GUESS The EMOTE *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

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jason lin
jason lin - 6 minutes ago
Limey Squid
Limey Squid - 41 minute ago
Do more
Cameron Cassar
Cameron Cassar - 3 hours ago
13:05 wtf
Monica Methven
Monica Methven - 3 hours ago
Ssundee should do a will it combo video
jason overeem
jason overeem - 3 hours ago
hot marat
Tim Joiner
Tim Joiner - 5 hours ago
Tim Joiner
Tim Joiner - 5 hours ago
Hot mart
Moises Flores
Moises Flores - 17 hours ago
Use code SSundee in the shop
Moises Flores
Moises Flores - 17 hours ago
Rishi Vasa
Rishi Vasa - 18 hours ago
Funniest moment of this video was 7:44
09 Boi
09 Boi - 21 hour ago
4:29 when you ask your mom what the meaning of life is
Lentrio Gaming
Lentrio Gaming - Day ago
As.slzoakz. Aksnxnxbvhajmzxawqkskz
heidi hunt
heidi hunt - Day ago
Hot Marat was bought in the item shop but it was free (you still had to buy it)
Adib Harb
Adib Harb - Day ago
Only the OGS of OGS fought in world war 1
Marbert Baccay
Marbert Baccay - Day ago
video titivs
Djedly julles
Djedly julles - Day ago
Nana nana nana nana
Camari Adams
Camari Adams - Day ago
Stop making them lame. COMBOS LMAO
Natalie Mora
Natalie Mora - Day ago
Natalie Mora
Natalie Mora - Day ago
Round one was hot Marat
Popularplays 777
Popularplays 777 - Day ago
One of those guys sound like ninja
MaddyOliv Draws
MaddyOliv Draws - Day ago
The flint lock pistol
Jogstar45 Goins
Jogstar45 Goins - Day ago
Did you know that the shock grandes are from keven boy boy boy boy boy
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez - Day ago
Free follow
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez - Day ago
Free followers
BTS Twice
BTS Twice - Day ago
All right. I never knew Ikons Scenario was on fortnite
Multi League Overdose Kid
Only og's remember golden cobblestone
Rey Plays Games
Rey Plays Games - 2 days ago
Did you know that scenario background song is a music from Korea band
Quinetta Womack
Quinetta Womack - 2 days ago
I like this one the best
nour kotb
nour kotb - 2 days ago
In 14:44 russel says this is a fun callback
Kai - 2 days ago
22:50 You *Rockeded* Him...
Ok Den
Yandizzle Ramos
Yandizzle Ramos - 2 days ago
Boogie down isn't epic but ok
UltiAaronSlayer X
UltiAaronSlayer X - 2 days ago
I call his RPG and Clinger combo the NeoMc combo because NeoMc likes explosives
XXX_Camoutcast ELRS27
XXX_Camoutcast ELRS27 - 2 days ago
how does crainer have areal aussult trooper if he dident play in season 1
Nathan OrtizOFFICIAL
Nathan OrtizOFFICIAL - 2 days ago
9:12 GTA 4 VIBES
Flo Hong
Flo Hong - 2 days ago
Do guess the picaxe or back bling or the glider!
The mobile legend From Fortnite
Siegels sounds like ninja
Galaxy Rider
Galaxy Rider - 2 days ago
the first emote was obvious because I used to play it all the time
Andrew Goodson
Andrew Goodson - 2 days ago
thx for making my day my horse has had a hart attack I'm actually crying write now I'm serious know jk hear
crazy guy is Hudan
crazy guy is Hudan - 3 days ago
In round two why do you choose scar if I be you im gonna pick shotty
DANGERNOODLE _ - 3 days ago
21:39 the most genuine laugh ever
Wildfire Boii
Wildfire Boii - 3 days ago
Plz do more of these!
Colton Trott
Colton Trott - 3 days ago
Hey buddy do I get the bag playing
The gaming OREO
The gaming OREO - 3 days ago
Hot Marat
Rome Athletics
Rome Athletics - 3 days ago
17:09only real viewers and OG will understand
Sensor Dark
Sensor Dark - 3 days ago
13:06 demonotized
Brian Zammit
Brian Zammit - 3 days ago
You asked 4 questions when you got the RPG, clingers, boogie bombs, shockwave greanare and scar.
