Us Ending: What Happens and What it Means

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CinemaBlend - 2 months ago
What did you think of the ending?
Harmony - 13 days ago
CinemaBlend it made me mad
Alan Byrd
Alan Byrd - 16 days ago
For all who find it only somewhat interesting I suggest seeing it again but watch it from the dopplegang perspective (Red). The entire movie changes lanes if you totally digest it from the others view. Started with a 7 but after seeing it two more times it easily ranked a 10. The best part is actually looking for and talking about the hidden clues after the movie, its a different concept for cinematography possibly the future of film. Jordans a beast on that film shit.
Zach - 2 months ago
Started out good, some parts were funny. Kept waiting for Tim Heidecker to pop out and say Spaghett! But unfortunately that never happened.
Ebonie Scott
Ebonie Scott - 2 months ago
@Everlost that's why he looked at his mother like that
War Horse
War Horse - 2 months ago
There’s gonna be a big ass war
SETH Castillo
SETH Castillo - 7 days ago
And i think Adelaides cuff represents the law. Lower class cant dp anything about it because theyve been chocked by the law.
Funkin Pungent
Funkin Pungent - 16 days ago
United Statez
Ange Alexiel
Ange Alexiel - 18 days ago
100% same analysis as mine, it is a social class based movie.but for me Jason has to have been switched too , cos Pluto have a burnt face, and Jason cannot replicate the magic trick, so to me Pluto was the OG Jason who burnt his face cos of the magic trick failed somehow..... i just wonder when they switched...
Ang Lovetree
Ang Lovetree - 18 days ago
Project MKUltra
Richard Wang
Richard Wang - 19 days ago
Idk how they were abandoned for generations, but red still is forced to be with Abraham. And how the rest of Americas population of clones get on board as well? And how the hell did they get that many jump suits and gear without leaving? Plus scissors suck as primary weapons.
Mariah Reaves
Mariah Reaves - 20 days ago
so we actaully thought the clones were breeded with the rabbits which explains why the sons doppleganger crawls and why they cant talk
UA - 20 days ago
Brilliant, films that make you think, a director with a signature. Love it. Some substance in the movies again, along with James Wan, thats what horror should be, deep
So_Ramdom_Nece_ - 21 day ago
The kids are half teathers because of the mom and red talks like that because she was choked and the handcuffs that the real mom uses are the ones that were used when she was kidnapped and the names of the doubles are space related and biblical.
شيماء المالكي
really love it so epic ❤❤❤
fuhrari - 22 days ago
i’m not even listening or watching the video, the comments are giving better explanations than the video lol
Godscience7 7
Godscience7 7 - 22 days ago
What a mind fuck, I just finished watching it and didn't understand shit till I just saw your break down lol. Good review
Atwitye Mkolla
Atwitye Mkolla - 22 days ago
When the real Adelaide was left down there handcuffed, why couldn't she go back to the room of mirrors,then find the way out to her parents?!
Mmm Ttt
Mmm Ttt - 22 days ago
Man your voice like fast rap
Alwaysfangirl - 22 days ago
‘this laugh’
The Peanut Vendor
The Peanut Vendor - 22 days ago
This movie sucked. Stop trying to make it bigger than it is because you are a millennial douche boat.
Amalie Vangaa
Amalie Vangaa - 26 days ago
The only thing that annoys me still to this day is that when red tells Adelaide to handcuff herself to the table, she only cuffs one hand. But when she breaks the table and gets free (+ for the rest of the movie) both her hands are cuffed?
Unicorn Paisley
Unicorn Paisley - Month ago
I liked everything except the fake Adeline killed the real one I’m sad 😔
Nerdle Turtle
Nerdle Turtle - Month ago
Jordan peele is the black Stephen king I’m not hearing it!
Murakami R
Murakami R - Month ago
I haven't really seen this pointed out yet but the Black Flag album "My War" is shown on a carnival worker's t-shirt, if you look up the lyrics to that song it fits in with the scene of the film perfectly. Kind of like how the lyrics of NWA's Fuck da Police fit in with the plot as well.
Josh Diaz
Josh Diaz - Month ago
Red Jumpsuits + Gold Scissors = Ultimate Halloween Costume
Yosemite Sam
Yosemite Sam - 2 months ago
marclaaq - 2 months ago
Had to watch all these explain videos so as to demystify the creepy vibes I got from the trailer, still scared by Autopsy of Jane doe.
