AirPods 2 Released! Giveaway & AirPower Next!

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EverythingApplePro - Month ago
For the giveaway like & comment on this vid, be subscribed. Enter Insta giveaway here:
(Comment on the post & be following my account) Will choose in 1 week. Good luck guys & thanks for 7,000,000! That's absolutely nuts and I don't deserve it but thank you
Gus TV
Gus TV - 7 days ago
EverythingApplePro Last comment before 500 limit :P
Mohammad Hossain
Mohammad Hossain - Month ago
EverythingApplePro Congratulations 🎉 Happy will hit 10million very very soon.
Joel Herdell
Joel Herdell - Month ago
Great video! Congratulations on the 7 million!
Mutaz Jabban
Mutaz Jabban - Month ago
your style and hard work made this 7M. i am sure it is still growing.
Faez Nalla
Faez Nalla - Month ago
Congrats for 7 millions
Guillermo Morales
Guillermo Morales - 9 hours ago
AirPods 2 are just copies but named different
Shashank Gorti
Shashank Gorti - Day ago
Low Ashley
Low Ashley - Day ago
Ismail Abdillahi
Ismail Abdillahi - 2 days ago
Great 👍
Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon - 3 days ago
Choose a number between 1-10 before pressing read more

Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon - 3 days ago
Hopefully more color options come with the airpods 3, (if Apple makes them anyways)
Banjo Sande
Banjo Sande - 3 days ago
for $40 all you're getting is the wireless charging case. You can buy the airpods 2 with a regular case for $159
Vence - 3 days ago
Hopefully I can win them. Followed all the rules already. Good luck everyone
boomdoom - 4 days ago
Thank you for the giveaway

