GUESS The EMOTE *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

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Sonia Lopez
Sonia Lopez - 8 hours ago
Use this combo clings shockwave boogies bomba
Alex Gaming squad
Alex Gaming squad - 11 hours ago
Can you guys do like squads or duo
kyle matthams
kyle matthams - 14 hours ago
I love this channel but what happened to his nose
Romit Mote
Romit Mote - 18 hours ago
Scenario is so common everyone knows it
Romit Mote
Romit Mote - 18 hours ago
U act so much
rabitah Mohd Tahir
rabitah Mohd Tahir - 20 hours ago
You do alot of guese the skin and emote but can you do guese the backbling like if agree
Mike Cornwell
Mike Cornwell - Day ago
SSundee real name is SSun defolt
IRushYou_ - Day ago
why are john wicks hand red
Kerry Bebee
Kerry Bebee - 2 days ago
Beto Quiñones
Beto Quiñones - 2 days ago
Isai Quiñones
Isai Quiñones - 2 days ago
You are the best in the wolrd
Haley Miller
Haley Miller - 2 days ago
Lik my foot
soso aa
soso aa - 3 days ago
Fooooooot 🦶
SplashMaster - 3 days ago
IDEA: Guess that backbling
1000 subs no videos plz ‘ _’
R u pretending not to know the emote cuz Ik all the ones you use
Arturo Ramirez
Arturo Ramirez - 3 days ago
Does sigil sound like ninja?
Pao M
Pao M - 3 days ago
I now what af means
Ahmed Gaba
Ahmed Gaba - 3 days ago
XP Tyler
XP Tyler - 4 days ago
Sigils sounds like ninja
TheRealKristoffYT - 4 days ago
This is so easy
pro place pro man
pro place pro man - 4 days ago
I no something he can do GUESS THE BACK PAC OR GUESS THE PET
Dylan Prieto
Dylan Prieto - 4 days ago
thats fuckin retarded
Candic and Caris Fun in games
Your eyes are not there just one eye is there
Delano - 5 days ago
On 18:16 you should say is it from season 7
Sergio Lugo
Sergio Lugo - 5 days ago
F o o t!!!!
DrAgon boi737
DrAgon boi737 - 5 days ago
13:06 his face tho
DUY NGUYEN - 5 days ago
Lama bell
Thediamond Lord
Thediamond Lord - 5 days ago
how many times did ssundee say "OH" 19:26
marin .marin
marin .marin - 6 days ago
ssundee make me flash back to the walking dead(rick Grimes) :)
Mateo Inthisack
Mateo Inthisack - 7 days ago
AnAnimationOfEnder 111
AnAnimationOfEnder 111 - 7 days ago
I am ninj
AnAnimationOfEnder 111
AnAnimationOfEnder 111 - 7 days ago
I am not lie in.
AnAnimationOfEnder 111
AnAnimationOfEnder 111 - 7 days ago
SuperBeaglegirl - 8 days ago
Did plan to do that’s a spray you dingiss
Braxten Baxter
Braxten Baxter - 8 days ago
13:05 top right age restricted
Josh Skinner
Josh Skinner - 8 days ago
Hot marut
Thegrandpakade 12
Thegrandpakade 12 - 9 days ago
7:45 voice crack
David Salazar
David Salazar - 9 days ago
At school
David Salazar
David Salazar - 9 days ago
7:15 how my nickname
Tammi Hock
Tammi Hock - 9 days ago
James Caroll
James Caroll - 9 days ago
That’s a spray you dingus
Zusber Z
Zusber Z - 10 days ago
14:44 This Was A Fun Callback
NINE YT - 11 days ago
Hannes Truska
Hannes Truska - 11 days ago
Buffie Glassburn
Buffie Glassburn - 12 days ago
What is this sight called
Tyler Adkins
Tyler Adkins - 12 days ago
If i were playing, I would guess everything right first try
Bdoom 5678
Bdoom 5678 - 12 days ago
You are tooooo goooood for all those foots
Jared Flores
Jared Flores - 12 days ago
No nana nana is from the banana song stupid
Epic gamer
Epic gamer - 12 days ago
The emote for your loot is hot Marat
Carson Conner
Carson Conner - 12 days ago
Every time they do a battle
sigils complains about east coast servers
Drew Dupart
Drew Dupart - 13 days ago
Only Ogs remember THEA FARTS ALOT
La vida de diego rangel
La vida de diego rangel - 14 days ago
Ssunndee i like your vids and. Lucky blocks
Mr 0pktryhard
Mr 0pktryhard - 14 days ago
cristy Cruz
cristy Cruz - 14 days ago
Sigils these stupid east cost servers are the devil
Sundee your the foot
Dylangames 777
Dylangames 777 - 15 days ago
12:49 who realised Nico was wearing the ikonik skin?