Christin Mogese
Christin Mogese - 2 months ago
Why didn’t they escape in the first place, why didn’t red just escape right away and got help and told people what she saw🙄I would have bust outta there real quick Tf
I am learning Japanese
I am learning Japanese - 2 months ago
Adelaide (the clone) shows concern for when Jason’s tether is about to kill himself she says “No...” she cared about them in a weird way.
Poetic Nation
Poetic Nation - 2 months ago
Wow! Nice! This is the BEST breakdown and the analysis that I have seen of the film so far. I love the way you dissected the movie (You made a lot of things, that were confusing to me, make since).
Enigma Knowsall
Enigma Knowsall - 2 months ago
I think that Jason wasn't switched out I believe the reason he cant do the magic trick is because Pluto stopped doing the trick last summer when he got burned so that's the reason Jason can't do it...he never knew how to do it, it was Pluto who knewed how just the same as how red knew how to dance but adelaide didn't know how to do it cause it wasn't she doing the dancing
2PAC6151 - 2 months ago
The scissors are also Symbolic because if you take them apart they are both identical
B C - 2 months ago
How do child clones exist ? How were they “born” or “cloned” at the EXACT time to be the same age as their human counterparts??
trduity - 2 months ago
Ffs why does every video of this sort feel the need to retell the whole movie, we've seen it, that's why we're here
Calm Flow
Calm Flow - 2 months ago
Just saw it. I wanna know why the tethereds can unite but the "regular" humans can't
hope - 2 months ago
Wait I wanna hear why y’all DONT think Jason was switched at some point BEFORE the movie started. Personally I think it’s possible. 1. His family made remarks about how he’s acting different and asking where he learned these new sounds. 2. His tethereds name is “Pluto” , out of all the planets Pluto isn’t a planet, out of all the tethered Pluto isn’t one of them. 3. The whole snapping off beat thing but idk I can look passed that. 4. The gone wrong magic trick? 5. When the family is face to face in the living room, he’s the only one not crying, like he knew this was coming at some point. 6. The comments about how he just became weird one summer but was just assumed to be caused by his grandmothers death?
He just seems strange to me idk y’all my mind is spinning 💀
Anna Thompson
Anna Thompson - 2 months ago
Why can't a movie just be a movie.... Everybody gota try to explain some shit they did not make... Ugggggggh
Broken Mugs
Broken Mugs - 2 months ago
Listen to our latest podcast episode about the film Us! Decide if you are #teamred or #teamadelaide !
Natrina Perkins
Natrina Perkins - 2 months ago
Snaps on the "redlining" ; there is also beauty standards issue with Liz Moss's character; rabbits and magic tricks; imo the sister was also switched
J.O.B Gaming
J.O.B Gaming - 2 months ago
I feel like adelie was driving her family towards the line to get rid of them
Mani's World
Mani's World - 2 months ago
you can tell Adelaide and Red switched because red (the real adelaide) can actually speak english fluently but its a little sketchy
Moor Gigi
Moor Gigi - 2 months ago
Also, the color RED appeals to the LOWER vibration of us. Explains the red jumpsuits. Scissors are meant to “cut away.” This film was soooo dope!!!
mynameis - 2 months ago
So I heard, for Nat Turner's slave revolt, they used knives, hatchets, axes, etc., instead of guns so they wouldn't alert anyone. I guess this was another connection besides the other meanings of why the tethers used the scissors
Theo Allen
Theo Allen - 2 months ago
I would like to understand is if the the real person is red, then why was red getting pregnant and marrying the same man?
Alight Motion Gurlie
Alight Motion Gurlie - 2 months ago
This is just a theory i heard, but I think it could be real. The little boy, Jason' is actually the double. The boy with the burnt face is Jason. The tou that "Jason" plays with, is a match underground, where Jason is. Thats why his face is burnt. Because he burnt himself with the matches as "Jason" is always playing with that toy thing. Also, did anyone else have to Google the ending because they didn't really understand what happened? Because to be honest I wouldn't be suprised. Have a great day everyone!