Coment on one of my vids if i win
CaptainFWR - 4 days ago
You and tokay make an amazing team nice job keep it up! I’m SOSOOSOOOO EXCITED FOR THE GIVEAWAY!!!! I’m too broke for AirPods but I would love to win some in your giveaway! Anyways I only wish the best for you and bro.king
santiago Garcia
santiago Garcia - 4 days ago
Brooklyn Underwood
Brooklyn Underwood - 4 days ago
If I do win, which I won't, I will be so greatful
Steffan DMello
Steffan DMello - 4 days ago
Pick me
D Mon3y
D Mon3y - 4 days ago
I need AirPods
Batman Krystyan
Batman Krystyan - 4 days ago
And I lost them and he won’t give them back and my mom was so mad at me
Batman Krystyan
Batman Krystyan - 4 days ago
To be honest this kid took my AirPods
Bonniespots - 5 days ago
Airpods in the House Tonight!!!!.... can I win?
Tara Chrisman
Tara Chrisman - 5 days ago
I want them but they seem the same as the AirPods 1
EMS POWER - 5 days ago
Can i win?
A Squishy Fishy
A Squishy Fishy - 5 days ago
yo giveaway
Zaynab Barkat
Zaynab Barkat - 5 days ago
I have done everything plz may I win I know you will not choose me but I love your channel good luck everyone and congrats for 7million once again good luck everyone 🍀🍀🥳
M Hussain Bugti
M Hussain Bugti - 5 days ago
Abl - 6 days ago
Air pods plz
Samir Samir
Samir Samir - 6 days ago
Samantha Ju
Samantha Ju - 6 days ago
How many more models will they really make......
Bryan Lopez
Bryan Lopez - 6 days ago
I would really want to win the air pods and if I don’t then gg 😭
bilal azhar
bilal azhar - 6 days ago
I’m new here and love ur channel and I’m thinking of buying AirPods any suggestions 1 or 2 AirPods
theo kiernan
theo kiernan - 6 days ago
I only have a android phone
Paris Cass
Paris Cass - 7 days ago
I just want to join the dark side, but I’m broke so I’m probably just gonna buy some fakes #brokesquad
Suzy Dermois
Suzy Dermois - 7 days ago
Howdee! Hoping ill win the airpods 2, my parents wont let me buy them saddly..
ONIKS Yakhont
ONIKS Yakhont - 7 days ago
Airpod 2 ...
Jonathan Gutierrez
Jonathan Gutierrez - 8 days ago
Who else was watching the video with there AirPods on
Nichole Pagan
Nichole Pagan - 8 days ago
I want them because I love them and has always wanted them but I can’t Afford them I love your channel so much and I love Apple so much and you please pick me #AirPods
Mark Brzuskiewicz
Mark Brzuskiewicz - 8 days ago
Good vid
Harry Spooner
Harry Spooner - 8 days ago
Hey!! I would love to win some airpods i’ve always wanted some! Love your videos 🥳
Alex Haworth
Alex Haworth - 9 days ago
Love this channel always go here when apple drops something
Abstr120 Sayers
Abstr120 Sayers - 9 days ago
u r so amazing and generous to give away airpods
Shaneika Fearon
Shaneika Fearon - 9 days ago
I hope the sound quality is good
louis torres
louis torres - 10 days ago
Cool the air pods 2 will be likely to happen
a. i walf
a. i walf - 10 days ago
Great video 👍👌
xHype - 10 days ago
Congrats on 7 mil!!
Kyutie MC
Kyutie MC - 10 days ago
:( no black color
Seraphim 5
Seraphim 5 - 10 days ago
7 million just subscribed
Allen Sanchez
Allen Sanchez - 10 days ago
May I please get a pair
Maarten Jansen venneboer
Maarten Jansen venneboer - 10 days ago
Hope to win i really need some headphones and I really like your video’s I hope I win 🤩
Diana Rose A
Diana Rose A - 10 days ago
• HC •
• HC • - 11 days ago
Would love to win them! I lost my earbuds :/
Jenny Verduzco
Jenny Verduzco - 11 days ago
Lowkey sad there’s no black AirPods
Farhana Ahmed
Farhana Ahmed - 11 days ago
These AirPods 2 looks amazing😃
snaaw creations
snaaw creations - 11 days ago
Millie Hardwick
Millie Hardwick - 11 days ago
Can I win them 🥵🥵
Joseph Raymund Payuran
Joseph Raymund Payuran - 11 days ago
Still lit tho
kaitlin swinton
kaitlin swinton - 11 days ago
could i please have some airpods my old earphones r broken and i want to see what all the fuss is about with these airpods.also my birthday is coming up and my parents wont buy em.please.
Antonio Lorence Joseph
Antonio Lorence Joseph - 12 days ago
You're my favorite channel
Olamide Coker
Olamide Coker - 12 days ago
May I please have the AirPods 2 I think that it will be easier to watch YouTube and do things while listening to my phone with AirPods and plus in need them to study
Olamide Coker
Olamide Coker - 8 days ago
AdRevenuePlease - 11 days ago
Why do you need them more than i do lmao what makes you special
Fozia Hussain
Fozia Hussain - 12 days ago
I can’t wait until he gets 10 million subscribers
thickskorpion - 12 days ago
Pick me
ML LEGEND - 12 days ago
Can I get some air pods 2 cuz in 2 days is my bday Turing 13 love ur videos
ML LEGEND - 12 days ago
April 10
Kirsty Gonzales
Kirsty Gonzales - 12 days ago
-fatrocketman -
-fatrocketman - - 12 days ago
"they're not a bad deal" when talking about 200 pound headphones
Rahul Kumar Nishad
Rahul Kumar Nishad - 12 days ago
The Phone is good and look so nice
Amir Avery
Amir Avery - 12 days ago
Please let me win🙏🏽
Parker Videos
Parker Videos - 13 days ago
Love your video!
Troy Lacerte
Troy Lacerte - 13 days ago
Hey bro love the videos def would love a new pair I only got the wired ones but good luck to everyone
Bethany Spicer
Bethany Spicer - 13 days ago
"more like airpods 1.5"
fr tho
Justin Smith
Justin Smith - 13 days ago
i Want Them plssss
Gg Gg
Gg Gg - 13 days ago
Brayan Tapia Hernandez
Brayan Tapia Hernandez - 13 days ago
Yari Kleeven
Yari Kleeven - 13 days ago
Nice vid, love it man
Nikhil Yesade
Nikhil Yesade - 13 days ago
So the airpods 2 come with a wireless charging box
TheShasmart - 13 days ago
Moses Tonade
Moses Tonade - 13 days ago
Do you have spare I can have please lol
Thegamingmacaw !
Thegamingmacaw ! - 13 days ago
I NEEEEEEEEEED AIRPODS I don’t have and headphones
Adhil Parakot
Adhil Parakot - 14 days ago
Please i need a one very badly
Jeremy Flores
Jeremy Flores - 14 days ago
I love your vid and hope to meant u one day can I have some AirPods
Hi Pie
Hi Pie - 14 days ago
901Codename - 14 days ago
Hope I win this. I really want a pair of AirPods but with my tuition fees and everything right now, I cannot afford anything. Plus my old earphones are broken now :(
John Bellospirito
John Bellospirito - 14 days ago
Me me me lol
Alvi Zaman
Alvi Zaman - 14 days ago
Been participating for so long, would like to win a giveaway ONCE ugh
coleman weeks
coleman weeks - 14 days ago
i hope I win this but if I don't everythingapplepro you are the best love ur videos huge supporter
David Shevchenko
David Shevchenko - 14 days ago
snaaw creations
snaaw creations - 14 days ago
Superb. Best. Wow. Nice. Congratulations.
snaaw creations
snaaw creations - 14 days ago
Superb. Best. Wow. Nice. Congratulations.
Slaf Tamim
Slaf Tamim - 14 days ago
A E - 14 days ago
I want AirPods because everyone in my class has AirPods and say they don talk pore im very upset about it så i would be very happy if u gave me one
pair of AirPods i dont care if its AirPods 1 or 2 i just want a pair hope you see this i love you keep up the good work 🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️
Firerex - 15 days ago
I hope I win
Thomas Pippin
Thomas Pippin - 15 days ago
Wait can you get the engraving on the regular case
Aneela Shad
Aneela Shad - 15 days ago
Hi are you doing,
I needed airpods for a long time i really want them please thanks
I_am_Better_Then_U 19
I_am_Better_Then_U 19 - 15 days ago
They just added two
aloesaura - 15 days ago
when are he winners being chosen?xx
Completely Random
Completely Random - 15 days ago
Cool vid I have AirPods and I was so excited for AirPods 2 but seriously there’s barely a difference I might as well just get a wireless charging case
Dinesh Karki
Dinesh Karki - 15 days ago
i have like your all vidios please give me please i am your bigesttttttttttttttttttttttttt fannnnnnnnn please give meplease
Seerut Grewal
Seerut Grewal - 15 days ago
I love your video…these AirPods seem more of a 1.5 than a 2…
Jason Vazquez
Jason Vazquez - 15 days ago
Love your work XD
michelle garn
michelle garn - 15 days ago
I subbed
Roger Smith
Roger Smith - 15 days ago
Been watching alot of your vidoes but just subscribed. The channel I always watch for everything about apple. Good job man. Keep the videos coming.
Ryan Xing
Ryan Xing - 16 days ago
I’d like some AirPods 😤
Brady Pfeiffer
Brady Pfeiffer - 16 days ago
Zander Brigance
Zander Brigance - 16 days ago
I’m subbed
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