. They probably held up a middle finger and said, "Hey Cinemasins, sin *this*."
Bob West
Bob West - 20 days ago
Its not kryptonite gas.... its scarecrows fear gas......
Antonietta Mancinelli
Antonietta Mancinelli - 21 day ago
BeastyVas - 21 day ago
i thought the movie was good before i was into dc , now rewatching this and where im at now , the whole film pisses me the fuck off
NoahzArk771 - 21 day ago
Sin #1 : The fact that this movie even exists.
Sean Buzbee
Sean Buzbee - 21 day ago
I know what's wrong with batman vs superman dc made it
Yeetinator - 21 day ago
m a r t h a
Maniac Mike
Maniac Mike - 21 day ago
This movie was awesome. You guys are just a bunch of nitpickers.
William Brown
William Brown - 23 days ago
I find it strange and a bit odd how people post videos on YouTube complaining about movies/ shows... I mean, if you can do better, by all means upstage, but if not, who do you think you are complaining about something when/ if you cant do any better? Leaves you no room to talk. If you dont like something then simply dont watch it. And wrong? Given the number of dislikes on this, it looks to me like plenty of people may actually like the movie thus there isnt/ wasnt anything wrong with it; its simply like everything else, some like it and others dont. Like it or hate it, unless you are in the same business as the people who made it; you opinions, Im sorry but arent relevant if you arent in the entertainment business yourself. They know what they are doing and like anyone their movies sometimes succeed, fail or stumble... Meh, you have to try to engage a lot of people and get them into it and its not easy to win, you only ever win with so many. Bottom line with movies you can never do anything right in the sense that there will ALWAYS be people who hate or dislike the movie; and thats a fact!
PLAYER 74 - 24 days ago
Batman v Superman turned to BS... see what I did there
Itsyaboy Lmao
Itsyaboy Lmao - 24 days ago
Let's be honest here the dark night trilogy is the best Batman movies
Jay Obrien
Jay Obrien - 24 days ago
The Flash, when he sees the Flash that is in real life. The Flash can time travel.
Egg Army
Egg Army - 24 days ago
only 21 minutes??? There should be 1 sin for every second of this movie
Walker - 24 days ago
if I had a nickel for every time I fingered a bullet while naked, I'd have 2 nickels, which isn't a lot, but it's weird that I've done it twice.
lolster 292
lolster 292 - 25 days ago
5:47 Tack on another sin for him saying that water is wet. That shit is sin-able.
Sam Nelson
Sam Nelson - 25 days ago
The reason super man shows up all the time was because of humanity...the bad guys whole theory was if he was human. That's why they kidnapped his mother and girlfriend and how they new he'd shoe up to the court house to show just how human he actually was and if it was an idea of him not being one was the same conclusion as if he was pertaining a little to much....its quite clever but poorly done in the final installment of the conclusion
Splitvessle - 25 days ago
i love the quest for the holy grail thing at the end lol
StickWorthy - 26 days ago
AquaFloats - 26 days ago
Deserved way more sins but thats ok
Dudi Syahrul AF
Dudi Syahrul AF - 26 days ago
idk why i hate Lois more than That's martha shit
Michelle Jackson
Michelle Jackson - 27 days ago
Lex was better then Batman and superman
King Kai
King Kai - 27 days ago
I know this shit is mad old, but fuck it at a million sins just for the straight fact that Superman shouldn't be able to fly and kill doomsday using the kryptonite spear
King Kai
King Kai - 27 days ago
Dyelext HD
Dyelext HD - 28 days ago
13:22 this cracked me up so much
TheKeithbudz - 29 days ago
Sin... funeral procession is a dick to corn...
Charmikyu - 29 days ago
Fun fact: When dreaming your perception of time is so screwed that it always seems as if it ended just as you woke up. You could've slept 10 hours between your dream ending and you waking up, your perception would make it seem like it ended right as you woke up.
Jorgensen Marvel
Jorgensen Marvel - Month ago
People from DC move to Marvel. Cuz they know that marvel is better than DC
LoLshark99 B
LoLshark99 B - Month ago
the bathtub part was the highlight
Eddiward Johnsiones
Eddiward Johnsiones - Month ago
This and jl was too rushed
Milosh Drown
Milosh Drown - Month ago
Not quite sure why DC films and television keep making Lex Luthor insane. The man is a genius, in fact he is the most intelligent human in the DC comic books.
zhengyingli - Month ago
Lex Luthor was pretty insane in the comics, too.
HotPocky - Month ago
"on this earth, every act is a political act"
"even twerking?"
Yes, god help us.
Ad Schuring
Ad Schuring - Month ago
the movie may be not too impressive, but for sure, this review far outruns it in horrific irritation: speech sooo fast you stop listening, and then the amount of beeps for the words fuck or shit. My gooohhd, if you're trying to fucking irritate the listener/viewer, why use words that you know you're going to beep out? YouTube is not demanding any of that shit !!!
kylyne hayes
kylyne hayes - Month ago
Superman has x-ray vision thats why he knows who bat man is
Jairo Sanchez
Jairo Sanchez - Month ago
As a stand alone movie, I liked it.
Fartein Jonassen
Fartein Jonassen - Month ago
9 & 1/2 weeks. Funny.
LEGO Dexter Jettster
LEGO Dexter Jettster - Month ago
I love Monty python and the holy grail
F.L.Watch - Month ago
Am I the only one who noticed that one of the cast members for this movie is the voice of Elastigirl?
MonsterDC - Month ago
You can tell he literally doesnt like this movie at all
Gagan Singh
Gagan Singh - Month ago
Deserve 100 million sins for martha thing.
Aspry Writes
Aspry Writes - Month ago
This Lex was a total disgrace. But in Eisenberg's defense, it was written that way. Luthor would never say 90% of this horrible dialogue.
W GU - Month ago
Also also, as someone that has passed through some... dark experiences, I can honestly tell there are some things that can trigger a panic attack, Bruce is still human and his parents have been used against him before
W GU - Month ago
I also liked this movie.... am I a worse person?
Tanks4Nuthin - Month ago
Theres a video that puts the Man of Steel scenes from Metropolis and Batman Vs. Superman scenes together and it is really really cool. Yall should watch it
Mike Helms
Mike Helms - Month ago
I could have done this one in 30 seconds.
The Sin was this movie.
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