Lorraine Timmons
Lorraine Timmons - 2 months ago
Does anyone know what Red whispered to Adelaide during their fight in the classroom? I really want to know!
Exposing HiddenTruth
Exposing HiddenTruth - 2 months ago
Its really interesting how white people are interperating the movie different from black people.
haja fatou Njie
haja fatou Njie - 2 months ago
Jordan peele
Movie 1 :Get out
Movie 2 : US
Movie 3 : A
monaso9 - 2 months ago
This movie sucked
My Name
My Name - 2 months ago
Wrong the son was from the underground to
Wafflez Senpai
Wafflez Senpai - 2 months ago
Let me just close the switching of Jason case quickly, No offence but it’s not possible. Red clearly mentions PLUTO WAS BORN OUT OF THE FIRE cOuLd ThIS bE ANy CLEareR
Abbie 4610
Abbie 4610 - 2 months ago
I fell like pink song wut about us would fit this move perfectly
Andrés Arcos
Andrés Arcos - 2 months ago
The doppelgängers are the Reds
Actuallyilyts - 2 months ago
Whoever has watched Sixth Sense shouldn't be surprised by Us
Jose Alvarado
Jose Alvarado - 2 months ago
Am I the only one that noticed “5 on it” played immediately after the 5th tethered was killed? 🤯😂
Q LaSalle
Q LaSalle - 2 months ago
The boy didnt get switched here how I know.
The film made sure to let us know due to his tricks and even the ambulance car closing the door and locking itself
Dominant Allele
Dominant Allele - 2 months ago
A theory; Red = MAGA Hat, 'Hands Across America' = 45' border wall (all in MAGA red)
Carla-jean Lares
Carla-jean Lares - 2 months ago
Thats why the mum was so emotional when he went into the fire and why the real red stole the boy and didnt kill him
Carla-jean Lares
Carla-jean Lares - 2 months ago
I think the boy switched on the beach after he saw the creepy guy with blood
Austin LoBiondo
Austin LoBiondo - 2 months ago
Am I the only one who got West World vibes from this movie? You know, cloning people under an amusement park...
Living Inspiration
Living Inspiration - 2 months ago
Wtf they got those red suits from though??
Kristen  Wiers
Kristen Wiers - 2 months ago
Horribly stupid movie.
Liverpool5563 - 2 months ago
Everyone's making videos about this but the ending is very easy to understand it's very simple we are shown and told all do what happened.
TIFFANY PERSAUD - 2 months ago
Lupita has freakishly good talent. "This laugh" haunts my nightmares. I "Get Out" (phenomenal film) was about racism, and "Us" was about clasism, I could see the former more (yes, perhaps because of the more linear realistic storyline) than the latter (yes, perhaps because it was a trip).
The classism was lost on me because the clones were not "human" in a sense that they lacked empathy (with only fake-Adelaide showing some by having her family); and would mercilessly slay humans and then robotically form chains. I could not empathize with them as a lower class. I saw them as near mindless terrorists and wouldn't even classify them as animals. I wish there was more to develop them. I can understand if they were tired of being "controlled" as the "tethered" - even if they showed remorse when their fellows died, I'd have bought it
Henry - 2 months ago
J P - 2 months ago
Since Adeline wasn't a clone why did she have to mimic everything her clone did?
TIFFANY PERSAUD - 2 months ago
I think it was because... and I may be reaching here, that when real-Adelaide was imprisoned, fake-Adelaide on the surface began to have more control. The clones were manufactured to "control" the surface population in the first place, but it ended up happening so in the reverse - but I can see it going both ways at times - that at times they swap control.
Allison Bay
Allison Bay - 2 months ago
Can a tether and a regular person live at the same time.
Jahmal Moore
Jahmal Moore - 2 months ago
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Nali2013 - 2 months ago
I have so many questions but the greatest thing about that movie is that it really makes you think and there is just so much to analyse
JEM Topaz
JEM Topaz - 2 months ago
I just want to know why did everyone miss the Russian flag symbol on the mother 's cheek at the end during the ambulance drive out with the son.
ImSwagless Beast
ImSwagless Beast - 2 months ago
This all wouldve never happened if she hadn't just wandered off in the first place when she was a child
TIFFANY PERSAUD - 2 months ago
I think that was her tethered version calling to her in a sense.