Koi Carp
Koi Carp - 3 days ago
Only OGS can remember 100 ways to die
John Wick
John Wick - 4 days ago
Who remembers when SSundee used an voice to say hit that little bell
LyriZz - 4 days ago
I. Would like to be in this challenge cuz I would get them all, no questions asked lol
Kari Nikkanen
Kari Nikkanen - 4 days ago
Would this be good combo you throw a boogie bomb then a clinger on them shoot a golden-blue pump shields are gone then boogie effect will go away and the clinger will explode and he will die
Super Blhekz
Super Blhekz - 4 days ago
Its not llamcadabra its llama bell like of u agr33
Claudia Parker
Claudia Parker - 4 days ago
It's reallll
PENNYWISEYT - 4 days ago
This is so easy how do you think it is hard
Darkness Robinson
Darkness Robinson - 4 days ago
This is that one
Can’t to it
Tracy Rose Gimmekissfam
For shigles
Tracy Rose Gimmekissfam
Tracy Rose Gimmekissfam
Shoulder did ice traps lol😄😄😄
Greg Townsing
Greg Townsing - 4 days ago
You are the best player ever love you 😘
Kate Playz
Kate Playz - 4 days ago
Every dance the other team did i new straight away
Jodi Stewart
Jodi Stewart - 4 days ago
Omg is this video a joke?
The one an only
The one an only - 4 days ago
Was anyone else cringing.......... just me okay I'll leave.
Joel Scotting
Joel Scotting - 4 days ago
He pulled out a nico nico mini joke for niko if u don’t watch anime you won’t understand unlike me
Yang Zou
Yang Zou - 4 days ago
Justin Sinclair
Justin Sinclair - 4 days ago
Nico being a rich boy
Andrei Cornejo
Andrei Cornejo - 4 days ago
Only OGs remember this. The sound that russel makes when ever ssundee kills somebody
Tmd frostbite 08
Tmd frostbite 08 - 4 days ago
7:44 it’s a avocado thankss
Lol Lol
Lol Lol - 4 days ago
Who was here before skyfactory
John Guevara
John Guevara - 4 days ago
Colton Gordon
Colton Gordon - 5 days ago
I’ve been here since he did that Christmas video singing jingle bells my arm pit smells my girlfriend ran away
Colton Gordon
Colton Gordon - 5 days ago
Hot Marat
Crazylegs Gaming !
Crazylegs Gaming ! - 5 days ago
Do this again
Dj Fresh
Dj Fresh - 5 days ago
Is this a reupload
Adrianplayz 2009
Adrianplayz 2009 - 5 days ago
Who would beat this easily
Kai Garcia
Kai Garcia - 5 days ago
Shechinna Tecson
Shechinna Tecson - 5 days ago
The scenario emote... Its actually a korean song or a k-pop song
Furries are trash
Furries are trash - 5 days ago
Nicovald:sweaty boy Ssundee: the champion Sigils: the squealer Biffle: the loser
Axol Omega
Axol Omega - 5 days ago
I was able to get them all right without looking. It waz ez
Comedy olls Ollie
Comedy olls Ollie - 5 days ago
Axol Omega so was i [
Mary Stokes
Mary Stokes - 5 days ago
Hot Marata is rare
OrigamiPenguin8 - 5 days ago
He should’ve said “ I know jubilation like the back of my FOoT”
XXX TENTACION - 5 days ago
I hope you agree with me that at 21:40 there was a devil in SSundee
Anthony Coupé
Anthony Coupé - 5 days ago
Hot marret
gunner stevens
gunner stevens - 5 days ago
Dark Wolf303
Dark Wolf303 - 5 days ago
Tox1cYT - 5 days ago
Bro how do y'all not know the emotes they're so easy
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 5 days ago
Nana nana, nana nana ehhehhhehh gooood byyyeeee
vic victory
vic victory - 5 days ago
It was the Llama Bell the loanable is my favorite emote
fortnite gamer
fortnite gamer - 5 days ago
Riyaad BTW
Riyaad BTW - 5 days ago
If you don’t sub to me your a t-series fan
DEunoDEstroy - 6 days ago
Who else here has been here since ftb
Rehan Bokhari
Rehan Bokhari - 6 days ago
Only people who have renegade raider can like this
Elias Hammy
Elias Hammy - 6 days ago
Elias Hammy
Elias Hammy - 6 days ago
The pickaxe pointed out that s why he got it right
Everie Ware
Everie Ware - 6 days ago
Everie Ware
Everie Ware - 6 days ago
ngaita tompdin
Fadi’s Blog
Fadi’s Blog - 6 days ago
I laughed so hard
deangelo presberry
deangelo presberry - 6 days ago
yo mama boy
Kali Engel
Kali Engel - 6 days ago
xd royal
xd royal - 6 days ago
Guess that weapon challenge
Bonita Arceneaux
Bonita Arceneaux - 6 days ago

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