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Make sure to drop a like! I want to upload more and if I do that I’m gonna have to make a lot more videos in my room so let me know if you enjoyed this
Zale Wilson
Zale Wilson - 2 months ago
Jesser play superhot
Richard Santos
Richard Santos - 3 months ago
Loved the vid. Pls play paranormal activity a lost soul on vr
Pop top
Pop top - 3 months ago
Jesser goes to China and 2k20 community day FANS there going be hella videos Jesser I am not going to upload or get out my bed
Tye - Month ago
"I will thwart you... THWART!"
Lineda Paul
Lineda Paul - 2 months ago
9:00 mins(osn when something crazy in the game happens)
SWFT_Brendan 2112
SWFT_Brendan 2112 - 3 months ago
Much love for jesser
Xx-Ayden Vick-Xx
Xx-Ayden Vick-Xx - 3 months ago
8:53 scared me shitless
WustinJilliams30 - 3 months ago
I am crying 😂😂😂😂😂 when that dude popped up at the end
kj 3865
kj 3865 - 3 months ago
399 were not rich buddy
Josiah Cabeza
Josiah Cabeza - 3 months ago
Do more of this
Davyn Roberts
Davyn Roberts - 3 months ago
We need more scary vr games
YUNG Mafu - 3 months ago
Richard Santos
Richard Santos - 3 months ago
Please play paranormal activity a lost soul
Zachary Sheinberg
Zachary Sheinberg - 3 months ago
F’s in that chat for Jeffery the robot
Fire Hawk10
Fire Hawk10 - 3 months ago
Do another one
Official_hxncho - 3 months ago
Lil Bird
Lil Bird - 3 months ago
Jesser play the ocules on the 2nd channel I would love that it would be hilarious
Saint Anger Snare
Saint Anger Snare - 3 months ago
A header video not sponsored by seetgeek
Justin D'Esposito
Justin D'Esposito - 3 months ago
Get the qeaset
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Charles Keith JR - 3 months ago
Play Vader immortal
Zachary Morton
Zachary Morton - 3 months ago
8:50 I pissed my self
Bryson Morgan
Bryson Morgan - 3 months ago
If y’all haven’t been here since backboard cheese and 2k15 y’all are lame asf been with jesser since 100k 😮
Arsalan Zaheer
Arsalan Zaheer - 3 months ago
You should do another face your fears lmao that was halarious
Dawson Beene
Dawson Beene - 3 months ago
Play more scary games
Blurr Delta
Blurr Delta - 3 months ago
The spider jumped on him I threw my phone and ran 😭
Nikhil Oddula
Nikhil Oddula - 3 months ago
Ouuu it’s a deadly spidacle
PLG - 3 months ago
8:56 why are running Why are you running
Cole Hecker
Cole Hecker - 3 months ago
Play Minecraft
*Insert Name Here*
*Insert Name Here* - 3 months ago
Let’s get some more Jesser fortnite
Yaya A
Yaya A - 3 months ago
this was hella funny
Big DoMo
Big DoMo - 3 months ago
8:55 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Griffin Likins10
Griffin Likins10 - 3 months ago
1000 like
Jerry Pone
Jerry Pone - 3 months ago
Do the face ur fear again 😂
Jerry Pone
Jerry Pone - 3 months ago
Jessie do the scary one again
Bryan Sanchez
Bryan Sanchez - 3 months ago
Who is from fan page vid
LKY_ DizZzy
LKY_ DizZzy - 3 months ago
Play the job simulatir
Asian Baller
Asian Baller - 3 months ago
Ear rape
gocavs89 - 3 months ago
make more 2k or irl basketball videos please and do a 1v1 vs lostnubound please
BBall4life SAM23
BBall4life SAM23 - 3 months ago
If I was going to buy something for 399 it would be a PewDiePie gaming chair
GOAT GAMING17 - 3 months ago
yo this was so funny it made me cry omg LOL
Chayanne Miranda
Chayanne Miranda - 3 months ago
RIP to headphone users
Kyrie Jr
Kyrie Jr - 3 months ago
do a video of just face your fears
Ted Sirlouis
Ted Sirlouis - 3 months ago
C'mon Jesse plus more horror I've never laughed more
JAKE LAGANDO - 3 months ago
Plz switch the profile pic
Kevin Maryo
Kevin Maryo - 3 months ago
Your hot spot is the corner because you just swish it
Blackicekippila 737
Blackicekippila 737 - 3 months ago
Did you get invited to the 2k20 event
Jocelyn Curtis
Jocelyn Curtis - 3 months ago
Pls do more scary games
Anthony D'Angelo
Anthony D'Angelo - 3 months ago
Joseph Burkeen
Joseph Burkeen - 3 months ago
You should 1v1 flight
Savagealez 7800
Savagealez 7800 - 3 months ago
Savagealez 7800
Savagealez 7800 - 3 months ago
You da best youtube keep it up
Quentin Bookman
Quentin Bookman - 3 months ago
Do a video iman vs mopi
Lance Murrell
Lance Murrell - 3 months ago
Are you still dating
Aramis G
Aramis G - 3 months ago
Minecraft world with all of 2hype NOW
Demar Derozan
Demar Derozan - 3 months ago
My Name Is Private LOL
My Name Is Private LOL - 3 months ago
Yo I dont know if anybody feels the same way but i'm kinda losing interest on Jesser vids
Elijah Lessin-Burris
Elijah Lessin-Burris - 3 months ago
Jesse bring back the fortnite channel
Zolo ASMR - 3 months ago
Can you play Minecraft vr
clean-dj - 3 months ago
do beat saber
The FBI - 3 months ago
Play Minecraft or Super Hot
Master Flash
Master Flash - 3 months ago
Jesser Please Shoutout me.
Zach Bauer
Zach Bauer - 3 months ago
Petition for Jesse to start a horror gaming series
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