Jocelyn Leggett
Jocelyn Leggett - 2 months ago
The Adeline in red is the real one. She switched her
Jonathan Keymer
Jonathan Keymer - 2 months ago
As a Brit, I've always admired Americans for their loquaiciousness and erudition. This guy typifies it
Clickshot - 2 months ago
The scissors mean two things come together to make a sharp object which said in movie and the ending is the "normal " Adeline is the dup and the regular is try to kill them and the other people like the twins and the father and mom which is the other family are the dups and everyone is a dup and the people in the red are the areganal
Leanne Clements
Leanne Clements - 2 months ago
The movie stumped me. I knew because it was a Jordan Peele film that it was going to be rich in imagery and symbolism, but up until the end when all - or almost all (if you think the kid was one too) - was revealed, I wasn't able to crack any of it. But thank goodness for those "Fill in the blank movie explained" videos that can help you understand it! I suppose if I give myself some credit, I wondered why the kid at the end looked at his mom funny, I do still wonder if the kid was tethered as well. But I guess we won't find that out for a while, don't think Jordan will reveal all like he did with GET OUT until he feels we have all gone to the theatres to see it so he doesn't ruin it for people.
Pademelon Gaming
Pademelon Gaming - 2 months ago
Here’s my question: When they switched places, did they swap memories? I ask because the MC’s doppelgänger who turned out to be the real person told the MC the story of why all this is happening, and she told it as though she had always been a tethered, and always will be. She vaguely talks about what it was like before she walked up the escalator, rather than telling the story of how she walked into the hall of mirrors like we saw her do at the beginning of the movie.
TLDR; Why did the original version of the MC that we saw at the beginning of the movie seem to retain the memories of her tethered, and vise versa
Pademelon Gaming
Pademelon Gaming - 2 months ago
TIFFANY PERSAUD Yeah, that’s what I mean. It wracks my brain to try and make sense of it all
TIFFANY PERSAUD - 2 months ago
I know. I wonder if it was a plot hole. Red: "And the girl married a prince... and her shadow was given Abraham and it didn't matter whether she loved him or not... and she had a girl who was born a monster, smiling - and a boy who was born of fire." Red here is speaking of her experiences after becoming imprisoned. And then toward the end, Red is there doing a weird switch, "And when we met, I wondered why it was that you couldn't just take me with you." Like... lady, your clone called you to it at age eight, suffocated you, crushed your vocal chords, dragged you down to prison, chained you and ran free - why was she gonna take you with her at any point? It was instead as if Red was speaking from the perspective of a tethered when they met at age eight - when it was the other way around! It threw me for a loop.
Tess S.
Tess S. - 2 months ago
MrJimmyTide - 2 months ago
The escalator only went down tho.
The whole reason Red was able to escape was because the power went out.
EddyGordo21 - 2 months ago
Red was a successful clone and a genious. Both red and adelaide were genius little girls, but red had more of the upper hand. Because red was a successful clone she knew that one day she would be able to get all of them from down there and change the status quo - remember they have the same memories as the ones above.
So red was able to manipulate adelaide into going into the mirror room where red could overpower adelaide and trap her in the underground. However, red knows how smart adelaide is, and knew that adelaide would be able to lead a rebellion of the tethered. The tethered knew adelaide was different with the way she moved while she was down there dancing. During this time, however, red was above ground having therapy and forgetting who she really was.
Adelaide is able to get everyone from down there and make red remember what really happened. But if adelaide had survived, the whole plan would have not been successful because the plan was to kill all the above ground people and leave only the tethered. Adelaide had to die for this to be fulfilled.
So adelaide's fate was always death.
Justen Bowden
Justen Bowden - 2 months ago
Music is super distracting and unnecessary on here. Too loud
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vanesas kirana - 2 months ago
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mikethevicious - 2 months ago
So yeah where did they get clothes from... and did they change clothes everyday? So many things that don’t really make sense in this movie. Where the fuck did they get all the matching red suits for 300 million Americans. How much stuff doesn’t make sense in this movies. I saw it twice and it made even less sense.
