10 Food Gadgets You Won't Find In America!

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Joe Castillo
Joe Castillo - 53 minutes ago
I'm watching this high off my qss AMD its amazing
Chris Steeneck
Chris Steeneck - 3 hours ago
Chris Steeneck
Chris Steeneck - 3 hours ago
RobloxGamerGirl0195 - 5 hours ago
Btw before reading this comment I just have to say that me and my brother are not really on good terms so okay.

Me: *Watching vid*
Mattias: "Just grab someone"
Me: *Hugs my brother*
Brother: *Stares*
Me: *Goes back on to chair*
Me:Act like nothing happend
Brother: F*ck you.
Me: Awwh brother! F*ck you too!
Tha Fish Guy
Tha Fish Guy - 8 hours ago
They’re all beard buds
TheLil Mitch
TheLil Mitch - 9 hours ago

Ryder Hurwitz
Ryder Hurwitz - 13 hours ago
How does he make all of his videos exactly 24 minutes???
Cheerio - 2 hours ago
Ryder Hurwitz I just noticed that
JosephA - 20 hours ago
Thomas Mangan
Thomas Mangan - 23 hours ago
I have no friends
TheCharisse328 - Day ago
I eat cereal soggy too
Aiden Lucietta
Aiden Lucietta - Day ago
When he said I'm about to make a cake out of you I thought this looks like it can be put on Pornhub
Willy Wijaya
Willy Wijaya - Day ago
liz make that stuff more authentic
Laura Thomas
Laura Thomas - Day ago
I mean #gross
Laura Thomas
Laura Thomas - Day ago
The_Wise_Tortoise - Day ago
Mathias: "share this video with someone you know"
Me: (sitting alone eating chow mien) "How about no"
Gacha._ Radius
Gacha._ Radius - 2 days ago
I will never eat and watch this channel again ;-;
Mark Mckay
Mark Mckay - 2 days ago
"join" me fo free...
Thomas Legrand
Thomas Legrand - 2 days ago
Exotic Butters
Exotic Butters - 2 days ago
Did any one else's mouth start mass producing saliva at 15:36. No just me? Well good because then I can have it to myself. Sluuuuuuuuuurrrrrpppp
Jude Bryan Gonzales
Jude Bryan Gonzales - 2 days ago
The donut hole-r coaster😂😂😂
Emily Dayton
Emily Dayton - 2 days ago
10 food gadgets you won’t find in America!
*because we are just so boring* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌
Jackson Gonzales
Jackson Gonzales - 2 days ago
Takara M Vlogs
Takara M Vlogs - 2 days ago
In this video my name comes up at 4:03 I also took a picture of it
Takara M Vlogs
Takara M Vlogs - 2 days ago
Si vous avez passé une mauvaise journée, rassurez-vous et essayez de le comprendre
Liam Duquette
Liam Duquette - 2 days ago
Finally someone who shares my opinion over cereal!
Steve Hughes
Steve Hughes - 2 days ago
RL Supernova
RL Supernova - 2 days ago
Abbie Stern
Abbie Stern - 2 days ago
19:07 is the face I make when I sneeze/ cough when I’m on my period oof😂
isaac MAGANA
isaac MAGANA - 2 days ago
Noah Smith
Noah Smith - 2 days ago
It’s a crawfish or crawbad
Nightmare Wolfs_17
Nightmare Wolfs_17 - 3 days ago
What is bpa free?

Edit: 6:37 doesn't vat19 sell that?
AnimeMJ - 3 days ago
Mom can we go to red crab scorpion?
Trojan Life
Trojan Life - 3 days ago
HappyPie 101
HappyPie 101 - 3 days ago
Please DO NOT watch this while hungry

You WILL regret it ._. Believe me...
I learned this the hard way
Celia Vallot
Celia Vallot - 3 days ago
You guys are not from Louisiana. That is a crawfish. If you ever come down there YOU NEED TO TRY SOME. It is the best. Love watching y'all.😁😁
BB Beauty Studio
BB Beauty Studio - 3 days ago
The bread is too Soft
Laura Goltz
Laura Goltz - 3 days ago
Elicid Karma
Elicid Karma - 3 days ago
30 year old men (I think) playing with toys
JonathanYT Vendel Nielsen
Isam Mohammed Khan
Isam Mohammed Khan - 3 days ago
Is tanner Muslim cos he fasting
just a bloger
just a bloger - 3 days ago
Tam Vo
Tam Vo - 3 days ago
Amanda Delatorre
Amanda Delatorre - 3 days ago
I am dragon destroy this is my mom moms acaunt
Amanda Delatorre
Amanda Delatorre - 3 days ago
The machine got mad cuz tanner did int want sushi
Cool Spoter
Cool Spoter - 3 days ago
No one:
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