MINDSET OF A WINNER - Powerful Motivational Video

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Ben Lionel Scott
Ben Lionel Scott - 6 months ago
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tasleem ummatia
tasleem ummatia - 6 months ago
Ben Lionel Scott no thanks i can downloading it by tubemate 🤣🤣🤣
Adam Gardiner
Adam Gardiner - Month ago
Need this
Virginia De Flaviis
Virginia De Flaviis - Month ago
Just... Thank you so much for posting these videos they help me so much everyday
Divyanshu Maurya
Divyanshu Maurya - Month ago
I am a Cricketer, love from India.
Ravula Anasuya
Ravula Anasuya - 4 months ago
Books & Reading
Books & Reading - 5 months ago
You r geat Ben .goood
WhateverItTakesMotivation - 5 months ago
Enjoyed this one so much!
Abhinav Gaikwad
Abhinav Gaikwad - 5 months ago
Best !
A Genius
A Genius - 5 months ago
Always watch one of these vids before studying
rahul singh kanwar
rahul singh kanwar - 5 months ago
Awww bull shit
Ashwin JK
Ashwin JK - 5 months ago
all elder people are wasting water, cutting trees making a very comfortable life by USINg Air conditioners and so many things that destroy our MOTHER EARTH
Hanin Nur Laili
Hanin Nur Laili - 5 months ago
Angelee Morrison
Angelee Morrison - 5 months ago
Your wrong winners never always win they will fail but always move on and never give up if they don't fail they won't learn
Cop Cane
Cop Cane - Month ago
Angelee Morrison a failure is a win bc they learn and actually did something
Siddhant Garg
Siddhant Garg - 5 months ago
Celebrate HARD, not LONG😈
Shreya Pandey
Shreya Pandey - 6 months ago
I can and I will....... Small things small trys will make me... A new me❤stronger me
Salomon Frux
Salomon Frux - 6 months ago
Thanks Ben. You just lifted something up in me again today.
Amit Bijjaragi
Amit Bijjaragi - 6 months ago
Every time I watch ur video i feel like crushing my phone with josh
Nassim Hallab
Nassim Hallab - 6 months ago
what for? i just dont get it! Purely individualistic..
NIKITOSH - 6 months ago
Cool motivation
brokenheart th
brokenheart th - 6 months ago
Tysm man
Hermangku Fathoni
Hermangku Fathoni - 6 months ago
thanks again ben
Aka Yashwanth
Aka Yashwanth - 6 months ago
This video made my day...thank u
Naman Singh
Naman Singh - 6 months ago
Don't wait for inspiration become it like if u agree
motivation with me
motivation with me - 6 months ago
try try don't quit ; )
shady essam
shady essam - 6 months ago
Mary Mcdaniel
Mary Mcdaniel - 3 months ago
2020 is my year
Sujith kumar
Sujith kumar - 6 months ago
Come back on spotify
CHADDHA - 6 months ago
God bless u
Good motivation...
brian sanchez
brian sanchez - 6 months ago
As always, an amazing powerfull video.
Thanks Ben
Saksham #go for it
Saksham #go for it - 6 months ago
Absolutely energising.......... Great work...... Millions are shaping because of you
Fairuz Tazwar
Fairuz Tazwar - 6 months ago
ShuvJais - 6 months ago
Thnqs Ben for this video
samarhafeez - 6 months ago
A lifetime winning. A winning lifestyle
Your Favorite Lifecoach
Your Favorite Lifecoach - 6 months ago
Winners fail and keep going, they fail even more than losers...
PRABA KAMAL143 - 6 months ago
last two days i got back in my goal but after watched ur post now again am getting fwd with fixed mind set...tq
Kalpesh Agrawal
Kalpesh Agrawal - 6 months ago
Play a good background music,shit started feeling wisdom
Simar Ace
Simar Ace - 6 months ago
I guess who are those 3 people that disliked it. I think those must be the quitters
Farha Huda
Farha Huda - 6 months ago
Now we got 6 quitters😂
8D Gasm
8D Gasm - 6 months ago
Don't ever lose the passion inside of you.
Mary Mcdaniel
Mary Mcdaniel - 3 months ago
I'm living my best life
WhateverItTakesMotivation - 6 months ago
Killed it Ben! As fucking usual. Love this one.
O'SSÉIN - Master Your Mind With Me
*If you fall, stand right back up, learn and go on stronger.*
Mary Mcdaniel
Mary Mcdaniel - 3 months ago
It's to late I have already won
Wrecker O1
Wrecker O1 - 6 months ago
kiran tiwari
kiran tiwari - 6 months ago
Hey man you always fill me with energy !!! Love ya ❤️
Fearless NinJa
Fearless NinJa - 6 months ago
Everyone does mistake. I'm learning from it
Ti Nicole Official
Ti Nicole Official - 6 months ago
Never satisfied😤💪🏾💯🏁
Logan Wineriter
Logan Wineriter - 6 months ago
Best yet
Rage rex
Rage rex - 6 months ago
This cool, Ben,😊🤘🤙
Prazayn Shrestha
Prazayn Shrestha - 6 months ago
Andy frisella👑
Tony Maxwell
Tony Maxwell - 6 months ago
This guy keeps getting better and better with which video.
adithya chotu
adithya chotu - 6 months ago
Reposted this video ryt....?
Yash PD
Yash PD - 6 months ago
more David Goggins
Tr end
Tr end - 6 months ago
when i watch your videos i feel like i can achieve anything i wish.
Leo Piii
Leo Piii - 6 months ago
then go for it
prajjwal shakya
prajjwal shakya - 6 months ago
Every one can win but the winner never loose Faith.
my name is love
my name is love - 6 months ago
Please make video about overcoming bad habbits☠☠☠
MR Mehdi YT
MR Mehdi YT - 6 months ago
The best motivation. ☢️🆘I need thats. I like this situations. 🌚😍💥💥💣💯💢❤️ #2019
Josie Alvrz
Josie Alvrz - 6 months ago
Favorite part of my day! The new video!
Prinze John Reyes
Prinze John Reyes - 6 months ago
Winners don't quit.
Quitters don't win
Prathamesh Kulkarni
Prathamesh Kulkarni - 6 months ago
It's the process, the constant challenge to get there, again and again and again, is what drives these individuals..💯💯
Dinesh Reddy
Dinesh Reddy - 6 months ago
Nice video
Techno Pedia
Techno Pedia - 6 months ago
Indian army - real winner
Makfi Khan
Makfi Khan - 6 months ago
Winners win , quitters quit that's the huge difference. Thank you ❤
Mary Mcdaniel
Mary Mcdaniel - 3 months ago
There's Tom Brady and Michael Jordan then there's me
Khoi Nguyen
Khoi Nguyen - 5 months ago
@AKKINI Suwon not everybody,some of them are blinded by their victories that they lose,and become losers,but some will never see that until they do something about it
AKKINI Suwon - 6 months ago
Haha everybody know that
Vinitkumar Bedke
Vinitkumar Bedke - 6 months ago
Any Motivation for study
Be a Dreamer
Be a Dreamer - 6 months ago
The chains of habit are light, until they become to heavy to break!!
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