Niggleblade - 2 months ago
The "unused" tunnels that are REAL are totally used. Do some research
destinedfan - 2 months ago
That laugh 😩
destinedfan - 2 months ago
“Hella murdery” 😂
Grimm adventure vlogs
Grimm adventure vlogs - 2 months ago
Anyone else now terrified that there’s actually tunnels under the US that are mentioned in the movie
GKmelody23 - 2 months ago
Adelaide...ade l aide.....reflective
Miles Salzer
Miles Salzer - 2 months ago
This movie has so much bullshit thats just looked over because its "deep" this movie is full of itself. A fun and good watch though.
Angry Black Woman Getting Her PhD
I don't get why the tethered took the original human's shirt she won the same one in the underworld. I could've sworn that when the grown original was having a flashback it showed her father winning the shirt and her just grabbing it. Or did things happen with a delay. I doubt it though. So I wonder if in the ending the mother was confused OR if I didn't remember the design on the tethered shirt.
TIFFANY PERSAUD - 2 months ago
I think that's actually a plot hole. I was thinking about it myself too. They did look exactly alike when they first met at eight - as they were already wearing the same clothes. What probably happened was that perhaps fake-Adelaide after imprisoning her just took her Thriller shirt from her leaving her with the "Hands Across America" shirt - but that doesn't make sense to me either.
Angry Black Woman Getting Her PhD
The escalator naturally went down. The little girl had to run up to reach her dreams. She was trying to elevate her lifestyle even though things worked against her. In my mind adelaide's tether was smarter than her. She reacted faster and she didn't let a challenge get in the way of her happiness.
Sofia Ortega
Sofia Ortega - 2 months ago
I think this movie is mind twisting and it is sooo scary I think that the character traits and everything is sooo intresting
Mad Dreamers
Mad Dreamers - 2 months ago
I think the reason why Gabe’s doppelgänger eyes are so dark is because he can’t see he only can hear why the real Gabe wears glasses cause he can’t see at all.
coreycook1978 - 2 months ago
It was just that that the way she talks is just that The other girl chokes her thats way she talks like was the win she was in the car she off beat the girl that was in the red sutie was the good won but the onethat that one that was on top was the bad one
honeybun33 - 2 months ago
Adele( the mother) was slowly reverting back to her tethered origins. While Red reverted back to her human origins. Let that sink in . The rabbits were the tethered folks only source of food but they are also symbolic of depopulation and being devoured and controlled by the " underwold" . kinda like dual purposes. The tethered populated alongside the above ground people then invaded killed them off, starting a new society.
GMan5090 - 2 months ago
This video was so bad I'm blocking the channel
Lyle Russon
Lyle Russon - 2 months ago
Probably should block every channel lol
Michael Cox
Michael Cox - 2 months ago
The doppelgangers are strawman .
Scottie Gage
Scottie Gage - 2 months ago
Someone help me understand the golden handcuffs that Adelaide was wearing for the majority of the movie!!
1rewd1 - 2 months ago
AOC = tethered
Janzelle Artis
Janzelle Artis - 2 months ago
"Get out" then "Us"
Jordan are you telling us to Get out the US?
michee144 - 2 months ago
I was thinking all this time that she was dreaming. This entire movie seems like someone had a nightmare and they turned it into a "horror" movie. I was searching for the metaphors and spiritual meanings... but I could really find none. I think the daughter did a great job. And I was just in love with the dark skinned family in this movie! That is something you never see in hollywood movies.
TIFFANY PERSAUD - 2 months ago
Same. I get what you mean.
MrDvaughn007 - 2 months ago
"NOT"!! . please STOP!! the over HYPE  PEOLPE MAKING THIS TO EASY. this was a made for cable Netflix movie at the best !stop it people watch some other real horror movies before rating some of these other mediocre films at best!!
Sean Smith
Sean Smith - 2 months ago
I don't say this much. The ending really got me. Good movie!
Lachelle Lewis
Lachelle Lewis - 2 months ago
I think the clones, the originals, were made with a combination of magic and science. It would explain the film's subtle references to magic
Lachelle Lewis
Lachelle Lewis - 2 months ago
@paleo holistic lady Can't say. Maybe voodoo? Peele likes his references to African cultures after all.
paleo holistic lady
paleo holistic lady - 2 months ago
Interesting how do you think they were made with magic?
Taelor Pierce
Taelor Pierce - 2 months ago
Loving the hateful eight shirt!!
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