Lola Walked in on Kelly and Mark...Again!

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Robert P. Gates
Robert P. Gates - 19 days ago
"You just ruined my birthday! And my life! And I used to see in color and now everything is gray!" That is just too funny. That daughter is going places!
bakugou boom
bakugou boom - 23 days ago
wait...he's on Riverdale isn't he?
Desiree Hall
Desiree Hall - 24 days ago
Are yu kidding???
Amber Crosland
Amber Crosland - 24 days ago
This why you Knock frist !
keishie23 - Month ago
These two are priceless 😂
Judy Pasqualone
Judy Pasqualone - Month ago
Never tire of this...😂😂😂...but how can exercise class make you deaf? 😂😂
Catherine C
Catherine C - Month ago
This is the most hilarious skit ever.
daisy woo
daisy woo - Month ago
This is why I ALWAYS KNOCK.
Leopard-King - Month ago
I would like to celebrate "Father's Day" with Angela Bassett.
Terrie Redmond
Terrie Redmond - 2 months ago
They are hysterical!
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