Tristin Bell
Tristin Bell - 7 days ago
Who didn't
Dylangames 777
Dylangames 777 - 15 days ago
Rudah Seau
Rudah Seau - 15 days ago
You know u could put bouncers and chiller traps
Cameron Elliott
Cameron Elliott - 15 days ago
What is the website you use
Dainian Bellis
Dainian Bellis - 17 days ago
Hot mara
αλεξης γεωργουλιας
New rule when John wick says hit that like button you have to hit the like button
Shopheem At Freddy
Shopheem At Freddy - 17 days ago
Is a hatmalet
Yellow Sonic adventures
Yellow Sonic adventures - 18 days ago
13:06 a bra
THS Swaggy
THS Swaggy - 18 days ago
Only the ones who remember his pony tail can like this comment
Mr. Smiles
Mr. Smiles - 18 days ago
Since at 1:07 they could see the little sparkle, at 2:54 I think Nico showed his pickaxe on the other side on purpose 😂
DailyDoseOf Lemon
DailyDoseOf Lemon - 18 days ago
I wonder how much people hit that like button with their
Foot.Btw I did X0
DailyDoseOf Lemon
DailyDoseOf Lemon - 18 days ago
Not the back of ur hand.The back of your foot
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia - 19 days ago
Jordan Gaming
Jordan Gaming - 19 days ago
Sigals was not family friendly at 20:16
Sponge Bob
Sponge Bob - 19 days ago
I hit the Like button with my foot
rachel waters
rachel waters - 19 days ago
:o my ship (austin and andrew aka biffle and sigils)they were a team
rachel waters
rachel waters - 13 days ago
@Andrew Bates no andrew is sigils not u
Andrew Bates
Andrew Bates - 13 days ago
JThe DeadlySins
JThe DeadlySins - 19 days ago
Luis Amador
Luis Amador - 19 days ago
Bfly1228 713 2808880
Bfly1228 713 2808880 - 20 days ago
Hot marat
Jose Flores
Jose Flores - 20 days ago
F xx jsllx))k okœ]£'ll)f . f n fjfjjfuxgey
Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera - 20 days ago
The first one is llamacadabra
Cjgaming - 20 days ago
That *CRINGE* 4:36
Cjgaming - 20 days ago
that cring for nana nana
Debbie1Fun - 21 day ago
Llama cadabra
James Hawkins
James Hawkins - 21 day ago
The first ones liama bell
Sophia and Ethan
Sophia and Ethan - 19 days ago
no it's not
Leonardo Torres lopez
Leonardo Torres lopez - 21 day ago
Just by seeing portafort I get a lot of ping
Adam Edwards
Adam Edwards - 21 day ago
To Thanos
Rosa Olivas
Rosa Olivas - 22 days ago
Fos Theboss
Fos Theboss - 23 days ago
I saw an inappropriate part
Fos Theboss
Fos Theboss - 23 days ago
Zack Deese
Zack Deese - 23 days ago
I will love this vid in the future... MY FOOT WILL SLAM THAT LIKE BUTTON
Daniel Patton
Daniel Patton - 23 days ago
When they put out the hot Marat for free, the next season i didn’t have it
Brooke Klintworth
Brooke Klintworth - 24 days ago
🎧you guys are in my videos💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎
Brooke Klintworth
Brooke Klintworth - 24 days ago
Brooke Klintworth
Brooke Klintworth - 24 days ago
cause i am ninja
queensatan😈 - 24 days ago
foot foot foot foot foot
Justin Rein Borromeo Catabay
How do u not know scenario
jayce lane
jayce lane - 26 days ago
Do ges the pickax
Tracy Halcrow
Tracy Halcrow - 26 days ago
Why dose one of ur friend sound like ninja ???
Avish Thakkar
Avish Thakkar - 16 hours ago
Just JAMIE - 27 days ago
I think Scenario is from the song love scenerio
Mouner Kazzi
Mouner Kazzi - 26 days ago
That’s why it’s called scenario
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson - 27 days ago
Just saying crack Dr said he wasn't og but he has aerial assault trooper which is almost as og as renegade
Edit:Crainer autocorrect s to crack Dr
Clementine for Life
Clementine for Life - 27 days ago
Alma Gonzalez
Alma Gonzalez - 27 days ago
sunnde the best
Tuber Jeff
Tuber Jeff - 27 days ago
New name for
Flick knock
Foot knock
Like if agree
Cooper Quintin
Cooper Quintin - 27 days ago
I am watching at 12:00 AM
Wyatt Weekly
Wyatt Weekly - 28 days ago
SSundee if you ever read this could I ask you something
Badi Jaber
Badi Jaber - 28 days ago
Next videos